American Patriots

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Memorial Day 2016, I visited two of my favorite cemeteries in Portsmouth, New Hampshire — The Point of Graves, located on Mechanics Street across from the beautiful Prescott Park and Pleasant Street Cemetery, located on Pleasant St. next to the Mark Wentworth Home [for Assisted Living]. I like both these cemeteries because they are small and I can easily get to know those buried there through Genealogy research. I was saddened to find there were no American flags in either cemetery to honor those that served in a military capacity.

I knew from precious researches, that there were Revolutionary Patriots buried in both cemeteries. It was such an important time in American history, that it bothered me to have these men forgotten for their contributions. So, I set out to do something about it.

I talked to many people on the proper procedure to honor these Patriots. I was passed from agency to agency. No one seemed to know what to do or who might be in charge of doing anything at all. My husband and I finally ended up at the Portsmouth VFW. They used to place flags, but they have trouble keeping up with newer Veterans and have had to forgo placing flags on older graves. They leave it up to the families or private citizens to honor them.

For this Fourth of July holiday weekend, my husband and I put American flags on the graves of the Patriots buried in Point of Graves and Pleasant St. Cemeteries. They will remain for the weekend and be removed late July 4th or 5th at the latest. It might be against protocol, considering they should have been placed on Memorial Day, but I find it appropriate that these men be honored during the time we Americans celebrate our country’s birthday.


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American Patriots buried in The Point of Graves
Captain James Drisco
Captain Joshua Lang Huntress
Captain Tobias Lear
Captain Daniel Huntress
American Patriots buried in The Pleasant Street Cemetery
John Evans
Captain Ephraim Ham
Benjamin Partridge
Captain James Shores
John Wendell



I found an interesting newspaper article concerning those who had been captured from their sailing vessels and imprisoned in an English jail during the war. One of the names mentioned was Nathaniel Marshall of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. There is is a Nathaniel Marshall buried in the Point of Graves that lived during the time period of the Revolutionary War. I have not been able to confirm that he is the same one as mentioned in the article. If indeed he is the same, I will honor him next year with a flag, also.

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