“Things are not always as they seem and seldom what you expect. The truth can be greater than imagined.”
~ Susan Jager Straw


As I do genealogical research, I find myself becoming annoyed and then angry that people miss family members in the lineage because they died young. There is no one left today to look for them, but their existence is quite evident in other areas of research… mainly wills. They deserve to be remembered. That is my purpose with this website.

To remember…

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History is continually being rewritten as new documentation of the Ancestors are found in archives. Some details, though, will be lost forever and may only be filled in with our imaginations… or maybe, by the memories that are stored within our own DNA. Maybe, if we learned how to unlock those memories, we would be able to hear…

The Voices of the Past.


If you would like to contact me, please use the email below.  I will gladly add pertinent and vetted information to help with the understanding of our Ancestors.


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