Sarah & Abigail Loud

were twin girls born to John and Sarah Loud. They were christened February 3, 1733. It is unknown when they died, but surely from the look of their stone, they were young children. There is another record of a Sarah Loud (father John Loud) being christened February 15, 1735, but it is unknown if the ‘John Louds’ are the same. If so, then the twins must have died prior to 1735. Their stone is no longer found in the Point of Graves, but I was fortunate to find a picture of it online.

sarah abigail loud stone

Photo courtesy of the Farber Gravestone Collection.


Their mother’s gravestone is still in the Point of Graves.

Sarah Loud stone3
Sarah Loud – Mother of Sarah & Abigail… photo taken April 2016

HERE Lyes buried ye
Body of Sarah Loud ye
Wife of John Loud Who
Departed This Life
August ye 25 1738
Adged 27 Years

New Hampshire Genealogical Record

Glenn A. Knoblock, author of Historic Burial Grounds of the New Hampshire Seacoast, claims this stone to be homemade and in his book Portsmouth Cemeteries, he surmises that John Loud himself may have carved it. From the looks of the girls’ stone, he may have carved that one, too.

*John Loud’s brother, William, had a daughter named Sarah born March 2, 1718 and is not to be confused with the Sarah John married. William’s daughter married Peter Massuerre Giron.

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