My name is Sue and I have a PASSION for Genealogy. I am originally (born and bred) from the Midwest… Michigan as a child and Indiana as an adult. I visited the New Hampshire Seacoast in 2010, fell in love with its beautiful energy, and decided to make it my permanent home. The strangest thing is that the front door of every house I lived in previously, had to face EAST for me to feel comfortable. I didn’t realize until doing genealogy research, that my heart had been longing to return to New England and the home of my Ancestors.

While researching, I found myself getting drawn into other people’s lives. I wanted to know about them as much as I wanted to know about my own Ancestors. We all affect one another. I love learning about history and the teacher in me naturally wants to share what I find. Hence, this website. This particular website is dedicated to the Children whose time was cut short on Earth. They were important to their families, wanted, and loved. They should not be forgotten.