Drisco Children


There is no evidence that the Drisco children are buried in the Point of Graves. It is only speculation on my part because their parents are buried here and the children preceded them in death. They may indeed be buried somewhere else. Irregardless, I decided to include a memorial page here for the four children.


Joshua Drisco born November 3, 1781. Died August 18, 1782… 9 months, 15 days old

John Drisco born January 10, 1783. Died September 3, 1783… 7 months, 24 days old

Charlotte Drisco born February 16, 1792. Died September 21, 1792… 7 months, 5 days old

John Drisco born April 28, 1793. Died May 4, 1793… 6 days old