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Full text of "Biographical Catalogue of Phillips Academy Andover 1778-1830"

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Biographical Catalogue 
phillips academy 





Digitized by 

the Internet Archive 

in 2013 


Built 1818, Charles Bulfinch, Architect. 
Used for many years as gymnasium. 
Remodeled 1902, for Academy Dining Hall. 

The morning came; I reached the classic hall; 
How all comes back! the upward slanting floor- 
Ihe masters' thrones that flank the central door- 
The long outstretching alleys that divide 
The rows of desks that stand on either side. 

Holmes's Centennial Poem. 












The compilation of this Catalogue was begun in 1878, the year of the 
Centennial Celebration, on the plan of the ordinary college triennial. 
This was afterward modified so as to include biographical data, deemed 
worthy of preservation. The record of students, extended beyond the 
half -century limit to 1830, the date of the organization of the Teachers' 
Seminary (at the wish of Principal Bancroft, who was deeply interested 
in the work), was completed and stereotyped in 1892. Issued now for the 
one hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary of the Academy, sketches of 
all the Trustees, Principals and Assistant Instructors have been added, 
together with a list of the " Divinity Students" in Phillips Academy be- 
fore the founding of the Andover Theological Seminary. 

Grateful acknowledgment is made to librarians, college statisticians, 
public registrars and numerous other correspondents for courteous aid 
rendered during all these years. Those interested in the correct preser- 
vation of such genealogical and historical facts will confer a favor by 
making note of any important errors or omissions. 


Andover, Mass., June, 1903. 


The students are registered under the year of entrance, the figures 
after the name indicating the age at which admitted. The abbreviations 
for colleges are given below; in case of non-graduates, the year of their 

class is 

enclosed in parentheses. 




University of Pennsylvania 



S. C. 

University of So. Carolina 









Col. U. 

Columbian Univ. 


University of Virginia 




University of Vermont 


University of Georgia 






West Point 

H. S. 






W. R. 

Western Reserve 





N. J. 

New Jersey 

Names of ministers are in italics ; L. is for Lawyer, M. for Physician, 
T. for Teacher, Rep. for Representative, Sen. for Senator, res. for 



1778 Samuel Phillips President, 1778-90 1790 

Son of Kev. Samuel Phillips (first pastor of South Church, Andover, 1711-1771) 
and Hannah White; born, Andover, Feb. 13, 1715; fitted for college by his 
father; Harvard College, 1734; merchant In Andover (North Parish); magistrate; 
representative; Governor's Council; deacon of North Church; one of the 
founders of Phillips Academy; built and resided in the "Phillips manse," 
North Parish of Andover; died Aug. 21, 1790. 

1778 John PuiLLirs President, 1791-94 1794 
Brother of preceding; born, Andover, Dec. 27, 1719; fitted for college by his 
father; Harvard College, 1735; taught and preached a short time, though not 
ordained; removed to Exeter, N. H., 1741; merchant; colonel of militia; ruling 
elder of the new church (" Phillips Church "); representative; judge of Court of 
Common Pleas; one of the founders of Phillips Academy; founder of Phillips 
Exeter Academy, and of the Phillips professorship of Divinity, Dartmouth 
College ; died April 21, 1795. LL.D., Dartmouth, 1777; trustee of Dartmouth 
and Phillips Exeter Academy. 

1778 William Phillips President, 1794-96 1802 
Brother of two preceding; born, Andover, July 6, 1722; clerk for Edward Brom- 
field, Esq., Boston, and afterward his partner; prominent and wealthy merchant; 
representative; senator; member of convention for adopting the constitution of 
the United States ; 1788 ; deacon of the Old South Church ; liberal benefactor of 
Phillips Academy; died Jan. 15, 1804. 

1778 Oliver Wendell Treasurer, 1795-1803 1818 
Son of Hon. Col. Jacob Wendell and Sarah Oliver; born, Boston, March 5, 1733; 
Harvard College, 1753; one of selectmen of Boston, 1773, 1774; representative, 
1776; judge of probate, Suffolk County; member of convention to frame consti- 
tution of Massachusetts, 1779; Governor's Council, 1792-1804; senator, 1805; died 
Jan. 16, 1818. Fellow of Harvard. Grandfather of Oliver Wendell Holmes, 
Phillips Academy, 1824. 

1778 John Lowell 1802 
Son of Rev. John Lowell and Sarah Champney; born, Newbury, June 17, 1743; 
Harvard College, 1760; lawyer, Newburyport and Boston; one of selectmen, and 
of Committee of Safety of Newburyport; representative and senator; member 
of convention to frame constitution of Massachusetts, 1779; delegate to Conti- 
nental Congress, 1782-83; judge of U. S. Court of Appeals, and of U. S. District 
Court of Massachusetts; chief justice of U. S. Circuit Court; died, Roxbury, 
May 6, 1802. LL.D., Harvard, 1792, and Fellow; a founder of American Acad- 
emy; member of American Philosophical Society; father of Francis Cabot 
Lowell, Phillips Academy, 1786, and Rev. Charles Lowell, 1792; grandfather of 
James Russell Lowell. 

1778 Josiah Stearns 1781 
Son of Lieut. John Stearns and Esther Johnson; born, Billerica, Jan. 20, 1732; 
Harvard College, 1751; pastor, Epping, N. H., 1758-1788; delegate to Provincial 
Congrees, Exeter, N. H., 1775; died July 25, 1788. Ancestor of many students 
and instructors of Phillips Academy, including the present Principal. See 
Samuel Stearns under Instructors. 



1778 Eli as Smith 1791 
Son of Benjamin Smith and Elizabeth Burnap; born, (South) Reading, 1781; Har- 
vard College, 1753; pastor, Middleton, 1759-91; died Oct. 14, 1791. 

1778 William Symmes 1795 
Son of William Symmes and Ruth Convers; born, Charlestown, November, 1729; 
Harvard College, 1750, and tutor; pastor, Andover (North Parish), 1758-1807; 
died May 3, 1807. D. D., Harvard, 1803. 

1778 Jonathan French Clerk, 1778-1809 1809 
Son of Moses French and Esther Thayer; born, Braintree, Jan. 30, 1740; soldier in 
French and Indian war; sergeant at Castle William, Boston harbor, and fitted 
for college there; Harvard College, 1771 (classmate of Judge Phillips); second 
pastor of South church, Andover, 1772-1809; acted as surgeon at Battle of Bunker 
Hill; adviser of his parishioners, Judge Phillips and Samuel Abbot, regarding 
the Academy and the Seminary; religious teacher in the Academy for many 
years, and taught divinity students in his home, including several admitted on 
the ,4 Dr. Phillips Charitable Foundation," before the establishment of the 
Seminary; died July 28, 1809. 

1778 Samuel Phillips President, 1796-1802 1802 
Son of Hon. Samuel Phillips (above) and Elizabeth Barnard; born, (North) Ando- 
ver, Feb. 5, 1752; Duramer Academy; Harvard College, 1771 (salutatorian); town 
clerk of Andover; delegate to Provincial College, Watertown, 1775, and repre- 
sentative in General Court till 1779; manufacturer of gunpowder for the Amer- 
ican Army, in Andover; member of convention to frame constitution of Massa- 
chusetts, at Cambridge, 1779; judge of Court of Common Pleas for Essex 
County (appointed by Governor Hancock), 1781-98; senator, 1781-1801, and 
president of senate, 1786-1801; lieutenant governor, 1801-02; removed to Andover 
Hill, 1777, and was principal founder of Phillips Academy, 1778; built his man- 
sion-house, 1782; died Feb. 10, 1802. Fellow of American Academy. 

1778 Eliphalet Pearson President, 1802-21 1826 

See Principals. 

1778 Nehemiah Abbot Treasurer, 1778-95 1808 
Son of Zebadiah Abbot and Anna Lovejoy; born, Andover, Sept. 4, 1731 ; farmer, 
Andover ; prominent and patriotic citizen ; representative, 1776; died Aug. 13, 

1781 David Tappan 1803 
Son of Rev. Benjamin Tappan and Elizabeth Marsh ; born, Manchester, April 21, 
1752; Dummer Academy; Harvard College; 1771 (classmate of Judge Phillips); 
pastor, Newbury, (now West Newbury), 1774-92; Hollis professor of Divinity, 
Harvard College, from 1792; died Aug. 27, 1803. A. M., Dartmouth, 1786; D.D., 
Harvard, 1794; Fellow of American Academy. 

1786 Ebenezer Pemberton 1793 

See Principals. 

1791 William Phillips President, 1821-27 1827 
Son of Hon. William Phillips (Trustee, 1778) and Abigail Bromfield ; born, Boston, 
April 10, 1750 ; Boston Latin School; president of Massachusetts Bank; repre- 
sentative; lieutenant governor, 1812-23; presidential elector, 1816, 1820; deacon 
of Old South Church; liberal benefactor of Phillips Academy and Andover 
Seminary; one of original incorporators of American Board for Foreign 
Missions; died May 26, 1827. 



1795 Samuel Abbot 1808 
Son of Capt. George Abbot and Mary Phillips; born, Andover, Feb. 25, 1732; 
importer, Boston; resided in Andover after tbe Revolution; generous benefactor 
of the South Church, Andover, and of Andover Seminary, his gifts to the latter, 
including the endowment of the Abbot professorship of Christian Theology, 
amounting to over one hundred thousand dollars; died April 12, 1812. 

1795 Mark Newman Clerk, 1809-33 1836 

See Principals. 

1795 Jacob Abbot 1801 

Son of Dea. Joseph Abbot and Deborah Blanchard; born, Andover, March 22, 
1746; merchant and manufacturer, Wilton, N. H. ; removed to Andover, 1791; 
in business with Judge Phillips; removed to Concord, N. H., in 1797, and in 
1802 to Brunswick, Me.; representative, judge of Court of Common Pleas, and 
councillor in New Hampshire; senator in Maine; died, March 5, 1820. Overseer, 
Bowdoin. Grandfather of Jacob and John S. C. Abbott, the writers, and 
preat-grandfather of Dr. Lyman Abbott. 

1795 Jedidiaii Morse 1826 

Son of Dea. Jedidiah Morse and Sarah Child; born, Woodstock, Conn., Aug. 23, 
1761; South Woodstock Academy; Yale College, 1783, and tutor; taught in New 
Haven and Norwich, Conn.; pastor of First Church, Charlestown, 1789-1820; 
" father of American geography," publishing various geographies and gazetteers; 
influential in the organization of Andover seminary and the American Board 
for Foreign Missions; founder and editor of the Panoplist, 1805-10; commis- 
sioned by Secretary of War Calhoun to visit and inspect Indian tribes; died, 
New Haven, Conn., June 9, 1826. A. M., Princeton, 1787; D. D., Edinburgh, 
1794; overseer, Harvard; member of Massachuseits Historical Society. Father 
of Samuel F. B. and Sidney E. Morse, Phillips Academy, 1802. 

1801 John Phillips 1820 
Son of Judge Samuel Phillips, the founder. See Instructors. 

1802 John Phillips 1823 
Son of William Phillips (of the Salem-Boston branch; second cousin of Judge 

Samuel Phillips, the founder) and Margaret Wendell (sister of Judge Oliver 
Wendell, trustee); born, Boston, Nov. 26, 1780; Phillips Academy, 1778; Harvard 
College, 1788; lawyer, Boston; judge of Court of Common Pleas; district attor- 
ney; senator, 1804, and president of senate, 1813-23; member of Massachusetts 
Constitutional Convention, 1820; first mayor of Boston, 1822; died May 29, 1823. 
Overseer of Harvard, 1810-23; Fellow, 1812-23; Fellow of American Academy. 
Father of Wendell Phillips, and grandfather of John C. Phillips, class of 1854, 
who established the John C. Phillips Foundation, Phillips Academy. A sister 
was the wife of Principal Mark Newman. Seepage 26. 

1802 JosiAH QuiNCY 1828 
Son of Josiah Quincy, Jr., and Abigail Phillips (daughter of Hon. William Phil- 
lips, Trustee, 1778); born, Boston, Feb. 4, 1772; Phillips Academy, 1778; Harvard 
College, 1790; lawyer, Boston; senator; member of Congress; member of Massa- 
chusetts Constitutional Convention, 1820; speaker of Massachusetts House of 
Representatives; judge of Municipal Court; second mayor of Boston, 1823-29; 
president of Harvard College, 1829-45; died, Quincy, July 1, 1864. A. M., Yale, 
1792, New Jersey, 1796; LL.D., Harvard, 1824; Overseer, Harvard; Fellow of 
American Academy; member of Massachusetts Historical Society, American 
Philosophical Society, and American Antiquorian Society. See page 26. 



1802 Samuel Farrar Treasurer, 1803-40 1846 

See Instructors. 

1804 Daniel Dana 1856 
Son of Rev. Joseph Dana, D. D., and Mary Staniford; born, Ipswich, July 24, 
1771; Dartmouth College, 1788; teacher, Phillips Exeter Academy, and Ipswich 
studied divinity with his father; pastor. Newburyport, 1794-1820, and 1826-45 
president of Dartmouth College, 1820-21 ; pastor, Londonderry, N. H., 1822-26 
resided Newburyport from 1845 till his death, Aug. 26, 1859. D.D., Dartmouth, 

1809 Abiel Holmes 1837 
Son of Dr. David Holmes and Mrs. Temperance bishop; born, Woodstock, Conn., 

Dec. 24, 1763; Yale Colldge, 1783, and tutor; pastor, Midway, Ga., 1785-91; of 
First Church, Cambridge, 1792-1832; author of Annals of America, and many 
valuable historical discourses and papers ; died June 4, 1837. A. M., Harvard, 
1792; D. D., Edinburgh, 1805; LL.D., Allegheny, 1822; Fellow of American 
Academy ; member and secretary of Massachusetts Historical Society; member 
of American Antiquarian Society and American Philosophical Society ; one of 
founders of Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, and of American 
Education Society. Father of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Phillips Academy, 1824. 

1810 John Adams 1833 

See Principals. 

1811 Samuel Hall Walley 1848 

Son of Thomas Walley and Sarah Hurd; born, Boston, April 12, 1778; Boston 
Latin School, 1786; merchant, Boston; died, Burlington, Vt., July 25, 1850. 

1820 Jonathan Phillips 1838 
Son of Lt. Governor William Phillips (Trustee, 1791-1827) and Miriam Mason ; 
born, Boston, April 24, 1778; Phillips Academy, 1787; merchant, Boston ; liberal 
benefactor to Boston Public Library; died July 29, 1860. A. M., Harvard, 1818; 
member of Hist. Gen. Society. See page 34. 

. 820 Justin Edwards 1853 

Son of Justin Edwards and Elizabeth Clark; born, Westhampton, April 25, 1787; 
fitted for college under his pastor, Rev. Enoch Hale; Williams College, 1810; 
Andover Seminary (1813); pastor, South Church, Andover, 1812-27; one of 
founders of American Tract Society (at Andover), and secretary, 1814-25; pastor 
of Salem Street Church, Boston, 1828-29; secretary and general agent of Amer- 
ican Temperance Society, 1829-36; president of Andover Seminary, 1836-42; 
secretary of American and Foreign Christian Union, 1842-49; author of Family 
Commentary on the Bible, of the Sabbath and Temperance Manuals, and of 
many tracts; resided in Andover from 1829; died, Bath Alum Springs, Va., 
July 23, 1853. D. D., Yale, 1827. 

1823 Samuel Hubbard President, 1827-43 1843 
Son of William Hubbard and Joanna Perkins; born, Boston, June 2, 1785; fitted 
at Plainfield, Conn., under Calvin Goddard; Yale College, 1802; studied law 
with Judge Charles Chauncey, New Haven, Conn., and Hon. Charles Jackson, 
Boston; lawyer, Biddeford, Me.; Boston, from 1811; representative; senator ; 
member of Massachusetts Constitutional Convention, 1820; judge of Supreme 
Court of Massachusetts ; member of prudential committee of American Board of 
Foreign Missions, 1821-43; president of American Temperance Society, and ot 
American Education Society; one of original founders of American Tract 
Society; died Dec. 24, 1847. LL.D., Yale, 1827; Harvard, 1842; member of 
Hist. Gen. Society. 



1826 Benjamin Blydenhuhg Wisner 


Son of Polydore B. Wiener, Esq., and Maria Blydenburg ; born, Goshen, N. Y., 
Sept. 29, 1794; Union College, 1813; teacher, Johnstown. N. Y., 1813-14; tutor, 
Union College, 1816-18; Princeton Seminary (1821); pastor of Old South Church, 
Boston, 1821-32; secretary of American Board of Foreigh Missions, 1832-36 ; died 
Feb. 9, 1835. D. D., Union, 1823; member of Massachusetts Historical Society. 

182G John Hubbard Church 1840 

Son of Stephen Church and Esther Moore; born, Rutland, March 17, 1772; Har- 
vard College, 1797; studied divinity with Rev. Dr. Charles Backus, Somers, 
Conn.; pastor, Pelham, N. H., 1798-1836 ; died June 12, 1840. A. M., Dart- 
mouth, 1813; D. D., Williams, 1823. 

1827 William Bostwick Banister 1837 

Son of Col. Seth Banister and Mary Warriner; born, Brookfield, Nov. 9, 1773; 
Dartmouth College, 1797; lawyer, Newbury, Vt.; Newburyport, from 1807; 
representative from Newburyport ; senator from Essex ; died July 1, 1853. 

Son of James Evarts and Sarah Todd; born, Sunderland, Vt., Feb. 3, .1781; fitted 
for college under Rev. John Eliot, East Guilford, Conn.; Yale College, 1802; 
principal of Caledonia County (Vt.) Grammar School, Peacham, Vt.; studied 
law with Judge Charles Chauncey, New Haven, Conn.; lawyer, New Haven; 
removed to Charlestown, 1810; editor of the Panoplist, 1810-21 : one of the 
founders of the American Board of Foreign Missions; treasurer, 1811-22; 
corresponding secretary, 1821-31 ; died, Charleston, S. C, May 10, 1831. 

1829 Jeremiah Evarts 



1778 Eliphalet Pearson 


Son of David Pearson and Sarah Danforth ; born, Byfield Parish, Newbury, June 
11, 1752; Dummer Academy; Harvard College, 1773; teacher of grammar school, 
Andover, 1774-75; professor of Hebrew and other Oriental Languages, Harvard 
College, 1786-1806, and acting president, 1804-06; removed to Andover, 1806, 
and engaged in establishment of Andover Seminary; professor of Sacred Liter- 
ature, 1808-1809; removed to Harvard, Mass., 1820; died, Greenland, N. H., 
Sept. 12, 1826. LL. D., Yale and New Jersey, 1802; Fellow of Harvard, 1800-06; 
Fellow and secretary of American Academy; member of Mass. Historical 
Society; one of founders of American Education Society; president of Society 
for Promoting Christian Knowledge. 

Son of Samuel Pemberton, Newport, R. I., and grandson of Rev. Ebenezer Pem- 
berton, minister of the Old South Church, Boston; brought up by his uncle, 
Rev. Dr. Ebenezer Pemberton, minister of the New Brick Church, Boston; 
New Jersey College, 1765, valedictorian and tutor; studied divinity with Rev. 
Dr. Samuel Hopkins, Newport; principal of Academy, Plainfleld, Conn., from 
1778; of academy, Billerica, from 1786; resided after 1810, Boston, having private 
school; died June 25, 1835. A. M., Yale, 1781, Dartmouth, 1782, Harvard, 1787; 
LL. D., Allegheny, 1817. 

1795 Mark Newman 1810 
Son of Samuel Newman and Hannah Haskell; born, Ipswich, Sept. 7, 1772; 
Phillips Exeter Academy ; Dartmouth College, 1793; instructor, Phillips Acad- 
emy, 1793-95; continued to reside in Andover; bookseller and publisher; gave 
land for site of Abbot Academy, and was trustee (and president of Board) till 
his death; deacon, South Church, thirty-four years; died June 15, 1859. 

1810 John Adams 1833 
Son of Capt. John Adams and Mary Parker; born, Canterbury, Conn., Sept. 18, 
1772; Yale College, 1795; teacher; Canterbury, 1795-1800; rector of Plainfleld 
(Conn.) Academv, 1800-1803; preceptor of Bacon Academy, Colchester, Conn., 
1803-10; principal of Monroe Academy, Elbridge, N. Y., 1833-36; of Jacksonville 
(111.) Female Seminary, 1837-42; missionary of American Sunday School Union, 
Illinois, 1842-54 ; died, Jacksonville, 111., April 24, 1863. LL. D„ Yale, 1854. 

1786 Ebenezkr Pemberton 



1778 JosKrn Mottey 


Son of Capt. Joseph Mottey (from Isle of Jersey — originally, La Mottais) and 
Hannah Ingalls; born, Salem. May 14, 1756; Dummer Academy ; Dartmouth 
College, 1778; teacher in Dummer Academy ; pastor, Lynnfield, 1783 till his 
death, July 9, 1821. 

Son of Asa Foot and Jerusha Carter; born, Colchester, Conn., Oct. 5, 1760; 
Dartmouth College, 1778; rector, Hebron, Conn.; Rye, N. Y.; died Aug. 1, 1793. 

Son ofDea. John McKeen and Mary McKeen; born, Londonderry, N. H., Oct. 
16, 1757 ; fitted for college under Rev. Simon Williams, Windham, N. H. ; 
Dartmouth College, 1774; taught in Londonderry, also serving for a time in the 
Revolutionary army; studied divinity with Rev. Simon Williams; pastor, 
Beverly, 1785-1802; first president of Bowdoin College, 1802-07; died July 15, 
1807. D. D., Dartmouth, 1804. 

1783 Jeremiah Smith 1784 
Son of Dea. and Hon. William Smith and Elizabeth Morison ; born, Peter- 
borough, N. H., Nov. 29, 1759; fitted for college under Rev. Daniel Emerson, 
Hollis, N. H. ; soldier in Revolutionary army, and at battle of Bennington ; 
Harvard College (1777-79); Rutgers (then Queen'6) College, 1780; jurist; resided 
Peterborough, Exeter, Dover, N. H.; representative from Peterborough; 
member of Constitutional Convention; member of second Congress; U. S. 
District Attorney; Judge of Probate; Chief Justice of Supreme Court of New 
Hampshire; Governor; died, Dover, N. H., Sept. 21, 1842. LL.D., Dartmouth, 
1804, and Harvard, 1807 ; trustee, Phillips Exeter Academy, and treasurer. 

1784 Benjamin Haskell 1785 
Son of Ezekiel Haskell and Rebecca Howard; born, Harvard, Feb. 23, 1764; 

Phillips Academy, 1782-85; Harvard College, 1789; Harvard Medical College, 
1793, and M. D., 1811 ; died, Paris, France, 1829. Seepage 29. 

1786 Caleb Bingham 1786 
Son of Daniel Bingham and Hannah Conant: born, Salisbury, Conn., April 15, 
1767 ; fitted for college under Rev. Dr. Richard Salter, Mansfield, Conn. ; Dart- 
mouth College, 1782; preceptor of Moor's Charity School, Hanover, N. H. ; 
teacher of young ladies' school, Boston; of town "reading school", 1790-96; 
had bookstore many years on Cornhill (Washington St.); compiler of the 
American Preceptor, Columbian Orator, and other famous school-books, of 
which 1,250,000 copies were issued, 640,000 of the American Preceptor alone. 
Died April 6, 1817. 

1778 David Foot 


1782 Joseph McKeen 




1786 John Abbot, 3d 1786 
Son of Capt. John Abbot and Abigail Abbot ; born, Andover, April 8, 1759 ; 
Phillips Academy, 1778-80; Harvard College, 1784, and tutor, 1787-92; studied 
divinity and approbated to preach by " Wilmington Association of Ministers, " 
Nov. 6, 1792, but prevented by ill health from preaching; cashier of Portland 
(Me.) Bank; connected with Bowdoin College from its foundation in 1802 till 
1829, as professor of Ancient Languages and Classical Literature, librarian, 
trustee and treasurer; resided afterward Waterford, Me., Somerville; died at 
the ancestral homestead in Andover, July 2, 1843. See page 25. 

1786 Charles Coffin 1786 
Son of Maj. Joshua Coffin and Sarah Bartlet ; born, Newburyport, Sept. 4, 1765; 
Harvard College, 1785; physician; teacher, Portsmouth, N. H., and at Phillips 
Exeter Academy; principal of academy, Beaufort, S. C. ; died Sept. 8, 1820. 

1786 John Simpkins, Jr. 1787 
Son of Dea. John Simpkins and Elizabeth Grant; born, Boston, April 16, 1768; 
Boston Latin School, and Phillips Academy, 1779-82; Harvard College, 1786; 
pastor, North Parish of Harwich (afterward Brewster), forty years ; died, 
Boston, Feb. 28, 1843. " Young men preparing for the ministry resorted to him 
for instruction." See page 27. 

1787 Abikl Abbot 1789 
Son of Dea. Abiel Abbot, Esq., and Dorcas Abbot; born, Wilton, N. H., Dec. 14, 
1765; Phillips Academy, 1780-83; Harvard College, 1787; studied divinity with 
Rev. Jonathan French, Andover; tutor, Harvard College, 1794-95; pastor, 
Coventry, Conn.; principal of Dummer Academy, 1811-19; resided (North) 
Andover; Chelmsford (where teacher); Wilton, N. H.; pastor, Peterborough, 
N. H., 1827-39; resided West Cambridge (now Arlington); died Jan. 31, 1859. 
D. D., Harvard, 1838. Author of History of Andover, and joint author of 
Abbot Genealogy. See page 27. 

1789 John Thornton Kirkland 1790 

Son of Rev. Samuel Kirkland (missionary among the Oneida Indians in New 
York) and Jerusha Bingham; born at General Herkimer's, German Flats, N. Y., 
Aug. 17, 1770; Phillips Academy, 1784-86; Harvard College, 1789, and tutor, 
1792-94; studied divinity with Rev. Dr. Stephen West, Stockbridge , and at 
Cambridge; pastor, New South Church, Boston, 1794-1810; president of Harvard 
College, 1810-28; afterward resided abroad and in Boston; died April 26, 1840. 
D. D., New Jersey, 1802; LL. D., Brown, 1810; Fellow American Academy; 
member of Massachusetts Historical Society. See page 31. 

1790 Peter Holt 1791 
Son of Dea. Joshua Holt and Phebe Farnum; born, Andover, June 12, 1763; 
Phillips Academy, 1784-86; Harvard College, 1790; studied divinity with Rev. 
Jonathan French, Andover; pastor, Epping, Peterborough, Deering, N. H.; 
died, Greenfield, N. H., March 23, 1851. See page 31. 



1 790 (?) Amah Holbrook Writing Master 1797 
Mr. Holbrook came to Andover about 1785, apparently in the employ of Judge 
Phillips ; ia mentioned as the writing instructor in attendance upon the funeral 
of Hon. Samuel Phillips in 1790; attended to the writing of Academy records 
and term-bills for several years; disappears from Andover town records in 1799. 
[Probably the son of Elisha Holbrook, of Kittery, Me., born 1754, and nephew 
of Abiah Holbrook, famous writing master of Boston, who left him a bequest 
in 17G9; entered Boston Latin School in 1769; according to records of Selectmen 
of Boston, appointed usher in Queen Street writing school in 1773 (then " near 
of age "); usher in Samuel Holbrook's writing school in tbe Common, 1778-79; 
writing master in Portsmouth at close of Revolutionary war ; appointed usher 
of writing school in Queen Street, Boston, 1784.] 

I Micah Stone 1793 

Son of Rev. Eliab Stone and Sarah Hubbard; born, (North) Reading, Sept. 22, 
1770; Phillips Academy, 1784-86; Harvard College, 1790, and tutor, 1794-95; 
pastor, Brookfield, fifty-one years ; died Sept. 20, 1852. See page 31. 

1793 Mark Newman 1794 

See under Principals.] 

1793 Abiel Abbot 1794 
Son of Capt. John Abbot and Abigail Abbot; born, Andover, Aug. 17, 1770; 
Phillips Academy, 1785-88; Harvard College, 1792; teaeher, Phillips Exeter 
Academy, 1792-93; studied divinity with Rev. Jonathan French, Andover, and 
at Cambridge; pastor, Haverhill, 1795-1803; Beverly, 1803-28; died on shipboard, 
near Staten Island, on return voyage from Cuba, June 7, 1828. D. I)., Harvard, 
1821. Author of Letters from Cuba, and Sermons to Mariners. Seepage 32. 

1794 Samuel Stearns 1795 
Son of Rev. Josiah Stearns (trustee of Phillips Academy) and Sarah Ruggles ; 
born, Epping, N. H., April 8, 1770; Phillips Exeter Academy; Dartmouth 
College (1790-92) ; Harvard College, 1794; studied divinity with Rev. Jonathan 
French, on Dr. Phillips Foundation in Phillips Academy; pastor, Bedford, till 
his death, Dec. 26, 1834. Mr. Stearns married the daughter of his theological 
teacher, Mr. French, and was the father ot Rev. Samuel H. Stearns, (1816), 
President William A. Stearns (1820), Rev. Dr. Jonathan French Stearns (1823). 
the grandfather of later students, and the great grandfather of Principal 
Alfred E. Stearns. 

1795 John Phillips 1796 
Son of Judge Samuel Phillips (founder of the Academy) and Phebe Foxcroft; 
born, Andover, Aug. 18, 1776; Phillips Academy, 1783-89; Harvard College 
1795 (salutatorian) ; studied law with Hon. Samuel Dexter, Boston; farmer, 
merchant, and successor to his father in the paper manufactory ; senator from 
Essex; aide-de-camp to Governor Strong; trustee of Phillips Academy and of 
Phillips Exeter Academy; one of the founders of Andover Seminary; resided at 
the " Phillips manse " in North Parish of Andover; died Sept. 10, 1820. Phillips 
Brooks was his grandson. Seepage 30. 



1795 lcnAi?oD Johns' 'N Instructor in Music 1795 
Son of Jonathan Johnson and Sarah Wilson; born, Woburn (now Burlington), 
Sept. 6, 17G4 ; had been fifer in the Revolutionary army ; died, Quincy, Aug. 5, 
1807. On his tombstone at Quincy : " Master Ichabod Johnson, celebrated 
teacher of musick." 

1796 James Kendall 1797 
Son of Maj. James Kendall and Elizabeth Mason ; born, Sterling, Nov. 3, 1769; 

fitted for college under Rev. Reuben Holcomb, Sterling; Harvard College, 1796, 
and tutor; studied divinity with Rev. Jonathan French on the Dr. Phillips 
Foundation, Phillips Academy, and Rev. David Tappan, D. D., of Harvard 
College; pastor, Plymouth, fifty-nine years; died March 17, 1859. D. D., Har- 
vard, 1825. 

1797 Samuel Farrar 1798 
Son of Dea. Samuel Farrar and Mercy Hoar; born, Lincoln, Dec. 13, 1773; New 

Ipswich (N. H.) Academy ; Harvard College, 1797; studied law with Hon. 
George Bliss, Springfield; tutor, Harvard College, 1800-01; settled in Andover, 
as lawyer, 1801 ; trustee of Phillips Academy, 180246; treasurer, 1803 -40; librarian 
of Seminary, thirty-three years ; trustee of Abbot Academy, 1828-51; first presi- 
dent of Andover Bank, 1826-56; deacon of Seminary church from 1816; constantly 
and thoroughly identified with the interests of the Academy and Seminary, and 
a liberal benefactor to both ; superintended all the buildings for the Institutions 
in his time; conceived the plan of the "Teachers' Seminary "; died May 13, 1864. 

" Where is the patriarch time eould hardly tire — 
The good old, wrinkled, immemorial ' squire '? 
An honest treasurer, like a black-plumed swan, 
Not every day our eyes may look upon." 

Holmes's Centennial Poem, 1878. 

1797 Jacob Newman Knapp Writing Master 1798 
Son of Capt. Daac Knapp and Susanna Newman; born, Newburyport, Nov. 7, 
1772; rhillips Academy, 1796-98; Harvard College, 1802; studied divinity with 
Rev. Dr. Jedidiah Morse (trustee of Phillips Academy), Charlestown; distin- 
guished master of boys' schools, Salem, Brighton, Jamaica Plain; resided from 
1824, Walpole, N. H. ; died July 27, 1868. See page 42. 

1798 Jonathan French 1800 
Son of Rev. Jonathan French (trustee of Phillips Academy) and Abigail Richards; 
born, Andover, Aug. 16, 1778; Phillips Academy, 1786-94; Harvard College, 
1798; studied divinity with his father on the Dr. Phillips Foundation, Phillips 
Academy; pastor, North Hampton, N. H., fifty years; died Dec. 13, 1856. D.D., 
Dartmouth, 1851; member of New England Hist. Gen. Society. Seepage 33. 

1800 Joshua Bates 1801 
Son of Zealous Bates and Abigail Nichols; born, Cohasset, March 20, 1776; fitted 
for college under Rev. Josiah C. Shaw, Cohasset, and Rev. Henry Ware, 
Hingham ; Harvard College, 1800; studied divinity with Rev. Jonathan French, 
on the Dr Phillips Foundation, Phillips Academy; pastor, Dedham, 1803-18; 
president of Middlebury College, 1818-39; pastor, Northborough, Dudley; died 
Jan. 14, 1854. A. M., Brown, 1813; D. D., Yale, 1318; Fellow of American 
Academy. Published Reminiscences of Dr. John Codman. 



1801 Joshua Abbot 1802 

Son of C*pt. Joshua Abbot and Elizabeth Chandler; born, Concord, N. H., Dec. 
8, 17H2 ; studied at home; trader and teacher in New Hampshire; captain and 
colonel of militia; studied divinity with Rev. Asa McFarland, D. D., Concord, 
N. H.; taught and preached in Norfolk, Va.; died Sept. 28, 1824. 

1802 Jonx Abbot 1802 

Same as in 1786. 

1802 James Thompson 1802 

SonofDea. Ichabod Thompson and Lydia Hall; born, Halifax, April 13, 1780; 
fitted for college under Rev. Ephraim Briggs, Halifax; Brown University, 1799; 
studied divinity with Rev. Jonathan French, on the Dr. Phillips Foundation, 
Phillips Academy; pastor, Barre, fifty years; died May 14, 1854. A.M., Williams, 
1803, and Dartmouth, 1806 ; D. D., Harvard, 1841. 

1803 Samuel Greele 1803 
Son of Samuel Greele and Olive Reed; born, "Wilton, N. H., July 3, 1783 ; New 

Ipswich (N. H.) Academy; Harvard College, 1802; studied divinity with Lev. 
Jonathan French, on the Dr. Phillips Foundation, Phillips Academy; teacher, 
Marblehead and Boston ; type-founder, Boston; alderman; representative from 
Boston; deacon, Federal Street Church, nearly fifty years ; died, Swampscott, 
Aug. 16, 1861. 

1803 David Tenney Kimball 1804 

Son of Lieut. Daniel Kimball and Elizabeth Tenney ; born, Bradford, Nov. 23, 1782 ; 
Atkinson (N. H.) Academy; Harvard College, 1803; delivered master's valedic- 
tory oration, in Latin, 1806; studied divinity under Rev. Jonathan French, on 
the Dr. Phillips Foundation, Phillips Academy; pastor, First Church, Ipswich, 
forty-five years ; died Feb. 3, 1860. Trustee, Ipswich Female Seminary. 

1803 Amos Blanchard Teacher of Writing and Music 1805 
Son of Joshua Blanchard and Elizabeth Keyes; born, "Wilton, N. H., Jan. 14, 

1773; came to Andover as clerk for Judge Phillips; Phillips Academy, 1787-88; 
was clerk to treasurer, transcribed Academy records, and was agent for trustees 
in business matters for many years; first cashier of Andover Bank, 1826-43; 
deacon of South Church; trustee and treasurer of Abbot Academy from its 
foundation to his death, Aug. 17, 1847. Seepage 34. 

1804 Amos Clark 1805 

Son of Samuel Clark and Elizabeth Learned; born, Sherborn, April 23, 1779; 
fitted for college under Rev. Elijah Brown, Sherborn; Harvard College, 1804; 
studied divinity with Rev. Jonathan French, on the Dr. Phillips Foundation, 
Phillips Academy, and Rev. Joshua Bates (teacher, Phillips Academy, 1804), 
Dedham; classical teacher, Dedham, Boston, Salem, Sherborn; pastor, Sher- 
born, 1830-42; representative from Sherborn; died Sept. 3, 1863. 

1805 John Lovejoy Abbot 1806 
Son of John Lovejoy Abbot, Esq., and Phebe Abbot; born, Andover, Nov. 29, 

1783; Phillips Academy, 1796-1801; Harvard College, 1805; studied divinity with 
Rev. Jonathan French, Andover, on the Dr. Phillips Foundation, Phillips 
Academy, and Prof. Henry Ware, Cambridge; librarian, Harvard College, 
1811-13; pastor, First Church, Boston, 1813-14; died, Andover, Oct. 17, 1814. 
See page 42. 


1806 Jonathan Cogswell 1807 

Son of Dr. Nathaniel Cogswell and Lois Searle; born, Rowley, Sept. 3, 1782; 
Dummer Academy; Harvard College, 1806; tutor, Bowdoin College; Andover 
Seminary (1810); pastor, Saco, Me.; New Britain, Conn.; professor of Eccle- 
siastical History, Theological Institute of Connecticut. East Windsor; from 
1844, resided New Brunswick, N. J.; died Aug. 1, 1864. D. D., University of City 
of New York, 1836. 

1807 William Brown Stow leacher of Writing and Music 1807 

Son of Heman Stow and Abigail Brown; born, Marlborough, Jan. 1, 1782; Wil- 
liams College, 1811; studied divinity with Rev. Dr. Theophilus Packard, D. D., 
Shelburne; pastor, Wilmington, Vt.; New York; Ohio; died, Ridgeville Cor- 
ners, O., April 21, 1855. 

1807 Winthrop Bailey 1809 
Son of Stephen Bailey and Sally Crosby; born, Berlin, May 7, 1784; Harvard 
College, 1807; Andover Seminary, 1810; tutor, Bowdoin College; pastor, Bruns- 
wick, Me.; Pelham, Greenfield; died, Deerfield, March 16, 1835. 

1808 Mills Day Preceptor* 1809 
Son o) Rev. Jeremiah Day and Abiagil (Noble) Osborn; born, New Preston, 
Conn., Sept. 30, 1783; fitted for college under his brothers, President Jeremiah 
Day, and Thomas Day, Secretary of State of Connecticut; Yale College, 1803, 
and tutor, 1806-08, 1810-12; died, New Haven, Conn., June 20, 1812. 

1809 Lewis Lk Conte Congar 1809 
Son of Joseph Congar and Hannah Van Riper; born, Newark, N. J., May 12, 
1788; Newark Academy; New Jersey College, 1806; Andover Seminary (1810); 
died at Andover while a member of the first class in the Seminary, Jan. 6, 1810, 
and buried in the Chapel cemetery. Room-mate and intimate friend of Adon- 
iram Judson. 

1809 Samuel Holyoke Instructor in Sacred Music 1810 
Son of Rev. Elizur Holyoke and Hannah Peabody; born, Boxford, Oct. 25, 1762; 
Phillips Academy, 1783-85. Famous teacher and composer of music; compiler 
of Columbian Repository of Sacred Harmony, and other works. Died, Concord, 
N. H., Feb. 7, 1820. See page 30. 

1809 Ephraim Abbot Preceptor and Teacher of Music 1810 
Son of Benjamin Abbot and Sarah Brown; born, Newcastle, Me., Sept. 28, 1779; 
Phillips Exeter Academy; Harvard College, 1806; Andover Seminary, 1810 
(first name on the list of graduates); pastor, and preceptor of Brackett Academy, 
Greenland, N. H.; pastor, and preceptor of academy, Westford; died July 21, 
1870. Joint compiler of Abbot Genealogy. Married Mary Holyoke Pearson, 
daughter of Principal Eliphalet Pearson. 

1809 Jeremiah Mayhew Writing Instructor 1810 
Son of Capt. Jeremiah Mayhew and Abigail Bassett; born, New Bedford, Dec. 
23, 1788; Brown University, 1808; Andover Seminary (1811); died while a mem- 
ber of the Seminary, New Bedford, Jan. 4, 1811. 
*The first assistant instructor was for a few years, by vote of the Trustees, styled 


1810 Samuel Nott 1810 

Son of Rev. Samuel Nott, D. D., and Lucretia Taylor; born, Franklin, Conn., 
Sopt. 11, 1788; fitted for college by his father; Union College, 1808; Andover 
Seminary, 1810; one of the founders of Society of Inquiry in Seminary, and it8 
first president; one of first missionaries of American Board; Bombay, India* 
1812-16; teacher of young ladies' school, New York City ; pastor, Gal way, 
N. Y.; paster, Waieham, 1829-49; teacher there, 1849-66; died, Hartford, Conn., 
June 1, 1869. 

1810 Samuel Thomas Mills 1810 

Son of Rev. Samuel Mills and Mary Gilpin; born, Saybrook, Conn., May 6, 1785; 
Yale College, 18 )7; Andover Seminary, 1810; pastor, Litchfield, Peterborough, 
N. Y.; Chester, Conn.; teacher and chaplain, State Penitentiary, Columbus, O.; 
died, New York City, Feb. 27, 1853. 

1810 John Frost 1810 
Son of John Frost and Amy Tenant ; from Sandgate, Vt.; born, Williamsburg, 
Sept. 3, 1783; Middlebury College, 1806; preceptor of Addison County (Vt.) 
Grammar School; Andover Seminary, 1810; agent of American Board, New 
England and New York; pastor, Whitesboro, Elmira, Waterville, N. Y.; died 
March 1, 1842. 

1810 Ansel Nash 1810 

Son of John Nash and Martha Little ; born, Williamsburg, Jan. 26, 1788; Williams 
College, 1809; Andover Seminary, 1812 ; pastor, Tolland, Bloomfield, Rockville. 
Conn.; Colchester, Vt.; agent of American Education Society; died, Brattle 
boro, Vt., Aug. 11, 1851. 

1810 John Brown 1810 

Son of Shubael Brown and Nancy Dixon; born, Brooklyn, Conn., July 4, 1786; 
Plainfield (Conn.) Academy; Dartmouth College, 1809, and tutor; Andover 
Seminary, 1812; pastor, Cazenovia, N. Y. ; Pine Street (now Berkeley Temple) 
Church, Boston; Hadley; died March 22, 1839; D. D., Union, 1827; Trustee, 
Hamilton and Amherst. 

1810 Nathaniel Kemble Greenwood Oliver 

Preceptor^ and Teacher of Music 1811 
Son of Rev. Daniel Oliver and Elizabeth Kemble ; brother of Gen. Henry K. 
Oliver, Phillips Academy, 1811; born, Beverly, Oct. 5, 1790; Phillips Exeter 
Academy; Harvard College, 1809; usher, Boston Latin School; studied law with 
Hon. Samuel Hubbard (Trustee of Phillips Academy); lawyer, Cornish, N. H.; 
Weathersfield, Vt.; Ipswich; master of Hancock School, Boston; private 
Becretary to Commodore Downes while on a voyage for health, and died on the 
frigate Potomac, in the China Sea, May 3, 1832. 

1811 Amos Blanchard Writing Master and Instructor of Music 1812 

Same as in 1803. 



1811 John Angier Shaw 1813 

Son of Dr. Samuel Shaw and Olive Leonard; born, Bridgewater, Oct. 8, 1792; 
Bridgewater Academy ; Harvard College, 1811 ; studied divinity at Cambridge; 
preacher and teacher, Woodville, Miss.; preceptor of Bridgewater Academy 
sixteen years, afterward trustee; representative from Bridgewater; senator 
from Plymouth County; organized and superintended public schools in New 
Orleans, 1841-51; died, Bridgewater, Oct. 4, 1873. 

1812 James Richards Teacher of Sacred Music 1812 
Son of Dea. James Richards and Lydia Shaw; born, Abington, Feb. 23, 1784; 
fitted for college under Rev. Moses Hallock, Plainfield; Williams College, 1809; 
Andover Seminary, 1812; one of the early missionary band at Williamstown 
and Andover; studied medicine at Hanover and Philadelphia; preached in 
Deering, N. H., 1814-15; sailed from Newburyport, 1815, the first American 
missionary in Ceylon; died there, Aug. 3, 1822. A son, James B. Richards, was 
teacher in the preparatory departments Phillips Academy, 1841; a daughter, 
Mrs. Boynton, lived and died in the West Parish of Andover. 

1812 Fifield Holt Writing Master 1813 
Son of Fifield Holt and Anna Lakin; born, Hollis, N. H., May 27, 1785; Middle- 
bury College, 1810; Andover Seminary, 1813; pastor, Bloomfield, Me., died Nov. 
15, 1830. 

1813 Horatio Bardwell Teacher of Sacred Music 1814 
Son of Capt. Elijah Bardwell and Sarah W. Smith ; born, Belchertown, Nov. 3, 
1788; Andover Seminary, 1814; sailed from Newburyport, 1815, missionary in 
India till 1821; pastor, Holden; agent of American Board; pastor, Oxford 
twenty-eight years; died May 5, 1866. A. M. honorary, Dartmouth, 1814; 
D. D., Amherst, 1857. A son, Horatio Furbush Bardwell, graduated at Phillips 
Academy, 1836. 

1813 Rufus Hurlbut 1814 
Son of Stephen Hurlbut and Rebecca Sheldon; born, Southampton, April 21, 
1787; Phillips Academy, 1S07. Died May 11, 1839. Seepage 57. 

1813 Cyrus Kingsbury Teacher of Penmanship 1814 
Son of Col. Cyrus Kingsbury and Annis Taynter; born, Alstead, N. H., Nov. 22, 
1786; Brown University, 1812; Andover Seminary, 1815; missionary among 
Cherokees (at Missionary Ridge) and Choctaws fifty-three years; died in the 
Indian Territory, June 27, 1870. 

1813 Alfred Wright 1814 
Son of Jeriah Wright and Temperance Allen; born, Columbia, Conn., March 1, 
1788; Bacon Academy, Colchester, Conn.; Williams College, 1812, and tutor; 
teacher, Hopkins^Academy, Hadley, 1812; Andover Seminary, 1816; principal 
of female academy, Raleigh, N. C; missionary to Choctaws from 1819; died, 
Wheelock, Ark., March 31, 1853. 



1814 Henry Bromfield Pearson 1814 
Son of Dr. Eliphalet Pearson and SarahJBromfield ; born, Cambridge, March 29, 
1795; Phillips Academy, 1804. Principal at one time of English and Classical 
Institute, Philadelphia. Died, Boston, June 29, 1867. See page 61. 

1814 Joel Hawes 1817 
Son of Ichabod Hawes andKeziah Mann; born, Medway, Dec. 22, 1789; Brown 
University, 1813; Andover Seminary, 1817; pastor of First Church, Hartford, 
Conn., 1818-67; author of Lectures to Young Men; died, Gilead, Conn., June 5, 
1867. D. D.. Brown, 1831. 

1814 John Nichols Teacher of Sacred Music 1815 
SonofDea. Daniel Nichols and Mary Dinsmore; born, Antrim, N. H., June 20, 
1790; Andover Seminary, 1816; missionary in India from 1817; died, Bombay, 

Dec. 9, 1824. 

1814 Thomas Shepherd Writing Master 1815 
Son of Jacob Shepherd and Lydia (Wilds) Clapp; born, Norton, May 7, 1792; 

Taunton Academy; Brown University, 1813; Andover Seminary, 1816; home 
missionary, Georgia ; pastor, Ashfield, fourteen years; Bristol, R, I., forty-four 
years; died Oct. 5, 1879. D. P., Brown, 1853. 

1815 Appleton Howe 1816 
Son of Rev. Nathaniel Howe and Olive Jones; born, Hopkinton, Nov. 26, 1792; 

Phillips Academy, 1810; died, South Weymouth, Oct. 10, 1870. Seepage 62. 

1815 Otis Rockwood Teacher of Writing 1816 
Son of Elisha Rockwood and Abigail Stone; born, Chesterfield, N. H., May 1, 
1791; Middlebury College, 1813; Andover Seminary, 1817 ; pastor, Lynn, fourteen 
years; Woodstock, Conn.; died, Cambridge, Dec. 30, 1861. 

1815 Edward William Hooker Teacher of Psalmody 1817 
Son of Rev. Asahel Hooker and Phebe Edwards; born, Goshen, Conn., Nov. 24, 
1794; Goshen Academy and Addison County (Vt.) Grammar School; Middlebury 
College, 1814; Andover Seminary, 1817; pastor, Green's Farms, Conn.; agent 
American Temperance Society, and editor of Journal of Humanity, Andover, 
1829-30; pastor, Bennington, Vt.; professor of Sacred Rhetoric and Ecclesiastical 
History, Theological Institute of Connecticut, East Windsor Hill ; pastor, South 
Windsor, Conn.; Fairhaven, Vt.; published Memoirs of Sarah Lanman Smith 
and other books; died, Fort Atkinson, Wis., March 31, 1875. D. D., Williams, 
1840; Trustee of Middlebury ; corporate member A. B. C. F. M. 

1815 Jasper Adams 1818 
Son of Jasper Adams and Anna Rounds; born, Medway, Aug. 12, 1793; fitted 
under Rev. Luther Wright, Medway ; Brown University, 1815 ; Andover Semi- 
nary (1819); tutor, and professor of Mathematics, Brown University; president 
of Charleston (S. C.) College, and of Geneva (N. Y.) College; chaplain and pro- 
fessor of Ethics, U. S. Military Academy, West Point; teacher and preacher, 
Pendleton, S. C; died Oct. 25, 1841. D. D., Columbia, 1827. 


1816 Miron Winslow Teacher of Penmanship 1816 
Son of Nathaniel Winslow and Anna Kellogg; born, Williston, Vt., Dec. 11, 
1789; Middlebury College, 1815; Andover Seminary, 1818; while at Andover 
published valuable History of Missions ; missionary in India forty-six years ; 
president of native college in Madras ; translated the Bible into Tamil, and 
published Tamil-English Dictionary ; died, Cape of Good Hope, while on the 
way to America, Oct. 22, 1864. D. D., Harvard, 1858 ; LL. D., Middlebury, 1864. 

1816 Joseph Sawyer 1818 
Son of Joseph Sawyer and Eunice Moore; born, "Wendell, July 5, 1792 ; Williams 
College, 1813; Andover Seminary, 1819; pastor, Leverett; died Dec. 14, 1822. 

1816 Abner Morse Teacher of Penmanship 1819 
Son of Capt. Abner Morse and Mille Leland; born, Medway, Sept. 5, 1793; Day's 
Academy, Wrentham; Brown University, 1816; Andover Seminary, 1819; pastor; 
Nantucket; Sennett, N. Y.; Boundbrook, N. J.; South Bend, Ind., to 1841, 
afterward resided in Boston and vicinity, engaged in genealogical researches 
and compilations ; died, Sharon, May 16, 1865. Member of Hist. Gen. Society. 

1817 Amos Wood Burnham Teacher of Sacred Music 1818 
Son of Dea. Samuel Burnham and Mary Perkins; born, Dunbarton, N. H., Aug. 
1, 1791; Dartmouth College, 1815; Andover Seminary, 1818; principal of Blanch- 
ard Academy, Pembroke, N. H. ; pastor, Rindge, N. H., forty-six years : repre- 
sentative from Rindge; died, Keene, N. H., April 9, 1871. D. D., Dartmouth, 

1817 William Cone 1818 
Born, East Haddam, Conn., Sept. 24, 1794; Yale College, 1813; Andover Semi- 
nary (1819); died, East Haddam, Conn., March 5, 1819. 

1818 Jonathan Silliman 1819 
Son of Dea. Thomas Silliman and Huldah Dunk; born, Chester, Conn., July 22.. 
1793; Yale College, 1817; Andover Seminary, 1821; home missionary in Virginia ; 
pastor, Cornwall, N. Y., twenty-seven years; died May ,13, 1885. 

1818 Jonathan Bigelow 1819 
Son of Andrew Bigelow and Sarah Fawcett; born, Boylston, April 5, 1793; Brown 
University, 1817; Andover Seminary, 1820; pastor, Lubec, Me.; Rochester; 
Euclid, O., twenty-two years ; died Jan. 26, 1854. 

1818 Ebenezer Newhall 1819 
Son of Onesimus Newhall and Lydia Mead; born, New Ipswich, N. H., Aug. 5, 
1789 ; Harvard College, 1818 ; Andover Seminary, 1821 ; pastor, Oxford, Lincoln ; 
Willsborough, N. Y. ; Chesterfield, Litchfield, N. H.; died, Cambridgeport 
Aug. 15, 1878. 



1818 Ralph Cushman Teacher of Sacred Music 1820 
Son of Caleb Cushman and Bathsheba Spaldin ; born, Goshen, Mass., Oct. 7, 1792; 
Williams College, 1817; Andover Seminary, 1820; preceptor of Belfast (Me.) 
Academy; home missionary in Kentucky; pastor, Pittsford, Manlius, N. Y.; 
agent of American Home Missionary Society, Ohio; died, Wooster, Ohio, Aug. 
57, 1831. 

1818 Alva Woods 1819 
Son of Rev. Abel Woods and Mary Smith. Born, Shoreham, Vt., Aug. 18, 1794. 

Phillips Academy, 1811. Resided in Providence, R. I., from 1838. Died Sept. 
6,1887. D. D. f Brown, 1828; Trustee, Brown, 1843-59; Fellow, 1859-87. See 
page 65. 

1819 Peter Sydney Eaton 1820 
Son of Rev. Peter Eaton (Phillips Academy, 1781) and Sarah Stone; born, Box- 
ford, Oct. 7, 1798; fitted for college by his father; Harvard College, 1818; Ando- 
ver Seminary, 1822; pastor, West Amesbury, (now Merrimac); teacher, New 
Britain, Conn. ; resided in Andover and Chelsea; died, Chelsea, March 13, 1863. 

1819 Pinckney Spring 1820 
Son of Rev. Dr. Samuel Spring and Hannah Hopkins ; born, Newouryport, July 
19, 1798; Phillips Academy, 1812. Died, Albany, N. Y., Sept. 18, 1820. See 
page 67. 

1819 Horace Belknap Teacher of Penmanship 1820 
Son of Francis Belknap and Roxanna Bingham; born, Ellington, Conn., Dec. 10> 
1791; Middlebury College, 1816; preceptor of Rutland County (Vt.) Grammar 
School; Andover Seminary, 1820; minister and physician, South Carolina, Ohio, 
Iowa; went to California as physician of overland company about 1849, and 
supposed to have died soon after reaching there. 

1819 Jonathan Clement 1829 
Son of William Clement and Abigail Hill ; born, Danville, Vt., June 20, 1797 ; 
Peacham (Vt.) Academy ; Middlebury College, 1818 ; Andover Seminary, (1821); 
pastor, Chester, N. H. ; Topsham, Me. ; Woodstock, Quechee, Vt. ; married 
Phebe Foxcroft Phillips, daughter of Col. John Phillips (Phillips Academy, 
1783); died, Norwich, Vt., Sept. 6, 1881. D. D., Middlebury, 1847. 

1819 Samuel Phillips 1822 
Son of Col. John Phillips (Phillips Academy, 1783) and Lydia Gorham; born 
Andover (North Parish), March 8, 1801 ; Phillips Academy, 1809. U. S. Col- 
lector, Newburyport. Postmaster of Andover, 1843-50. Died, Brighton, Jan. 
21, 1877. See page 61. 

1820 Jonathan Coleman Southmayd 1820 

Son of Ebenezer Southmayd and Elizabeth Starr; born, Castleton, Vt., Feb. 5, 
1798; Middlebury College, 1817; Andover Seminary (1822); tutor, Middlebury 
College; preceptor, Washington Co. (Vt.) Grammar School, Montpelier, 1823- 
35; teacher afterwards in Burlington and Rutland; died Oct. 7, 1838. 



1820 Gideon Lane Soule 


Son of Moses Soule and Martha Lane; born, Freeport, Me., July 25, 1796; Phillips 
Exeter Academy; Bowdoin College, 1818; Andover Seminary (1823); instructor, 
Phillips Exeter Academy, 1822-38; principal, 1838-73 ; died May 28, 1879. 
LL. D., Harvard, 1856. 

Son of Beriah Green and Elizabeth Smith; born, Preston, Conn., March 24, 1795; 
Andover Seminary (1822); pastor, East Lyme, Conn.; Brandon, Vt., Kenne- 
bunk, Me.; professor of Sacred Literature, Western Reserve College; president, 
Oneida Literary and Theological Institute, Whitesboro, N. Y.; pastor, "Whites- 
boro ; died May 4, 1874. 

Son of Hon. Nathaniel Upham and Judith Cogswell; born, Deerfield, N. H., Jan. 
SO, 1799; Dartmouth College, 1818; Andover Seminary, 1821; assistant to Pro- 
fessor Stuart, Seminary, 1821-23; professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy, 
Bowdoin College, forty -three years; author of Elements of Mental Philosophy 
and other works ; died, New York City, April 2, 1872. D. D., Wesleyan Univer- 
sity, 1843; LL. D., Rutgers, 1870. 

1820 Noah Smith Teacher of Sacred Music 1821 
Son of Edward Smith and Hannah Chandler; born, Hanover, N. H., March 8, 
1794; Dartmouth College, 1818; Andover Seminary, 1821: pastor, Southbury, 
Conn.; died Oct. 10, 1830. 

1820 James Howe Teacher of Penmanship 1821 
Son of Dr. Adonijah Howe and Sarah Ripley; born, Jaffrey, N. H., Aug. 13, 1796; 

New Ipswich Academy; Dartmouth College, 1817; Andover Seminary, 1821; 
pastor, Pepperell; died July 19, 1840. 

1821 John Ripley Adams 1823 
Son of Principal John Adams and Elizabeth Ripley; born, Plainfield, Conn., 

March 20, 1802; Phillips Academy, 1810-17. Chaplain 5th Maine Volunteers, 
1861-64; of 121st N..Y., 1864-65. Died at Northampton, April 25, 1866. D. D., 
University of City of New York, 1864. See page 61. 

1821 Heman Miller Blodgett Teacher of Sacred Music 1822 
Son of Benjamin Blodgett and Mary Riddell; born, Randolph, Vt., Aug. 8, 1795; 
Orange County Grammar School, Randolph; University of Vermont, 1820; 
Andover Seminary, 1823; missionary among blacks in Dawfuskie and Hilton 
Head Islands, S. C, where he had a large plantation; resided afterward in 
Muncy, Pa., and Princeton, N. J. ; agent, Colonization Society of N. J.; died, 
Pawtucket, R. I., Nov. 1, 1877. 

1821 William Watson Niles Teacher of Penmanship 1823 
Son of Rev. and Hon. Nathaniel Niles and Eliza Watson; born, "West Fairlee, 
Vt., Nov. 29, 1796; Dartmouth College, 1820; Andover Seminary, 1823; home 
missionary, Tennessee and Ohio; pastor, Maiden, Holden; rector, Rome, N. Y.; 
Kingston, R. I. ; died, La Porte, Ind., June 8, 1854. 

1820 Beriah Green 


1820 Thomas Cogswell Upham 




1822 Isaac Watts Wheelwright 1826 
Born, Newburyport, Sept. 12,1801; Phillips Academy, 1813. Died, Byfleld, July 
14,1895. See page 69. 

1822 Swan Lyman Pomeroy Teacher of Sacred Music 1823 
Son of Josiah Pomeroy, Esq., and Polly Barnes; born, Warwick, March 4, 1799; 

Brown University, 1820 ; Andover Seminary , 1824; pastor, Bangor, Me.; secre- 
tary of American Board; resided, Portland, Me., Washington, D. C. (clerk in 
State Department), Sunderland; died March 17, 1869. D. D., Bowdoin, 1847, 
and Brown, 1848; Overseer, Bowdoin; Trustee, Bangor Seminary. 

1823 Samuel Melancthon Worcester 1823 

Born, Fitchburg, Sept. 4, 1901. Phillips Academy, 1818. Editor of " Watts' and 
Select Hymns." Died, Salem, Aug. 16, 1866. D. D., Amherst, 1847; Overseer, 
Harvard. See page 101. 

1823 Joseph Muenscher Teacher of Music 1823 
Born, Providence, R. I., Dec. 21, 1798. Phillips Academy, 1816. Died, Mt. Ver- 
non, O., Feb. 16, 1884. D. D., Kenyon, 1849, and Brown, 1852. See page 82. 

1823 Joshua Payne Payson Teacher of Penmanship 1823 
Born, Pomfret, Conn., Aug. 15, 1800. Phillips Academy, 1815. Died, Pomfret, 
Conn., April 29, 1871. See page 77. 

1823 George Cone Beckwith 1824 
Born, Granville, N. Y., Jan. 3, 1801. Phillips Academy, 1817. Died, Boston, 
May 12, 1870. D. D., Middlebury, 1850. See page 85. 

1823 Samuel Horatio Stearns 1825 
Born, Bedford, Sept. 12, 1801. Phillips Academy, 1816. Gave salutatory ad- 
dresses, Harvard, 1823, and master's valedictory oration, 1826. Died, Paris, 
France, July 15, 1837. Seepage 83. 

1823 Royal Washburn Teacher of Sacred Music 1824 
Son of Rev. Azel Washburn and Sarah Skinner; born, Royalton, Vt., Dec. 6, 
1797; Royalton Academy; University of Vermont, 1820, and tutor; Andover 
Seminary, 1824; home missionary, Louisiana; pastor, Amherst; died Jan. 1, 1833. 

1823 William Jones Teacher of Penmanship 1826 
Son of Asa Jones and Lucy Case; born, Kingsboro, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1794; Hamilton 
College, 1823 ; Andover Seminary, 1826 ; pastor in Michigan ; principal of La 
Grange (Ind.) Seminary; in business, Neenah, Wis.; died June 8, 1871. 

1824 George Eliashib Adams 1825 

Born Oct. 27, 1801. Phillips Academy, 1816. Died, Orange, N. J., Dec. 25, 1875. 
D. D., Bowdoin, 1849. See page 78. 



1824 Eber Child Teacher of Sacred Music 1825 
Son of William Child and Mary Heaton; born, Thetford, Vt., July 31, 1798; 

Randolph (Vt.) Academy; Dartmouth College, 1821; preceptor of Groton Acad- 
emy; Andover Seminary, 1826; pastor, Deering, N. H.; Calais, Me.; Byron, 
Newstead, N. T. ; Fulton, Wis. ; died Dec. 15, 1847. 

1825 Lyman Gilbert 1825 
Son of Elam Gilbert and Susa Ray; born, Brandon, Vt., June 13, 1798; Middle- 
bury College, 1824; Andover Seminary, 1827; pastor, West Newton, twenty- 
seven years; Maiden, N. Y.j in government service, Brooklyn, N. Y.; died 
March 29, 1885. D. D., Middlebury, 1850. 

1825 Samuel Hopkins Kiddel Teacher of Sacred Music 1826 
Son of Rev. William Riddel; born, Bristol, Me., Jan. 2, 1800; Yale College, 1823; 

Andover Seminary, 1826; pastor, Glastonbury, Conn.; editor of Conn. Evan- 
gelical Magazine ; Hartford Congregationalist ; American Quarterly Register; 
Puritan Recorder ; secretary of Connecticut Temperance Society ; American 
Education Society; N. E. Hist. Gen. Soc; pastor, Tamworth, N. H.; died, Dea 
Moines, lo., June 1, 1876. 

1826 Calvin Butler Teacher of Sacred Music 1827 

Born, Pelham, N. H., April 25, 1810. Phillips Academy, 1828. Instructor in 
Sacred Music also in Teachers' Seminary, Phillips Academy, 1836. Died, 
Schenectady, N. Y., June 11, 1890. Seepage 150. 

1826 Henry Herrick Teacher of Penmanship 1827 
Born, Woodbridge, Conn., March 5, 1803. Phillips Academy, 1818; Andover 

Seminary, 1828. Died, North Woodstock, Conn., March 11, 1895. See page 97. 

1827 Spofford Dodge Jewett Teacher of Sacred Music 1829 
Son of Dr. Jeremiah Jewett and Temperance Dodge; born, Barnstead, N. H., 

Sept. 21, 1801; Dartmouth College, 1826; Andover Seminary, 1829; pastor, Gris- 
wold, Conn.; Hooksett, N. H., Windsor, Westchester, Middlefield, Conn.; post- 
master at Middlefield; died March 11, 1888. 

1828 John Taylor Jones Teacher of Penmanship 1829 
Son of Elisha Jones and Persia Taylor; born, New Ipswich, N. H., July 16, 1802; 

New Ipswich Academy and Bradford Academy; Amherst College, 1825; Ando- 
ver Seminary, 1830; Newton Seminary, 1830; missionary in Burmah and Siam; 
founder of Baptist Mission in Siam; translated Bible into Siamese; died, Bang- 
kok, Siam, Sept. 13, 1851. D. D., Columbian University, Washington, 1860. 

1828 James Wilson Ward Teacher of Penmanship 1829 
Son of Rev. Jonathan Ward and Philena Gay Whitaker; born, Alna, Me., May 
21, 1803; Phillips Exeter Academy; Dartmouth College, 1826; Andover Semi- 
nary (1830;) Yale Seminary, 1832; teacher, South Berwick (Me.) Academy; 
pastor, Abington, twenty-two years; Lakeville; representative from Abington; 
senator from Plymouth ; died, New York City, Jan. 31, 1873. 



1829 Osgood Johnson 1833 
Born, Andover, Sept. 9, 1803. Phillips Academy, 1820. Afterward Principal 
Died June 9, 1837. See page 113. 

1829 Kinsman Atkinson 1829 
Born Oct. 16, 1807. Phillips Academy, 1827. Died, Cambridge, Dec. 23, 1889. See 
page 146. 

1829 Henry Bishop Holmes 1829 
Born, April 5, 1808. Phillips Academy, 1828. Died, Buffalo, N. T., July 11, 

1885. See page 152. 

1829 Isaac William Stuart 1829 
Born June 13, 1809. Phillips Academy, 1817. Member of Conn. Historical 
Society. Died, Hartford, Conn., Oct. 2, 1861. See page 91. 

1829 John Bronson Richardson Teacher of Sacred Music 1831 
Son of Nathaniel Richardson and Comfort Stone; born, Middlebury, Conn., 
Nov. 18, 1804; Moor's Charity School, Hanover, N. H.; Dartmouth College, 
1828; Andover Seminary, 1831; pastor, Milford, Conn.; Portland, Me.; Nauga- 
tuck, Conn. ; Pittsford, N. Y.; agent American Bible Society; resided Geneva, 
N. Y. ; died Mareh 13, 1885. 

1830 John Jason Owen Teacher of Penmanship 1831 
Son of Hezekiah Owen and Elizabeth Thrall; born, Johnstown, N. Y., Aug. 13, 
1803; Middlebury College, 1828; Andover Seminary, 1831; secretary of Presby- 
terian Education Society; principal of Cornelius Institute, New York City; 
Professor of Latin and Greek, New York Free Academy, now College of City 
of New York, of which vice-president from 1866; author of standard text-books 
in classics; died April 18, 1869. D. D., University of New York, 1848; LL.D., 
Middlebury, 1864. 



Academy opened Thursday, April 30th, Eliphalet Pearson, Principal. 

John Abbot, 19, Andover. H. 1784. *1843 

Teacher Ph. Acad. ; Tutor Harv. ; Lib., Prof. Languages, Treas., Overseer, and 
Trustee Bowd. ; Mem. Me. Hist. Soc. 

Samuel Abbot, 17, 





William Lovejoy Abbot, 13, 






James Anderson, 29, 

Londonderry, N. H. 




Henry Appleton, 9, 



Oliver Atherton, 22, 




Zachariah Bacon, 17, 



Jesse Baldwin, 16, 



John Blanchard, 10, 



Isaac Blunt, 11, 



Edward Bromfield, 7, 



Samuel Brown, 11, 



Malcom McNeil Burdick, 10, Marblehead. 


John Chandler, 10, 



Philemon Chandler, 12, 



Edward Clarke, 7, 


H. 1788. 


Peter Coburn, 13, 



William Coleman, 12, 




M. A., Dart. 1796; Ed.; Reporter Supreme Court, N. Y. 

William Davis, 17, 



John Fayerweather, 8, 




Josiah Fisk, 17, 



Benjamin Fuller, 12, 



Thomas Jackson Green- 




wood, 21, 

Afterwards took the name of Alexander Shepard. 

Levi Hutchins, 16, 

Concord, N. H. 


In Revolutionary Army. 

Benjamin Kittredge, 10, 


M. . 



Jacob Kittredge, 21, 
Joseph Leathers, 12, 
Ezekiel Little, 15, 
Joseph Lloyd, 10, 
Joshua Lovejoy, 7, 
John Lowell, 8, 

LL.D.; Fellow Harv. 

Andover. M. 

Hampstead, N. H. H. 1784. T. 


Andover. *1824 
Boston. H. 1786. l. *1840 

Fellow Am. Acad.; Mem. Hist. Soc; Rep.; Pres. Mass. 



Ag. Soc. ; one of Founders of Boston Athenaeum. 
John Phillips Payson, 9, Boston. T. *1847 

Thomas Payson, 13, Boston. H. 1784. T. *1844 

John Phillips, 7, Boston. H. 1788. L. *1823 

Fellow Am. Acad. ; Trustee Ph. Acad. ; Fellow, and Overseer Harv. ; first Mayor 

of Boston; Pres. Senate; Judge C. C. P.; Const. Conv., 1820. 
William Phillips, 11, Boston. H. *1783 

Frye Poor, 10, Andover, *1805 

Josiah Quincy, 6, Boston. H. 1790. l. *1864 

LL.D. ; Trustee Ph. Acad. ; Pres. Harv. ; Vice-Pres. Am. Acad. ; Mem. Hist. Soc. ; 

Mem. Am. Philos. Soc; Mem. Acad, of Sci. and Lit., Palermo; Speaker Ho. 

of Peps.; Senator; Const. Conv. 1820; Judge Munic. Court; M. C; M. A., 

Yale 1792, N.J. 1796; second Mayor of Boston. 
Edmund Quincy Rich- Andover. *1830 
ards, 10, 

Elias Smith, 13, Middleton. 
James Smith, 15, Plaistow, N. H. 

Moses Smith, 17, Holies [Hollis], N. H. 

Peter Snow, 18, Harvard. M. 

Nathaniel Sparhawk, 11, Haverhill. 
Wm. Pepperrell Sparhawk, 7, Haverhill. H. 1789. 

Jeremiah Stickney, 14, Concord, N. H. 
Charles Walker, 12, Concord, N. H. 

Nathaniel Ward, 9, Salem. 
Francis Welch, 12, Plaistow, N. H. 

Leonard White, 11, Haverhill. 

M. A., Brown, 1792; Pep.; M. C. 
Job Wight, 23, Medfield. 

M. A., Yale 1796, Harv. 1797. 
William Wyre, 9, Newburyport. 

H. 1789. 

H. 1787. 
H. 1787. 

H. 1784. 







John Baker, 9, 
Samuel Barton, 12, 
Francis Brewer, 12, 
Joseph Cabot, 7, 
John Coleman, 10, 







H. 1788. 





John Blake Cordis, 7, 




John Far-well, 23, 

Dunstable [TyngsboroH. 


Robert Fletcher, 16, 



Clerk C. C. P. 

Joel Foot, 16, 

Colchester, Ct. 


Teacher Ph. Acad. ; Eep. Ct. 

Jacob Fowle, 11, 

Londonderry, N. H. 


nooert r owie, lo, 

Londonderry, N. H. 


1 786. 


Andrew Fuller, 13, 



Robert Gray, 1 7, 


H. 1786. 


M. A. 1799. 

Benjamin Green, 15, 



1784. L. 


Chief Justice C. C. P.; 

Speaker House of Rep., Me. 

Leonard Jaques, 15, 


Richard King, 16, 

Scarboro' [Me.]. 

John Lathrop, 7, 




*1 ft Oft 

John Lee, 9, 


#1 8A9 
* 1 oU_ 

Joseph Lee, 9, 


Nathaniel Cabot Lee, 6, 




Peter Osgood, 14, 



Daniel Parker, 12, 


Benjamin Poor, 18, 



David Putnam, 10, 


Asa Sargent, 10, 



Isaac Sears, 9, 



Jasper Sears, 7, 



John Simpkins, 11, 


H. 1786. 


Thos. March Woodbridge 

,13, Salem. 



Abiel Abbot, 14, Wilton, N. H. H. 1787. *1859 

D.D.; Teacher Ph. Acad. ; Tutor Harv.; Princ. Dummer Acad.; Author Hist. 

Andover and Ahbot Genealogy . 

Joshua Babcock, 8, 



Benjamin Gerrish Barrett, 10, Boston. 


Henry Bartlett, 9, 



John Bartlett, 13, 

Beverly. H. 1786. 


Caleb Blanchard, 20, 



John Blanchard, 13, 

Peterboro', N. H. 


Josiah Burge, 14, 

Holies [Hollis],N.H. H. 1787. t. 


Charles Cockran, 10, 



Charles Harrison Fitch, 11, 



John Gardner, 10, 




Nathaniel Higginson, 12, Boston. 

U. S. Commissioner of Claims, West Indies. 
Stephen Higginson, 9, Boston. 

Steward Harv. ; Mem. Mass. Hist. Soc. 
Thos.Woodbridge Hooper, 9, Newburyport. 

M. A. Dart. 1792. ; U. S. N. 
Jonathan Huse, 13, Methuen. 
William Lovett, 12, Beverly. 
Gorham Parsons, 11, Boston. 

I'res. Mass. Ag. Soo. 
Samuel Putnam, 11, Danvers. 

N.J. 1787. L. 

H. 1789. 

LL.D. ; Rep.; Sen.; Fellow Am. Acad. 

Daniel Scott, 9, 
James Sullivan, 11, 
Samuel Symonds, 24, 
John Tyler, 25, 
Solomon Vose, 12, 






D. 1788. 

H. 1787. 
Judge Supreme Court. 

H. 1786. 

H. 1787. l. 









H. 1787. 

Samuel Piatt Broom, 11, Boston. Y. 1786. 

M.A..N.J. 1786. 
Levi Bush, 18, 
Ephraim Carleton, 12, 
William Creed, 12, 
John Brown Cutting, 23, 

In Revolutionary Army. 
Peter Eaton, 16, 
John Fabyan, 14, 
James Hall, 12, 
William King, 13, 

Rep.; U. S. Collector; First Gov. Maine 
Stephen Low, 14, Danvers. 
Joshua Martin, 10, Portsmouth, N. H. 

Charles Miller, 10, Boston. 

Samuel Phillips Russell, 11, No. Yarmouth [Me.]. H. 1792. 

Overseer Bowd. 
Daniel Ryan, 16, Tewksbury. 
Ebenezer Shillaber, 14, Danvers. 

John Taylor, 18, Northboro'. H. 1786. 

Thomas Taylor, 12, Milton. 
James Thompson, 14, Brookline. 
John Tucker, 10, Danvers. 



Scarboro* [Me.]. 
Scarboro' [Me.]. 

Overseer, and Trustee Bowd. 











Benjamin Abbot, 19, 


H. 1788. 


LL.D. ; first Principal Phillips Exeter Academy. 

Isaac Adams, 14, 




Hep. Michigan. 

John Barker, 1 7, 



Stephen Barker, 10, 



Rep. ; Executive Council. 

Caleb Bellows, 14, 

Walpole, N. H. 



Josiah Bellows, 14, 

Walpole, N. H, 




Stephen Cleveland Blyth, 11, Salem. 




Afterwards took the name of Stephen Cleveland Blyden. 

John Myer Bowers, 10, 





John Callender, 10, 

Fredericksburg, Va. 

H. 1790. 



William Cogswell, 10, 



Richard Cutts, 11, 

Pepperrellboro'[Me.].H. 1790. 


Rep.; M. C; Second Comptroller Treasury ; Sup.-Gen. of Military Supplies. 

Thomas Cutts, 13, 



James Dana, 13, 



John Fletcher, 10, 


Benjamin Haskell, 19, 


H. 1789. 



Benjamin Hodgdon, 10, 



Robert Hooper, 8, 



John Jenkins, 26, 



Lemuel Kollock, 15, 


Br. 1786. 



Mem. Hist. Soc. 

Amherst Mann, 21, 



James Phillips, 14, 



Jonathan Smith, 20, 

Amherst, N. H. 


Reg. of Deeds. 

George Minot Taylor, 11, 



Thomas Ap Thomas, 9, 


H. 1790. 


John Williams, 9, 


H. 1792. 



Abiel Winship, 13, 



Caleb Winship, 17, 



John Wyman, 14, 




Oliver Barron, 16, 
Calvin Crombie, 9, 
Samuel Davis, 9, 
Gilbert Dench, 10, 
Tutor Brown. 


H. 1788. M. 

Br. 1793. 




William Douglass, 22, 



Joseph Frye, 16, 



James Gardner, 21, 


H. 1788. 



In Revolutionary Army. 

William Gregg, 19, 

Londonderry, N. H. 

D. 1787. 


Herman Harris, 10, 

Concord, N. H. 


Hubert Harris, 12, 

Concord, N. H. 


William Hodge, 10, 

Pownalboro' [Me]. 

H. 1791. 


Samuel Holyoke, 20, 


H. 1789. 


M. A. Dart. 1792. 

Henderson Inches, 9, 


TT -J 7QO 

Nathan Lakeman, 16, 


D. 1790. 



William Lang, 10, 



Jeremiah Lee, 8, 



Thomas Loyd, 14, 



Ebenezer Pearson, 15, 



John Phillips, 6, 


H. 1795. 


Teacher, and Trustee Ph. 

Acad.; Sen. 

James Prescott, 17, 


H. 1788. 



Judge Prob., and Chief Justice C. C. P 

John Robinson, 18, 



Joseph Ross, 12, 


David Smith, 22, 


H. 1790. 


John Smith, 29, 

Peterboro', N. H. 



Robert Smith, 24, 

Peterboro', N. H. 



Samuel Smith, 18, 

Peterboro', N. H. 



Samuel Spofford, 18, 



Jonathan Steele, 22, 

Peterboro', N. H. 



Judge Supreme Court, N. H. 

George Sullivan, 11, 

Durham, N. H. 

H. 1790. 



Pep. ; Sen. ; M. C. ; Att.-Gen. ; Pres. Elector. 

James Sullivan, 13, 

Durham, N. H. 

H. 1790. 


John Sullivan, 15, 

Durham, N. H. 

H. 1790. 


Theodore Symmes, 16, 




Leonard Whiting, 1 7, 

Merrimack, N. H. 


William Whittington, 9, 


1 o - J 

James AVilson, 17, 

Peterboro', N. H. 


1 OOJ 

M.A.. Dart. 1805; M.C. 


Isaac Abbot, 15, 



Zebadiah Abbot, 14, 



Cyrus Baldwin, 11, 



Abraham Bartlett, 10, 



John Ladd Bodwell, 20, Methuen. M. 
John Childs, 12, Holden. 
Charles Cutts, 15, Portsmouth, N. H. 

Rep. and Speaker, N. H. ; U. S. Senator ; Sec. U. S 
AbrahamRed wood Ellery, 11, Newport, R. I. 
Nahum Fay, 21, Westboro'. 
William Foster, 27, Andover. 
Frederick French, 1 7, Dunstable [Nashua], N. H. 

Rep. ; Clerk of Supreme Court, N. H. 
John Gorham, 12, Charlestown. 
Ebenezer Hall, 13, Medford. 
Richard Hall, 10, Medford. 
Daniel Hardy, 10, Bradford. 

Tutor Dart. ; Prin. Atkinson Acad. 
Samuel Haskell, 17, Harvard. 

[Samuel Haskell, son of Samuel, born 1772, died Waterford, Me., 1832.] 

H. 1789. 
H. 1791. 
H. 1790. 

H. 1792. 

D. 1789. 


Samuel Holbrook, 10, 
Peter Holt, 21, 
Samuel Hunt, 22, 
William Hunt, 8, 


William Jones, 11, 

Clerk of Courts : Judge Probate. 
John Thornton Kirkland, 13, Stockbridge. 

H. 1790. 

H. 1793. 


D.D., LL.D.; Teacher Ph. 
Mem. and Lib. Hist. Soc. 

Acad.; Tutor, Pres. Harv. 



one of Founders of Boston Athenaeum. 

Joseph Leland, 27, Grafton. 

In Revolutionary Army ; Mem. of Cincinnati of Mass. ; 


John McDuffee, 18, 
James Miller, 1 1 , 
John Morrison, 15, 
Azor Orne, 17, 
Henry Parker, 12, 
Paul Rolfe, 14, 
Samuel Ropes, 10, 
William Scamman, 13, 
John Stacey, 10, 
Micah Stone, 18, 
Micah Stone, 13, 

Teacher Ph. Acad. ; Tutor, Harv. 
James Bowdoin Temple, 8, Boston. 

Londonderry, N. H 

Peterboro', N. H. 
Concord, N. H. 

Pepperrellboro* [Maine] 
Reading. H 


H. 1792. 








Acad. ; 











Col. 1795. 


Afterwards took the name of James Temple Bowdoin; Capt. H. B. M. Army. 

Samuel Walker, 15, 
George Ward, 10, 
Ludovicus Weld, 17, 
Jotham Wheelock, 20, 
Jonathan White, 17, 


Peterboro', N. H. 

H. 1790. 





tioon ird,rK.or »» mt w oil) ivj 


Nathaniel Whitwell, 11, 


#1 Q 1 A 

Samuel Wood, 9, 




Abiel Abbot, 14, 

Andover. H. 1792. 


D.D. ; Teacher Ph. Academy. 

Jacob Abbot, 17, 

Wilton, N.H. H. 1792. 


William Abbot, 13, 



Caleb Bartlett, 1 7, 

Pembroke, N. H. 


Jonathan Bowman, 14, 

PownalboroTMainel H. 1790. 



Reg. Probate, Clerk of Court of Sessions, C. C. P. and S. J. C. 

William Bowman, 13, 

Pownalboro'[Maine]. H. 



L/ierK oi ^ourt 01 oceoiuus. 

Stephen Bruce, 8, 



William f!aldwp11 50 

Wpare N H 

*1 830 

\V m [VT r^T» iro nrn^ l,lciT*lrO 11 
TV JJ1. i.VJ.UllL<XH Uc vJilIa.C) ± 1 5 


Tomoc f!r*r»lr Q 


Louis Charles Francois Cou- 

gnacq, 15, 

Hispaniola, W. I. 


Stephen Cummings, 12, 





Nathan Cutler, 20, 

Dunstable [Nashua], N.H. 


i out) 

Henry Daingerfield, 14, 

Spottsylvania Co.,Va. H. 



Joshua Frost, 19, 

Tewksbury. H. 1793. 


Daniel Fuller, 14, 



Samuel Gore, 8, 



Peter Grant, 15, 

Vassalboro' [Maine]. 



Jonathan Greenleaf, 11, 



Joseph Hilliar d, 11, 

Cambridge. H. 1793. 


Josiah Howe, 12, 





Jedidiah Ingalls, 17, 

Andover. H. 1792. 



Stephen Jones, 10, 

Machias [Maine]. 


Joseph Kidder, 16, 

Dunstable [Nashua], N.H. 


Samuel Abbot Kneeland, 8, 

, Andover. H. 1797. 


David Lee, 1 7, 



William Lee, 12, 

Halifax, N. S. 


U. S. Consul, Bordeaux; Second Auditor of U. S. Treasury; Mem. Hist. Soc. 

Howell Lewis, 13, 

Fredericksburg, Va. 


Charles March, 10, 

Jamaica, W.L 


William Marston, 13, 



Silas Merriam, 15, 



William Read, 13, 

Roxbury. H. 



Surgeon U. S. N. 


George Elliot Vaughan, 12, Portland [Maine]. 

Clerk Mass. Sen. 
Ebenezer Wales, 13, Dorchester. 
John Wethered, 15, Antigua, W. I. 

L* *1834 


Ebenezer Pemberton, Principal. 

Daniel Abbot, 9, 






Rep.; Sen. 

Henry Abbot, 9, 


H. 1796. 


Jacob Abbot, 9, 

Wilton, N. H. 


Overseer Bowd. 

Thomas Bowman, 12, 

Pownalboro' [Me.]. 





Reg. Probate. 

William Boyes, 



[William Boyes, son of William, died Boston, 1799, aged 25.] 

Nath'l Gardner Dabney, 10, 


Joseph Fletcher Eastman, 14, Holies [Hollis], N. H. 



Jonathan French, 7, 





D. D. ; Teacher Ph. Academy. 

Gardner Green, 

Concord, N. H. 


Henry Hooper, 9, 



John Ball Kittredge, 14, 




John Kimball, 12, 





John Lamon, 20, 



John Locke, 22, 






Rep.; Sen.; Const. Conv. 1820 ; Councillor; M. C. 

Francis Cabot Lowell, 11, 






Projected the city of Lowell, which was named after him. 

John March, 13, 

Jamaica, W.I. 


Mem. House of Assembly, Jamaica. 

Nathaniel Marston, 

New York, N.Y. 

Ebenezer Poor, 20, 




Clerk of Courts, Sen., Me. 

Nathaniel Seaver, 



[Nathaniel Seaver, son of Nathaniel, cast away and drowned on Coast of Arabia, 

Joseph Stevens, 12, Andover. *1845 

Bradstreet Story, 13, Marblehead. H. 1792. *1819 

Afterwards took the name of Dudley Story Bradstreet. 
Isaac Story, 11, Marblehead. H. 1793. l. *1803 

William Tudor, 7, Boston. H. 1796. l. *1830 

U. S. Consul, Lima; Charge d' Affaires, Rio de Janeiro; Mem. Hist. Soc. ; one of 
Founders of Boston Athenaeum ; Founder of North American Review. 
Joseph Wardwell, Andover. *1830 



Joseph Haynes White, 15, Methuen. 

Benjamin Whitwell, 14, Boston. 

Rep. ; Dep. Sec. State. 
Josiah Williams, Boston. 

M. *1829 
H. 1790. L. *1825 


Moses Abbot, 21, Andover. 
Amos Blanchard, 14, Andover. 

" Writing Master," Ph. Acad. 
Jared Bough ton, 21, Stockbridge. 
Pierre Antoine Capdevielle, Martinique, W.L 
William Crosby, Harwich. 
Thomas Dixey, 13, Marblehead. 
Henry Edes, 9, Boston. H. 1799. 

M.A., Brown, 1806; D.D.; Trustee and Fellow, Brown. 
John Stevens Ellery, 14, Gloucester. 
Abiel Foster, 14, Canterbury, N. H. 

Peter Frye, Andover. 
Samuel Green, 1 7, Concord, N. H. 

Judge Supreme Court, N. H. 


Caleb Haskell, 23, 
Joseph Heald, 
Joseph Holt, 21, 
Joseph Johnson, 22, 
John Kittredge, 11, 

U. S. Collector. 
Cyrus King, 15, 

Temple, N. EL 

H. 1795. M. 









CoL 1794. L. *1817 

Scarboro' [Maine], 
Major General of Militia; M.C. 
Samuel Lee, 13, Marblehead. 

Afterwards took the name of William Raymond Lee; staff officer, war 
U. S. Treasury. 
Samuel Love, Loudon, Va. 

Nathaniel Martin, North Yarmouth [Maine]. 

Rep. ; Const. Conv. Me., 1819. 
Joseph McKean, 11, Boston. H. 1794. 

D.D., LL.D. ; Prof. Rhet. and Orat. Harv.; Mem. and Lib. Hist. Soc; 
Amer. Acad. ; Rep. 
Henry Moor, 23, Londonderry, N.H. D. 1793. 

First Principal Groton Academy. 
Joseph Nye, Harwich. 
John Pedrick, Marblehead. 
Francis Perry, Groton. 

Jonathan Phillips, 9 Boston. H. M.A. 

David Plumer, 18, Gloucester. 

of 1812; 







Samuel Jackson Prescott, 14, Groton. H. 1 795. L 

LL.D. ; Rep. 

Langford Redwood, Newport, R. I. 

Charles Lenox Sargent, 9, Gloucester. 
Jonathan Stevens, Andover. 

Chas. Pinckney Sumner, 11, Milton. H. 1796. L. 

Sheriff, Suffolk Co.; Clerk House of Reps. 
Benjamin Walker, 20, Wilmington. 




David Abbot, 17, 
Antoine Arteare, 
John Atkinson, 13, 
William Batchelder, 20, 
Francis Boscarien, 
Erasmus Butterfield, 19, 
Martin Butterfield, 
Caleb DinsdalChampney,l 
Albert Chaveteau, 
Louis Chaveteau, 
Francis Dana, 11, 
Martin Dutchetto, 
George Higginson, 9, 
Abiel Holt, 14, 
Jeremiah Ingalls, 
John Byles Marshall, 16, 
John Pierce, 13, 
Thomas Prentice Kettell, 1 
James Reid, 21, 
Oliver Wendell, 9, 
William Whitwell, 12, 



Gaudaloupe, W. I. 

Kingston, N. H. 

Bayonne, France. 

Westmoreland, N. H. 

Westmoreland, N. H. 
!, Boston. 

Gaudaloupe, W. 1. 

Gaudaloupe, W. I. 


Bayonne, France. 





3, Boston. 

Londonderry, N. H. 



H. 1794. *1804 

H. 1794. *1838 

D. 1792. L. *1828 

H. 1796. Rep. *1853 


H. 1793. *1798 


H. *1796 


James Barnard, 20, 
Josiah Bartlett, 13, 
Seth Bemis, 14, 
Andrew Cabot, 8, 
Charles George Cabot, 11, 
Joseph Carr, 15, 
Jacob Flint, 20, 
George W. Harris, 








Concord, N. H. 

H. 1795. 

H. 1795. 

H. 1796. 

H. 1794. 





[Capt. Geo. Washington Harris, of Portsmouth (?), died 1800.] 



bamuel Jones, 


George Lee, 12, 



Thomas Lee, 9, 





John Orne, 12, 



Timothy P. Penny, 


Joseph Perkins, 16, 

T ' L. 







Teacher Ph. Exeter Acad. 

Portland nVTaitipl. 


•TnVin T?n<5<5pll 1 S 

OUL1LL llUSoCllj 5 

No Yarmouth TMp ~] 


*1 795 

Joseph Sawyer, 11, 



Richard Shackelford, 14, 

Charleston, S. C. 


William Wetmore, 11, 






Augustus Willard, 12, 





John Shirley Williams, 16, 






Richard Williams, 14, 

Deer field. 


Joshua Wingate, 16, 





General ; Const. Conv. Me 

, 1819; U. S. Collector; Mem. Me. Hist. Soc; 


and Trustee Bowd. 


Isaac Abbot, 11, 



Timothy Alden, 18, 


H. 1794. 


Pres. Alleghany College; Mem. and Lib. Hist. Soc. 

Homes Allen, 15, 




Nathaniel Coffin Amory, 


H. 1796. 


Afterwards known as Nathaniel Amory; M.A., Harv. 1806; U. S. Navy Agent. 

Josiah Batchelder, 14, 


D. 1796. 



Peter Beale, 



Robert Beale, 



William Blanchard, 13, 


H. 1797. 



Thomas Bourne, 



Thaddeus Brown, 15, 


H. 1797. 



William Cabot Carpenter, 



Oliver Crosby, 21, 


H. 1795. 



William Crosby, 20, 


H. 1794. 



Rep.; Sen.; Chief Justice C. C P. ; Pres. Elector. 

Edm. Trowbridge Dana, 11, Cambridge. 

H. 1799. 



Founder [Dana] Public Library, Cambridge; one of Founders of Boston Athe- 


George Bethune Dunkin, 10, Little Cambridge [Brighton]. *1810 

Thomas Dyson, 16, Beverly. *1799 

John Gardner, * 

Gabriel Joseph Genet, 16, Martinique, W.I. * 

Pierre G. Durotere Genet, 18, Martinique, W. I. * 


John W. Greyer, Boston. * 

[Probably John Whitelock Greyer, son and grandion of Frederick William Von 

Geyer ; young Boston merchant ; lost at sea.] 

Thomas Hastings, 
Henry Higginson, 9, 
Enoch Holt, 
William Homan, 16, 
Theodore Kittredge, 15, 
Peter Lebreton, 13, 
Jeremiah Lee, 10, 








Jonathan Herrick Lovett,18, Beverly. 
Josiah Lovett, 14, Beverly. 
Stephen Woodbridge Par- 
sons, 14, Springfield. 
Andrew Peabody, Middleton. 
Lory Pease, 16, Boston. 
Samuel Phillips, 8, Andover. 
Jonathan Stevens, 22, Andover. 
Daniel Whittredge, 14, Beverly. 







Herman Abbot, 20, 
Jacob Abbot, 9, 
John Stevens Abbot, 11, 
Solomon Abbot, 18, 
William Abbot, 1 7, 

Wilton, N. H. 

H. 1801. 

H. 1797. 

Eep. ; Reg. Probate; Pres. Elector ; Const. Conv. Me., 1819; Mem. 

James Allen, 11, 
Joseph Vial Allen, 18, 
Royal Blood, 25, 
Nathaniel Bond, 14, 
John B. Brigham, 

H. 1799. 

H. 1797. 

Temple, N. H. 

[Capt. John Winslow Brigham, born Marlboro' 1774, at Harv. 17 
folk, Va., 1826.] 


Joseph Buckminster, 17, 
Edward Cabot, 16, 
Henry Cabot, 17, 
Joseph Chase, 13, 
Joseph Chickering, 18, 
John Clark, 13, 
William Coolidge, 14, 
Stephen Cummings, 
Andrew Foster, 11, 
John Foster, 9, 

H. 1799. 

L. *1849 
Me. Hist. Soc. 

, died Nor- 

M. *1797 
M. *1805 
T. * 

H. 1800. 
H. 1802. 




Gustavus Adolphus Goss, 21 

. Boston. 

*1 Q01 

Samuel Harrington, 18, 


i a n, it lt.i ii xxasKen, i-, 

xvoc ncs Ltjr. 

TT 1 7QQ 



Aoiel xlolbrooK, lb, 


TT i ft Art 

Joseph Hurd, 13, 


H. 1797. 


Nathaniel Ingersoll, 12, 



Charles Church Jarvis, 17, 



Asa Kimball, 19, 


B. 1796. 


George Lovett, 12, 



Richard Odell, 21, 

Conway, N. H. 


Rep.; Councillor. 

vUal ICO V71/1D, 1U) 

JJUB LUi.1* 


Benjamin Rice, 17, 


H. 1796. 


William Salisbury, 15, 


H. 1795. 


Benjamin Smith, 14, 



Ralph Smith, 



Theodore Strong, 12, 


Y. 1797. 



Amasa Thayer, 


[Amasa Thayer, son of Capt. Levi, born Milford 1777, died Waterloo, N.Y., 1821.] 

James Tisdale, 16, 



William Tisdale, 13, 



Amos Towne, 



Joseph Tuckerman, 14, 


H. 1798. 


D.D. ; one of Founders of Boston Athenaeum. 

Daniel Putnam Upton, 15, 


H. 1797. 



William Wales, 



Joseph Warren, 10, 




Timothy Wellman, 14, 



Henry White, 



Thomas Woodbury, 14, 



Samuel Worcester, 21, 




Benjamin Bussey, 11, 


H. 1803. 


John Cabot, 10, 



Dominicus Cutts, 16, 

Saco [Maine]. 


William H. Davis, 



[Capt. William H. Davis of Boston died at the Sandwich Islands, 1822.] 

Rufus Emerson, 12, 

York [Maine]. 


Henry Gardner, 12, 


H. 1798. 



Rep. ; Sen ; Const. Conv. 

Mass., 1820. 

Arnold Howes, 


[Arnold Howes of Boston, son of Edmund of Barre, died at sea, 1805, aged 25.] 
George Hodges Ingersoll, 1 2, Salem. *1864 


James Charles Jewett, 12, No. Yarmouth [Me.]. H. 1800. L. *1822 

M. A., Bowd. 1806. 
Simeon Kenney, 25, 
Charles Knapp, 9, 
John Knapp, 13, 
William Leach, 12, 
Henry Lee, 10, 
Stephen Longfellow, 16, 

LL.D. ; M.C.; Pres. Me. Hist 
Conv., 1814. 
William Herrick Lovett, 13, Beverly. 
Charles Lowell, 9, Roxbury 
D.D. ; Mem. Hist. Soc. ; Fellow Harv. 


Gorham [Maine]. H. 

Trustee Bowd.; 

H. 1800. L. 

1798. L. 



Pres. Elector; Hartford 

H. 1800. 

Leonard Mellen, 15, Watertown. 

Princ. Groton Acad. 

William Cooper Parke, 9, Boston. 

John A. Parker, Roxbury. 

Edward Phillips, 10, Boston. 
Daniel McCarthy Prince, 12, Roxbury. 

Joel Rogers, 24, Tewksbury. 

Joseph Ruggles, 11, Roxbury. 

Nathaniel Sparhawk, 10, Roxbury. 

Samuel John Sprague, 12, Lancaster. 

Aaron Wait, 11, Salem. 


H. 1797. L. *1804 



D. 1798. *1802 
H. 1799. L. *1805 


Isaiah Alden, 20, Yarmouth. H. 1799. T. *1843 

Richard Ashton, 14, Salem. *1805 

Frederick Beck, 14, Boston. *1831 

James Bott, 9, Salem. *1822 

John Codman, 10, Boston. H. 1802. *1847 

D.D. ; Mem. Hist. Soc. 

Charles Coolidge, 13, Boston. *1820 

Jonathan Cummings, 22, Andover. *1820 

Joseph Dane, 14, Beverly. H. 1799. L. *1858 

Rep. ; Sen. ; M. C. ; Const. Conv. Me., 1816 and 1819. 

Nathaniel Davenport, 12, Roxbury. *1863 

Joseph Dudley, 12, Roxbury. *1827 

Benjamin Farnum, 21, Andover. *1844 

John Forrester, 12, Salem. H. 1801. *1837 

Daniel Foster, 18, Beverly. *1799 

Samuel Gale, 12, Haverhill. *1827 

Jonathan Griffin, 21, Andover. *1813 


Robert Hallowell, 11, Boston. H. 1801. *1864 

Afterwards took the name of Robert Hallowell Gardiner; Mem. Hist. Soc.; Pres. 
Me. Hist. Soc. ; Overseer and Trustee Bowd. ; one of the Founders of Boston 

Benj. Andrews Hichborn, 10, Boston. 

H. 1802. 


Stephen Holt, 20, 



Robert Howard, 10, 

Hallowell [Maine]. 


Daniel Staniford Hurd, 13, Ipswich. 


John Jenks, 13, 



_U t 1 1 ItiilJAIl Ijillilcuilj *" > 



Isaac Lane, 26, 



Benjamin Lovett, 11, 



Pyum Lovett, 9, 


Rep. *1854 

Edward Byam Martin, 

North Yarmouth [Maine]. 


Daniel Adams Poor, 12, 


State Librarian, Me. 

Henry Prescott, 12, 



Habijah Savage, 12, 


U.B.A. *1803 

Edward Williams, 14, 




MaHin Alden, 20, 


H. 1799. 

*1 Q3fi 

James Trecothick Austin,! 0, Boston. 

H. 1802. 

t #1870 

Li. ^10 < O 

LL.D. ; Fellow Am. Acad. 

; Mem. Hist. Soc. ; Rep. ; 

-ti. L I v \_ I til , j 

Mass. * Overseer 


Symonds Epes Baker, 15, 



William Bowman, 11, 


U.S.N. *1844 

Isaac Brooks, 18, 



U. S. Consul, Liverpool. 

Robert Cabot, 9, 



Jacob Abbot Cummings,21 

, Groton. 

H. 1801. 


Jacob Farnum, 20, 



Thomas Green, 12, 

Concord, N. EL 


Jacob Holt, 13, 


D. 1803. 


Paul Holt, 11, 



Francis Lee, 10, 



Walter Moor, 18, 



William J. Middleton, 15, 

Belleville, S. C. 


Jacob Oliver, 14, 


Andrew Peters, 22, 



Andrew Ritchie, 12, 


H. 1802. 

L. *1862 


James Robinson, 14, 


Timothy Foster Rogers, 13, 


H. 1802. 



George L. Roseau, 12, Boston. * 

Henry Sigourney, 10, Boston. *1849 

Benjamin Stone, 12, Salem. *1798 

Richard Tuck, 14, Manchester. *1812 

Charles Frederic Waldo, 10, Salem. U.8JT. *1838 

Jonathan Waldo, 12, Salem. *1817 

Samuel WiUard, 12, Cambridge. H. *1848 

Afterwards known as Samuel Sheafe Willard. 


Mark Newman, Principal 

Caleb Abbot, 15, Andover. 
Isaac Abbot, Andover. 

[Probably identical with Isaac Abbot, 1784.] 
William Abbot, Andover. 

[Probably identical with William Abbot, 1785.] 
Benjamin Beckford, 15, Beverly. 
Alex. Scammell Brooks, 14, Medford. 
John Collins, 14, Salem. 
Timothy Flint, 13, Reading. 

Mem. Hist. Soc. ; Author. 
Simon Forrester, 9, 

EL u.s.a. 

H. 1800. 

H. 1803. 

John Fowler, 18, 
Israel Fuller, 1 7, 
Nehemiah Fuller, 15, 
Joseph Gardner, 14, 
Joshua Gould, 21, 
Stephen Hale, 14, 
William Herrick, 17, 
Abiah Holbrook, 17, 
Teacher Ph. Acad. 
Stephen Holt, 13, 
Ebenezer Ingersoll, 13, 
Charles Kittredge, 16, 
Cassius Lee, 16, 
Francis Lightfoot Lee, 13, 
John Phillips Lovejoy, 13, 
Samuel Newman, 13, 
George Norris, 12, 
Daniel Peirce, 11, 
William Pindar, 16, 
John Plummer, 14, 
Nathaniel Poor, 10, 


H. 1802. M. 

H. 1802. T. 


Falmouth [Maine]. 




Westmoreland Co.,Va. N.J. 

Westmoreland Co., Va. H. 1802. 
















Ebenezer Rockwood, 14, Wilton, N. H. H. 1802. L. *1815 

Andrew Smith, 13, Andover. *1851 

Enoch Sawyer Tappan, 12, Cambridge. H. 1801. M. *1847 

Mem. Me. Hist. Soc; Overseer Bowd. 
Elias Upton, 23, Reading. H. 1802. T. *1857 
Augustine Washington, 15, Westmoreland Co., Va. *1798 
Bushrod Washington, 10, Westmoreland Co., Va. *1830 
George Curgenven Wet- 
more, 11, Penobscot £Castine, Maine]. *1828 
Joseph White, 12, Salem. *1816 
John Wilson, 20, Andover. *1798 


Henry Abbot, 18, 
John Lovejoy Abbot, 13, 

Teacher Ph. Acad. 
Jonathan Abbot, 17, 

Librarian Harv. 

H. 1805. 


[Jonathan Abbot, son of Jonathan, born 1776, died 1843.] 
Benjamin Ames, 18, Andover. H. 1803. L. *1835 

Judge C. C. P. ; Const. Conv. Me., 1819; first Speaker of House; Pres. of Senate; 
Mem. Me. Hist. Soc. ; Overseer Bowd. 

Richard Hazen Ayer, 18, Concord, N. H. *1853 

Councillor; Pres. Elector. 

Topsfield. D. 1806. L. *1855 

First Sheriff Merrimao Co 
David Cummins, 11, 

Judge C. C. P. 
William Delano, 13, 
John Dillaway, 13, 

John Dutch, 13, 

Prof. Nat. Theol. 

D. 1800. 


Thomas Faulkner, 9, 
James Flint, 16, 
Levi Frisbie, 12, 

Tutor and Prof. Latin 
Fellow Am. Acad. 
John Mico Gannet, 12, Cambridge. 

Rep. ; Sen. ; Councillor, Ct. 
Joseph Griffin, 21, Andover. 
Dudley Hall, 12, Medford. 
William Hardy, 16, Tewksbury. 
Uriah Holt, 21, Oxford [Albany, Maine]. 

Rep. ; Agent in Maine for Trustees Ph. Acad. 
Samuel Kirkland, 14, Paris, N. Y. H. 

Joseph Kittredge, 12, Andover. D. 

Rep.; Sen.; Councillor; Pres. Elector. 
Jacob Newman Knapp, 22, Sanbornton, N.H. H. 1802. 

Teacher in Salem, Brighton, and Roxbury. 80 years. 

1802. D.D. 

Moral Phil., and Polit. Econ. 
H. 1802. L. 





, Harv. ; 







Joseph McKeen, 20, Deering, N. H. 

Maurice McLaughlin, 13, Andover. 
Jacob Meek, 12, Marblehead. 
Thomas Abbot MerriH, 14, Deering, N. H. 

D.D. ; Preceptor of Moor's Charity School; 
Fellow Midd. 
Benjamin Pierce, 18, Salem. 

Librarian Harv. ; Bep. ; Sen. 

D. 1801. 
Tutor at Dart.; Tutor, 


No. Yarmouth [Me.]. H. 1803. 
Sec. Me. Hist. Soc. ; Overseer Bowd. 

William Poor, 20, 
Henry Putnam, 1 7, 

M. A., Bowd., 1807. 
Edward Russell, 13, 

Rep. ; Sec. of State, Me. 
George Campbell Smith, 12, Andover. 
John Stone, 14, Reading. 
Sylvester Thompson, 13, Wilmington. 
Jotham Walton, 12, Reading. 

[Jotham Walton died Cambridge, 1812, aged 30.] 

H. 1801. 

H. 1802. 

Treas., and 


. *1796 




Samuel Abbot, 10, Andover. *1852 

Samuel Phillips Abbot, 9, Saco [Maine]. Bd. *1813 

Timothy Abbot, 14, Andover. *1857 

John Alden, 12, Duxbury. *1871 

Sylvester Allen, 19, Barrington, R. I. Bep. *1832 

Wilkes Allen, 21, Sterling. H. 1801. *1845 

David Austin, 14, Charlestown. *1862 

Lewis Bancel, 10, Boston. * 

Thomas Brooks, 14, Medford. *1810 

Silas Brown, 17, Tewksbury. M. *1864 

Horatio Gates Buttrick, 19, Concord. *1856 

Conrade G. Coakley, 10, New Providence,W.I. * 

Edward Benj. Coakley, 12, New Providence, W.I. H. * 

Jesse Fisher, 19, Wendell. H. 1803. *1836 
M.A., Yale, 1815. 

Samuel Ford, 13, Wilmington. * 

Peter Hay, 22, Stor.eham. Bep. *1845 

Isaac Hurd, 11, Charlestown. H. 1806. d.d. *1856 

Thomas Hurd, 9, Charlestown. *1873 

Ezekiel Williams Morse, 15, New Haven, Ct. T. *1840 

Asa T. Newhall, 16, Reading. * 

[Asa Tarbell Newhall, of Lynnfield, born 1779, died 1860; Bep.; Sen.; Const. 
Conv. 1820.] 

John Nichols, Wilmington * 


George Osgood, 13, Andover. 

Joseph Otis Osgood, 14, Andover. 

John White, 9, Concord. 

Tutor Bowd. 

Abner Wheeler, 25, Lincoln. 

Thomas Whitcomb, 23, — 

Jacob Sheafe Willard, 9, Cambridge. 

James Willey, 25, Stoneham. 

H. 1804. 
H. 1805. 

M. *1863 
M. *1845 

Bep. *1843 
M. *1829 



George Abbot, 12, 
Nathan Ames, 9, 
John Brown, 13, 
Reuben Brown, 16, 
Benjamin Burge, 16, 

M. A., Bowd. 1815; Tutor Bowd 
Theodore Coakley, 
Aaron Eames, 16, 
John Farrar, 18, 



Holies [Hollis],N.H. H. 1805. 




New Providence, W.I. * 
Boston. *1814 
Lincoln. H. 1803. *1853 

LL.D.; Tutor, Prof. Math, and Nat. Phil., Harv.; Vice Pres. Amer. Acad. 

Samuel Findley, * 

Francis Foxcroft, 16, Brookfield. *1818 

Russell Freeman, * 

[Bussell Freeman, son of Dr. Nathaniel, Sandwich, born 1782, died 1842; L. ; Bep. ; 
Councillor; U. S. Collector; Const. Conv. 1820.] 
Jonathan Glover, Salem. * 

[Jonathan Glover, mariner, died Salem, 1808.] 
Sam. Abbot Goldsmith, 18, Andover. 
Robert Gray, Salem. 

[Bobert Gray, died Salem, 1807, aged 30.] 
Benj. Warren Hildreth, 14, Concord. H. 1805. M. 

Sam. Prescott Hildreth, 14, Methuen. 

Bep.; Pres. Ohio Med. Soc; State Geologist, Ohio. 



Henry Ingersoll, 13, 
Benjamin Jenkins, 12, 
Jacob Kittredge, 16, 
Ezekiel Leach, 1 0, 
Jotham B. Moore, 23, 
Azor Orne, 11, 
John Orne, 12, 
Charles Pitts, 13, 
Lewis Strong, 13, 
Solomon Towne, 





Rindge, N. H. 






H. 1803. L. 








Salem. * 
[Capt. Solomon Towne, of Salem and Boston, died Sumatra, 1835, aged 67.] 
Nathaniel West, 10, Salem. H. 1807. Bep. *1843 



Jeduthan Abbot, 20, Andover. 
Stephen Abbot, 19, Andover. 
Joseph Adams, 20, E. Sudbury [Wayland]. 

Const. Conv. Me., 1819; Mem. Me. Hist. Soo. 
William Aspinwall, 14, Brookline. 

Penn. Med., 1808. 
George Barrell, 11, Charlestown. 


Henry Ferdinand Barrel], 13, Charlestown. 

Merchant, Batavia. 
Samuel Brown Barrell, 9, Charlestown. 
EbenezerHuntBeckford,13, Salem. 
John Blanchard, 9, Boston. 
Ephraim Putnam Brad- 
ford, 22, 
Oliver Brown, 22, 
William Brown, 18, 
Silas Buttrick, 19, 
Joshua Chandler, 14, 
Daniel Cummings, 21, 
John Dutch, 
Moses Elliot, 24, 

Augustine L. Forestier, 11, Isle of France. 

Merchant, Batavia. 
Israel Forster, 20, 
Benjamin Goodhue, 14 
Joseph Hovey, 22, 
Samuel Bridge Ingersoll, 13, Beverly. 
James King, 14, Salem. 
Samuel Lorenzo Knapp, 16, Sanbornton, N. H. 

LL.D. ; Editor; Author; Rep. 
Levi M. F. Konkepot, 10, 
George Lane, 13, 

H. 1805. L. 

H. 1804. m. 

Milford, N. H. 







Concord, N. H. 




William Lane, 9, 
Thomas Cushing New- 
man, 12, 
Stephen Peabody, 16, 

Councillor; Reg. Prob. 
David Sewall Pearson, 9, 
David Story, 13, 
Isaac Warren, 12, 
Henry West, 14, 
Ebenezer Wood, 13, 

Stockbridge Tribe. 

Milford, N. H. 


Wiscasset [Maine]. 

Y. 1809. L. 
H. 1805. 

H. 1803. 
H. 1804. 

H. 1807. 

D. 1808. 

H. 1804. 
Y. 1817. 

D. 1804. L. 


H. 1803. l. 

H. 1805. m. 















Joseph Adams, 15, 
Charles Austin, 12, 
John Bishop, 12, 
Abraham Bodwell, 22, 
James Brooks, 10, 
Abie! Burgess, 14, 
William Burley, 10, 
John Coburn, 14, 

David Cummins, 15, 

Judge C. C. P. 
Robert Ball Edes, 10, 
John Hancock Foster, 12, 

William Gates, 13, 

U. S. A. ; Bvt. Brig.-Gen. ; 
Joseph Grafton, 11, 
William Brasher Hall, 10, 

Midshipman, U. S. N. 
Thomas McDonogh, 11, 

Midshipman British Navy 
James Minot, 21, 
Arthur Savage, 12, 
Thomas Savage, 14, 
Thomas Sawyer, 18, 
Charles Story, 12, 











Castle Island. 

Mil. Gov. Tampico, 1846-48. 


; Merchant. 

H. »1806 


H. 1805. *1863 

H. *1821 

D. 1806. L. *1855 


W.P. 1806. *1868 





H. *1852 

D. 1805. L. *1826 


John Clarke Barrell, 9, 

David Bates, 16, 

And. Theol. Sem. 
George Edward Augustus 

Carpenter, 14, 
Eleazar Clapp, 15, 

Harv. Med., 1810. 
John Rogers Cooper, 9, 
Ellis Davenport, 14, 




H. 1807. 

H. 1807. M. 


Benjamin Somes Davis, 14, Cape Ann [Gloucester]. 

John Dionis, 16, Martinique, W. I. 

Timothy Farrar, 13, New Ipswich, N. H. D. 1807. L. 

LL.D.; Sec, Treas. and Lib., Dart.; Judge C. C. P., N. H. ; Rep., Mass. 
Daniel Foster. 9, Andover. 






William O Foster, 11, Boston. 
Samuel Gates, 16, Castle Island. 

2d Lt. Artill. U. S. A. Merchant. 
Ebenezer Hathorne, 11, Salem. 
Abijali Pierce Hoar, 19, Lincoln. 

Same changed to Abijah Hoar Pierce. Merchant. 

Francis Jackson, 14, 

Castle Island. 

Henry Burbeck Jackson,16, Castle Island. 

2d Lt. Artill. U. S. A. 
Jacob Mansfield, 17, 
Charles Rogers, 12, 
Gorham Rogers, 10, 
Benjamin Aspinwall 
White, 9, 

Penn. Med., 1815. 

W.P. 1804. »1817 


Lynn [Lynnfield]. 
Cape Ann [Gloucester] 
Cape Ann [Gloucester] 

Savannah, Ga. 

W.P. 1808. 


H. 1811. M. *1866 


Herman Abbot, 18, 
Samuel Abbot, 16, 

Mem. N. H. Hist. Soo. 
Benjamin Ball, 
Abner Blanchard, 11, 
George Lewis Bliss, 15, 
John Bradford, 12, 
Amos Cummings, 20, 

Wilton, N. H. 
Wilton, N. H. 


H. 1808. 




Concord. T. *1869 

Wilmington. *1849 
New Brunswick. 

Charles Stewart Daveis, 14, Portland [Maine] 

LL.D. ; Sen. ; Mem. Mass. Me. and N. H. Hist. Soo. ; Overseer and Trustee Bowd. ; 
Agent for Maine, and afterwards U. S. Agent at the Hague, in negotiating 
Northeast boundary. 
Joshua Dodge, 10, Salem. 

Merchant ; U. S. Consul, Marseilles and Bremen. 
John Tileston Downes, 13, Boston. 
Ebenezer Felton, 26, Danvers 

Benjamin Brown Fisher, 15, Kennebunk [Maine]. H. 
Ephraim Flint, 18, Lincoln. 
Wainwright Foster, 16, Cambridge. H. 
Henry Harris, 14, Boston. 

Samuel Hildreth, 20, 
Andrew B Hunt, 


Bo. 1807. l. *1865 





Isaac Proctor Ingersoll, 11, Cape Ann [Gloucester]. 

U. S. A., War of 1812. 
Abner Johnson, 15, Bridgeton [Maine]. 

James Johnson, 23, Beading. H. 1808. 

Samuel King, 13 Salem. 





Henry Kittredge, 15, 
John Leavitt, 15, 
Asa Lewis, 20, 
Isaac Lobdell, 13, 
Joseph McKeen, 15, 

Tewksbury. If. *1847 

North Hampton, N. H. *1820 
Milford, N.H. *1810 
Stroudwater [Maine], *1832 
Beverly. *1865 
A.M., Bowd. 1843; Banker; Treas. Bowd.; Mem. Me. Hist. Soc. 
Samuel Finley Breese 

Morse, 11, Charlestown. Y. 1810. *1872 

LL.D. ; artist and inventor ; Prof. Lit. of the Arts of Design, Univ. City N.Y. ; first 
Pres. National Acad, of Design ; inventor of electro-magnetic telegraph ; origin- 
ator of submarine telegraphy; member of many learned societies in America 
and Europe ; Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, Knight Commander of the Order 
of Isabella, etc., etc. 

Sidney Edward Morse, 8, Charlestown. Y. 1811. *1871 

Inventor, geographer, journalist; first editor Boston Recorder, 1816; founder and 
editor of N. Y. Observer, 182& 
Henry Orne, 12, Salem. L. 

Nathaniel Sargent Porter,l 3, Rye, N. H. 

Teacher and merchant in Kentucky. 
John Shepard, 12, Milford, N.H. 

Merchant and teacher. 
Stephen Sonante, 16, Alicante, Spain. 

Returned to Spain. 

Ashburnham. H. 
Gloucester. H. 


Asa Stearns, 17, 
Joseph Lowe Stevens, 12, 

Harv. Med., 1814. 
Peter Chandler Virgin, 18, Concord, N. H. 





L. *1871 

Rep., Mass. and Me. ; Const. Conv. Me. 1819; Chief Justice Court of Sessions; Mem. 
Me. Hist. Soc. 

James Wallace, 15, 

Merchant; Trial justice ; 

Milford, N.H. 



Joseph Adams, 17, Chelmsford. T. *1871 
John Ayres, 19, Dorchester. 

Benjamin Dixon Bartlett,14, Cambridge, H. 1810. M. *1853 

Harv. Med., 1813. 
Thomas Boardman, Boston. 

Lemuel Clapp, 18, Dorchester. *1866 

Peter Cobarn, 13, Dracut. H. 1812. L. *1854 

Name changed to Henry Peter Coburn. Clerk Sup.Court,Ind. ; Mem. Ind.Hist.Soc. 

William Cooper, 9, Boston [Machias?]. *1875 

Frederic Cutter, 11, Andover. * 

Samuel Torrey Cutter, 10, Andover. * 

Jeremiah Parsons Fogg, 15, Kensington, N. H. L. *1821 
Nathaniel Godfrey, Boston. 
Edward Hastings, Cambridge. 

[Probably Edmund Trowbridge Hastings, born 1789, died 1861, Boston merchant.] 


Caleb Hayward [Jr.], 9, Andover. H. *1832 

Lawyer. Mendon. 

Oliver Jaquith, 21, Wilmington. *1868 

"Instructer on the peninsula," Charlestown, 1814. For many years messenger of 
Union Bank, Boston. 

Benjamin Lincoln Lear, 12, Portsmouth, N. H. Bo. 1810. *1832 
Son of Tobias Lear, Washington's private secretary. Lawyer. Washington, D. C. 
Charles Maury, 1 7, Bordeaux, France. 

Richard Cary Morse, 8, Charlestown. Y. 1812. *1868 

And. Theol. Sem. 1817. Associated with his father, Rev. Dr.Morse, as joint author 
of "A New Universal Gazetteer." In 1823, with his brother, Sidney E. Morse 
(1802), founded the New York Observer, of which he was associate editor and 
proprietor thirty-five years. 
Edward Newman, 10, Dorchester. 

Son of Henry and Deborah (Cushing). 
Benjamin Perkins, 14, Lynnfield. H. 1809. *1809 

Died a few weeks after his graduation from college. 
Octavius Pickering, 12, Salem. H. 1810. *1868 

Lawyer. Reporter Const. Conv. Mass. 1820; Reporter Supreme Court, Mass. 
1822-40 ; one of the founders of Boston Soc. of Nat. Hist. ; Fellow Amer. Acad. 
Boston; resided in Europe several years. 
Joseph Shed, 21, Tewksbury. *1853 

Physician and druggist. Town clerk of Danvers eighteen years. Cambridge, 
[South] Danvers. 

John Hathaway Stevens [Jr.], 15, Stoneham. *1835 

Merchant. New York ; Philadelphia. 
William Swift, 23, Andover. H. 1809. *1864 

Harv. Med. 1812. Surgeon U. S. N. (Assist. Surgeon of Chesapeake at time of 
action with Shannon); acting U. S. Consul at Tunis, 1821. 
James Clarke Tallman, 11, Bath [Maine]. *1804 

Son of Peleg Tallman. Died at Andover, and buried in Old South grave-yard. 
James Tarbox, 12, Gloucester. *1824 

Clerk. Gloucester. 

John Thompson, 19, Wilmington. *1844 

Merchant. Mem. Common Council. Boston. 
Andrew Thorndike, 12, Beverly. *1854 

Boston ; Frankfort-on-the-Main. 
Charles Torrey, 9, Boston. H. 1814. *1873 

Litchfield Law Sch. Merchant. Mem. Common Council ; Rep. Boston. 
Timothy Walker, 15, Charlestown. *1817 

With his father, Maj. Timothy Walker. Charlestown. 
William Johnson Walker, 12, Charlestown. H. 1810. *1865 

Harv. Med. 1813. Physician. Gave, during his life and by will, over a million 
dollars to educational institutions; Amherst Coll., Tufts Coll., Boston Soc. of 
Nat. Hist., and Mass. Inst, of Technology were residuary legatees. Charlestown, 
Boston; Newport, R.I. 
Elisha Fuller Wallace, 11, Milford, N. H. D. 1811. *1870 

Lawyer. Clerk of Courts, N. H. ; U S. Consul to Cuba. Marblehead; Amherst, 
N. H.; Syracuse, N.Y. 
John Wallace [Jr.], 21, Milford, N. H. *1837 
Physician. Rep. ; Sen. ; Member of Governor's Council. Milford, N.H. 


Bushrod Corbin Washington, 13, Virginia. *1852 

Farmer. Mem. House of Delegates. Jefferson Co., Va. 
George Corbin Washington, 15, Virginia. H. *1854 

Lawyer. Sen. and M. C, Maryland; Pres. Ches. and Ohio Canal; Commissioner 
as to Indian Claims. Georgetown, D.C. 
John Augustine Washington, 14, Virginia. *1832 
Proprietor of the Mount Vernon estate, bequeathed to him by his uncie, Judge 
Bushrod Washington. 
Richard Henry Lee Washington, 15, Virginia. *1819 
Note. — George Corbin Washington above was brother of Augustine and Bushrod, 
pupils in 1795, all grand-nephews of Gen. Washington, through both father and 
mother. Bnshrod Corbin, John Augustine, and Richard Henry Lee Washington, 
together with Cassius and Francis Lightfoot Lee, 1795, were grand-nephews of 
Gen. Washington, and grandsons of Richard Henry Lee. Howell Lewis, 1785, 
was a nephew of Gen. Washington. 
Amos Winship, 11, Cambridge [Little Cambridge, Brighton], *1815 
Merchant. " Member Boston Light Infantry Co. Funeral from his brother-in- 
law's, Dexter Dana, No. 6J Cornhill " — Columbia Centinel. 


George Boderic Adams, 11, Boston. *1834 

U. S. Consul at Alicante, Spain, where he died. 
Thomas Adams, 12, Boston. *1867 

Brother of the preceding; sons of Thomas Adams, printer to the General Court, 
and editor of the Independent Chronicle. Merchant. Philadelphia. 
Loring Austin, 14, Boston. H. 1809. *1827 

Bvt.-Maj. U. S. A. War of 1812; Aide-de-Camp to Maj. Gen. Brown; battles of 
Chippewa and Lundy's Lane. Boston, Cambridge. 
John Barr [Jr.], 12, Salem. H. *1826 

Studied law with John Pickering, Esq. Salem. 
John Call Bartlett, 12, Charlestown. *1832 
Daniel Baxter [Jr.], 11, Boston. *1860 

Merchant. Rep. Boston, Newton. 
Edward Brooks, 10, Boston. H. 1812. *1878 

Lawyer. Mem. Com. Council ; Rep. Pres. General Theol. Library; Mem. Hist. 
Gen. Soc. Boston, Medford; resided in Europe several years. 
Thomas Brooks, 16, Charlestown. 

Son of Thomas and Parnel (Boylston). 
Caleb Chase, 21, Chester, N.H. D. 1811. *1850 

Teacher. Portland, Me. 
Henry Dalton, 12, Boston. *1861 

Merchant. Treas. Bost. and Prov. R. R. Boston. 
Nathaniel Dana, 1 7, Boston. *1856 

Merchant. Portland, Me. ; Boston, Brookline. 
Edmund O Davis, Boston. 

Henry Dyson, 13, Beverly. Bo. *1823 

Midshipman U. S. N. Died at sea, and buried at Old Point Comfort. 


Joseph Eaton, 19, [South] Heading. H. 1810. *1860 

T Tarv. Med. 1814. Surgeon U.S.A. 1812-1860; senior surgeon in service at the 
time of his death. 

George Eliot, 11, Boston. *1828 

Son of Rev. John Eliot, D.D., minister of New North Church. Merchant. Eng- 
land; Philadelphia; New Orleans; France (died at Bordeaux). 
Joseph Lewis Ellis, 11, Boston. *1813 
Older brother of the Rev. Drs. George E. and Rufus Ellis. Died in Madeira, of 

Sterling Bird Everett, 13, Wilmington, N. C. *1855 

Physician and magistrate. Smithville, N. C. 
Elisha Goddard, 13, Chariest own. H. 1812. *1845 

Name changed, 1815, to Francis Edward Goddard. Teacher. Louisville, Ky. 
Samuel Calley Gray, 11, Salem. H. 1811. *1849 

Merchant. Pres. Atlas Bank. Boston. 
George Harris, 13, Boston. H. *1810 

Died while a student in Harvard University. 
George Hobbs, 13, Weston. *1858 

Merchant. Eastport, Me. 
William Hodge, 21, Newburyport. 

Peter Holt, 21, Andover. *1837 

Carpenter. Boston. 

John Homans, 11, Dorchester. H. 1812. *1868 

Harv. Med. 1815. Eminent physician in Boston for more than forty years. Pres. 
Mass. Med. Soc. 

Benjamin Howard [Hayward], 13, Andover. *1866 

Cabinet maker and carpenter. Andover. 
Charles Hurd, 13, Charlestown. H. 1811. *1873 

Divinity student at Cambridge. Farmer. Londonderry, N. H. 
Samuel Jenkins, 14, Andover. *1859 

Farmer. Bradford. 

Leonard Jewett, 1G, Hollis, N.H. D. 1810. *1862 

And. Theol. Sem. 1814. Home missionary in New York and New Hampshire. 
Samuel Woodward Kendal, 14, Weston. *1820 

Merchant. Mem. Anc. and Hon. Artillery Co. Boston; New York. 
Isaac Walker Lord, 12, Boston. *1844 

Merchant. Killed by lightning. Boston ; Trinidad de Cuba. 
John Somes Low, 7, Gloucester. *1827 

Mariner. Died on the coast of South America. 
Alexander Motley, 14, Portland [Maine]. 

Son of Capt. Alexander and Polly (Waite). 
Henry Bronifield Pearson, 9, Cambridge. H. 1816. *1867 

Son of Dr. Eliphalet Pearson, first Principal of Phillips Academy. Teacher in 
Academy, 1814. Lawyer. Boston, Harvard. 
John Pettengill, 21, Salem, N. H. *1873 

Teachei , farmer. Age, 90. Salem, N. H. 
George Pickering. 15, Beverly. H. *1826 

Son of Col. Timothy Pickering, and brother of Octavius Pickering, 1803. 
Grant Powers, 19, Hollis, N. H. D. 1810. *1841 

Pastor, Haverhill, N.H.; Goshen, Ct. 


Benjamin Rand, 18, Weston. H. 1808. *185* 

Lawyer. Rep.; edited a reprint of the first seventeen vols, of Mass. Reports 
LL.D. Boston. 

Edward Hutchinson Bobbins, 12, Milton. H. 1812. *1850 

Harv. Med. 1815. Physician. Alderman; Mem. Com. Council; Rep. Boston. 

Francis Shaw, 11, Quincy. *1823 

Merchant. Alabama. 

George Smith, 11, Dedham. 

Benjamin Wood Stevens, 14, Concord, N. H. * 

U. S. A. War of 1812; taken prisoner and died in Halifax. 
Thomas Jenners Stevens,16, Concord, N. H. * 

One of city collectors, inspectors, etc. New York. 

Edward Strong, 13, 


H. 1810. 



Son of Gov. Caleb Strong. Student at law. 
Thomas Swain, Reading. 

[Probably son of Dr. Oliver, born 1771, died 1813, teacher. So. Reading, Saugus.] 
Joseph Swallow, 17, Dunstable [Nashua], N.H. *1878 

Farmer. Captain ; Deacon. Age, 91. Nashua, N. H. 
Asa Holt Tucker, 12, Andover. *1812 
Edward West, 9, Salem. H. 1814. *1818 

Ship-master. Died in East Indies. 
Josiah White, 16, Watertown. *1824 

Thomas White, 7, Savannah, Ga. H. * 

Litchfield Law Sch. Lawyer. Savannah, Ga.; Mississippi. 
Ebenezer Whiting, 16, Roxbury. *183*Z 
Charles Winthrop, 13, Boston. H. *1835 

Lawyer. Boston. 

Moses Wood, 25, Andover. *1867 

Clerk, trader, etc. Captain. Andover; Nashua, N.H. ; Newark, N.J. 


John Aborn, 16, Lynnfield. *1848 

Merchant. Boston; Baltimore; Lynnfield, South Reading. 
Joseph Bailey, 21, Andover. D. 1811. *1843 

Teacher. New York. 

Jonathan Beard [Jr.], 20, Harvard. *1813 

Clerk. Medford. 
Abijah Brooks, 13, Charlestown. 

Sea of Thomas and Parnel (Boylston). 
Gorham Brooks, 10, Boston. H. 1814. *1855 

Merchant. Rep. from Medford; Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. Baltimore; Boston 

Nathan Brooks, 21, Lincoln. H. 1809. *186o 

Lawyer. Rep. ; Sen. ; Member of Governor's Council ; Master in Chancery ; Pres. 
elector, 1832. Concord. 
Denndson Bipwn, 17, Boston. 
Thomas D Day, 9, Cambridge. 


Nathaniel Dike, 13, Beverly. Y. *1867 

Lawyer; merchant. Rep.; Assoc. Judge C C. P. Steubenville, O. 

George Downes, 12, Boston. H. 1812. *1869 

Brother of John T., 1802. First lawyer and first Mayor of Calais, Me. Pres. Calais 
Bank; Senator. 

Geo. Washington Ford, 18, Wilmington. *1834 
Brother of Samuel, 1797. Carpenter. Wilmington; Keene, N. H. 

Thomas Brattle Gannett, 16, Cambridge. H. 1809. *1851 

Divinity student at Cambridge. Pastor Cambridgeport Parish church. Rep. and 
Town Clerk, Cambridge; Overseer Harv. Coll. Cambridge, So. Natick. 

Francis Cabot Gerrish, 13, Salem. H. 1812. *1819 

Middle name afterwards omitted. Dart. Med. 1815. Surgeon U. S. A. 

Hervey E, Gilmore, 12, Eastport [Maine]. 

William Greenough, 12, Newton. *1874 
Son of Rev. William Greenough of Newton, and grandson of Rev. Stephen Badger 
of Natick. Merchant. Boston. 
Bicbard Gridley, 12, Charlestown. 

John Hall, 23, Tennessee. H. *1855 

Teacher; lawyer. Rep. Tennessee. 
Jacob Herrick 15, Durham [Maine]. *1864 

Son of Rev. Jacob Herrick. Town officer; Pension Agent; Trial Justice. Durham, 
Auburn, Me. 

John Hill, 14, Beverly. *1826 

Seaman U. S. N. Died at Charlestown navy-yard. 
Thomas Hill, 11, Beverly. *1831 

Brother of preceding. Mariner. Beverly. 
Stephen Badger Jackson.l 2,Medfield. *1 8 1 7 

Grandson of Col. Michael Jackson of Newton, and of Rev. Stephen Badger of 
Natick. Merchant. Newton; Irvington, Ga. 
Rufus Kittredge, 16, Tewksbury. H. 1810. *1854 

M.D. hon., Dart. Coll. 1849. Physician in Portsmouth, N. H. thirty-seven years. 
He was the youngest of eight sons of Dr. Benjamin Kittredge of Tewksbury, all 
physicians; seven of them studied at Phillips Academy. 
Frederick Knight, 14, Newburyport. H. *1849 

Litchfield Law Sch. Poet and recluse. "Thorn Cottage, the Poet's Home: a 
Memorial," including poems, published 1855. Rowley. 
John Haskins Ladd, 10, Boston. *1856 

Brother of William G., 1812. Merchant. Alexandria, Va. ; Savannah, Ga. 
Ezra Lummus, 9, Hamilton. *1870 

Carriage manufacturer. Town officer. Wenham, Salem; New York. 
Samuel Phillips Newman,8, Andover. H. 1816. *1842 

Son of Principal Mark Newman. Tutor, Prof. Lat. and Gr. Lang., Prof Rhetoric 
and Oratory, and Lect. on Polit. Econ., Bowd. Coll.; Principal of State Normal 
School, Barre; author of Newman's Rhetoric. Brunswick, Me.; Barre, Andover. 
Bichard Ober, 15, Beverly. * 

Son of Capt. Richard and Joanna (Ober). Probably died in West Indies. 
Caleb Pearce, 19, Charlestown. 

William Pilsbury, 13, Boston. Bo. 1812. *1813 

Litchfield Law Sch. 

William Lendall Pitts, 16, Chelmsford. *1821 
Ship-master; merchant. Wilmington, N. C 


Daniel Poor, 16 , [South] Dan vers. D. 1811. *1855 

And.Theol. Sem. 1814. Missionary in Ceylon forty years. Made memorable visit 
to this country, 1848-50. Mem. Amer. Oriental Soc. D.D. 
Thomas Pratt [Jr.], 10, Maiden. H. 1815. *1820 

Harv. Med. 1818. Dentist. Died at New Orleans. 
James Russell [Jr.], 17, Charlestown. H. 1811. *1863 

Lawyer. Rep. ; Senator. West Cambridge. 
Benjamin Thompson [Jr.], 1 7, Wilmington. *1850 

Brother of John, 1803. Name changed, 1832, to Benjamin Lowell Thompson. 
Merchant. Boston. 

John Towne, 10, Charlestown. *1879 

Merchant. Many years book-keeper for Geo. W. Simmons, " Oak Hall," Boston. 
Salem, Boston, Somerville. 
John Fothergill Waterhouse, 14, Cambridge. H. 1811. *181 7 

Penn. Med. 1813. Physician. Naturalist. Mem. Academy of Nat. Sciences, 
Philadelphia, before which he delivered courses of lectures on botany, etc., 
1814-15. Philadelphia. Died in Charleston, S. C. 
John Wheelwright, 15, Newburyport. *1842 

Merchant; insurance officer. Alexandria, Va.; New York. 
Joseph Wheelwright, 13, Newburyport. H. 1811. *1853 

Brother of preceding. Harv. Med. 1814. Physician in "Westmoreland County, Va. 
thirty-one years. 

Edward Williams, 11, Boston. *1871 
Name changed, 1823, to Edward Alexander Williams. Merchant. Boston, Dor- 
chester, Longwood. 

Jesse Worcester, 22, Hollis, N. H. *1809 

The eldest of fifteen children of Jesse Worcester of Hollis, fourteen of whom 
became teachers. Seven sons fitted for college, six of whom attended Phillips 
Academy. Jesse was prepared to enter Dartmouth College at the time of his 

Joseph Emerson Worcester, 21, Hollis, N. H. Y. 1811. *1865 

Author ; lexicographer ; editor Amer. Almanac, 1831-43. His first publication was 
" A Geographical Dictionary, or Universal Gazetteer," printed at Andover, 1817; 
his last, "A Dictionary of the English Language," quarto, Boston, 1860. Mem. 
Mass. Hist. Soc. ; Fellow Amer. Acad. ; Mem. Amer. Orient. Soc. ; Cor. Mem. 
Roy. Geog. Soc. LL.D. Salem, to 1817; Andover, to 1819; Cambridge. 


Edward Andrews, 13, Ipswich. H. 1810. *1867 

Lawyer in Maine. Pastor, Norwich and Hudson. N. Y. ; Rector, Binghampton, 
N. Y. D.D. 

John Dudley Andrews, 15, Ipswich. H. 1810. *1817 

Brother of preceding ; sons of Asa Andrews, Esq., many years Collector of the port 
of Ipswich. — Divinity student at Cambridge. Lawyer. Ipswich. 

Timothy Bailey, 20, Andover. *1876 

Farmer. Age, 90. Andover (West Parish). 

Samuel Blanchard, 13, Charlestown. 

[Probably son of Joshua, of Charlestown and Boston, and died at sea.] 

William Boyd, 12, Weston. 


Joshua Bradley, 15, Dracut. *1832 

Samuel Reeves Brooks, 13, Medford. *1870 
Merchant. U. S. Consul at Manchester, England; agent there of commercial rela- 
tions for Eepublic of Columbia. Manchester ; New "Y ork ; Medford. 
George Washington Brown, 15, Concord. *1850 
Brother of Reuben, 1798. Merchant. Trustee Bangor Theol. Sem. Bangor, Me. 
Reuben Buck, 19, Wilmington. *1874 

Harv. Med. Physician in Acton, Me. fifty years. 
Royal Bullard, 20, Pepperell. Y. 1810. *1846 

Litchfield Law Sch. Lawyer; preacher; farmer. Judge of Probate, 111. So. 
Carolina; Ohio; Illinois. 
Stephen Caldwell, 18, Salem. D. *1809 

Peter Coburn, 16, Dracut. H. 1812. *1854 

Brother of John, 1800, and of James F., 1803; sons of Peter, 1778. — Name changed 
to Henry Peter Coburn. Studied law with Asa Andrews, Esq., Ipswich. 
Lawyer. Clerk of Supreme Court; Mem. Ind. Hist. Soc. Emigrated to Indiana 
Territory, 1815; Croydon, Indianapolis. 
John Tudor Cooper, 14, Machias [Maine]. H. 1811. *1812 

Son of Gen. John Cooper. Student at law. Died in Boston. 
Simon Cutter, 18, Cambridge. *1842 

Merchant; manufacturer. Westbrook, Me. 
David Damon, 18, E. Sudbury [Wayland]. H. 1811. *1843 

Preceptor Franklin Academy, No. Andover; divinity student at Cambridge. 
Pastor, Lunenburg, Amesbury, West Cambridge. Dudleian lecturer, Harvard 
College, 1841. D.D. 

John Dodge, 11, Salem. *1813 

Died at Cincinnati. 

Luther Emerson, 20, Chelmsford. *1844 

Physician in Salem, N. H. thirty-six years. 
Tarrant Putnam Flint, 11, [South] Danvers. *1822 

Jeweller. Nashville, Tenn. 
William Gale, 1 7, Waltham. H. 1810. *1839 

Lawyer. Boston. 

Elbridge Gerry, 13, Cambridge. H. 1813. *1867 

Merchant. U. S. Surveyor, Port of Boston; Rep. Boston; New York. 
James Thompson Gerry, 9, Cambridge. H. *1854 

Commander, U. S. N. Lost in sloop of war Albany. 
Thomas Russell Gerry, 11, Cambridge. H. 1814. *1845 

Brother of two preceding; sons of Gov. and Vice-Pres. Elbridge Gerry. — Lieut. 
U. S. N. Mem. N. Y. Hist. Soc. New York. 
Ebenezer Hobbs, 12, Weston. H. 1814. *1863 

Brother of George, 1804. Harv. Med. 1817. Superintendent Boston Mf g Co., 
Waltham, forty years. 
Isaac Hobbs [Jr.], 13, Weston. *1853 

Merchant. Eastport, Me. 
Isaac Redington How, 14, Haverhill. H. 1810. *1860 

Lawyer. One of founders first Temperance Society and first Lyceum in Haverhill. 
William Williams Jenkins, 19, Wilmington. *1828 

Merchant. Bath, Woolwich, Me. 
Ebenezer Jones, 10, Boston. 


Henry Cogswell Knight, 17, Newburyport. Br. 1812. *1835 

Brother of Frederic, 1805. Collections both of his sermons and of his poems were 
published. Rowley 

John Lamson, 13, Weston. *1855 

Merchant. Boston, Weston. 
Samuel Michael Mackay, 13, Boston. W. *1834 

Maj. U. S. A. and aide-de-camp to Maj. Gen. Brown, War of 1812. Manufacturer. 
Hep.; Sen.; Aide-de-camp to Gov. Lincoln ; Commissioner of Education; R. R. 
Commissioner ; Trustee Berks. Med. Inst. A.M. hon. Wms. Coll. 1823. Pittsneld. 
Amos Nurse [Nourse], 12, Bolton. H. 1812. *1877 

Harv. Med. 1817. Physician. Lecturer and Prof. Bowd. Med. ; U. S. Collector, 
Port of Bath; U.S. Sen.; Judge Probate; Mem. Me. Hist. Soc. Hallowell, 
Bath, Me. 

Samuel [Nurse] Nourse, 1 6, Bolton. *1 8 75 

Brother of preceding, and of Silas, 1807. Farmer. Town officer. Bolton. 

Isaac Osgood, 13, Andover. H. 1814. *1867 

Name changed, 1823, to Isaac Peabody Osgood. Lawyer. Boston, Roxbury. 

George Parker, 14, Bradford. H. 1812. *1825 

Died in Baltimore. 

Thomas Walley Phillips, 10,Boston. H. 1814. *1859 

Son of Mayor John Phillips, 1778. Lawyer. Mem. Com. Council; Rep; Clerk 
Munic. Court twenty-nine years. Boston. 
William Reed, 18, Wilmington. H. 1811. *1812 

And. Theol. Sem. Died at Burlington. 
Richard Saltonstall, 12, Haverhill. H. 1813. *1834 

Son of Dr. Nathaniel Saltonstall and Anna White, and thus descendant of Sir 
Richard Saltonstall and of Rev. George Phillips, fellow-passengers on the Arbella, 
1630. Merchant. Baltimore. Lost at sea. 
Joseph Coffin Spear, 12, [South] Reading. *1841 

Printer ; editor. Concord, N. H. ; New York. 
Groeme Keith Spence, 14, Portsmouth, N. H. * 

Purser U. S. N. Merchant. Baltimore. " Died at the West." 
Charles Thompson, 11, Watertown. *1815 

Died in Charlestown. 

Henry Thompson, 12, Watertown. H. 1813. *1814 

" Died at his father's house in West Cambridge " — Columbian Centinel. 

William Thompson, 13, Watertown. *1870 
Brother of two preceding; sons of Wiillam and Abigail (Crufts). — Merchant. 


Edward Augustus Holyoke Turner, 10, Boston. H. 181 7. *1855 

Name changed, 1818, to that of his grandfather, Edward Augustus Holyoke. 
Harv. Med. 1821. Physician. Salem; Syracuse, N. Y. 
Ebenezer Upton, 12, [South] Dan vers. *1860 

Wood-wharfinger. Salem. 
Abbot Walker [Jr.], 10, Andover. *1873 

Grocer. Salem. 
Augustus Walsh, 14, Boston. 
Amos Ward well, 10, Andover. 

Son of Ezekiel and Damaris (Faulkner). 
Andrew Oliver Waterhouse, 16, Cambridge. H. 1810. *1832 

Litchfield Law Sch. Lawyer. Lieut. U. S. A. Died at Annapolis, Md. 



John Richardson Adan, 14, Lynn. H. 1813. *1849 

Lawyer. Pres. Com. Council; Mem. Governor's Council. Boston. 
Isaiah Thomas A ndrews,l 3, Boston. H. 1812. *1819 

Brother of William Turell Andrews below; sons of Ebenezer T. Andrews, printer 
and bookseller (Thomas and Andrews). — Died at Mobile, Ala. 
William Andrews [Jr.], 14, Boston. H. 1812. *1872 

Name changed, 1824, to William Stutson Andrews. Litchfield Law Sch. Lawyer. 
Spencer, Worcester, Boston. 
William Andrews, 12, Boston. H. 1812. *1879 

Name changed, 1815, to William Turell Andrews. Litchfield Law Sch. Lawyer. 
Treas. Harv. Univ.; Alderman; Rep.; Pres. City Bank; trustee and director of 
many business and philanthropic institutions. Fellow Amer. Acad. ; Mem. Hist. 
Gen. Soc. Boston. 

David Baldwin, 16, E. Sudbury [Wayland]. H. *1838 

Farmer. Wayland. 

Gorham Bartlett, 13, Charlestown. H. 1813. *1818 

Brother of John Call, 1804; sons of Dr. Josiah Bartlett. — Harv. Med. 1816. 
Physician. Charlestown. 
Daniel Poor Bradley, 12, Dracut. *1866 

Brother of Joshua, 1806. Clothier. Dracut, Lowell. 
Nathan Cummings, 11, Portland [Maine]. Bo. 1817. *1878 

Lawyer. U. S. Collector; Mem. Me. Hist. Soc. Portland. 
Thomas Dike, 14, Beverly. *1816 

Mariner. Fell from mast-head and killed. Beverly. 
Joseph Foster Dolliver, 12, Gloucester. *1817 

Mariner. Died at New Orleans. 
Thomas Stanhope English, 10, Brighton. *1871 

Maj. U. S. Marine Corps. In Seminole war, Florida. Senior retired officer of his 
corps at time of death. 
John Foster, 16, Salem. H. 1813. *1836 

Lawyer. Salem; New York. 
Elijah Gates, 19, Ashby. H. 1814. *1838 

Physician. Newberry District, S. C. 
Timothy Gay [Jr.], 11, Boston. * 

Midshipman U. S. N. In 1821, on ship Independence. Died at the West. 
Joseph Green, 15, Beverly. * 

First officer of ship. Died at Cronstadt, Russia, about 1820. 
George Washington Heard, 14, Ipswich. H. 1812. *1863 

Harv. Med. 1815. Merchant. Boston, Ipswich. 
James Hill [Jr.], 13, Beverly. »1829 

Ship-owner and merchant. Beverly. 
Silas Holman, 1 7, Bolton. H. *1850 

Harv. Med. 1819. Physician. Rep. Gardiner, Me. 
Rufus Hurlbut, 20, Southampton. H. 1813. *1839 

Harv. Div. Sch. Pastor in Sudbury twenty-two years. 
James Mc Keen, 10, Brunswick [Maine]. Bo. 1817. *1873 

Brother of Joseph, 1802; sons of President McKeen. —Harv. Med. 1820. Physician. 
Prof. Bowd. Med. ; Mem. Me. Hist. Soc. Topsham, Me. 


John Wendell Mellen, 13, Cambridge. H. 1814. *1829 

Son of Rev. John Mellen. Lawyer. No. Yarmouth, Me. ; Dover, N.H. ; New York. 
Samuel Merrill, 19, 

James Manning Nelson, 15, [South] Reading. Br. *1826 

Son of Rev. Ebenezer Nelson. Teacher. Died in Oglethorpe County, Ga. 
Silas Nourse, 20, Bolton. *1864 

Brother of Amos and Samuel, 1806. Farmer. Bolton. 
Stephen Nourse, 14, Beverly. *1843 

Merchant. Town officer; Rep.; Capt. Beverly Light Infantry. Beverly. 
Samuel Tufts Odiorne, 14, Boston. *1824 

Iron and nail business. Aston, Pa. ; Norwich, Ct. 
Samuel Page, 12, Salem. *1838 

Died at Valparaiso. 

Gorham Parks, 13, [North] Andover. H. 1813. *1877 

Lawyer. M. C; U.S. Marshal; U.S. Attorney; U.S. Consul at Rio Janeiro. 
Bangor, Maine. 

Dudley Porter, 13, Haverhill. *1819 

Merchant. Weare, N. H. 
John Pratt [Jr.], 13, Charlestown. *1815 

Seaman. War of 1812; in Dartmoor Prison; died at New Orleans. 
David Reed, 19, Bolton. *1848 

Merchant. Alexandria, Va. ; Boston, Ware. 
Ward Safford, 20, Washington, N. H. Y. 1812. *1851 

Assumed original family name of Stafford. Divinity student under Dr. Dwight, 
Yale College. Agent Amer. Bible Soc; pastor Bowery Presb. ch., New York; 
principal of schools for young ladies at Pittsfield and elsewhere. 
Richard Smith Spofford, 20, Rowley. H. *1872 

Son of Dr. Amos Spofford. Harv. Med. 1816. Physician in Newburyport fifty-five 
years. Overseer Harv. Coll. 
James Thompson, 19, Wilmington. *182J 

Brother of John, 1803, and Benjamin, 1805. Farmer. Captain. Wilmington. 
Sewall Thompson [Jr.], 13, Andover. * 

Ship-owner and ship-master. Died in North Carolina, about 1819. 
Royal Tyler, 12, E. Sudbury [Wayland]. H. * 

Bro. Med. 1819. Physician; teacher. Wayland; Illinois. Died about 1834. 
Henry Ware [Jr.], 13, Cambridge. H. 1812. *1843 

Teacher, Phillips Exeter Acad. Divinity student at Cambridge. Pastor 2d church, 
Boston; Chaplain Mass. Senate; Mem. Const. Conv. 1820; Prof. Pulpit Eloq. 
and Past. Care, and Overseer, Harv. Coll.; author; editor Christian Disciple; 
Mem. Mass. Hist. Soc. D.D. 
Josiah Whitman, 14, Wellfleet. *1848 

Son of Rev. Levi Whitman. Merchant. Portland, Me. 
Peter Bradley Wingate, 13, Haverhill. *1 8 76 

Merchant. Philadelphia. 
James Bowdoin Winthrop, 13, Boston. Bo. 1814. *1833 

Name changed, 181S, to James Bowdoin. Alderman; Rep.; Mem. Mass. Hist. 
Soc. ; Fellow Amer. Acad. Boston ; died at Havana. 
John Wood [Jr.], 17, Burlington. *1871 

Merchant. Boston; Lovell, Me. 
Thomas March Woodbridge, 11, Salem. H. 1816. *1837 

Son of Thomas March Woodbridge, 1779. Lawyer. Died in Virginia. 



Ebenezer Ames, 20, Marlborough. *1861 

Studied medicine with Dr. John B. Kittredge (1786), Framingham, and at Harv. 

Med. Physician in Wayland forty-seven years. 
Charles John Appleton, 13, Cambridge. *1843 
Fourteen years in military service of Pedro I., Emperor of Brazil. Cambridge ; 
Portsmonth, N. H. 

John James Appleton, 15, Cambridge. H. 1813. *1864 

Brother of preceding; sons of John Appleton. — In U. S. diplomatic service many 
years, being Secretary of legation or Charge d'affaires successively to the Nether- 
lands, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, the Two Sicilies, and Sweden. Afterwards 
resided at Havre; died at Rennes, France. 
Horace Bailey, 15, Berlin. 

Farmer. Westborough. 
Richard Barker, 10. Boston. 
Nathaniel Gorham Bartlett, 11, Charlestown. 

Teacher; farmer. Boston; Canada; Illinois. 
John Brown, 16, Concord. H. 1813. 

Harv. Med. Sch. Physician; teacher; trader. Lancaster, N. Y. 
Jonah Chamberlain, 17, Ashby. 
Francis Codman, 11, Boston. 
Fur trade, St. Louis. Boston. 






Isaac Coffin, 14, 
Mason Fisher, 13, 

Savannah, Ga. 
Nathan Holt Frost, 19, 

Teacher and auctioneer. 
John Hart, 23, 




[North] Andover. 
Tennessee; Virginia. 


Usher in Hawkins St. school, Boston. Famous clarionet player. Leader of Salem 
Cadet Band. Organist of Dr. Channing's church, Boston ; North church, Salem; 
St. Anne's chnrch, Lowell. 
James Anthony Hayes, 11, Gloucester. * 

Mariner. Probably lost at sea. 
Samuel Hobbs, 13, Weston. *1857 

Brother of Isaac, 1806. Farmer. Rep. Weston. 
Rufus Porter Hovey, 18, Boxford. H. 1813. *1820 

Brother of Joseph, 1799. Lawyer. Lynn. 
William Hutchings, 11, Boston. *1824 

Ship-master. Died at sea. 
William Jenkins, 13, Andover. *1878 

Brother of Benjamin, 1798, and Samuel, 1804. Farmer. Eep. Early and decided 
advocate of the anti-slavery movement. Andover. 
Edward W Parker, 13, Boston. 
Jonas Perkins, 17, [North] Bridgewater. 

Studied theology with Rev. Otis Thompson, Rehoboth 
Weymouth and Braintree forty-five years. 
Charles Samuel Putnam,l 2, Worcester. H. 1814. *1837 

Litchfield Law Sch. Lawyer. St. John, Frederickton. N. B. 

Br. 1813. *1874 
Pastor Union church of 

John Charles Putnam, 14, Concord. *184© 

Brother of preceding. Merchant. Boston. 
Thomas Savage, 15, Salem. H. 1813. *1866 

Usher Boston Lat. Sch. Divinity student at Cambridge. Preached at Baton Rouge, 
La. two years. Pastor in Bedford, N. H. forty years. Mem. N.H. Hist. Soc. 
Martin Luther Stow, 13, Marlborough. W. 1813. *1843 

Lawyer. South Beading, Marlborough, Northborough. 
John Ware, 12, Cambridge. H. 1813. *1864 

Brother of Henry, 1807; sons of Rev. Dr. Henry Ware. — Harv. Med. 1816. Phy- 
sician in Boston forty-seven years. Prof. Harv. Med. ; Pres. Mass. Med. Soc. ; 
Fellow Amer. Acad; author. 
DanielOli verWaterhouse, 1 3, Cambridge. * 

" The first person inoculated for the Kine-Pock in the Western hemisphere ** — in 
1800, by his father, Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse. Sailed from New York for China, 
about 1822, and never heard from afterwards. 
Joseph Willard, 10, Cambridge. H. 1816. *1865 

Brother of Augustus, 1789, Samuel Sheafe, 1794, Jacob Sheafe, 1797; sons of Pres- 
ident Willard of Harv. Coll. Harv. Law Sch. 1820. Lawyer. Master in Chan- 
cery; Clerk of Courts, Suffolk Co., 1839-65; antiquary and author; Cor. Sec. 
Mass. Hist. Soc. ; Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. 
Samuel Woods, 8, Andover. *1884 

Eldest son of Rev. Dr. Leonard Woods. Trader; manufacturer; druggist. Earliest 
pupil of the Academy living at time of centennial celebration in 1878, at which 
he was present. Ashburnham, Maiden; Pittsford, Yt. 


Charles Bingham, 16, Lempster, N. H. *1827 

Lawyer. Ithaca, N. T. 
George Chandler, 20, New Haven, Ct. T. *1860 

Pastor 1st Pres. ch., Kensington, Pa. forty-five years. 
George Washington Egleston, 13, Lenox. H. 1815. *1864 

Lawyer. Charleston, S. C. 
John Foot, 21, Salem. M. 1821. *1881 

Studied theology with Rev. Dr. Josiah Hopkins of New Haven, Vt. Pastor in 
Beverly (Upper Parish) eleven years. Age, 93. Franklinville, N. Y. 
Francis Amory Hutchings, 10, Boston. *1867 

Brother of William, 1808. Proprietor of Nahant Hotel, and of Hutchings House, 
New York; farmer, Peru, 111. 
William Poole Kendrick, 19, Hollis, N. H. H. 1816. *1854 

And. Theol. Sem. 1819. Home missionary in state of New York twenty years. 
Bristol, 111. 

Alvan Lamson, 16, Weston. H. 1814. *1864 

Tutor, Bowd. Coll. Harv. Div. Sch. 1817. Pastor in Dedham forty-two years. 
Author. Assoc. editor Christian Examiner; Overseer Harv. Coll.; Mem. Mass 
Hist. Soc. Dudleian lecturer, Harv. Coll. 1834. D.D. 
John Welsh Payson, 16, [North] Chelsea. *1821 
Son of Samuel, grandson of Rev. Dr. Phillips Payson. Merchant. Louisville, Ky. 
William Bonaparte Pearson, 1 2, Cape Ann [Gloucester]. *1825 
Son of Capt. William Pearson. Gloucester. 


Samuel Phillips, 9, [North] Andover. H. 1819. *1877 

Son of Col. John Phillips, 1783. Graduated August 1815.* Teacher, Phillips 
Academy, 1819-22. Harv. Law Sch. 1825. Lawyer. U. S. Collector; Bank Com- 
missioner; Pres. Brighton National Bank. Andover, Newburyport, Brighton. 
Charles Grandison Swett, 8, Boston. *1834 

Clerk for Horatio Sprague, U. S. Consul at Gibraltar; merchant, Guayaquil. 
Edward Sprague Swett, 11, Boston. H. 1814. *1821 

Brother of preceding. Read law with Theron Metcalf. Lawyer. Dedham. 
Calvin Wolcott, 22, Northampton. *1861 

Left 1811.* Rector, Hanover, Quincy; New York City. 
Benjamin Waterhouse, 13, Cambridge. H. 1817. *1843 

Brother of John Fothergill, 1805, Andrew Oliver, 1806, and Daniel Oliver, 1808; 
sons of Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse. — Graduated August 1813. Preached for 
a time at Liverpool, Eng. Died at Charleston, S. C. LL.D. Glasgow. 
John Temple Winthrop, 13, Boston. H. 1815. *1843 

Left 1810. Name changed, 1834, to John Temple James Bowdoin. Lawyer. Rep.; 
Capt. Boston Lt. Infantry, 1823; Capt. Anc and Hon. Artill. Co. 1825; Brig.- 
Gen. Militia, commanding Suffolk Brigade. Boston. Died at Valparaiso. 
Leonard Withington, 20, Dorchester. Y. 1814. *1885 

Printer's apprentice to Thomas and Andrews, 1804-09. Graduated 1811. Divinity 
student under Dr. Dwight, Yale College, and at And. Theol. Sem. Pastor in 
Newbury forty- two years ; senior pastor, twenty-seven years. Author. Preacher 
of election sermon, 1831. Age, 95. D.D. 
* Note. — From this point, the year of leaving the Academy, if known, is given, 
except when it is the same as the year of entrance. Those who graduated in 
the classical department are also specified. 


John Adams, Principal. 

Benjamin Abbot [Jr.], 11, Andover. *1839 

Left 1812. Merchant. Providence, R. I. 
John Adams, Jr., 8, Andover. Y. 1821. *1866 

Graduated August 1817. Afterwards known as John Ripley Adams. Teacher, 
Phillips Academy, 1821-23. And. Theol. Sem. 1826. Pastor, Londonderry, 
Great Falls, N. H. ; Brighton; Gorham, Me. Chaplain U. S. A. 1861-65. D.D. 
Ripley Perkins Adams, 6, Andover. Y. 1825. *1870 

Brother of preceding; sons of Principal Adams. — Graduated August 1819. 
Preceptor of Lynn Academy; teacher from 1837 in So. Carolina and Georgia 
(Augusta, Athens, Macon, Milledgeville). Died at Reidville, S. C. 
George Bartlett [Jr.], 12, Charlestown. *1849 
Brother of Nathaniel Gorham, 1808. Left 1812. Seaman on frigate Potomac, 
Commodore Downes's expedition to coast of Sumatra, 1832. Cohasset. 
Sherman Bill, 22, Hartland, Ct. 

George Maltby Brewer, 14, Roxbury. H. 1816. *1822 

Left 1811. Studied medicine with Dr. John Jeffries, and at Harv. Med. Usher 
Boston Latin Sch. Died at Savannah, Ga. 
Peter Chardon Brooks, ll,Medford. *1880 
Left 1813. Merchant. Pres. Mass. Hosp. Life Ins. Co. Boston, Medford, Belmont. 
Sidney Brooks, 10, Medford. H. 1819. *1878 

Brother of preceding, of Edward, 1804, and of Gorham, 1805; sons of Hon. Peter 
Chardon Brooks. — Left 1813. Merchant. >"ew York; Newport, R. I. ; Boston. 


Abraham Burnham, 25, Ipswich [Essex]. * 

Acting surgeon on Salem brig ; captured, war of 1812. Died at Liverpool, probably 
in 1814. 

Samuel Clark, 21, Limington [Maine]. Ver. 1816. *1860 

Left 1811. Teacher, preacher and physician in Arkansas. 
Charles Dexter Cleveland, 7, Charlestown. D. 1827. *1869 

Left 1814. Prof. Lat. and Gr. Lang., and Librarian, Dick. Coll. ; Prof. Lat. Lang, 
and Lit., Univ. City N. Y. ; Principal of young ladies' school, Philadelphia; 
author of Compendiums of English, American, and Classical Literature, and 
of other text-books; U. S. Consul at Cardiff, Wales; Mem. Pa. Hist. Soc. ; 
Mem. Amer. Phil. Soc. ; Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. LL.D. 
JohnTreadwellCleveland,12,Charlestown. *1875 
Brother of preceding; sons of Rev. Charles Cleveland, city missionary of Boston. — 
Left 1813. Farmer; merchant; steam-boat captain on Missouri and Mississippi 
rivers; editor Missouri Intelligencer (1822). Mayor of Austin, Texas, 1855-56. 
Officer in Marine Department of Texas, Confederate Navy, war of 1861. 
Jonas Coburn, 21, Dracut. Mid. 1817. *1862 

Brother of Stephen Coburn, 1813. Graduated 1813. Afterwards changed his name 
to Colburn. And. Theol. Sem. 1820. Pastor, Leverett, Stoneham; Wells, Me. 
Michael Cross, 30, Reading. *1825 

Left 1811. Teacher. Saugus. 
Enoch Frye, 11, Andover. H. 1821. 

Graduated 1817. Afterwards known as Enoch Frye, 3d. Teacher in Boston; 
town officer in Andover. Earliest pupil of the Academy now living (1886). 


Daniel Goodenow, 16, Brownfield [Maine]. *1863 
Left 1811. Student in Dart. University, 1817; A.M. Bowd. Coll. 1820. Lawyer. 
Speaker House of Reps; Att'y Gen. ; Judge District Court and Supreme Court; 
Trustee Bowd. Coll. ; Mem. Me. Hist. Soc. LL.D. Alfred, Me. 
Samuel Green, 18, Stoneham. H. 1816. *1834 

Graduated 1812. And. Theol. Sem. Tutor, Bowd. Coll. ; pastor, Reading ; Union 
church, Boston. 

Ralph Wells Gridley, 17, Granby. Y. 1814. *1840 

Graduated 1810. Divinity student under Dr. D wight, Yale College. Pastor, 
Williamstown, 1816-34. Trustee Wms. Coll. Jacksonville, Ottawa, HI. 
Appleton Howe, 1 7, Hopkinton. H. 1815. *1870 

Graduated 1811. Son of Rev. Nathaniel Howe. Teacher, Phillips Academy, 
1815-16. Harv. Med. 1819. Physician. Capt. Anc. and Hon. Artill. Co. 1840; 
Maj. Gen. 1st Division Mass. Militia; Sen. ; Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. Weymouth. 
John Smith Jones, 22, Salem. *1864 
Left 1811. Ipswich. 

Josiah Lancaster, 17, Sanbornton, N. H. *1836 

Studied medicine with Dr. Asa Crosby of Gilmanton, and at Dart. Med. Phy- 
sician. Lee, N. H. ; Hartford, Me. 

Eleazar Lord, 22, New York. *1871 

Native of Franklin, Ct. And. Theol. Sem. Banker; writer; philanthropist. 
First Pres. of Manhattan Insurance Co. and of the Erie R. R. Influential 
advocate of protection, and of the free-banking system ; active in formation 
of the Auburn and East Windsor theological seminaries, of the N. Y. Sunday- 
School Union, and of other benevolent and religious organizations; author of 
Universal Biography (enlarged from Lempriere), and of many books, pamphlets, 
and articles on financial, industrial, and theological subjects. Trustee Univ. 
City N. Y. ; Director Princ. Theol. Sem. LL.D. New York City, Piermont. N. Y. 


Thomas Martin, 13, Charleston, S. C. * 

Graduated 1812. Lawyer. 
John Larkin Payson, 1 2, Charlestown. H. 1817. *1884 

Graduated 1813. U. S. Consul to Messina, 1827-48. Resided afterwards in England. 
Received thanks of Governor Andrew for liberal benefactions to the Union 
soldiers, war of 1861. 

Philips Payson, 10, Charlestown. H. 1819. *1825 

Brother of preceding ; sons of Phillips, and grandsons of Rev. Dr. Phillips Payson. 
Left 1813. Travelling for his health from Messina to Paris, he died in his car- 
riage, near Lyons, France. 
Jonathan Reynolds, 22, [North] Bridge water. *1856 
Teacher; manufacturer. Town officer; Capt. of Stoughton Grenadiers. Stoughton. 
Benjamin Marsh Tyler, 18, Methuen. *]847 
Left 1811. Preceptor of the u Noyes Publick School," Andover, N. H., and of the 
" Instructors' School," Franklin, N. H. Author of arithmetic. 
Nicholas Van Hoesen, 1 7, Hudson, N. Y. * 
Left 1811. 

Martin Whiting, 18, Holliston. H. 1814. *1823 

Lawyer. Died at Natchez, Miss. 
Joseph Wheeler Woods, 8, Andover. D. 1823. *1827 

Graduated 1819. Teacher. At the time of his death was studying divinity with 
Rev. Alonzo (afterwards Bishop) Potter, Boston. Andover. 


Charles Adams, 16, Canterbury, Ct. * 

George Baker, 14, Dedham. H. 1816. *1852 

Harv. Med. 1820. Physician. Rep. Lancaster, Cambridge, Chelsea. 
Alfred Bixby, 22, Lime [Lyme], N. H. U. 1817. * 

Left 1812. Litchfield Law Sch. Lawyer; teacher. 
John McCurdy Channing, 15, Boston. *1821 

Son of Rev. Henry Channing, of New London, Ct. Left 1812. Midshipman 
U. S. N. ; war of 1812. 
Thomas Savage Clay, 9, Boston. H. 1819. *1849 

Son of Judge and Rev. Joseph Clay of Savannah and Boston. Harv. Law Sch. 
Lawyer. Georgia. 

Francis Coffin, 11, Charleston, S. C. *1823 

' Left 1812. Planter. Charleston, St. Helena, S. C. 
Asa Cummings [Jr.], 20, Albany [Maine]. H. 1817. *1856 

Graduated 1813. And. Theol. Sem. 1820. Pastor, No. Yarmouth, Me.; editor 
Christian Mirror, Portland, nearly thirty years; Tutor, Overseer, and Trustee, 
Bowd. Coll.; Mem. Me. Hist. Soc. D.D. Died at sea. 
Samuel Dix, 21, Townsend. * 

Graduated 1812. Died at Townsend about 1814. 
Elbridge Fisk, 12, Beverly. *1846 

Left 1812. Merchant. Beverly. 
Ezra Stiles Gannett, 10, Cambridge. H. 1820. *1871 

Left 1812. Harv. Div. Sch. 1823. Pastor Federal St. (Arlington St.) church, 
Boston, forty-seven years ; editor of Monthly Miscellany, and, with Dr. Alvan 
Lamson, 1809, of Christian Examiner. Overseer Harv. Coll. ; Dudleian lecturer, 
Harv. Coll. 1843. D.D. 


William Goodell, 19, Templeton. D. 1817. *1867 

Walked from his home to Andover, sixty miles, carrying his trunk on his back. 
Graduated 1813. Tutor, Midd. Coll. And. Theol. Sem. 1820. Missionary in 
Turkey forty-three years. Translated the Bible into the Armeno-Turkish lan- 
guage. D.D. Died in Philadelphia. 
Henry Gray, 15, Boston. H. 1816. *1867 

Left 1812. Name changed, 1816, to Henry Gallison Gray. Shipmaster. Sen. 

Sylvanus Gray, 10, Boston. * 

Zebulon Harmon, 22, Durham [Maine]. *1852 
Left 1811. Teacher, Maine; merchant, Baltimore; Alexandria, Va.; St. Charles, 
Mo.; lay-preacher in Southern States. Died at Fort Adams, Miss. 
Ingalls Kittredge, 12, Beverly. H. 1820. *1867 

Son of Dr. Ingalls Kittredge. Graduated 1816. Harv. Med. 1823. Physician, 

Bela Latham, 17, Lyme, N. H. H. *1848 

Graduated 1814. Lawyer. Postmaster ; Bank Commissioner. Columbus, O. 
John Bassnett Legare\ 16, Charleston, S. C. Y. 1815. *1826 

Left 1812. Planter. Charleston, S. C. 
May Newell, 15, Weston. H. *1829 

Left 1814. Died of consumption at Weston. 
Thomas Henry Oliver, 10, Boston. D. 1818. *1885 

Son of Rev. Daniel Oliver. Left 1812. Name changed, 1821, to Henry Kemble Oliver. 
Teacher in Salem twenty-five years ; Agent Atlantic Mills, Lawrence, twelve 
years; Mayor of Lawrence; Adj.-Gen. Mass ; Treas. Mass. (1861-66): Chief of 
Labor Statistics Bureau; Agent State Board of Education; Mayor of Salem. 
Many years church organist and leader of choirs ; composer of " Federal Street." 
A.B. and A.M. Harv. Coll. 1862; Doctor of Music, Dart. Coll. 1883. 
Charles Russell Pearce, 13, Boston. *1861 

Left 1812. Merchant. Baltimore. 
David Pearce, 10, Boston. * 

Brother of preceding; sons of David Pearce of Gloucester and Rebecca Russell 
of Charlestown. — Left 1812. 
Samuel Moody Pearson, 11, Andover. * 

Brother of David Sewall, 1799; sons of Dr. Abiel Pearson. — Left 1816. New 

Samuel Phillips, 10, Boston. H. *1817 

Brother of Thomas Walley, 1806; sons of Mayor John Phillips, 1778. — Graduated 
1816. Died while a member of the sophomore class, Harvard College. 
Enoch Pillsbury, 23, Beverly. *1818 

Native of Byfield. Pastor, Litchfield, N. H. 
Sylvester Plympton, 16, Woburn. H, 1818. *1865 

Son of Dr. Sylvanus Plympton. Graduated 1814. Harv. Med. 1822. Physician. 
Rep. Cambridge. 

Josiah Quincy, 9, Boston. H. 1821. *1882 

Son of Josiah Quincy, 1778. Graduated 1817. Lawyer. Lt. Boston Light Inf. 
Co. 1823; Capt. Anc. and Hon. Artill. Co. 1829; Aide-de-camp to Gov. Lincoln; 
Pres. Com. Council, Boston; Pres. Mass. Senate; Mayor of Boston, 1845 (Co- 
chituate water introduced); first Treas. Western R.R.; Treas. of Boston Athe- 
naeum. Boston. 

John Rogers, 10, Boston. H. 1820. *1884 

Left 1811. Treas. of Vermont and Mass. R. R. Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. Father of 
John Rogers the sculptor. 


Joshua Thompson Russell, 1 7, Concord, N. H. D. *1 854 

Graduated. 1814. Pastor, Newark, N. J. ; Jackson, Miss. ; Director Princ. Theol. 
Sem. A.M. hon., N.J. Coll. 1825. 
Marshall Shed \_Shedd~], 24, Waltham. D. 1817. *1872 

Graduated 1813. Studied divinity under Rev. William Greenough and Eev. 
Jonathan Homer, Newton, and Rev. Joshua Bates, Dedham. Pastor, Acton. 
Father of Prof. Wm. G. T. Shedd. Burlington, Vt.; Willsborough, N. Y. 
Samuel Soley, 13, Charlestown. H. * 

Son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Larkin). Graduated 1813. 
Daniel Temple, 21, Reading. D. 1817. *1851 

Graduated 1813. And. Theol. Sem. 1820. Missionary in Malta and Smyrna.1821-44. 
Pastor, Phelps, N. Y. Died at Reading. 
Daniel Tuttle, 13, Boston. H. * 

Left 1812. Supercargo on foreign voyages ; merchant ; farmer. Explored and 
called attention to " Watkins Glen." New York City, Watkins, Reading, N. Y. 
Charles Tyng, 10, Boston. *1879 

Left 1812. Ship-master; merchant. At twenty-one, was master and owner of his 
vessel, and had been around the world. Havana; Newburyport. 
Stephen Higginson Tyng, 11, Boston. H. 1817. *1885 

Brother of preceding; sons of Dudley Atkins Tyng of Newburyport and Boston. 
— Left 1812. Studied divinity under Bishop Griswold. Rector, Georgetown, 
D. C. ; Queen Anne's Parish, Md. ; St. Paul's and Epiphany churches, Phila- 
delphia; St. George's ch., New York. Author; editor Episcopal Recorder and 
Protestant Churchman. D. D. Died at Irvington, N. Y. 
Nathaniel Yarnum, 16, Dracut. *1883 

Farmer; stone-cutter. Dracut. 
Francis William Win throp, 12, Boston. H. 1817. *1819 

Graduated 1813. Valedictorian at Harvard. Had begun to study divinity. Died 
at Savannah. 

Alva Woods, 16, Shoreham, Vt. H. 1817. 

Son of Rev. Abel Woods. Graduated 1813. Teacher, Phillips Academy, 1818-19 ; 
And. Theol. Sem. 1821; Prof. Math. Nat. Phil, and Eccl. Hist., Columbian Univ.; 
Prof. Math. and. Nat. Phil, and Pres. ad interim, Bro. Univ; Pres. and Prof. 
Intell. and Mor. Phil., Transyl. Univ.; Pres. and Prof. Mor. and Ment. Phil., 
Univ. Ala.; Trustee and Fellow, Bro. Univ. D.D. Oldest student of the 
Academy now living (1886) ; born Aug. 13, 1794. Providence, R. I. 


Solomon Adams, 15, Middleton. H. 1820. *1870 

Gradnated 1815. And. Theol. Sem. 1823. Teacher. Principal of Washington 
Academy, E. Machias, Me., and of young ladies' schools in Portland and Boston. 
Mem. Me. Hist. Soc. Auburndale. 
John Boardman, 17, Newburyport. D. 1817. *1841 

Graduated 1813. And. Theol. Sem. 1820. Pastor, West Boylston, East Douglass. 
Frederic Anson Brown, 18, Colebrook, Ct. Y. 

Graduated 1817. Land surveyor in Virginia. 
Nathaniel Bruce, 16, Mont Vernon, N. H. *1874 

Son of Rev. John Bruce. Town officer; Postmaster; Rep.; County Treasurer. 
Mt. Vernon, N. H. 



Samuel Burbank, 24, Washington, N. H. *1854 

Left 1813. Farmer. Washington, N. H. 
William Pitts Burns, 13, Gloucester [Sandy Bay, now Rockport]. *1867 

Left 1814. Merchant. Town officer. Rockport. 
William Henry Chase, 13, Boston. W. P. 1815. *1870 

Maj. Corps of Engineers, U.S. A. ; resigned 1866. Pres. Alabama and Florida Rail- 
road. General in Confederate Army, war of 1861. Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. Pen- 
eacola, Fla. 

George Curtis, 13, Windsor, Vt. U. 1820. *1884 

Left 1815. Lawyer. Rep. N. Y. City. New York, Schenectady, N. Y. 

Edwards Dickinson, 16, Holliston. H. 1818. *1831 

Graduated 1814. Harv. Med. 1823. Physician. Waterford, N. Y.; Holliston. 

Daniel Emerson, 13, Hollis, N. H. *1845 

Son of Rev. Daniel Emerson, Jr. Left 1814. Merchant. Hollis, Meriden, N. H. ; 
Allegan, Mich. 

Charles Forbes, 14, Windsor, Vt. *1849 

Left 1813. Died in Cincinnati. 
Frederic Gott, 11, Gloucester [Sandy Bay, now Rockport]. *1813 

David Kimball [Jr.], 21, Concord, N. H. ' Y. 1818. *1875 

Printer's apprentice at Concord; on his 21st birthday walked forty miles to An- 
dover. Graduated 1814. And. Theol. Sem. 1821. Pastor, Lewis Co., N. Y. ; 
Plainfield; editor N.H. Observer (afterwards Christian Panoply and Cong. 
Jour.), Concord, N.H.; proprietor "Dartmouth press," Hanover, N.H. twenty- 
one years. Died in Rockford, 111. 
Joseph Brown Ladd, 13, Alexandria, Va. 
Left 1815. 

William Gardner Ladd, 13, Boston. *1862 

Brother of John Haskins, 1805. Left 1813. Merchant. Boston. 
John Walley Langdon, 14, Charlestown. * 

Son of John Walley Langdon, merchant and Austrian Consul in Boston. Left 
1814. Ship-master, supercargo, and merchant in Smyrna trade. Died abroad 
(probably at Smyrna), about 1839. 
James Libbey, 20, Boston. *1858 

Native of Strafford, Vt. Left 1813. Clerk in Boston; merchant. Claremont, 
N.H.; Boston; Albany, Brooklyn, N.Y. 
George Lingan, 16, Middlebrook Mills, Md. *1827 

Son of Gen. Lingan of the Revolutionary army, who was killed by a mob at Bal- 
timore in 1812. Washington, D. C. 
Nathaniel Magoun, 23, Pembroke. * 

Teacher in Boston, 1824-54. 
Lewis Leprilete Miller, 14, Franklin. Br. 1817. *1870 

Left 1813. Harv. Med. ; M. D. Bro. 1820. Physician. Pres. R. I. Med. Soc ; Hon. 
Mem. Mass. Med. Soc. Providence, R. I. 
Charles Frederick Morgan, 11, Canterbury, Ct. *1817 

Died in Canterbury, of consumption. 
John Adams Morgan, 13, Canterbury, Ct. *1869 
Brother of preceding; nephews of Principal John Adams. —Merchant; farmer; 
teacher. " Western Reserve," Ohio; Evansville, Ind.; Mt. Carmel, HI. 
Samuel Moseley, 21, Montpelier, Vt. M. 1818. *1824 

Graduated 1814. And. Theol. Sem. 1821. " First beneficiary aided by the Amer- 
ican Education Society." Home missionary, South Carolina and Mass. ; mis- 
sionary of American Board among Choctaws. Died at Mayhew. 


BenjaminFranklinNealey,2 1 >Montpelier, Vt. Y. * 

Graduated 1814. And. Theol. Sem. Home missionary in Michigan. " Said to 
have died about 1839," in Vermont. 
Francis Norwood [Jr.], 14, Gloucester [Rockport]. D. 1818. *1871 
Graduated 1814. And. Theol. Sem. 1821. Pastor, Laconia, N.H.; Wilmington 
Windsor, Washington, and at other places. Died at Beverly. 
Ebenezer Poor, 16, [South] Dan vers. D. 1818. *1868 

Graduated 1814. And. Theol. Sem. 1821. Pastor, Beverly, Edgartown, Berkley, 
and at other places. Died at Lawrence. 
Ebenezer Porter, 11, Andover. *1869 

Nephew of Prof. Ebenezer Porter; from Tinmouth, Vt. Left 1813. Dart. Med. 
1824. Physician in Poultney, Vt. forty-five years. 
Pinckney Spring, 14, Newburyport. Y. 1819. *1820 

Son of Eev. Dr. Samuel Spring. Graduated 1816. Teacher, Phillips Academy, 
1818-20. Died at Albany. 
David Starrett, 22, Warren [Maine]. Bo. 1818. *1851 

Left 1813. Pastor, Weld, Litchfield, Augusta, Me. 
Jesse Walcott, 17, Marlborough. H. 1819. *1854 

Graduated 1815. Name changed, 1819, to Samuel Baker Walcott. Harv. Law 
Sch. Tutor, Harv. Coll. Lawyer. Bep. ; Sen. ; Mem. Const. Conv. 1853. Salem, 

Samuel Whitwell, 12, Boston. *1826 
Son of Benjamin, 1786. Name changed, 1812, to Samuel Sprague Whitwell. Mer- 
chant. Boston, Lancaster. 


Warren Abbot, 17, Andover. *1825 

Graduated 1816. Studied medicine with Dr. Jeremiah Spofford of East Bradford 
[Groveland]. Harv. Med. 1823. Physician. Boston. 
William Adams, 6, Andover. Y. 1827. *1880 

Son of Principal Adams. Graduated 1823. And. Theol. Sem. 1830. Pastor Central 
Pres. (afterwards Madison Sq.) church, New York, thirty-nine years; Director, 
Prof. Sac. Rhet. and President, Union Theol. Sem. D.D.; LL.D. 
Nathaniel Barker, 11, Marblehead. H. *1860 

Graduated 1816. A.M. hon., Harv. Coll. 1846. Cashier. Macon, Ga. 
Jeremiah Bosworth, 22, Bristol, R.I. *1871 

Left 1S14. Farmer. U. S- Inspector. Bristol, R. I. 
Reuben Clapp, 23, Southampton. * 

Graduated 1814. Died during his freshman year at Yale College, 1814-15. 
Edwin Augustus Clark, 13, Newburyport. *1829 
Brother of Bishop Clark, 1824. Left 1814. Died on ship-board at the West Indies. 
Stephen Coburn, 15, Dracut. M. 1819. *188l 

Brother of Jonas, 1810. And. Theol. Sem. Preceptor of Franklin Academy, 
North Andover; teacher, Bangor, Hebron, Me.; Nashua, N. H. ; Tyngsborough, 
Beverly, Byfield, Ipswich; town officer; postmaster twenty-seven year3. Ipswich. 
Richard Cranch, 16, Alexandria, Va. *1823 

Graduated 1814. Civil engineer. U. S. Coast Survey. Drowned in Lake Erie. 
William Greenleaf Cranch, 1 7, Alexandria, Va. H. *1872 

Brother of preceding ; sons of Judge William Cranch. — Graduated 1814. U. S. 
Patent Office. Washington, D. C. 


Jacob Cummings, 20, Thetford, Vt. D. 1819. *1866 

Graduated 1815. And. Theol. Sem. Preceptor of Atkinson and Hampton Acad- 
emies, N. H.; pastor, Stratham, N. H.; Sharon, Southborough; Hillsborough 
Bridge, N. H. Died at Exeter, N. H. 

James O Dalton, 17, Boston. 

Francis Danforih, 20, Hillsborough, N. H. D. 1819. *1854 

Graduated 1815; valedictorian. And. Theol. Sem. 1822. Pastor, Greenfield, Win- 
chester, N. H. ; Hadley; Clarence, N. Y. 
Jonathan Farr, 23, Harvard. H. 1818. *1845 

Graduated 1814. Harv. Div. Sch. 1821. Pastor, Gardner. Harvard. 
John Haskins, 10, Boston. *1879 

Left 1814. Early experimenter, inventor, and manufacturer, in patent-leather 
and india-rubber business. Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. Boston, Roxbury. 
Orramel Strong Hinckley, 15, Thetford, Vt. D. 1819. *1837 
Graduated 1815. Preceptor of Moor's Charity School ; Tutor, Dart. Coll. And. 
Theol. Sem. 1824. Teacher in Keutucky; Prof. Lang., Greenv. Coll. (Tenn.), 
and Oakland Coll. (Miss.). Died in Natchez. 
Asahel Huntington, 15, Topsfield. Y. 1819 *1870 

Son of Rev. Asahel Huntington. Graduated 1815. Studied law with David 
Cummins, Esq. (1796), Salem. Co. att'y; Dist. att'y; Clerk of Courts; Rep.; 
Mayor of Salem; Mem. Const. Conv. Mass. 1853. Salem. 
Josiah Kittredge [Jr.], Mont Vernon, N. H. *1872 
M.D. Dart. Coll. 1832. Studied medicine with Dr. Matthias Spalding, Amherst, 
N. H. Physician. Pembroke, N. H.; Boston; Nashua, N. H. ; So. Hadley 
(resident physician, Mt. Holyoke Seminary); Montclair, N. J.; Glastonbury, Ct. 
Charles Frederic Langdon,ll, Charlestown. *1829 
Brother of John Walley, 1812; sons of John Walley and Rebecca (Cordis). — Left 
1814. Dart Med. 1828. Physician. Died in South America. 
Levi Roberts Lincoln, 13, Gloucester. *1839 

Left 1816. Merchant. Mem. Com. Council; U. S. Appraiser. Boston. 
Edward Jackson Lowell, 9, Boston. H. 1822. *1830 

Son of Francis Cabot, 1786. Graduated 1818. Harv. Law Sch. 1825. Read law 
with Chancellor Kent. Lawyer. Boston. 
Lyndon Arnold Marsh, 14, Woodstock, Vt. D. 1819. *1872 

Brother of George Perkins, 1815. Lawyer. Cashier Woodstock Bank; Reg 
Prob. ; Mem. Const. Conv. Vt. 1843; Trustee Dart. Coll. Woodstock, Vt. 
Elias Needham, 15, [South] Danvers. *1885 

Farmer. South Danvers, now Peabody. 
Augustus Kendall Osborn, 12, [South] Danvers. *1849 

Cashier Warren Bank, [South] Danvers; broker, Boston. 
Putnam Perley, 18, By field. *1835 

Farmer. Town officer; Rep. Byfield. 
Francis Willoughby Pickman, 9, Salem. 

Left 1816. Clerk, Boston; supercargo to Calcutta; Magistrate and Member of 
Court of Sessions, Annapolis, Nova Scotia. St. John, N.B. 

Ward Pool [Poole], 14, [South] Danvers. *1864 

Dealer in wool. South Danvers [Peabody]. 
Archelaus Fuller Putnam, 20, Danvers. D. 1819. *1859 

Left 1814. Preceptor Moor's Charity School; And. Theol. Sem; Dart. Med. 1829. 
Physician. Windham, N. H.; Beverly. 
Benjamin Tyler Heed [Jr.], 14, Marblehead. H. 1821. *1874 

Graduated 1817. Merchant. Boston. 




Andrew Seaton, 12, Andover. *1841 

Son of Andrew Seaton (first landlord of the Mansion House) and Polly Bowers. 
Born in Hancock, N.H. — Left 1815. — Lawyer and real estate agent. Res. New 
Philadelphia, O. Died at Cleveland, O. 

Walter H. Simonton, 14, Marblehead. * 

Originally from Portland. Sent to the Academy by Hon. William Reed of Mar- 
blehead. — Left 1815. 1 — Sailor. Said to have died in Sailors' Snug Harbor, 
New York City. 

Cephas Smith, 3d, 13, Rutland, Vt. *1840 
Left 1814. — Studied law with his father, Cephas Smith, Jr. Lawyer. Rutland, 
Yt. Died in Macon, Ga. 

Ehazer Smith, 22. Swansea. *1866 

Minister of New Jerusalem Church. Preached in Bridgewater, Middleburough, 
and other towns. Res. Swansea. 

Isaac Watts Wheelwright, 12, Newburyport. Bo. 1821. 

Son of Ebenezer Wheelwright and Anna Coombs. — Graduated 1817. —And. 
Theol Sem. 1825. Not ordained, but preached a short time at Harwich. 
Teacher, Phillips Academy, 1S22-26; in Dummer Academy, in Newburyport, 
and in New Orleans Agent of Araer. Bible Soc. in South America; Sup't of 
Lancasterian schools in Guayaquil and Quito; established English and Classical 
School in Yalparaiso. Returned to United States in 1853. Res. Byfield. Post- 
master for sixteen years at South Byfield. 

Daniel Kimball Whitaker, 12, Sharon. H. 1820. *1881 

Son of Rev. Jonathan Whitaker and Mary Kimball. Graduated 1816. — Studied 
theology with Rev. Edward Richmond, D.D., of Dorchester. Preached in 
Charleston, S.C., and other southern cities; founded and edited the Southern 
Quarterly Review, Charleston ; minister of New Church in Canada and Wil- 
mington, Del. 1856-61; P.O. Department, Richmond, Ya. 1861-65; afterwards 
resided at New Orleans, editing for a time the N.O. Times, Whitaker's Maga- 
zine, and the Southern Review. 2 LL.D. from Pass Christian Coll., Miss. 1873. 
Died at Houston, Texas. 

1 " Unexpectedly called upon to take up his connexions at this Academy, and pre- 
pare for a voyage to India, to Calcutta on the Ganges." — Journal of William Person 
(P.A. 1814), May 10. 1815. 

8 " A friend of Calhoun, Toombs, Buchanan, Stephens, Marcy, and Douglas." 





Note. — From this point, the " lodgings " of the student are given whenever found 
in the annual catalogues, the first of which was issued in 1814. Two or more names 
indicate the entries in successive catalogues. Beginning with this year, the parentage 
of the pupil is also stated in all places where it can be ascertained. 

John Barnard, 14, Boston. 

Lodgings at Mr. Nathaniel Whittier's. Left 1815. — 

Lemuel Bates, 21, Southampton. W. 1818. *1860 

Son of Lemuel Bates (a revolutionary soldier and captive in Quebec) and Lucy 
"Wait. Born in Blandford. — At Mrs. Abigail French's. — Afterwards took the 
name of Lemuel Phillips 1 Bates. — Princ. Theol. Sem. Pastor, Whately, Tem- 
pleton; Michigan; Pennsylvania; Ohio; Illinois; Rep. from Whately, 1839. 
Died at Alton, 111. 

Thaddeus Bowman Bigelow, 15, Cambridgeport. H. 1820. *1888 

Son of Benjamin Bigelow and Rebekah Bowman. Born in Westminster. — At 
Mr. Ezra Abbot's; Capt. Benjamin Abbot's. — Graduated 1818; valedictorian. 

— Merchant in Boston, residing in Cambridge, having branch establishment in 
Troy, N T., 1826-19. Capt. of Cambridge Light Infantry (guarding Lafayette's 
tent on Boston Common, 1824); Alderman, Mem. Com. Council, and Sch. 
Com., Cambridge; Rep. from Cambridge, 1854. Said to have built the first 
grain elevator in Troy, and to ha% r e founded the Young Men's Institute there. 
Removed to California in 1861; in real estate business at Oakland, where he 
died on his eighty-ninth birthday. 

Amos Blanchard, Jr., 7, Andover. Y. 1826. *1870 

Son of Dea. Amos Blanchard, 1787, and Elizabeth Jenkins. — Graduated 1822. 

— And. Theol. Sem. ; Yale Div. Sch. 1829. Tutor, Yale Coll. Pastor in Lowell 
forty years. Trustee of Phillips Academy and Abbot Academy. D.D. 

Milton Palmer Braman, 15, [New] Rowley [Georgetown]. H. 1819. *1882 
Son of Rev. Isaac Braman and Hannah Palmer. — At Mr. Abiel Abbot's ; Mr. 
Isaac Chandler's. Graduated 1815. — And. Theol. Sem. 1824. Pastor 1st church, 
Danvers, thirty-five years. Preacher of election sermon, 1845; Mem. Const. 
Conv. 1853. Res. from 1869, Auburndale. D.D. 

Josiah Brewer, 18, Stockbridge. Y. 1821. *1872 

Son of Eliab Brewer (lawyer in Lenox) and Theodosia Bidwell. Born in Tyring- 
ham, now Monterey. — At the Principal's; Mrs. Mary Foster's. Graduated 
1817 ; valedictorian. — And. Theol. Sem. Preceptor of Young Ladies' Academy, 
Bangor, Me., and teacher of Indian children on Oldtown Island, 1822-23. Yale 
Div. Sch. 1825. Missionary in Turkey and Greece, 1826-38 ; » Chaplain of Conn. 
State Prison, Wethersfield ; agent of Anti-slavery Soc, Hartford, Ct. ; prin- 
cipal of female schools in New Haven and Middletown, Ct., 1844-57; pastor, 
Housatonic (Great Barrington), 1857-66. Res. from 1866, Stockbridge. 

Edward Burley, 11, Beverly. 

Brother of William, 1800; sons of William Burley (ofiicer in Revolutionary army) 
and Lydia Austin. — At Mr. Mark Newman's. — Beverly. 

1 So reported by Southampton relatives ; the name is given as Phelps in the Williams 
and Princeton triennials. 

2 In 1831 began a weekly newspaper in modern Greek — The Friend of Youth — " the 
first religious newspaper published in the language." 




Isaac Clark, 19, Hampton, Ct. Y. (1820.) *1848 

Son ofCapt. Roger Clark and Lydia Bennett. — At Theol. Sem No. 3; 1 Mr. 
Nathaniel Whittier's ; Mr. Benj. Abbot's; Samuel Farrar's, Esq. ; Graduated 
1816. — Studied medicine with Dr. Wm. A. Brewster, Hampton, and at llarv. 
Med. Physician, Canterbury, Chaplin, Hampton, Ct. Rep. from Canterbury. 

Moses Clark, 21, Westfield. EL 1819. *1823 

Son of Capt. Roswell Clark and Abigail Tarpons. — At Mr. Nathaniel Whittier's. 
Mrs. Thebe Abbot's. Graduated 1814.— And. Theol. Sem. 1822. Sent by the 
Hampshire Missionary Society to Louisiana. Died at Lanesville, La. 

George Cowles, 16, New Hartford, Ct. Y. 1821. *1837 

Son of Theodore Cowles and Margaret Deming. — At Theol. Sem. No. 30; Mr. 
Henry Abbot's. Graduated 1817. — And. Theol. Sem. 1824. Pastor of 2d church, 
Danvers (South Danvers, now Peabody). "Perished in the wreck of the 
steam-ship Home, near Cape Hatteras. No man knoweth his sepulcher, but 
his memorial is in the hearts of thousands." 2 

Robert Cross, 14, Newburyport. H. 1819. *1859 

Son of Maj. Wm. Cross and Ruth Stacy. — At Mr. John L. Abbot's. Graduated 

1815. — Usher, Boston Latin Sch. Studied law with Ebenezer Moseley, Esq., 
Newburyport, and at Harv. Law Sch. Lawyer, Newburyport, Amesbury ; 
Marshall, Mich. ; from 1849, Lawrence. Rep. from Newburyport; Senator from 

Edward Curtis, 13, Windsor, Vt. U. 1821. *1856 

Brother of George, 1812; sons of Gen. Zebina Curtis and Martha Waite. — Left 

1816. — Eminent lawyer and politician; friend and adviser of Daniel Webster. 
New York; Washington. M.C. from New York; Collector, Port of New York. 
Died in New York. 

Joseph Foster, 24, Barnard, Vt. 

Son of Asa Foster.— Left 1815. — 

Joseph Gilman, 21, Philadelphia. H. 1818. *1823 

Son of Benjamin Ives Gilman (pioneer merchant at Marietta, O.) and Hannah 
Robbins. — At Mr. Amos Blanchard's. — In business, Kentucky and New Or- 
leans. Died at Louisville, Ky. 

Horatio Greenough, 9, Boston. H. 1825. *1852 

Son of David Greenough and Elizabeth Bender. — Left 1815. — Friend and pupil 
of Washington Allston. Made, while in college, the model from which Bunker 
Hill Monument was constructed. 3 Resided most of his life in Florence, Italy, 
but died in his native land. Fellow Amer. Acad. "The Pioneer of American 

John Greenough, 13, Boston. H. 1824. *1852 

Brother of preceding. — Left 1815. — Artist. Paris, France. 

Curtis Guild, 14, [South] Dedham [now Norwood]. H. 1822. *1849 
Son of Moses Guild and Abigail Everett. — At Mr. Nathaniel Whittier's. Left 
1816. — Merchant. Boston. 

Robert Chamblett Hooper, 9, Marblehead. H. (1822.) *1869 

Son of William Hooper and Mary Reed. — At the Principal's. Graduated 1818. 
— Merchant and ship-owner. Boston; res. Dorchester. 

*Now Phillips Hall. 

2 From epitaph in Chapel cemetery, Andover, where Mrs. Cowles, who was a daughter 
of Principal Adams, and who was lost at the same time, is buried. 

3 When the model was " returned to Mr. Greenough, it had the word Adopted written 
on it by Gilbert Stuart." 




Josiah Houghton, 23, Bolton. *1833 

Son of Simon Houghton and Martha Stearns. — At Theol. Sem. No. 29. — Lawyer. 
Deerfield, N.H. Town officer. 

William Hutchinson, 10, Lyndeborough, N.H. *1842 
Son of Ebeuezer Hutchinson and Thomazen Griffin. — At Mr. Abiel Abbot's. — 
Studied theology with Rev. S. R. Hall (afterwards Principal of Teachers' Semi- 
nary, Phillips Academy). Concord, Vt. Pastor, Berlin, Whitefield, Dalton, 
Gilsum, Plainfield, N.H. 

John Flavel Jenkins, 18, New York. H. 1818. *1862 

Son of John Jenkins (author of The Art of Writing) and Abigail Hall. Born in 
Gloucester. — At Mr. Ezra Abbot's. — Teacher, Roxbury Gram. Sch. Tutor, 
Prof. Math., and Librarian, Transyl. Univ. Teacher, Middletown, N.J. ; New 
York, North Salem, N.Y. Civil Engineer, White Plains, N.Y. 

David Stearns Kimball, 11, Newburyport. *1877 
Son of James Kimball and Mary Estabrook. — At Capt. George Abbot's ; Mrs. 
Martha Games'. Left 1818. — Jersey City, West Bergen, N.J. 

Edward Henry Leffingwell, 11, New Haven, Ct. Y. 1822. *1888 
Son of William Leffingwell and Sally M. Beers. — At Prof. Stuart's ; the Princi- 
pal's ; Mr. Nathaniel Carter's. Graduated 1818. — Yale Med. 1824. Practised 
nine years in Peru, S.A. Prosecuted special studies under Prof. Cleaveland, 
Bowd. Med. Coll. Prof. Chem., Nat. Hist., and Geol.. Univ. Missouri; Prof. 
Chem. and Toxicol., Memphis Med. Coll. Res. from 1855, Boston ; from 1863, 
New Haven. 

Edward St. Loe Livermore, 14, Boston. *1841 
Son of Judge Edward St. Loe Livermore and Sarah C. Stackpole. — Studied law 
with Hon. Luther Lawrence, Groton. Lawyer. Lowell. 

Thomas Marland, 13, Andover. *1821 
Son of Abraham Marland and Mary Sykes. — Left 1815. — Went to East Indies 
on the Salem ship "Hope," Capt. Tate, and died at sea on the homeward 
voyage, between St. Helena and Leghorn. 

Joseph McClintock, 18, Providence, R.I. Br 1820. *1831 

At Widow Phebe Abbot's; Mr. Moses Wood's. Graduated 1816. — Usher in town 
school, Providence. Went South as teacher. 

Eli Meeker, 26, Elizabethtown, N.J. Pa. 1823. *1854 

Son of David and Susan Meeker. — At Mrs. Phebe Abbot's. — Pastor, Walling- 
ford, Vt., 1818-19. Home missionary in New York and New Jersey. Published 
two volumes of sermons. Res. many years, Wallingford. Died in Chicago. 

Abraham Millet, 15, Charlestown. *1868 

Son of Capt. Abraham Millet and Martha Woodbury. Born in Salem.— At Mr. 
William Foster's. Left 1819. — Cap-maker and dealer, Boston, 1830-40. After- 
wards in shoe business, New York. Res. from 1851, Lexington. 

David Moseley, 25, Hampton, Ct, *1818 

Son of Uriel Moseley and Sarah Hammond. — Hampton. 

Mark Newman, 8, Andover. Bo. 1825. *1852 

Son of Principal Mark Newman and Sarah Phillips. — Left 1819. — Name changed, 
1826, to Mark Haskell Newman. Publisher and bookseller, Andover and (from 
1841) New York ; Flagg, Gould, and Newman; Gould and Newman; Gould, 
Newman, and Saxton; Mark H. Newman and Co.; Newman and Ivison. Left 
large bequests to American Board of Foreign Missions and American Home 
Missionary Society. 




Eben Francis Osborn, 11, [South] Dan vers. H. (1822.) *1857 

Son of Joseph Osborn, Jr., and Judith Francis. — At Mr. Wood's ; Mr. Ezra 
Abbot's; Prof. Stuart's. Left 1818. — Supercargo, China and Matanzas. Mer- 
chant. New York; Missouri; Sandusky, O. Sup't and Pres. Mad River Kail- 
road (Ohio). 

William Person, 21, Providence, R.I. H. (1820.) *1818 

At Mr. Ezra Abbot's ; Mr. William Foster's. "Scholar of the House." 1 — Gradu- 
ated 1816. — Died, while a student at Harv. College, in the home of his classmate, 
T. B. Bigelow, P. A. 1814. His short life was one of strange and sad interest. 
Born in Boston; deserted in infancy by his parents, whom he never knew ; 
taken away from his boyhood home at " Master Foster's " in Andover to a 
thirteen years' apprenticeship at Providence; of fine talent and scholarship ; 
burdened with the mystery of his birth; struggling with poverty and declining 
health; his experience and character, as witnessed by his schoolmates, and 
after his death recorded in a little volume containing his memoir, letters, and 
poems, exerted a marked influence over other youth of that time. A monument 
erected by his classmates, and inscribed with a Latin epitaph, marks his grave 
in the old burying-ground at Cambridge. 2 

Robert Brevard Poor, 1 6, Methuen. H. 1819. *1820 

Son of Enoch Poor and Prudence Brevard. — At Mr. Isaac Chandler's. — Born 
and died in North Carolina, where he taught a few months after his graduation. 

John Prentiss, 14, Medfield. H. 1818. *1861 

Son of Rev. John Prentiss and Mary Scollay. — At Mr. Henry Holt's. Gradu- 
ated 1814. — Teacher, Female High School, Charlestown. Harv. Div. Sch. 1822. 
Teacher in Maryland ; Principal of Academic Department, Univ. of Maryland. 
Died at his country-seat, " Medfield," near Baltimore. 

Samuel Salisbury, 3d, 13, Boston. H. (1822.) *1850 

Son of Samuel Salisbury, Jr., and Elizabeth Greene. — At Samuel Farrar's, Esq. ; 
Prof. Stuart's. Graduated 1818. — Harv. Med. 1828. Physician. Rochester, 
Avon Springs, N.Y. 

Enoch Sanford, 18, Berkley. Br. 1820. 

Son of Joseph Sanford (a soldier of the Revolution) and Eleanor Macomber. — At 
Theol. Sem. No. 29 ; Mr. Moses Wood's ; Mr. Abiel Abbot's. Graduated 1816. 
— Studied theology under Prof. Calvin Park, D.D., Bro. Univ. Tutor, Bro. 
Univ. Pastor in Raynham twenty-four years; afterwards in Halifax and 
Dighton. D.D. 95 years old (1890). Res. from 1860, Raynham. 

Tyler Seaton, 11, Andover. *1877 

Brother of Andrew, 1813. Born in Hancock, N.H. — Left 1818. — Farmer, Medina, 
O., 1816-24; lumberman in Louisiana, and stock-raiser in Texas, where he died. 

George Stebbins, 18, Plainfield. 3 U. 1820. 

Son of Dr. Gad Stebbins and Sarah Buckminster. Born in Norwich. — At Mr. Abiel 
Abbot's ; Prof. Pearson's. Left 1815. — Princ. Theol. Sem. 1823. Pastor, Mid- 
dletown, New Rochelle, N.Y. ; Sterling, 111.; at one time city missionary in 
New York, and also Principal of Chapone Seminary in Westchester Co. ; home 
missionary at other places in the West. 4 94 years old (1890). Res. from 1868, 

Richview, III. 

1 An ancient college term applied to the student annually appointed by the Trustees 
to have the care oi the fires, bells, and sweeping, in the Academy. 

2 The memoir was written by David Lee Child ; the epitaph by William G. Reed of 
South Carolina, the competitor of Person for the first honors of his college class. 

3 Came to Andover from the famous family school of Rev. Moses Hallock, Plainfield. 

4 Mr. Stebbins writes that at one time, when Moderator of the Synod of Illinois (then 




Edwin Bulkeley Taintor, 14, Hampton, Ct. Y. 1821. *1870 

Son of Solomon Taintor and Judith Bulkeley. —At Theol. Sem. No. 14. —Mer- 
chant. Res. from 1823, West Brookfield. 

John Adams Taintor, 18, Hampton, Ct. Y. 1821. *1862 

Son of Roger Taintor and Nabby Bulkeley. — At Theol. Sem. No. 14. — Merchant, 
Springfield ; from 1834, Hartford, Ct. Imported sheep from Spain and Saxony; 
introduced Alderney cattle into New England. 

Henry Toppan [16, Newbury]. *1860 

Son of Joshua Toppan and Ann Ford. — Grocer. Newburyport. 

Henry Upham, 14, Brookfield. H. 1819. *1875 

Son of Hon. Jabez Upham and Lucy Faulkner. — At the Principal's. Graduated 
1815. — Cotton merchant, Boston. Mem. Com. Council. Res. Brookline. 

Benjamin Walker, 11, Andover. *1871 
Left 1815. — Hotel -keeper. Salem, Boston; Newburgh, New York,N.Y.; Plain- 
field, Ct. 

Samuel Walker, 10, Andover. *1864 

Brother of preceding, and of Abbot, 1806. Sons of Maj. Abbot Walker and Lydia 
Ames. — Mariner ; U.S. Gauger in Boston Custom-House. Newburyport, Bos- 
ton, Chelsea. 

Edward Lloyd Wells, 12, Dagsborough, Del. W. P. *1875 

Son of U.S. Senator William Hill Wells and Elizabeth Dagworthy. — At Prof. 
Porter's. Left 1817. — Studied law with his father. Lawyer. Clerk of Chan- 
cery Court, and aide-de-camp to the Governor, Georgetown, Del. ; in business, 
Philadelphia: practised law in Ithaca, N.Y. ; from 1861, clerk in U.S. Treasury 
Department, Washington. 

Abraham Wheelwright, 11, Newburyport. *1820 
Left 1815. — Merchant. Bangor, Me. 

William Wheelwright, 16, Newburyport. *1873 
Brother of preceding, and of Isaac Watts, 1813.— At Mr. George Abbot's. — In 
early life sailor and shipmaster ; in 1823, commanded William Bartlet's ship, the 
" Rising Empire ;" wrecked on the coast of South America, where he afterwards 
resided fifty years, and where he introduced steam navigation, railroads, the 
electric telegraph, water and gas works, and numerous industrial enterprises. 
U.S. Consul, Ecuador ; founder and sup't of Pacific Steam Navigation Co. 
" Gave away more than six hundred thousand dollars in his life," and left a 
very large fund for founding a scientific school in Newburyport. Died in 
London. A statue was erected at Valparaiso by the Chilian government in 
commemoration of his services to that republic. 

Samuel Williston, 19, Easthampton. *1874 
Son of Rev. Payson Williston and Sarah Birdseye. — At Mrs. Abigail French's; 
Mr. Abiel Abbot's. Left 1815. — Manufacturer. Pres. Hampshire and Hampden 
R.R. ; Pres. First National Bank, Northampton ; Rep. from Easthampton,l841 ; 
Senator from Hampshire, 1842-43. Founder of Williston Seminary, to which 
he gave about eight hundred thousand dollars ; liberal benefactor of Amherst 
College and other institutions. His charity began at home, but extended to the 
ends of the earth, amounting in all to more than one and three-fourths millions 
of dollars. Trustee Williston Seminary, Amherst College. 1 

comprising the whole state and a part of Iowa), he met his old principal, John Adams, 
LL.D., then engaged in organizing Sunday-schools in that state, to the surprise and 
pleasure of both master and pupil. 

1,1 He esteemed the single year which he spent on this hill, as worth more to him, edu- 





Artemas Arnold, 18, Chatham [East Hampton], Ct. *1868 

Son of Apollos Arnold and Lucy Bill. — At Mr. Jeremiah Goldsmith'*. Left 
1816. —Baptist minister in Ira, Randolph, Rochester, Thetford, Vt ; Grafton, 
East Lebanon, N.H. Died in Stoneham. 

John Gowen Blanchard, 16, Billeriea. H. (1820.) *1834 

Son of Jeremiah Blanchard and Mary Gowen. — At Capt. Benjamin Abbot's. 
Graduated 1816. — Taught, and studied law, in Centreville, Md. Rector, St. 
Anne's parish, Annapolis, Md., from 1824. 

James Aiken Bussell, 18, New Hampton, N.H. *1847 
At Mr. Jeremiah Goldsmith's. — Name afterwards written Boswell. Studied 
theology with Rev. Lucius Bolles, Salem. Baptist minister in Danversport, 
Reading; Middletown, Pomfret, Ct. ; Medfield; Bow, Gilmanton, Alexandria, 
Newton, N.H. 

Timothy Briggs Deane, 16, Fairhaven. Br. 1822. *1838 

Son of'Noah Deane and Hannah Briggs. — Left 1816. — Teacher, and in commission 
business, New York City, several years ; afterwards in New Orleans, where be 

Othniel Dinsmore, 1 7, Francestown, N.H. H. 1822. *1827 

Son of Dea. Robert Dinsmore and Sarah Dickey. — At Mr. William Foster's; 
Foster Lodge, No. I. 1 Graduated 1817. — Teacher of grammar school, Concord, 
Mass., 1822-25, studying law also with Elisha Fuller, Esq. Died in Francestown. 

John Nicholson Duncan, 19, New Orleans, La. Y. 1823. *1841 

Son of Abner L. Duncan. Lawyer. New Orleans. Judge of Municipal Court . 

Charles James Folsom, 10, Andover. *1874 
Left 1817. — Bookseller ; real estate broker. New York City. 

George Folsom, 13, Andover. H. 1822. *1869 

Brother of preceding ; sons of Thomas Folsom (second landlord of the Mansion 
House) and Edna Ela ; born in Kennebunk, Me. — Graduated 1818. — Studied 
law with Ether Shepley. Saco. First Principal of Concord Academy, 1823-25 ; 
Preceptor, Framingham Academy, 1826. Lawyer and historical writer. Wor- 
cester ; New York City. Member of Court of Errors, and Senator, N.Y. ; 
Charge d'Afiaires to Netherlands. Mem. Me. Hist. Soc; Mem. Mass. Hist. 
Soc. ; Mem. Amer. Antiq. Soc; Lib'n N.Y. Hist. Soc; Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc; 
Mem. Amer. Geog. and Statis. Soc. : Pres. Amer. Ethnol. Soc. LL.D. Died in 

Roswell Goodwin, 16, New Hartford, Ct. Y. 1821. *1824 

Son of Jeduthan Goodwin and Eunice [Merrill ?]. — AtTheol. Sem. No. 29; Mr. 
Henry Holt's; Mrs. Martha Carnes'; Mrs. Folsom's; John L. Abbot's, Esq. 
Graduated 1817. — And. Theol. Sem. 1824. Died at New Hartford, of consump- 
tion, while a member of the Seminary. 

cationally, than all the other instruction he ever had." — Remarks of M. F. Dickinson, 
Esq., on the presentation of Mr. Williston's portrait, at the centennial celebration, 1878. 

" 1 Foster Lodge " is used in the broadside catalogue of 1817 for Mr. William Foster's; 
the name was probably given by William Person, 1814. 




William Gragg, 28, Groton. H. 1820. *1852 

Son of Thomas Gragg and Eunice Lakin. — At Widow Abigail F reach's. Gradu- 
ated 1817. — And. Theol. Sem. (1825.) Pastor, Windham, Me., 1828-31. Res. 
Carlisle, Bedford, Groton. 

David Green, 17, Stoneham. Y. 1821. *1866 

Brother of Samuel, 1810; sons of Thomas Green and Anna Knight. — At Mr. 
Henry Holt's ; Mr. Henry Abbot's. Graduated 1817. — Principal Amherst 
Academy, 1823. And. Theol. Sem. 1826. Secretary A.B.C.F.M. 1828-48. Com- 
piler, with Lowell Mason, of Church Psalmody. Res. Roxbury ; Windsor, 
Vt. ; Westborough. 

Lyman Hawes, 21, Brookfield. *1861 

Son of Joel Hawes and Clarinda Thayer. Born in Medway. Brother of (Rev. 
Dr.) Joel Hawes, teacher in Phillips Academy, 1814-15. Served on the Niagara 
frontier in War of 1812. — Farmer and extensive land-owner. Lima, N.Y. 
Town officer. Rep. from Lima. 

William Kneeland Hedge, 14, Cambridge. H. 1820. *1833 

Son of Prof. Levi Hedge and Mary Kneeland. — At Prof. Pearson's. Graduated 
1816. — Harv. Law Sch. 1823. Lawyer. Hamilton, O. ; Waltham. Died at 
West Cambridge. 

Albert Hyde, 16, Franklin, Ct. *1886 

Son of Joseph Hyde and Julitta Abel. — Left 1816. — Farmer and miller. Frank- 
lin (Baltic Village, now Sprague), Scotland, Ct. ; from 1882, Allison, la. 

Moses Ingalls, 20, Danville, Vt. *1860 

Son of Dea. Timothy Ingalls and Bathsheba Worcester. —At Madam French's. 
Left 1816.— Bangor Theol. Sem. 1822. Pastor, Cabot, Barnard, Whiting, Vt. ; 
Lewis, Elizabeth town, N.Y. Res. Burlington, Pa. Died at Whitehall, Wis. 
A.M. hon. Midd., 1829. 

John Hazen Kimball, 18, Concord, N.H. D. 1821. *1858 

Son of Judge John Kimball and Eunice White. Born in Vershire, Vt. — At John 
L. Abbot's, Esq. Left 1816. — Studied law with Joshua Sawyer, Esq., Hyde 
Park, Vt. Lawyer. Barton, Vt. State's Attorney. 

William Lathrop, 14, Norwich, Ct. Y. 1822. *1825 

Son of Thomas Lathrop and Hannah Bill. — At Samuel Farrar's, Esq. Gradu- 
ated 1818. — Norwich, Ct. Died on the day of the first meeting of his college 
class, three years after graduation. 

Francis Cabot Lowell, 12, Boston. H. 1821. *1874 

Brother of Edward Jackson, 1813; sons of Francis Cabot Lowell, 1786, and Hannah 
Jackson.— At Prof. Pearson's. Graduated 1817. — Merchant. Treasurer suc- 
cessively of Amoskeag and Merrimack Manufacturing Companies; actuary 
Mass. Hosp. Life Ins. Co. Boston, Waltham. Fellow Amer. Acad. 

Samuel Marsh, 20, Danville, Vt. D. 1821. *1874 

Son of Samuel White Marsh and Sally Brown. — " Being desirous of preaching 
the gospel, he left home for Andover, going most of the way on foot, a distance 
of one hundred and sixty miles." At Prof. Pearson's; Mrs. Ednah Folsom's; 
Mrs. Abigail French's. Graduated 1817. — And. Theol. Sem. 1824. Home mis- 
sionary; pastor in various places, New York and Vermont. Res. from 1852, 
Underhill, Vt. 

Jeremy Parkhurst, 21, Framingham. Y. 1819. *1843 

Son of Ephraim Parkhurst and Elizabeth Look. — At Mr. Henry Abbot's; Mr. 
Nathaniel Whittier's; Widow Abigail French's. Graduated 1816. — Teacher in 




Raleigh, N.C. ; Alexandria, Va. Physician in Philadelphia. Died in Union- 
ville (now Ashland). 

Joshua Payne Pat/son, 14, Pomfret [Abington], Ct. Y. 1819. *1871 
Son of Dea John Howe Payson and Amaryllis Payne. — And. Theol. Sem. 1824. 
Pastor, Chilmark and Tisbury. Res. from 1830, Pomfret ; blind for many years. 

Abraham Perkins, 16, Durham, N.H. *1853 
Son of Dea. Abraham Perkins and Lydia Norton. — At Mr. Henry Abbot's. 
Left 1816. — Merchant. Durham, N.H. 

Rufus Austin Putnam, 23, Sutton. H. 1822. *1873 

Son of Dea. Reuben Putnam and Elizabeth Mason. — At Widow Phebe Abbot's ; 
Samuel Farrar's, Esq.; Mr. James Locke's. Graduated 1818. — Pastor, Fitch- 
burgh; Chichester, N.H. Died at Pembroke, N.H. 

Reuben Sanborn, 25, Springfield, N.H. H. (1822.) *1830 

Son of Reuben Sanborn and Sarah Worthen. — At Mr Henry Holt's ; Mrs.Abigail 
French's. Graduated 1818. — Preached in Windsor, N.Y., and other places. 
Died at Painted Post, N.Y. 

Jeremiah Searle, 21, Rowley. U. 1821. *1861 

Son of Stephen Searle and Mary Jewett. Born in Atkinson, N.H. — At Mr. 
Nathaniel Whittier's ; Mr. Abiel Upton's. Graduated 1817. — Studied theology 
under Prof. Andrew Yates, Union College. Pastor, Rotterdam, Coxsackie, 
Fallsburgh, N.Y. 

Oliver Abbot Shaw, 17 ', Boston. 1 Y. 1821. *1855 

Born in Lexington. — At Mr. William Foster's; Foster Lodge, No. 1. Graduated 
1S17. — Studied law with Hon. Seth B. Staples, New Haven, Ct., and at Yale 
Law Sch. Teacher, Richmond, Va. Rector, Phenixville, Pa.; teacher, Phila- 
delphia. Died in Yazoo City, Miss. 
Andrew G. Smith, 11, Richmond, Va. 

At the Principal's. Left 1817. — 
Caleb Stetson, 22, Harvard. H. 1822. *1870 

Son of Capt. Thomas Stetson and Elizabeth Cook. Born in Kingston. — At Mr. 
William Foster's ; Mr. Abiel Abbot's. Graduated 1817. — Harv. Div. Sch. 1827. 
Pastor, Medford, South Scituate, Lexington. Preacher of Artillery election 
sermon, 1830. Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. 

James Stratton, 20, Athol. * 

Son of Peleg Stratton and Elizabeth Kendall. — At Theol. Sem. No. 4. " Scholar 
of the House." Left 1817. — Went to Georgia for his health, and died about 

Zephaniah Swift, 15, Derby, Ct. *1817 

Son of Rev. Zephaniah Swift and Sarah Packard. —At Prof. Porter's. Left 
1816. — Died of consumption, at Derby. 

William Carter Trask, 11, Bnmfield. *1815 
Son of Col. Israel Elliot Trask and Elizabeth Carter. — Died in Boston, less than 
a month after entering Academy, and buried in the Granary burying-ground. 
Philo Kingsbury Tweedy, 12, Hampton, Ct. *1874 
Son of John Tweedy and Rhoda Kingsbury. — New York. In mercantile busi- 
ness. Res. mostly in Hampton, Ct. 

Robert Vose, 14, Cambridgeport. *1816 

Son of Robert Vose and Rebecca K. Ritchie. — Died at Andover, while a pupil 
of the Academy 

1 Registered in succeeding years as from Lexington. 




Eleazer Mather Porter Wells, 21, Hartford, Ct. Br. (1821.) *1878 

Son of James A. Wells and Lucy Bull Served in the Conn. Militia in War of 
1812 — At Theol. Sem. No. 29. Left 1817. — Fifty-one years in Boston : in 
charge of House of Reformation for Juvenile Offenders, of School for Moral 
Discipline, and of the City Mission in connection with St. Stephen's chapel, 
of which he was minister. " A remarkable man, with a genius for charity, and 
a childlike love for God." Mem. Soc. of the Cincinnati of Mass. A.M. hon., 
Bro. 1834. D D. 

Leonard Woods, 8, Andover. U. 1827. *1878 

Son of Prof. Leonard Woods and Abigail Wheeler. Graduated 1823. — And. 
Theol. Sem. 1830. Instructor in Hebrew, And. Theol. Sem. 1830-31 : editor Lit. 
and Theol. Review, New York; Prof. Sac. Lit., Bangor Theol. Sem. ; Pres. 
Bowd. Coll. twenty-seven years ; translator of Knapp's Theology ; author of 
Documentary History of Maine . Mem. Me. Hist. Soc. : Mem. Mass. Hist. Soc. ; 
Mem. Amer. Antiq. Soc. D.D. LL D. Died in Boston ; buried in Andover. 


George Eliashib Adams, 14, Bangor [Maine]. Y. 1821. *1875 

Son of Dea. Eliashib Adams and Anne Leland. Born in Worthington. — At 
Mrs. Mary Foster's. Graduated 1817. — And. Theol Sem. 1826. Prof. Sac. Lit., 
Bangor Theol. Sem.; pastor in Brunswick, Me. forty years ; Orange, N.J. 
Overseer Bowd. Coll. ; Trustee Bangor Theol. Sem. D.D. 

Joseph Barker, Jr., 12, Marblehead. 

Brother of Nathaniel, 1813; sons of Joseph Barker. — At Mr. Ezra Abbot's.— 
" Lived at the South." 

Henry Benedict, 20, Norwalk, Ct. Y. 1822. *1868 

Son of John Benedict and Jane Raymond. — At Mr. Thomas Folsom's ; the 
Principal's. Graduated 1818. — Pastor, Norwalk, Ct, ; Lansingburgh, N.Y. ; 
Covington, Ky.; "New York Cong, ch." (Bowery); Westport, Ct. ; Port 
Chester, N.Y. Died at Saratoga Springs. 

Simeon Smith Bicknell, 22, Plainfield, N.H. D. 1823 *1876 

Son of Nathaniel Bicknell and Elizabeth Dustin. Born in Enfield, N.H. — At 
Mr. Abiel Upton's ; Miss Hannah Newman's. President of Social Fraternity. 
Left 1819. —Teacher, Salem; Jericho, Vt.; Malone, N.Y. Studied divinity 
with Rev. Ashbel Parmelee, D.D., Malone, N.Y. Pastor, Gouverneur, N.Y. ; 
Jericho, Yt, ; Fort Atkinson, Milton, Wis. Res. from 1872, Fort Atkinson. 

Lemuel Bingham, 18, Pittsfield. *1885 
Son of Septimius Bingham (" a fifer, as a boy-soldier in the Revolutionary War ') 
and Silence Strong. — At Capt. Benjamin Abbot's. Left 1817. — Learned print- 
ing and went to North Carolina. Editor of Western Carolinian at Salisbury, of 
Observer at Fayetteville. and of Catawba Journal at Charlotte. Over thirty 
years Clerk and Master in Equity of Davie Co. Died at Statesville, N.C; 90 
years old. 

Lewis Bixby, 19, Lime (Lyme), N.H. 

Son of Samuel Bixby and Sarah Nelson ; half-brother of Alfred, 1811. —At Mr. 
Nathaniel Whittier's ; Capt. Jeremiah Batchelder's. Scholar of the House; 
President of Social Fraternity. Left 1817 — Studied for Episcopal ministry ; 
taught in Brooklyn, Seneca Falls, N.Y.; Rockford, 111. Died at Rochester, N.Y. 




Cleopas Boyd, 15, [South] Berwick [Maine]. *1880 

Sou of Kev. Ebenezer Little Boyd and Sarah Frazier. Born in Boston. — At Capt. 
Benjamin Abbot's. Left 1817. — Lawyer. Harmony, Me. 

John Kent Bradbury, 14, Portland [Maine]. * 

Son of Hon. George Bradbury and Mary Kent. — At Mr. Ezra Abbot's. Left 
1817. — "Died at sea." 

Caleb Burbank, 22, Boseawen, N.H. D. 1821. *187G 

Son of Samuel Burbank and Eunice Fettengill. At Mr. Henry Holt's. — And. 
Theol. Sem. 1824. Sent by Conn. Missionary Soc. to the " Western Reserve." 
Pastor, Chester, Madison, Mesopotamia, Brecksville, Chatham, 0. Res. from 
1867, Stamford, N.Y. 

Isaiah Cicero Burnap, 21, Windham, Vt. M. 1821. *1854 

Son of Dea. John Burnap and Candace Bliss. — At Mr. A. J. Gould's. Left 1817. 
— Preceptor Addison County Grammar School, Middlebury, Vt. Studied 
theology with Rev. Joshua Bates, D.D., Midd Coll. Preceptor Academy and 
pastor, Chester, Vt. ; pastor, Appleton St. (now Eliot) church, Lowell. Author 
of Youth's Ethereal Director, 1822. 

Jonas Burnham, 18, Arundel [Kennebunkport, Me.]. Bo. 1823. *1889 

Son of Seth Burnham and Lydia Lasscll. — At Mrs. Ann Whittier's. Graduated 
1816 —Teacher of academies and high schools in Maine (Bath, China, Bridg- 
ton, Kennebunk, Hallowell, Augusta, Farmiugton) nearly forty years; pastor, 
Strong, Wilton, Me., 1 860-73; afterwards teacher of private pupils at Farming- 
ton, Me., till within three days of his death. 93 years old. 1 

Elijah Lansing Coe, 21, Hartland, Ct. U. 1822. *1823 

Son of Elijah Coe and Margaret (?) Hutchinson. — At Mr. William Foster's. 
Left 1817. — Tutor, Amh. Coll. 1822-23. Intended to enter the ministry; " died 
suddenly at a friend's house in Boston.' 

Abijah Cross, 22, Methuen. D. 1821. *1856 

Son of Abijah Cross (a soldier of the Revolution) and Elizabeth Parker. Began 
the study of medicine, before entering the Academy, with Dr. Ralph Harris of 
Methuen. — Studied theology with Rev. Edward L. Parker and Rev. Daniel 
Dana Londonderry, N.H. And. Theol. Sem. (1825.) Pastor, Salisbury, N.H.; 
West Haverhill. 

Increase Sumner 2 Davis, 19, Brookline. *1864 
Son of Dea. Ebenezer Davis and Lucy Aspinwall. Apprenticed to a wheelwright 
in Roxbury. — Roomed with Hiram Bingham, then in the Theological Seminary, 
afterwards the first missionary to the Sandwich Islands. — Wheelwright and 
teacher till 1821; farmer in Newton till 1827. Studied theology with Rev. 
Jonathan Homer, D.D., Newton. Pastor Dorchester, Wentworth. Piedmont, 
N.H. ; from 1860, Nevinsville, la. Town Clerk and Sup't of Schools in Dorches- 
ter; acted as physician in Iowa. A man of great physical strength and en- 
durance, always travelling on foot to meet his various and often distant ap 
pointments. In 1863 he " walked to the General Conference in Des Moines, a 
distance of eighty miles." 

William Henry D'Wolf, 1 7, Bristol, R.I. *1853 
Son of U.S. Senator James D'Wolf and Ann Bradford. Midshipman, U.S.N., 
serving on the Java under Commodore Oliver H. Perry, in the Mediterranean 
expedition, 1815. — Left 1817. — For several years engaged in whaling business, 

1 Present at the Centennial Celebration, 1878. 

2 Named for his great-unele, Governor Sumner, whose sword he inherited and turned 
into a carving-knife. 




Bristol. U.S. Consul to Dundee. Scotland; taken sick on his passage thither, 
returned on the same steamer, and died in New York the day after his arrival. 

William Gorham Drury, 13, Marblehead. *1863 
Son of Dr. John Drury and Hannah Smith. — At Mr. Nathaniel Whittier's. Left 

1817. — U.S.A., serving in California From 1861, in Hickman, Ky.; "though 
taking no part in the war, was arrested by Northern soldiers, and thrown into 
a federal prison at Columbus, Ky.. where he died." 

Theodore Edson, 23, Bridge water. H. 1822. *1883 

Son of Benjamin Edson and Deborah Perkins. — At Dea. Isaac Abbot's; Miss Sally 
Holt's. Graduated 1818. — Studied theology with Rev. Samuel Farmar Jarvis, 
D.D., Boston. Lay reader in St. Matthew's church, South Boston. Rector, 
St. Anne's church, Lowell, fifty-nine years. Founder of the school system of 
Lowell. D.D. 

Edward Bliss Emerson, 12, Boston. H. 1824. *1834 

Son of Rev. William Emerson and Ruth Haskins ; brother of Ralph Waldo Em- 
erson—At Mrs. Phebe Abbot's; Mr. Ezra Abbot's; Miss Sally Holt's. Left 

1818. — Valedictorian at Harvard. Taught private school at Roxbury ; studied 
law with Daniel Webster ; admitted to bar, 1828. Compelled by ill health to 
relinquish his profession. Res. from 1836, Porto Rico, W.I. 

Nathaniel Evans, 18, Concord, N.H. *1876 

Son of Asa Evans and Dorothy Buss. Born in Peterborough, N.H. — Left 1817. 

— Merchant. Keene, Concord, Hopkinton, N.H. 

Leonard Fletcher. 18, State of New York. 1 *1859 

Son of Phineas Fletcher and Mary Campbell. Born in Lancaster. — At Mr. Henry 
Holt's. — First studied law in Philadelphia; afterwards theology under Presi- 
dent William Stoughton, D.D., Columbian Univ., Washington. Pastor in 
Maryland; New Jersey; Great Valley church, Chester Co., Pa.; Hamilton, 
N.Y.; Penningtonville (now Atglen), Pa. 

Benjamin Hezekiah Flint, 14, [South] Danvers. *1820 
Son of Capt. Hezekiah Flint and Sally Putnam. — At Mr. Moses Wood's. — 

James Putnam Flint, 14, [North] Reading. *1883 
Son of Col. Daniel Flint and Priscilla Sawyer. — At Mr. A. J. Gould's. Left 1814. 

— Hide and wool merchant, Boston and Buenos Ayres; 1849, established the 
firm of Flint, Peabody. and Co., one of the earliest business houses in San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. Alderman, 1851. 

Joseph Ives Foot, 20, Granville, N.Y. U. 1821. *1840 

Son of Joseph Foot and Abigail Baldwin. Born in Waterbury, Ct. — At Mr. 
Nathaniel Whittier's. Left 1817. — And. Theol. Sem. 1824. Preached at Barn- 
well C.H., S.C., and Epping, N.H.; pastor, West Brookfield; Salina, Cortland, 
N.Y.; Knoxville, Tenn. Elected President Washington Coll., East Tennessee; 
thrown from his horse and died while on his way to be inaugurated. D.D. 

Isaac Fuller, 17, Mansfield. Br. (1822.) *1819 

Son of Isaac and Huldah Fuller. — At Mr. Palfrey Downing's. Graduated 1818. — 
Died at Mansfield, while a member of the freshman class of Brown University. 

Wakefield Gale, 19, Pembroke, N.H. D. 1822. *1881 

Son of Joseph Gale and Susannah Frye. — Graduated 1818. — And. Theol. Sem. 
1825. Pastor, Eastport, Me.; Rockport (twenty-eight years); West Granville. 
Res. from 1866, Easthampton. 

i Kingsbury, N.Y. 




Jonathan Jackson Gardner, 10, Boston. H. (1825.) *1856 

At Mr. Moses Wood's; Prof. Woods'. Left 1819. — Boston, Somerville. 
Joseph Henry Gardner, 12, Boston. *1876 
At Mr. Moses Wood's; Prof. Woods'. Left 1817. — In early life a sailor ; for many 
years a lay missionary among seamen in Philadelphia and New York ; Mem. 
New Eng. Soc. of N.Y. Died in Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Samuel Gardner, 9, Boston. * 

Brother of two preceding; sons of John Gardner and Sarah Jackson. — At Mr. 
Moses Wood's; Prof. Woods'. Left 1819. — Boston ; New York. 

George Henry Geyer, 11, Boston. * 
At Mr. A. J. Gould's. Left 1817. — " Died at Rio Grande, South America." 

John Whitelock Geyer, 13, Boston. * 

Brother of preceding; sons of Frederick Wm. Geyer and Rebecca Frazier. — At 
Mr. A. J. Gould's. — 

John Gibson, Jr., 12, Francestown, N. H. D. (1824.) *1857 

Son of John Gibson and Mary Gale. —At Foster Lodge, No. 1 ; Mr. William 
Foster's. Left 1819. — Landlord of Eagle Coffee-house (burned 1851), and Eagle 
Hotel, Concord, N. H. Kep. from Concord. " Major Gibson." 

Alva Goodman, 17, Hadley. 
At Mr. Nathaniel Whittier's. — 

Daniel LeBaron Goodwin, 16, Norton. Br. 1822. *1867 

Son of Daniel Goodwin and Polly Briggs, — At Mr. Amos Blanchard's. Gradu- 
ated 1818. —And. Theol. Sem. (1826.) Rector, Sutton, twenty-nine years ; city 
missionary, Providence, R. I. 

George Griswold, 14, Bristol, R. I. Br. 1821. *1829 

Son of Bishop Alexander Yiets Griswold and Elizabeth Mitchelson. — At Capt. 
Jeremiah Batchelder's. Left 1818. — Assistant minister at Trinity church, and 
at St. Paul's church, Boston; Rector, St. John's church, Northampton; Christ 
church, Alexandria, Va. Died in Bristol. 

Isaac Patten Hearsey, 13, Cambridge. H. (1823.) *1842 

Left 1817. — Harv. Med. 1829. Died in Baker Co., Ga. 

William Hilliard, Jr.,13, Cambridge. H. 1821. *1869 

Son of William Hilliard (bookseller, Cummings and Hilliard) and Sarah Lovering. 
— At Mr. Amos Blanchard's; Mr. J. A. Gould's. Graduated 1817. — Harv. Law 
Sch. 1825. Lawyer. Boston. Master in Chancery. 

Samuel Gibson Jewett, 20, Holies [Hollis], N. H. *1872 
Son of Dea. Stephen Jewett, Jr., and Elizabeth Pool. — At Capt. George Abbot's. 
Left 1817. — Trader in Hollis; painted portraits in Kentucky. Died in San Au- 
gustine, Texas. 

Horace Kimball, 12, Newburyport. 

Son of James Kimball and Mary Estabrook; brother of David Stearns, 1814. — At 
Mr. Amos Blanchard's. Left 1817. — In mercantile business, Boston, New York, 
and Cincinnati. Harv. Med. 1834. Dentist in New York thirty-five years. Res. 
from 1871, Plainfield, N. J. 

Warren Kimball, 16, Newburyport. *1875 

Brother of preceding.— At Mr. Amos Blanchard's. Left 1817.— In mercantile busi- 
ness, Eastport, Me.; from 1824 in New York. 




Willard Kimball, 21, Plainfield, N. H. *1866 

Brother of David, 1812; sons of David Kimball and Priscilla Herrick. Born in 
Hopkinton, N. H. Apprenticed to a tanner and currier in West Lebanon, 
N.H., for seven years. — Studied theology with Rev. Jeremiah Chaplin. D.D., 
in Danvers and in Waterville Coll. Pastor in (South) Abington ; East Bethel, 
Vt.; editor Vermont Telegraph, Brandon, Vt.; pastor in Antrim, N.H. Res. 
from 1863, Brandon. Died at Newton Centre. 

John Stocker Coffin Knowlton, 18, Hopkinton, N.H. D. 1823. *1871 
Son of Daniel Knowlton and Mary Stocker. — At Mr. Ezra Abbot's. Graduated 
1819. — Taught in Beverly. Editor of Lowell Journal, 1827-31. Res. from 1831, 
Concord; from 1833, Worcester. Editor of Palladium thirty-seven years; 
Mayor; High Sheriff; Rep.(from Lowell) 1829, 1831; Senator from Worcester, 
1852, '53; Mem. Const. Conv. 1853; Pres. Elector, 1856. 

Hiram Morrill Locke, 16, Andover. *1820 
Son of James Locke (landlord of the Mansion House, and afterwards of Locke's 
Tavern,^) an( j Tabitha (Edwards) Odiorne. Left 1817. — Died at sea. 

Solomon Lyman, 21, Easthampton. Y. 1822. *1871 

Son of Dea. Solomon Lyman and Lois Janes. — At Widow Abigail French's. 
Left 1818. — Studied theology with Rev. Drs. Spring, Cox, and Baldwin, New 
York. Pastor, Pittstown, Keeseville, N.Y.; Poultney, Vt. Res. from 1842 in 
Easthampton, preaching at West Farms seven years. 

George Perkins Marsh, 16, Woodstock, Vt. D. 1820. *1882 

Brother of Lyndon Arnold, 1813; sons of Hon. Charles Marsh and Susan (Perkins) 
Arnold. — At Mr. Nathaniel Whittier's. Graduated 1816. — Valedictorian at 
Dartmouth. Lawyer in Burlington, Vt. Rep. ; Member of Governor's Council ; 
M.C. six years. Minister Resident in Turkey; Special Envoy to Greece in 
matter of Dr. Jonas King; Minister Plenipotentiary in Italy twenty-one years. 
Member of many learned societies in America and Europe ; author of philolog- 
ical works. LL.D. Died in Vallombrosa, Italy. 

Thomas Meek, Jr., 12, Marblehead. * 

Son of Capt. Thomas Meek and Mercy Nichols. — At Mr. Ezra Abbot's; Mrs. 
Martha Carnes'. Left 1818. — Marblehead, Boston; Sandwich Islands. 

Joseph Muenscher, 18, Providence, R.I. Br. 1821. *1884 

Son of John Muenscher and Johanna Sophia Knoechell. — At Widow Phebe Ab- 
bot's. Graduated 1817- 2 — And. Theol. Sem. (1825.) Teacher of music, P. A., 
1823. Rector, Clappville (in Leicester, now Rochdale), Northampton; Saco, 
Me. Prof. Sac. Lit., instructor in Heb., and lecturer on Bib. Lit. and Interpre- 
tation, Episc. Theol. Sem., Gambier, O.; Prof. Latin, Kenyon Coll., college 
preacher, and trustee of both institutions. Rector, afterwards missionary at 
large, Mt. Vernon, O. Editor of Gambier Observer and Western Episcopalian. 
Author of Commentary on Proverbs and other books; compiler of the Church 
Choir. D.D. 

Levi Packard, Jr., 24, [North] Bridgewater. Br. 1821. *1857 
Son of Levi Packard and Ruth Snow. — At Mr. Ezra Abbot's; Capt. Benjamin 

1 " Who left our hill-top for a new abode, 

And reared his sign-post farther down the road." 

— Centennial Poem of Oliver Wendell Holmes, P.A. 1824. 

2 " During his academic and theological courses he walked every Saturday from An- 
dover to Salem, twenty miles, played the organ in St. Peter's church, and walked back 
on Monday in time for his recitations." 




Abbot's. Graduated 1817. — Valedictorian at Brown. Studied theology with 
Rev. Jacob Ide, D.D., Medway. Pastor in Spencer (twenty-seven years); Woon- 
socket, R.I. Died at Stafford Springs, Ct. 

Zibeon Packard, 21, [North] Bridgewater [Brockton]. *1887 

Son of Isaiah Packard and Betsey Packard. — In mercantile business for a time; 
a leading farmer in Plymouth County. Abington. 92 years old. 

John Phillips, 11, [North] Andover. *1863 

Son of Col. John Phillips, 1782, and Lydia Gorham; brother of Samuel, 1809, and 
Nathaniel Gorham, 1825.— At Mark Newman's, Esq. Left 1819. — Merchant. 
Boston, Newburyport; Macon, Ga. ; Mobile, Ala.; New Orleans. Custom-house 
inspector, Newburyport. Died in Dorchester. 

Augustus Pomeroy, 21, Granville. W. 1821. *1875 

Son of Dea. Elihu Pomeroy and Lydia Barker. Born in Belchertown. — Left 
1817. — And. Theol. Sem. 1825. Home missionary in Missouri and Ohio. Estab- 
lished female seminary at Chillicothe, O., 1831; pastor in Hamilton, O. ; Lacon, 
111 ; Piqua, O. ; Rockville, Ct.; Fredonia, N.Y.; Ashtabula, O.; from 1853, 
Groton, N.Y. 

John Porter [21], Cambridge. *1865 

Son of Rev. Micaiah Porter and Elizabeth Gallup, Plainfield, N.H. — Dart. Med. 
1820. Physician in Duxbury nearly forty-five years. 

Andrew Rankin, 20, Littleton, N.H. *1862 

Son of Andrew Rankin and Abby French. Walked from his home to Andover. 
— At Prof. Porter's; Miss Hannah Newman's. Left 1818. — Studied theology 
with Rev. Brown Emerson, Salem. Pastor in Colebrook, Thornton, Salisbury, 
N.H.; So. Berwick, Me.; Chester, Vt.; Danville, N.H. Also in the service of 
missionary and temperance societies. A.M. hon., Dart. Coll. 1839. 

James Barnard Read, 13, Cambridge. *1883 
Son of James Read and Mary Stebbins Brown. — At Mr. A. J. Gould's. Left 
1817. — With his father 1 in livery stable, Cambridge ; afterwards in same busi- 
ness in Boston. 

Isaac Rogers, 21, Gloucester. D. 1822. *1872 

Son of "Master" William Rogers and Elizabeth Low. — At Mark Newman's, 
Esq. ; Mrs. Martha Carnes'. Graduated 1818. — And. Theol. Sem. 1825. Pastor, 
Farmington, Me. (thirty-two years); Enfield, N.H. Res. from 1860, Farmington. 

James Buggies, 19, Cambridge, N.Y. *1854 

Son of Timothy Ruggles. — At Mr. Henry Holt's. — Printer in Cincinnati; St. 
Louis ; Edwardsville, 111. 

Dudley Smith, 23, Hadley. *1858 

Son of John Smith and Maria Dickinson. — At Mr. Abiel Abbot's. Left 1817. — 
Merchant. Town Clerk many years ; Rep. from Hadley, 1850, '51. 

Roswell Chamberlain Smith, 18, Franklin, Ct. Y. 1821. *1873 

Son of Shubael Smith and Milla Chamberlain. — At Mr. Abiel Abbot's. Gradu- 
ated 1817. — Teacher in Norwich, Ct., and Providence, R.I., residing afterwards 
in Hartford, Ct. Author of a popular series of school text-books. Bequeathed 
five hundred dollars to Phillips Academy. 

Samuel Horatio Stearns, 15, Bedford. H. 1823. *183 7 

Son of Rev. Samuel Stearns and Abigail French ; brother of William A., 1820, 

1 " Jemmy Read held the same place that Hobson did in the Cambridge of Milton." — 
Josiah Quincy, 1811, in Figures qf the Past. 




and Jonathan F., 1823. —At Mrs. Abigail French's. Graduated 1819. — Teacher 
in Phillips Academy, 1823-1825. 1 And. Theol. Sem. 1828. Ordained pastor of 
Old South church, Boston, 1831, but preached only three Sabbaths; an invalid 
afterwards till his death in Paris. 

William Sumner, 16, Danville, Vt. 

At Mrs. Palfrey Downing's. Left 1817. — 
John Tedder, 11, Marblehead. 

Son of Maj. John and Martha Tedder. — At Mr Ezra Abbot's. Left 1817. — 
WilliamWithington, 18, Dorchester. H. 1821. 

Son of Joseph Weeks Withington and Elizabeth White ; brother of Leonard, 1809, 
and Ebenezer W., 1819. — At John L. Abbot's, Esq. Graduated 1817. — And. 
Theol. Sem. (1824.) Rector in Ashfield, Clappville (now Rochdale), Hopkinton, 
Swansea. Diocesan missionary in Ohio and Michigan. Chaplain of Michigan 
Legislature. Res. from 1859, Dorchester ; from 1868, Washington, D.C. 

Henry 2 Wood, 21, Concord, N.H. D. 1822. *1873 

Native of Loudon, N.H. Son of Eliphalet Wood (who left Dartmouth College to 
join the Revolutionary army) and Elizabeth Tilton. Printer's apprentice in 
Concord, N.H. — At Mrs. Phebe Abbot's. Left 1817. — Tutor, Dart. Coll. 
Princ. Theol. Sem. (1826.) Prof. Lat. and Gr„ Hampden Sidney Coll. Pastor 
in Goffstown, Haverhill, Hanover, Canaan, N.H. Editor Cong. Journal, Con- 
cord, N.H., in connection with Daniel Kimball, 1812. U.S. Consul to Syria and 
Palestine; Chaplain U.S.N, on frigate Powhatan, at Navy Yard, Portsmouth, 
N.H., and in Naval Asylum, Philadelphia. D.D. 

Luther Wright, 19, Easthampton. Y. 1822. *1870 

Son of Luther Wright and Sarah Lyman. —At Foster Lodge, No. 2; Madam 
French's; Mr. Abiel Abbot's. President of Social Fraternity. Graduated 1818. 
— Principal of Academy in Maryland two years. Yale Div. Sch. 1827. Tutor, 
Yale Coll. three years. Taught in Military Academy, Middletown, Ct., and 
Classical School, Ellington, Ct. Principal of Leicester (Mass.) Academy, six 
years. Co-operated with Samuel Williston, P.A. 1814, in the organization of 
Williston Seminary, and was its first principal, 1841-49. Continued to reside 
in Easthampton, and to fit students for college. Estimated to have taught in 
all over four thousand pupils. Was never ordained, but often preached. Trustee 
Williston Seminary. 


Alanson Abbe, 21, East Windsor, Ct. *1864 

Son of John Abbe and Hannah Billings. Born in Enfield, Ct. — At Mrs. Ann 
Whitier's. — Yale Med. 1821. Physician. Litchfield, Ct. ; Worcester, Rox- 
bury, Boston. Occupied Grove Hall, Roxbury, for twenty years, as institution 
for treatment of spinal and other chronic cases. 

Samuel Abbot, 10, Salem. *1873 

Son of Samuel Abbot, Esq., and Anna Maria Burton, of St. Stephens, N.B. — At 
Maj. Joseph Stevens'. — Merchant in Philadelphia. 

1 See tribute of Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1824, in Centennial Poem : 

" Kindest of teachers, studious to divine 
Some hint of promise in my earliest line." 

2 Registered at the Academy, and at Dartmouth College, as Harry Wood. 




Ckades Shaw Adams, 20, Bath [Maine]. Bo. 1823. *1873 

Son of Dr. Samuel Adams and Abigail Dodge. — At Capt. George Abbot's. Left 

1818. — Studied theology with Rev. Benjamin Tappan, Augusta, Me. Pastor 
in Newfield, Wells, Me.; Coventry, R.I.; Westford, Ct. Died at Hillsdale, 

Benoni Allen, 23, Attleborough. Br. 1823. *1867 

At Mr. Palfrey Downing's; Mrs. Mary Chandler's. Left 1819. — "Preacher in 
Ohio." Died at Zanesville, O. 

William Stickney Allen, 12, Xewburyport. D. 1824. *1868 

Son of Ephraim W. Allen (editor of Xeicburyport Herald) and Dorothy Stickney. 

— At Miss Hannah Newman's. Graduated 1820. — Studied law with Stephen 
W. Marston, Esq., Newburyport. Lawyer, editor of Herald, and Rep. from 
Newburyport six years. Removed to St. Louis, 1837. Editor of St. Louis Re- 
publican, 1856-68, and previously of other papers. Register of Land Office, 1849; 
Rep. from St. Louis; Secretary of Territory of New Mexico; Judge of County 
Court. Died in New Haven, Mo. 

Dexter Baldwin, 18. Antrim, N.H. *1870 

Son of Isaac Baldwin and Bethiah Pool. — At John L. Abbot's, Esq. Left 1818. 

— Dart. Med. 1823. Physician in Mt. Vernon, Me. ; Boston. Res. from 1860, 
Framingham. " One of the first Abolitionists in Maine." 

Orville Barnes, 20, Bristol, Ct. *1848 

Son of Daniel Barnes and Sarah Webster. — At Miss Hannah Newman's. Left 

1819. — Teacher in Virginia seven years; farmer in Michigan. Justice of Peace 
and elder in Presbyterian church. 

George Cone Bechwith, 16, Granville, N.Y. M. 1822. *1870 

Left 1818.— Valedictorian at Middlebury. Teacher, Phillips Academy, 1823-24. 
And. Theol. Sem. 1826. Instructor in Sac. Lit. (assistant to Prof. Stuart), and 
afterwards in Sac. Rhet. (assistant to Prof. Porter), And. Theol. Sem. Pastor 
1st church, Lowell; first teacher in Lane Theol, Sem. (preparatory department); 
Pastor High St. church, Portland, Me.; thirty-three years Secretary Amer. 
Peace Soc, Boston. D.D. 

Ralzamon Belknap, 18, Ellington, Ct. *1858 
Son of Charles K. Belknap and Roxanna Bingham. — At Mrs. Ann Whittier's; 
Mr. Henry Abbot's. Left 1818. — Teacher in Wilmington, Del., nineteen years ; 
steward of Retreat for Insane Hartford, Ct. ; from 1840, farmer and teacher in 
Coventry, Ct. Town Clerk. 

Josiah Bent, Jr., 19, Milton. H. 1822. *1839 

Son of Josiah Bent (who started the enterprise of manufacturing crackers) and 
Susanna Tucker. — At Capt. George Abbot's; Mr. Ezra Abbot's. Graduated 
1818. — Princ. Theol. Sem. (1825.) Pastor, Weymouth, Falmouth, Amherst. 

Charles Bentley, 18, Tyringham [Monterey]. A. 1824. *1869 

Son of Charles Bentley and Hannah Wilson. — At Mr. Palfrey Downing's ; Mr. 
Henry Abbot's. Graduated 1820. — Studied theology with Rev. Allen McLean, 
Simsbury, Ct. Pastor, Middle Haddam, Granby, Harwinton, WestDort, Wil- 
lington, Ct. Trustee, Theol. Inst. Ct. Died at Berlin, Ct. 

Asahel Bigelow, 20, Boylston. H. 1823. *1877 

Son of Andrew Bigeiow and Sarah Fasset7 Walked forty-five miles to Andover 
to begin preparation for college. — At Mrs. Martha Carnes'. Graduated 1819. 

— And. Theol. Sem. 1826. Pastor in Walpole twenty-one years; in Hancock, 
N.H., twenty-seven years. Rep. from Walpole, 1849, '50. 




Richard Sears Briggs, 14, Boxford. *1827 
Son of Rev. Isaac Briggs and Sarah Sears. Born in York, Me. — At Mark New- 
man's, Esq. Left 1818. — Clerk in Boston. Died at Pernambuco, So. Araer., 
while on a voyage for his health. 

Horatio Nelson Brinsmade, 18, New Hartford, Ct. Y. 1822. *1879 
Son of Dr. Thomas C. Brinsmade and Elizabeth Goodwin. — At Mrs. Ann Whit 
tier's. Graduated 1818. — Princ. Theol. Sem. (1825.) Eight years instructor 
(with Harvey P. Peet, 1817) in Amer. Asylum for Deaf and Dumb, Hartford- 
Ct., also studying theology with Rev. Joel Hawes. Pastor, Collinsville, Ct. ; 
Pittsfield; Newark, N.J.; Beloit, Wis. Instructor in Beloit Coll. Pastor, 
Wickliffe Mission Chapel, Newark, N.J. Endowed the Brinsmade Professorship 
in Beloit Coll., and (with his widow) the Brinsmade Professorship in Carleton 
Coll. Trustee, Williams Coll. and Beloit Coll. ; Director, Union Theol. Sem. 

Thomas Buswell, 19, Antrim, N.H. *1826 

Son of Daniel Buswell (a Revolutionary soldier) and Ede Bodwell. — At Mr. 
Henry Abbot's — Carpenter. Owner of the Gregg Mills, Antrim. 

Elijah Carter, 19, Keene, N.H. 1 Y. (1824.) *1822 

Son of Dea. Elijah Carter and Sally Bridge. — At Mr. Thomas Folsom's; Mr. Abiel 
Abbot's. Graduated 1820. — Died at Wethersfield, Ct., while a student in Yale % 


Pierce Chamberlain, 21, Philadelphia, Pa. 
At Prof. Porter's. — 

William Lawrence Chaplin, 20, Groton. H. (1823.) *1871 

Son of Rev. Daniel Chaplin, D.D., and Susanna Prescott. — At Prof. Pearson's; 
Mr. William Foster's. Graduated 1819. " Induced many of his schoolmates, 
as early as 1819, on leaving Andover Academy for college, to sign a pledge to 
use no spirituous liquors." — Studied law with Judge Samuel Dana, Groton. 
Trustee, Groton Academy. Left Groton, 1827. General agent of New York Anti- 
Slavery Soc, 1838-1851, and a life-long and earnest advocate of temperance aud 
anti-slavery reforms in that state. Editor of American Citizen, Albany Patriot, 
and Chaplin'' s Portfolio (Rochester). Seized in District of Columbia, 1850, for 
aiding in escape of slaves of Alexander H. Stephens and Robert Toombs ; im- 
prisoned several months, and released on the payment of $25,000, contributed in 
large part by Gerrit Smith. Proprietor of Glen Haven (N.Y.) Water Cure, 
1851-61. Died in Cortland, N.Y. 

John White Chickering, 9, Woburn. M. 1826. *1888 

Son of Rev. Joseph Chickering and Betsey White. — And. Theol. Sem. 1829. 
Pastor of "Hillside church," Bolton, 1830-35; of High St. church, Portland, 
Me., 1835-65. Afterwards Secretary of Suffolk Temperance Union, and of the 
Massachusetts and Congressional Temperance Societies, residing at Wakefield 
and, in the winter season, at Washington, D.C. Trustee, Bangor Theol. Sem. 
D.D. Died in Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Sylvester Cochran, 21, Antrim, N.H. D. 1823. *1860 

Son of Andrew Cochran and Jennet Wilson. — Left 1818. — Studied theology with 
Rev. John M. Whiton, Antrim. Pastor in Poultney, Yt. ; organized colony 
settling Vermontville, Mich., and its first pastor ; pastor, and principal of 
Academy, Northville, Mich. ; pastor, Plymouth, Mich. Died in Northville. 

Arnasa Converse, 21, Lyme, N.H. D. 1822. *1872 

Son of Joel Converse and Elizabeth Bixby.— At Capt. Jeremiah Batchelder's ; 

1 Registered on broadside catalogues as from Putney, Vt. 




Mrs. Martha Carries'. Graduated 1818. — Princ. Theol. Sem. (1826.) Home 
missionary in Va.; editor of Visitor and Telegraph, Richmond, Va., 1827-39; 
of Christian Observer, Philadelphia, 1839-61 ; of same, removed to Richmond, 
1861-69: of Observer and Commonwealth, Louisville, Ky., 1869-72. D.D. 

Augustus Cowdin, 16, Rindge, N.H. *1884 
Son of Thomas Cowdin and Betsey Sawyer. — At Mr.Abiel Upton's. — In business 
in Concord, Worcester. Lawyer in Batavia, N.Y., from 1836. Held town and 
county offices. 

Francis Marion Cutler, 13, Boston. *1874 
Son of Benjamin Clark Cutler (High Sheriff of Norfolk Co.) and Sarah (Marion) 
Hyrne. Born in Jamaica Plain.— At Dea. Isaac Abbot's ; Miss Sally Holt's. 
— Farmer, Avon, N.Y., from 1830. 

Samuel Delano, 23, Dalton. D. 1823. *1877 

Son of Barnabas Delano and Ruth Ladd. Born in Langdon, N.H. — At Mr. 
Thomas Folsom's; Mrs. Mary Foster's. Left 1819. — Studied theology with 
President Bennet Tyler. Dart, Coll. Pastor, Hartland, Vt. : Haverhill, N.H.; 
Strafford, Vt. Trustee, Dart. Coll. Died at Williamstown, Vt. 

Joseph Doe, 21, Durham, N.H. Bo. 1823. *1873 

Son of Ebenezer Doe and Hannah Chesley. — At Mr. Thomas Folsom's; Mr. 
Nathaniel Carter's. Left 1819. — Name afterwards changed to Dowe. Had a 
private classical school several years in basement of Chauncy St. church, Boston, 
the sons of Daniel Webster, Dr. Channing, Nathan Hale, and the Appletons, 
being among his pupils. Afterwards publisher and bookseller in Boston. Re- 
tired to South Natick, 1863. Bequeathed three thousand dollars to Phillips 
Academy for scholarships in aid of promising youth preparing for college. 

Jacob Downing, 18, Arundel [Kennebunkport, Maine]. *1818 

Son of John Downing and Mary Clark. — At Mrs. Ann Whittier's. — Died of con- 
sumption at Arundel. 

Samuel Hazzleton Fletcher, 17, Putney, Vt. Y. 1824. *1885 

Son of Squire Hazeltine Fletcher and Jerusha Doolittle. — At Mrs. Ann Whit- 
tier's. Graduated 1820. — And. Theol. Sem. 1828. Home missionary in Louisi- 
ana, 1829. Pastor in Northbridge, 1832-34; teacher in Illinois; after 1840, book 
agent in New York City. Died at the Grand Central Hotel, New York. 

Sumner Fuller, 18, Newton. 

Son of Dea. Joseph Fuller and Elizabeth Bacon. — At Mrs. Phebe Abbot's. Left 
1818. — In business in Boston for a few years. 

Asahel Goodell, 20, Westminster, Vt. *1875 

Son of Asahel Goodell and Mary Hitchcock. — Left 1818. — Farmer. Westmins- 
ter, Vt. Deacon. 

Harley Goodwin, 20, New Hartford, Ct. M. 1824. *1855 

Son of Col. William Goodwin and Abigail Croswell.— At Mr. Henry Abbot's : 
Mr. Abiel Abbot's. Graduated 1820. — Studied theology with Rev. Cyrus Yale, 
New Hartford. Pastor, New Marlborough; Warren, Canaan, Ct. 

Jackson Gutterson, 18, Milford, N.H. H. (1823.) *1825 

Son of Samuel Gutterson. —At Foster Lodge, No. 3; Mr. William Foster's. 
Scholar of the House for 1817. Graduated 1819. — Harv. Med. 1823-26, studying 
also with Dr. Calvin Thomas of Tyngsborough, and Dr. Solomon D. Townsend 
of Boston. Died at Milford. 




Lent Leonidas Hamlin, 20, Canton, Ct. *1865 
Son of Mark Hamlin and Roxana Moses. — At Mr. Henry Abbot's. Left 1820. — 
Name afterwards written Leonidas Lent Hamline. Lawyer, Zanesville, O. 
Began to preach, 1829. Assistant editor of Western Christian Advocate, and 
editor of Ladies' Repository, Cincinnati; Bishop of M.E. church, 1844-52. Res. 
from 1857, Mt. Pleasant, la. 

Solomon Hardy, 21, Hollis, N.H. M. 1824. *1842 

Son of Solomon Hardy and Mary Bailey. — At Mrs. Phebe Abbot's. Scholar of 
the House for 1818. Graduated 1820. — And. Theol. Sem. 1827. Home mis- 
sionary in Illinois ; pastor, South Wellfleet, Eastham. 

David Tappan Harris, 14, Portsmouth, N.H. *1845 
Son of Dea. Job Harris and Elizabeth Mann. — At Mark Newman's, Esq. ; Miss 
Hannah Newman's. Left 1819. — Said to have begun preparation for the ministry 
at South Reading Academy, 1 and to have preached for a short time. In stationery 
and paper-hanging business, New York. Killed at the launching of a schooner. 

Francis Hilliard, 11, Cambridge. H. 1823. *1878 

Son of William Hilliard and Sarah Lovering ; brother of William, 1816.— Law- 
yer and jurist. Judge of Police Court, Roxbury ; Commissioner and Judge of 
Insolvency, Norfolk Co. Rep. from Roxbury, 1848. 

Nathaniel Hooper, 1 1, Marblehead. *1859 
Son of Capt. Robert Hooper and Mary Glover; brother of Benjamin F., 1824. — 
At Prof. Woods'. Left 1819. — Shipping merchant in Boston. 

Hiram WildmanHusted, 15, Danbury, Ct. Y. 1823. *1868 

Son of Samuel Husted. — At Prof. Stuart's; Mrs. Mary Foster's. Graduated 
1819. —Lawyer. Smithfield, Raleigh, N.C. Editor Whig newspaper in presi- 
dential campaign of 1844. U.S. District Attorney. 

Charles Jarvis, 1 7, Concord. H. 1821. *1826 

Son of Dea. Francis Jarvis and Millicent Hosmer. — At Capt. Jeremiah Batchel- 
der's. Graduated 1817. — Harv. Med. 1825, studying also with Drs. Hurd and 
Bartlett of Concord, and Shattuck of Boston. Physician. So. Bridgewater. 
Died in Concord. 

Merrick Augustus Jewett, 12, Ashburnham. D. 1823. *1874 

Son of Col. Joseph Jewett and Sarah Woods. — At Prof. Woods'. Left 1818. — 
Studied theology under Rev. John McKim Duncan, Baltimore. Preached eight 
years in Bedford Co., Pa., and pastor twenty-five years in Terre Haute, Ind. 
Died in Texas, while on a journey for his health. 

Amasa Jones, 24, Lincoln. 

Reuben Jones, 27, New Marlborough. *1820 

Son of Thomas and Lydia Jones. — At Mr. Palfrey Downing's. — Died in New 

Daniel Putnam King, 16, [South] Danvers. H. 1823. *1850 

Son of Capt. Daniel King and Phebe Upton.— At Mr. William Foster's. Gradu- 
ated 1819. — Farmer and statesman. Rep. from Danvers, and Speaker of House ; 
Senator from Essex, and President of Senate; M.C. 1843-1850. " Uncompro- 
mising opponent of all measures which tended to strengthen the hold of slavery 
upon the institutions of the country." Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. Res. Danvers 
(now West Peabody). 

1 " Intended as an Introductory School to the Theological School at Newton." 




William Rufus King, 13, Saco [Maine]. Bo. 1823. *1836 

Son of Hon. Cyrus King.1787, and Hannah Storer.— At the Principal's. Graduated 
1819. — Studied law with Hon. Frederick Allen, Gardiner, Me. Lawyer, Sul- 
livan, Me.; teacher, Shiloh, N.C. 

Henry Willis Kinsman, 14, Haverhill. D. 1822. *1839 

Son of Dr. Aaron Kinsman and Nancy Willis. Born in Portland, Me. — At Mr. 
Thomas Folsom's ; Mr. Abiel Abbot's. Graduated 1818. —Studied law with 
Daniel Webster Lawyer. Boston ; from 1836, Newburyport. Captain of City 
Guards, Mem. Com. Council, and Fourth of July Orator, 1836, Boston. Rep. 
from Boston five years, from Newburyport three years; Senator from Essex 
1841; U.S. Collector, Newburyport, 1841-45, and 1849-53; Mem. Const. Conv! 

Daniel Lawrence, 18, Holies [Hollis], N.H. *1848 
Son of Daniel Lawrence and Polly Johnson. — At Capt. Benjamin Abbot's; Mrs. 
Phebe Abbot's. Left 1818. — Physician. Natchez, Miss. ; St. Louis, Mo. 

Joseph Warren Leland, 12, Saco [Maine]. Bo. 1826. *1858 

Son of Hon. Joseph Leland, 1784, and Dorcas King. — At Miss Hannah Newman's. 
Left 1819. — Lawyer in Saco. County Att'y. Succeeded his father as member 
of the Soc. of the Cincinnati of Mass. 

David Jewett Moody, 13, Waltham. 

Son of Paul Moody (afterward a pioneer manufacturer in Lowell) and Susan 
Morrill. — At Foster Lodge, No. 1. Left 1818. — Res. in Lowell; at one time 
Sup't of the Lowell Co. Afterwards removed to Missouri. 

Forris Moore, 20, Putney, Vt. 

At Miss Hannah Newman's. Left 1818. — 

John Newman, 12, Newburyport. *1864 

Son of Samuel Newman and Phebe Hale. — At Mark Newman's, Esq. Left 1818. 
— Farmer in Newbury. 

John Cutler Nichols, 15, [West] Brookfield. Y. 1824. *1868 

Son of Lieut. Isaac Nichols and Abigail Cutler. Apprentice in Ebenezer Mer- 
riam and Co.'s printing office, West Brookfield, before beginning to prepare for 
college. — At the Principal's. Graduated 1820.— Teacher in Wethersfield, Ct. 
Yale Div. Sch. 1830. Home missionary in Hull, Lower Canada; pastor in 
Stonington and Lebanon, Ct. Kept family school for boys in Lebanon and Old 
Lyme, Ct. 

Ebenezer Nickerson, 16, Boston. * 

Son of Ebenezer Nickerson and Salome Collins. Born in Provincetown. — At Mr. 
Thomas Folsom's. — Went to sea immediately after leaving the Academy. Res. 
in England ; at one time, on the Isle of Rhodes. Never returned to America. 

Ambrose Niles, 21, Lyme, Ct. * 

Son of Dea. Ambrose Niles and Lois Brockway. — Left 1818. — Yale Med. (1823.) 
Physician. Went to Mississippi. 

Ebenezer Pardee Niles, 20, Stockbridge. W. 1823. *1837 

Son of Jonathan Niles and Sybil Johnson. Born in West Stockbridge. —At 
Prof. Pearson's. Graduated 1819. — Berkshire Med. Inst. Teacher in Camden, 
S.C. " A strong Union man in nullification times. M 

Bennett Fairchild Northrop, 18, Danbury, Ct. Y. 1824. *1875 

Son of Joshua Northrop and Phebe Fairchild. Born in Brookfield, Ct. — At Mrs. 




Ann Whittier's. Graduated 1820. — Aub. Theol. Sem. 1827. Teacher in Fair- 
field (Ct.) Acad. Pastor, Tolland, Manchester, Griswold, Ct. Trustee, Theol. 
Inst. Ct. 

Charles Henry Olcott, 13, Hanover, N.H. *1852 
Son of Hon. Mills Olcott and Sarah Porter. — At Prof. Porter's. Left 1818.— 
Studied medicine under Dr. Nathan Smith, Yale Med., 1826-28. Dart. Med. 
1839. Physician in Hanover. 

Samuel Ordway, 17, Greenfield, N.H. *1861 

Son of Tristram Ordway and Margaret Heath. — Mechanic and business man. 
Hancock, N H.; from 1842, Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Howard Packard, 17, Bridgewater. 

Richard Pedrick, 12, Marblehead. H. (1823.) *1829 

Son of Capt. Richard Pedrick and Elizabeth Bartlett. — At Mark Newman's, 
Esq.; Mr. James Locke's. Graduated 1819. — " Left college and went to South 
America, where he died at Truxillo." 

Harvey Prindle Peet, 21, Bethlem [Bethlehem], Ct. Y. 1822. *1873 
Son of Richard Peet and Joanna Prindle. Taught district school, from the age 
of 16, to earn funds for his education. — At Mrs. Martha Carnes'; Mr. James 
Locke's. Graduated 1818. — Instructor nine years in Amer. Asylum for the 
Deaf and Dumb, Hartford, Ct. ; Principal of New York Institution for the 
Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb thirty-six years, and Emeritus Principal until 
his death. Author of text-books for deaf and dumb. Ph.D. ; LL.D. 

Charles Pierce, 13, Newburyport. *1858 

Son of Capt. Benjamin Pierce and Elizabeth Gerrish. — At Prof. Stuart's. — In 
early life a supercargo in his father's employ. Died in Boston. 

John Budd Pitkin, 14, Great Barrington. *1835 
Son of Merwin Pitkin and Maria Budd. — At Mr. Thomas Folsom's. — " Pastor 
of the first Independent church in Richmond, Va " Died at St. Augustine, 

John Stanwood Pulsifer, 18, Ipswich. *1866 
Son of Capt. Bickford Pulsifer and Sarah Stanwood. —At Mr. Ezra Abbot's; 
Mrs. Mary Chandler's. Left 1818. — Teacher, lay preacher, and land surveyor, 
in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Invented a clothes wringer, and also a pho- 
netic alphabet, printing it with wooden type made by himself. Res. from 1839, 
Orwigsburgh, Pa. Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. 

Benjamin Alexander Putnam, 13, Savannah, Ga. H. 1823. *1869 
Son of Dr. Benjamin Putnam (a surgeon in the Revolutionary army) and Ann 
Sophia Malcolm. — Lawyer. St. Augustine, Fla. Died in Palatka, Fla. 

Edmund Quincy, 9, Boston. H. 1827. *1877 

Son of Josiah Quincy, 1778, and Eliza Susan Morton; brother of Josiah, 1811. — 
At the Principal's. Graduated 1823. — Boston, Dedham. Associated with 
Garrison and Phillips in the anti-slavery conflict, writing the reports of the 
American and Massachusetts Anti-slavery Societies, of which he was Secretary, 
and making constant and effective contributions to the periodical press. Author, 
also, of Wensley, 1 and of " a model biography " of his father, President Quincy. 
Overseer Harv. Coll. Fellow and Treas. Amer. Acad.; Mem. and Sec. of Mass. 
Hist. Soc. 

1 Dr. Samuel A. Green preserves the fact, told him by Mr. Quincy, that the scene of 
this once popular novel was laid in Andover, where many of its characters and descrip- 
tions can readily be referred to the time of his own Academy life or that of his father. 




Joseph Reynolds, 16, Wilmington. H. (1823.) *1878 

Son of Rev. Freegrace Raynolds and Anna Brown. — At Mrs. Martha Carnes' ; 
John L. Abbot's, Esq. Graduated 1819. — Harv. Med. 1827. Studied also with 
Dr. James P. Chaplin, Cambridgeport. House physician, Mass. Gen. Hospital, 
182Y-29. Physician, Concord, Chester, N.H.; Gloucester, Concord. Author 
of Peter Gott, the Cape Ann Fisherman, and frequent contributor to agricultural 
and medical periodicals. 

Theron Robinson, 20, Windham, Ct. *1818 
Son of Jacob and Selinda Robinson. Born in Tolland, Ct. — At Foster Lodge, 
No. 2. Died at Andover, Feb. 1, 1818, and buried in the Chapel Cemetery. 

George H. Rogers, 14, Saco [Maine]. 

Entered on the broadside catalogue of 1815 as from Augusta, Me. — At Mr. Henry 

Charles Shed, 10, Andover. *1869 

Son of Jacob Shed and Susanna Spaulding.— Left 1824.— Selectman, Postmaster, 
Town Clerk, in Methuen. 

Hiram Smith, 16, Westfield. A. 1823. *1887 

Son of Simon Smith and Abigail Fowler. — At Mrs. Ann Whittier's; Mr. Palfrey 
Downing's. Graduated 1819. — First two years of college course at Williams. 
Studied theology with Rev. Dr. Theophilus Packard, Shelburne, and at Au- 
burn Theol. Sem. 1826. Preached to Cattaraugus Indians in New York ; in 
Marcellus, N.Y.; Altamont, Mich. ; Margaretta, O. (twenty-five years); also 
conducted select schools. Died at Hillsdale, Mich. 

Luther Smith, 16, Hollis, N.H. Br. 1824. *1881 

Son of Rev. Eli Smith and Anna Emerson. — Studied law with Hon. Benj. M. 
Farley, Hollis. Afterwards studied theology with his brother, Rev. Eli Smith, 
Frankfort, Ky. Principal of Academy in Paris, Ky., many years ; pastor, in 
Zanesfield, O. 

Ezra Stiles, 18, [East] Windsor, Ct. Y. 1823. *1844 

Son of Capt. Asahel Stiles and Tryphena Chapin. — Teacher in Hartford, Ct.; 
Springfield; E. Windsor, Ct. : Athens, Pa. In stone and marble quarry busi- 
ness at Syracuse, N.Y. "One of the first and firmest Abolitionists in the 

Isaac Stuart, 7, Andover. Y. 1828. *1861 

Son of Prof. Moses Stuart and Abigail Clark. Born in New Haven, Ct. — Gradu- 
ated 1824. — Afterwards took the name of Isaac William Stuart. Oriental 
scholar and historical writer. Teacher in Hopkins Grammar School, Hartford, 
Ct. ; Prof. Gr. and Lat. in Coll. of So. Car. Resided in Hartford on the Wyllis 
('• Charter Oak ") estate. 

Daniel Dana Tappan, 18, Portsmouth, N.H. Bo. 1822. *1890 

Son of " Master " Samuel Tappan andAurelia Bingham. Born in Newburyport. — 
At Mrs. Phebe Abbot's; Mrs. Mary Foster's. Left 1818. — Yale Div. Sch. 
(1825.) Pastor in Alfred, Me.; Franklin, N.H.; North Falmouth, Winthrop, 
Me.; E. Marshfield (two pastorates, eighteen years); Farmington, Wakefield, 
N.H. Res. Weld, Me., and from 1885, Topsfield. 91 years old. Conducted ser- 
vice in the Topsfield church a few days before his death. 

Solomon Jackson Tracy, 21, New Marlborough. W. 1823. *1890 

Son of General David Tracy and Electa Sheldon. —At Mrs. Ann Whittier's; 
Capt. George Abbot's. Graduated 1819. — And. Theol. Sem. 1826. Pastor in 
Nassau, Troy, Canaan, N.Y.; North Cornwall, Ct.; from 1841, Springfield, N.Y. 
94 years old. 




Winslow Tracy, 18, Norwich, Ct. *1823 

Son of Col. Elisha Tracy and Lucy Coit Huntington. — Left 1818. — Died in 

Benjamin Tucker, 13, Salem. H. 1821. *1832 

Son of Jacob Davis Tucker and Priscilla Preble ; nephew of Ichabod Tucker, 
Esq., Clerk of the Courts, Salem. Born in Lyme, N.H.— In Francis Pea- 
body's counting-room, Salem. 

George Washington Tucker, 13, Roxbury. Y. (1823.) *1825 

Son of Beza Tucker and Margaret Hill. — At the Principal's. Graduated 1819. — 
Harv. Med. While a student in medicine, went on a voyage to Europe, and 
died in Paris. 

Henry Wheeler, 22, Worcester. *1840 

Son of Theophilus Wheeler (forty-three years Register of Probate of Worcester 
Co.) and Elizabeth Lynde. — At Prof. Woods'. Graduated 1818. Also Resident 
Student at And. Theol. Sem. 1818. — '-Kept country store in Worcester." 
Church officer. 

Walter White, 22, Longmeadow. A. 1825. *1881 

Son of Dea. Walter White and Sabina Keep. — At Mr. Abiel Abbot's. Gradu- 
ated 1820. — Princ. Theol. Sem. (1830.) Name changed to Walter Franklin 
White. Home missionary and evangelist, for a few years in New England, 
afterwards for many years in Illinois. " Preached one year in the first Congre- 
gational church organized in Chicago." Res. from 1867, Independence, la. 

Dexter Whiting, 18, [South] Natick. *1863 

Son of Roger Whiting and Fanny Broad. — At Capt. Jeremiah Batchelder's. — 
Trader. South Natick, Charlton. 

Dewey Whitney, 21, Marlborough, Vt. *1857 

Son of Dea. Jonas Whitney and Tamar Houghton. — Sent by Missionary Society 
of Connecticut to Kentucky, where he studied theology with Rev. Dr. Gideon 
Blackburn. Pastor, Springfield, 111. For many years unable to preach. Thrown 
from his horse and killed in Franklin Co., Ky. 

Milton Wilder, 19, Ashburnham. Y. (1825.) *1866 

Son of Nahum Wilder and Hannah Woods. Born in Princeton. —At Prof. 
Woods'. — A successful and useful teacher in Georgia (Culloden, Jeffersonville, 
Thomasville, Forsyth). " He had no higher ambition than to serve well his 
generation by the will of God." 

Elijah Williams, 15, Deerfield. H. 1822. *1835 

Son of Dea. Ebenezer Hinsdale Williams and Joanna Smith. — At Mr. James 
Locke's. Graduated 1818. — Lawyer and trader in Deerfield. Organized and 
commanded the " Franklin Cadets." Editor in Jacksonville, Fla., where he 

Horace Winchell, 19, Boston. *1873 
Son of Col. Martin E. Winchell of North East, N.Y., and brother cf Rev. James 
M. Winchell of the 1st Baptist church, Boston. — At Mrs. Martha Carnes'. — 
Farmer; teacher; agitator and author in the interest of civil and ecclesiastical 
reform. North East, N.Y. Died at Salisbury, Ct. 

George Edward Winthrop, 12, Boston. H. 1825. *1875 

Son of Lt. Gov. Thomas Lindall Winthrop and Elizabeth Bowdoin Temple; 
brother of James Bowdoin, 1807, John Temple, 1809, and Francis William, 1811. 
— At Mark Newman's, Esq.; the Principal's. Left 1818. — Studied law, and 
admitted to the bar, but, owing to ill health, never practiced his profession. 




Henry Hopkins Woodbridge, 13, Stockbridge. Y. 1823. *1844 

Son of Joseph Woodbridge (lawyer and (Jlerk of Courts) and Louisa Hopkins. — 
At Mr. Ezra Abbot's. Graduated 1819. — Princ. Theol. Sem. (1834.) Pastor, 
No. Canaan, Ct., 1840-42. Afterwards practiced law. Died at Milwaukee, Wis. 

Samuel Woodbridge, 15, Milford, N.H. *1858 
Son of Samuel Gilman Woodbridge aud Hannah Blanchard. — At Foster Lodge, 
No. 3. Left 1818. — Mechanic. Wilton, N.H. 

James Trask Woodbury, 14, Francestown, N.H. H. 1823. *1861 

Son of Hon. Peter Woodbury and Mary Woodbury. — At Foster Lodge, No. 2; 
Mr. William Foster's. Graduated 1819. — Studied law with his brother, Gov. 
Levi Woodbury, at Portsmouth. Lawyer in Bath, N.H. Studied theology 
under Dr. Lyman Beecher, Boston. Pastor in Acton twenty-two years, and in 
Milford nine years to the time of his death. Rep. from Acton, 1851, '52. 

Taylor Gilman Worcester, 15, Hollis, N.H. H. 1823. *1879 

Son of Jesse Worcester (a revolutionary soldier, and teacher of common schools 
for many years) and Sarah Parker; brother of Jesse and Joseph E., 1805; Frede- 
rick A. and Samuel T., 1825; and of David, 1826. — Teacher in Dummer Acad- 
emy. And. Theol. Sem. 1827. Not ordained. Editor of revised translation of 
Swedenborg's works. Farmer in Hollis from 1833. 

John Wright, 19, Westford. H. 1823. *1869 

Son of Nathan Wright and Betsey Trowbridge. — At Capt. Jeremiah Batchel- 
der's; Mrs. Mary Foster's. Graduated 1819. — Studied law with Judge Samuel 
Dana, Groton. Lawyer in Groton. Teacher and manufacturer in Worcester. 
From 1843, Agent Suffolk Mills, Lowell. Rep. from Worcester, 1840. 


Darwin Adams, 17, Mt. Vernon, N.H. D. 1824. *1889 

Son of Dr. Daniel Adams (author of Adams's Arithmetic) and Nancy Mulliken 
Born in Leominster. — Graduated 1820. —And. Theol. Sem. 1827. Pastor, 
Camden, Me.; Alstead, N.H.; Fayetteville, Vt. ; Dunstable, Auburn. Res. 
from 1867, Groton. 

Hiram Arms, 19, Northampton. Y. 1824. *1882 

Son of William Arms and Mercy Snow. Born in Windsor, Ct. Early home in 
Deerfield. Worked at the silversmith's trade with Dea. Ebenezer S. Phelps of 
Northampton, for whom his name was changed to Hiram Phelps Arms. — At 
Mrs. Kendall's ; Capt. George Abbot's. Graduated 1820. — Yale Div. Sch. 1828. 
Teacher, Kingston, N.Y. Pastor, Hebron, Wolcottville, and from 1836, Nor- 
wich, Ct. Fellow of Yale Coll. D.D. 

Luke Baker, 18, Chatham. Y. (1826.) *1834 

Son of Luke Baker and Phebe Clark. Born in Brewster.— At Mrs. Martha 
Games'. Graduated 1822. — Name changed, 1833, to Luke Clark Baker. And. 
Theol. Sem. 1833. Died in Chatham. 

Zephaniah Ames Bates, 15, Bridgewater. H. 1824. *1842 

Son of Joshua Bates and Bethiah Ames. — Left 1819. — Teacher. Bridgewater; 




James Bell, 13, Chester, N.H. Bo. 1822. *1857 

Son of Gov. Samuel Bell and Mehitabel Bowen Dana. Born in Francestown.— 
At Mr. James Locke's. Left 1819.— Studied lawwith his brother, Samuel D. 
Bell, and at the Litchfield Law Sch. Eminent lawyer. Gilmanton, Exeter, 
Gilford, N.H. Rep. from Exeter; Mem. Const. Conv. 1850; U.S. Senator from 

John Bell 10, Chester, N.H. *1828 

Son of Gov. John Bell and Persis Thorn. — At Mr. James Locke's. Left 1819. — 
Studied also in Norwich Mil. Acad. Died in New York. 

Luther V Bell, 11, Chester, N.H. Bo. 1823. *1862 

Son of Gov. Samuel Bell; brother of James, above. Born in Francestown, N.H. 

— At Mr. James Locke's. Left 1819.— Dart. Med. Coll. 1826. Eminent phy- 
sician and medical writer, especially in connection with the care of the insane. 
In Derry, N.H., till 1837. Sup't McLean Asylum, Somerville, 1837-56. Rep. 
from Derry, 1836 (for promoting project of state asylum in N.H.); Member of 
Gov. Briggs' Council, 1836, and of Mass. Const. Conv. 1853. U.S. Surgeon, 
War of Rebellion. President Mass. Med. Soc. Mem. N.H. Hist. Soc. and Mass. 
Hist. Soc. ; Fellow Amer. Acad. J. CD.; LL.D. Died in camp at seat of war, 

Luke Bemis, 12, Watertown. *1888 

Son of Luke Bemis and Hannah Eddy, — At Mr. William Foster's. Left 1819. 

— Connected with manufacturing enterprises in Cabotville (now Chicopee) ; 
Cohoes, N.Y.; Lewiston, Me.; Indian Orchard. Com'r Internal Rev.. Boston; 
Gov't Sup't of manufacture of "localized fibre paper" for greenbacks, frac- 
tional currency, etc., at West Chester, Pa., 1869-77. Rep. from Springfield, 
1838. Died at Lowell. 

Nathaniel Bliss, 23, Longmeadow. *1845 

Son of Nathaniel Bliss and Martha Collins. — Left 1820. — Farmer. Longmeadow. 

Carolus Columbus Brainerd, 17 , Randolph, Vt. *1827 
Son of Rev. Elijah Brainerd and Parthena Marsh. — Left 1819. — " Rector of the 
churches in Warrenton and Williamsburg, N.C." Died in Warrenton. 

Frederic Bronson, 15, New York. H. 1823. *1868 

Son of Dr. Isaac Bronson and Ann Alcott. — At Samuel Farrar's, Esq. Graduated 
1819. — Litchfield Law Sch. Lawyer, but engaged mostly in the management 
of estates. New York. 

Lemuel Brooks, 21, Washington, Ct. *1881 

Son of Samuel Lewis Brooks and Phebe Beers. Born in Brookfield, Ct. Ap- 
prenticed to a shoemaker before beginning his preparatory course. — Left 1821. 

— Aub. Theol. Sem. 1827. Pastor, Penfield, Attica, Bethany, Covington, Chili, 
Churchville, Webster, N.Y. Res. from 1847, Churchville. Inherited a large 
fortune, and left it to educational institutions and missionary societies. 

Oliver Carlton, 16, Mt. Vernon, N.H. D. 1824. *1882 

Son of Dea. John Carlton and Judith Weston. — At Mrs. Ann Whittier's. 
Graduated 1820. — " Master Carlton," a life-longand successful teacher. Tutor, 
Dart. Coll. 1825-26; afterwards in Francestown, N.H.; Windsor, Vt.; Haver- 
hill, Marblehead; Portsmouth, N.H. Principal of Salem Latin Grammar 
School, 1832-56; taught private pupils in Salem to 1881. First President of 
Mass. Teachers' Assoc , 1845-48. Present at Centennial Celebration, 1878. 

Hampden Cutts Carter, 13, Andover. Ga. 1 1826. *1869 

Son of Nathaniel Carter (previously a prominent merchant in Newburyport) and 
1 Then known as Franklin College. 




Eliza Eppes Cutts. Bom in Newburyport. — At Mr. Nathaniel Carter's. Gradu- 
ated 1822. — Presbyterian pastor and domestic missionary in Georgia (Marietta, 
Gainesville, Jefferson, Calhoun, Daiton), residing mostly at Athens, where he 

Washington Choate, 15, Ipswich [Chebacco, now Essex]. D. (1823.) *1822 
Son of David Choate and Miriam Foster; brother of Rufus Choate. — At Mrs. 
Kendall's. Graduated 1819. 1 — Died at Essex during the Junior year of his col- 
lege course. 

Benjamin King Churchill, 13, Bristol, R.I. *1832 
Son of Capt. Benjamin King Churchill (of the famous privateer " Yankee," in 
the war of 1812) and Clara Eaton. — Left 1821. — Went to Bahia, So. America, 
as clerk. Died on his father's barque, off the west coast of Africa, on homeward 

Orange Clark, 20, Westhampton. H. (1826.) *1869 

Son of Jacob Clark and Susanna Bangs. Born in Northampton. — At Mrs. Phebe 
Abbot's. Graduated 1821. — Instructor, Portsmouth (N.H.) Academy. Rector 
Waterford, Delhi, Lockport, Rochester, N.Y.; Northampton; General mission- 
ary in the western part of Diocese of Mass.; Quincy. Res. from 1851, San 
Francisco, Cal. 

John Jones Clarke, 15, Norton. H. 1823. *1887 

Son of Rev. Pitt Clarke and Rebecca Jones.— At Mrs. Mary Chandler's. — Lawyer 
in Boston. First Mayor of Roxbury, 1846; Rep. 4 from Roxbury, 1836, 1837; 
Senator from Norfolk, 1853. 

William George Crosby, 13, Belfast [Maine]. Bo. 1823. *1881 

Son of Chief Justice William Crosby, 1790, and Sally Davis. — Left 1819. — Lawyer 
in Boston; from 1828 in Belfast. First Sec. Maine Board of Educ; Governor 
of Maine; U.S. Collector at Belfast. Overseer Bowd. Coll. Mem. Me. Hist. 
Soc. LL.D. 

Joseph Edwin Cutler, 12, Boston. *1877 
Son of Joseph Cutler and Phebe Ward, and step-son of Hon. Pliny Cutler. — At 
the Principal's. Graduated 1822. — Farmer. West Brookfield. 

Frederic Dana, 9, Portland [Maine]. *1834 

Son of David Dana and Betsey Osgood. — At the Principal's. Left 1819. — Studied 
also at Norwich Mil. Acad. Trader, North Yarmouth, Me. Lost at sea on a 
business trip to the South. 

Charles Henry D'Wolf, 12, Bristol, R.I. Br. (1826.) *1846 

Son of Charles D'Wolf and Mary Goodwin; brother of Allen M., 1819. — At Mr. 
Nathaniel Carter's. Left 1821.— Resided on a coffee plantation, Area de Abe, 
in Cuba. 

Lilbourne Boyd Drane, 21, Washington, D.C. H. 1824. *1862 

Son of James Anthony Drane. Born in Prince George's County, Md. — Presi- 
dent of Social Fraternity. Graduated 1820. — Name changed, 1824, to Robert 
Brent Drane. Rector in Hagerstown, Md.; Wilmington, N.C. President 
Shelby Coll., Shelbyville, Ky., 1843-44. Died at Wilmington, of yellow fever. 

Thomas Russell Durfee,l7, Troy [Fall River]. Br. 1824. *1833 

Son of Charles Durfee and Welthe Hathaway. — Left 1820.— And. Theol. Sem. 

1 " Gentlemen best qualified to judge pronounced him the best and most lovely scholar 
that ever belonged to that institution " [Phillips Academy]. — Eulogy of his college 
classmate, Charles Walker. 




1827. Home missionary and agent Amer. Bible Soc. in Missouri. Died at St. 
Charles, Mo. 

Erasmus Darrein Eldredge, 14, Dunstable. A. 1829. *1876 

Son of Dr. Micah Eldredge and Sally Buttrick. -- At Mrs. Mary Foster's. — And. 
Theol. Sem. (1833 ) Principal Pepperell Acad. Teacher in Monticello and 
Milledgeville, Ga. ; pastor in Hampton, Salisbury, Alton, Kensington, N.H. 
Died in Athens, Ga. 

John Franklin Emerson, 14, Amherst, N.H. 1 D. 1825. *1890 

Son of Capt. Nathaniel Emerson and Mercy Badger. — Graduated 1819. — Teacher 
one year in Holmes Academy, Plymouth; thirty-five years in New Bedford, 
twenty -five as Master of High School. Twenty years, 1866-86, in New York 
Custom House, res. Brooklyn. Rep. from New Bedford, 1840. Died at Flat- 
bush, L.I. 

Josiah Woodbury Fairfield, 16, New Boston, N.H. D. 1825. *1878 
Son of John Fairfield, Esq., and Hetty Baker. — Left 1821. — Teacher in Chester- 
field, N.H., and Hudson, N.Y. Studied law with Elisha Williams. Lawyer, 
judge, banker, Hudson. Treasurer of Savings Institution; President of 1st 
National Bank; President of Hudson and Boston R.R. Member Presb. Gen. 

Benjamin Wheeler Fosdick, 8, Marbiehead. *1854 
Son of Benjamin Hichborn Fosdick and Betsey Wheeler. Born in Boston.— 
At Mr. James Locke's. Left 1819. — Clerk in Boston and supercargo to China. 
Commission merchant in Savannah, Ga., from 1836. Died of yellow fever at 
Philadelphia, on his way North. 

Joseph Gambell, 24, Newfane, Vt. *1880 

Son of James and Susanna Gambell. — Served in War of 1812. — Pastor, Wards- 
borough, Vt., to 1833; St. Clair, Grand Blanc, Belleville. Res. from 1875, Detroit. 

Samuel Wheaton Gaylord, 15, Bristol, Ct. 

Son of Samuel Gaylord and Lucy Truesdale. — At Mrs. Abigail French's. Left 
1819. — Yale Med. 1822-23. Physician. *' Went away many years ago to the 
South or West." 

Chandler Robbins Gilman, 16, Philadelphia, Pa. H. (1823.) *1865 
Son of Benjamin Ives Gilman and Hannah Robbins; brother of Joseph, 1814. 
Born in Marietta, O. — Graduated 1819. — M.D., Univ. Pa. 1824. Physician 
and author. Lecturer, Professor, Fellow, Coll. Phys. and Surg., New York. 
Res. from 1864, Middletown, Ct. 

John Grew, 11, Boston. *1835 

Son of John Grew and Ann Greene ; brother of Henry, 1819, and Charles, 1820. 
— At Prof. Woods'. Left 1819. — Hardware merchant (Hosmer and Grew), 

Joseph Griffin, 19, Andover. *1875 

Son of Jonathan Griffin, 1793, and Zeruiah Vicker. — Apprentice from 1813 to 
Flagg and Gould, the famous Andover printers. In 1819, took his outfit on 
board a Kennebec coaster, landed at Bath, and settled at Brunswick, Me., 
where he set up the first printing office, started the first newspaper, 2 and opened 
the first bookstore. Printer to Bowdoin College, and publisher of works of 
Professors Newman, Upham, Smyth, Longfellow, etc. " Enjoyed the reputation 
of being the best printer in the state.'' Author of The Press of Maine. 

1 Afterwards catalogued as from Waltham. 

2 The Maine Intelligencer, 1820. Previously in the same year he issued a periodical, 
called The Management of the Tongue arid Moral Observer. 




David Adams Grosvenor, 16, Mansfield, Ct. Y. 1826. *1«66 

Son of Rev. Nathan Grosvenor and Lydia Adams; brother of Mason, 1820. Born 
in Craftsbury, Vt. — At Mrs. Mary Foster's. Graduated 1821. — Yale Div. Sch. 
1830. Pastor, Uxbridge; Elyria, Medina, O. Res. from 1862, Elyria. Died of 
cholera at Cincinnati. 

William Hoskins Guild, 13, Dedhara. M. (1824.) *1879 

Son of Reuben Guild and Susanna Hoskins. — In business, Boston and New York. 
Died in Boston. 

William White Hall, 20, Dunstable, N.H. Br. 1825. *1884 

Son of Jacob Hall and Elizabeth White. Born in Methuen. — Left 1819. — Newton 
Theol. Inst. 1829. Pastor, No. Marshfield, Edgartown; preacher and home 
missionary in various other places. Res. for many years at Edgartown. Died 
at Patchogue, L.I. 

Charles Thomson Haskell, 16, Charleston, S.C. H. 1823. *1874 

Son of Maj. Elnathan Haskell (a revolutionary soldier, born in Rochester. Mass.) 
and Charlotte Thomson: brother of William E., 1819. — Graduated 1819.— 
Planter, Abbeville, S.C. Rep. 

Henry Herrick, 15, New Haven, Ct. Y. 1822. 

Son of Rev. Claudius Herrick and Hannah Pierpont. Born in Woodbridge, Ct. 
— At the Principal's. — Berkeley Scholar at Yale. Teacher of Hopkins Gram- 
mar School, New Haven. Teacher of Penmanship, Phillips Academy, 1826-27 
And. Theol. Sem. ; Yale Div. Sch. 1828. Principal of female academies in 
Knoxville. Tenn. ; Somerville, Moulton, Ala. ; home Missionary in Ticonderoga, 
Exeter, and other places in New York. Res. from 1867 : North Woodstock, Ct. 

Stephen Russell Holmes, 1 7, Amherst, N.H. H. 1822. *1830 
Son of Dea. David Holmes and Elizabeth White. — At Mrs. Abigail French's. — 

Prof, of Spanish, St. Mary's Coll., Baltimore. Died on voyage from Baltimore 
to Havana. 

Benjamin Hoppin, 14, Providence, R.I. *1870 

At Mr. Nathaniel Carter's. Left 1820. — East India merchant in Providence. 
Died at Saratoga, N.Y. 

Levi Hoppin, 12, Providence, R.I. Br. (1825.) *1845 

Son of Benjamin Hoppin and Esther Phillips Warner; brother of Benjamin, 
above, and William W., 1819. — At Mr. Nathaniel Carter's. Left 1820. — Gradu- 
ated at Norwich Mil. Acad. Carried on a large stock farm in Pomfret, Ct. 

Jonathan Trumbull Hudson, 12, Hartford, Ct. Y. 1824. *1852 

Son of Hon. Henry Hudson and Maria Trumbull. — Graduated 1820.— Studied 
law in New York. Lawyer, New York; from 1831 to 1836, Alton, 111., where he 
was president of the first Board of Trustees of the town, and editor of the Alton 
Spectator. Afterwards res. in Conn, and New York City. Died at Washing- 
ton, D.C. 

Milo Jones, 20, Barkhamsted, Ct. *1880 

Son of Col. Israel Jones (an officer in the revolutionary army) and Lois Wads- 
worth.— At Mr. Henry Abbot's. — Physician; also licensed preacher. Pitts- 
town. Pa. ; Salem, Rome (now Dix), 111. Postmaster for many years. 

Samuel Salisbury Leverett, 14, Windsor, Vt. D. 1822. *1826 

Son of Hon. John Leverett and Elizabeth Salisbury. — Left 1819. — Died at 




George Lilly, 14, St. Johns, Newfoundland. *186 7 

Son of Judge Lilly (a loyalist who emigrated from Massachusetts). — At Mr. Isaac 
Chandler's. Left 1819. — Respected and prosperous fisherman on the coast of 
Labrador. 1 

Charles Austin Lord, 12, Arundel [Kenneknkport, Me.]. Bo. 1826. *1878 
Son of Nathaniel Lord and Phebe Walker. — At Prof. Woods' ; the Principal's. 
Graduated 1822. — Bookseller and publisher (Lord, Leavitt, and Co.) in New 
York five years; teacher and editor (of Evening Gazette, St. Louis) in Missouri 
nine years; assistant editor (with Dr. Asa Cummings, 1811) and editor of Chris- 
tian Mirror, Portland, Me., twenty-three years. State sup't of common schools 
of Maine, by appointment of his schoolmate, above, Gov. Crosby. Overseer 
Bowd. Coll.; Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. 

John Marsh, 19, [So.] Danvers [nowPeabody]. H. 1823. *1856 

Son of John Marsh and Polly Brown. — Graduated 1819. — Adventurer, phy- 
sician, cattle-raiser. Went to Fort Snelling, " near Falls of St. Anthony " (now 
Minnesota), as teacher of officers' sons, 1823. Travelled on horseback by National 
Road to Washington, with Gov. Cass and Mr. Schoolcraft, 1825. Sioux inter- 
preter at Prairie du Chien in the time of Black Hawk. Traveller and trader in 
Missouri, New Mexico, and Sonora, arriving in California in 1836. Settled on an 
extensive ranche (Los Medanos) in Contra Costa, at the foot of Mt. Diablo. 
Received the first party of American emigrants in 1841. Visited the same year 
year by his college classmate, Dr. Charles Pickering, and other officers of the 
Wilkes Expedition, to whom he furnished valuable information. Contracted 
with the Mexican Governor to punish the Indian horse thieves. Murdered by 
Spaniards on the road to Martinez. Member of California Soc. of Pioneers. 

Sidney Mills, 19, Canton, Ct. Y. 1826. *1874 

Son of Gardner Mills and Mary Skinner. — At Mr. Henry Abbot's ; Mr. Amos 
Blanchard's. Graduated 1822. — Studied theology with Rev. Grant Powers, 
1811, Goshen, Ct. Pastor, Big Flats, N.Y.; Lawrenceville, Pa. Died in Fairfax 
Co., Va. 

Adams Moore, 18, Bedford, N.H. D. 1822. *1863 

Son of Dea. William Moore and Isabella M'Clary. — At Mrs. Ann Whittier's. — 
Tutor, Dart. Coll. Dart. Med. 1827. Physician. Littleton, N.H. 

Perley Morse, 19, Methuen. *1857 

Son of Amos Morse and Anna Johnson. — Farmer. Methuen. 

George Newell, 20, Stowe. H. 1823. *1831 

Son of Rev. Jonathan Newell and Lucy Rogers. — Graduated 1819. — Harv. Med. 
1826-27. Principal of Friends' School, New Bedford, two years. Physician, 
Petersham. Died in Stowe. 

Moses Parsons Parish, 14, Byfield. Bo. 1822. *1865 

Son of Rev. Dr. Elijah Parish and Mary Hale. — Studied law in Windham, Ct., 
and Newburyport. Lawyer in Newburyport. Teacher in Portsmouth, N.H.; 
Salem, Dorchester. Associated with Dr. Charles Jewett in temperance reform. 
Conducted Vermont Temperance Herald, at Woodstock, Vt. Publisher of 
Plough, Loom, and Anvil, New York, and afterwards assistant editor. Rep. 
from Newburyport, 1832, '33. Died in Baltimore. 

1 The compiler of this catalogue spent several days, in the summer of 1858, at Mr. 
Lilly's hospitable home on his fishery island, East St. Modeste, in the Straits of Belle 
Isle, without knowing that he was ever an Andover school-boy. 



Richard Edward Pedrick, 11, Marblehead. H. (1826.) *1828 

Son of John Pedrick and Elizabeth Fettyplace; brother of William H. F., 1820. 
— At Capt. George Abbot's. Left 1820. — Teacher in So. America. Murdered 
on the road between Montevideo and Buenos Ayres. 

Clark Perry, 18, Worcester. H. 1823. *1843 

Graduated 1819. — And. Theol. Sem. 1826. Pastor, Newbury, Vt.; Standish, 
Me : Lancaster, N.H. Died at Gorham, Me. 

David Perry, 19, Worcester. D. 1824. *1876 

Brother of preceding; sons of Dea. Moses Perry and Hannah Hall.— At Theol. 
Sem. No. 1. Graduated 1820. — And. Theol. Sem. 1827. Pastor, Cambridgpport ; 
Hollis, Lancaster, N.H.; Danville, Brookfield, Worcester, Vt.; E. Falmouth. 
Had family school for boys nine years in Pepperell and Brookfield, Mass. Died 
at Wareham. 

Dennis Piatt, 18, Danbury, Ct. Y. 1824. *1878 

Son of Ebenezer Piatt (a revolutionary soldier) and Anna Hoyt. — " Travelled 
on foot to Andover." Graduated 1820. — Yale Div. Sch. (1828.) Pastor, Canter- 
bury, Ct. ; Homer, Manlius, Binghamton, N.Y. Editor Religious Recorder, 
Syracuse, N.Y., 1845-46. Dist Sec. Western Coll. Soc. 1853-59. Res. from 1853, 
So. Nor walk, Ct. 

Daniel S. [or L.] Scudder, 14, Watertown. 

Otis Smith, 17, New Haven, Vt. M. 1824. *1864 

Son of Dea. David Smith and C harry Van Duzen. — At Mr. William Foster's; 
Mrs. Hannah Spofford's; Mr. Amos Blanchard's. Graduated 1820. — Teacher, 
Granville, N.Y. President of Mercer University, Georgia, 1840-43; principal 
of Brownwood Institute, La Grange, Ga. 

John Spaulding, 17, Shirley. M. 1825. *1889 

Son of Hezekiah Spaulding and Sally Lewis. Born in Mason, N.H. — Left 1820. — 
And. Theol. Sem. 1828. Pastor, Athens, O.; Sec. Western Ed. Soc, Cincin- 
nati; pastor, Peoria, 111. From 1841, identified with the work of the Amer. 
Seamen's Friend Soc, New York; for sixteen years its Secretary. Author of 
From the Plough to the Pulpit, Stories of the Ocean, Christ and the Sea. D.D. 

Richard Foster Sweet, 1 7, Norton. Br. 1824. *1841 

Son of John Sweet and Eunice Tucker. — Left 1820. — Studied medicine with Dr. 
Samuel Bugbee of Wrentham; Harv. Med. 1826-27. Physician, Edgartown, 
and of Marine Hospital in Tisbury; from 1830, Norton. 

Thomas Sweet, 21, Harford, Pa. *1873 

Son of Thomas Sweet (of Attleborough, an early settler with the "Nine Partners " 
at Harford) and Nancy Tyler. Physician. Carbondale, Scran ton, Pa. 

George Baker Swift, 1 2, Andover. Bo. (1829.) *1872 

Son of Dr. Nathaniel Swift and Sarah Abbot. — Graduated 1825. — Harv. Med. 
1830. Physician. Wrentham, Milton, Andover, Lawrence; Manchester, N.H. ; 
New York City; Nyack, N.Y. 

Sears Thatcher, 20, [South] Dartmouth. *1820 

Son of John Thatcher and Deborah Sears. Born in Yarmouth. — " Sailed from 
Dartmouth, March 7, 1820, with his father and brother, and supposed to have 
been lost that night." 

Caleb Thayer, 20, Braintree. *1868 

Son of Caleb Thayer and Mary Holbrook; brother of John Holbrook, 1819, and 
Norton, 1821. — Left 1820. — fihue manufacturer, Braintree, 1822-24; Carthage, O. 




Thomas Hunt Thompson, 13, Charlestown. H. (1823). *1840 

Son of Dr. Abraham R. Thompson and Elizabeth Bowers. — At Mr. Isaac Chand- 
ler's. Graduated 1819. — Harv. Med. 1826. Physician. Apalachicola, Fla. 

Edward Tuckerman, 11, Chelsea. *1829 
Son of Rev. Joseph Tuckerman, D.D., and Abigail Parkman. — At Prof. Woods'. 
Left 1821. — Studied also at Norwich Mil. Acad. Name changed, 1824, to Fran- 
cis Edward Tuckerman. Died at Castine, Me. 

Alexander Hamilton Vinton, 11, Providence, R.L Br. (1826.) *1881 
Son of David Vinton and Mary Atwell. -- At Mrs. Martha Carnes'. Left 1819. 
— Yale Med. 1828. Physician in Pomfret, Ct., three years. Gen. Theol. Sem. 
1835. Rector of Grace church, Providence, R.I. ; St. Paul's church, Boston; 
church of the Holy Trinity, Philadelphia; St. Mark's church, New York; Em- 
manuel church, Boston. Res. from 1877, Pomfret, Ct Preacher of Artillery 
election sermon, 1845; of election sermon, 1848. Mem. Mass. Board of Educ. 
1852-54. Instructor in Systematic Divinity, Episc. Theol. Sch. 1876-81. Trustee 
of Trinity Coll. Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. A.M. hon., Bro. Univ. 1836. D.D. 

Bradford Leonard Wales, 13, Randolph. M. 1824. *1890 

Son of Dr. Jonathan Wales and Fanny Cobb. — At Mr. William Foster's. Gradu- 
ated 1820. —Studied medicine with his father. Harv. Med. 1828. Physician 
in Randolph. Senator from Norfolk, 1840; Rep. from Randolph, 1853, '54; 
Const. Conv. 1853; Dep. Collector, Port of Boston, 1858-61. At the Centennial 
Celebration, 1878. 

Ira Weston, 22, Mont Vernon, N.H. *1863 

Son of Thomas Weston, Jr., and Lucy Wilkins. — At Madam French's. Left 
1819. — Studied medicine with Dr. Daniel Adams, Mt. Vernon. Physician. 
Goshen, Bradford, Windham, N.H. Town Clerk of Windham. M.D. hon., 
Dart. Coll. 1847. 

James Weston, 22, Reading. D. (1823.) *1822 

Son of James Weston and Sarah Pratt. — Graduated 1819. — Died at Rowley, 
where he was teaching school during his college vacation. 

Joseph Whiting, 20, Milford, Ct. Y. 1823. *1845 

Son of Capt. Joseph Whiting and Ann Gunn. — At Mrs. Mary Foster's. Gradu- 
ated 1819. —Pastor, Cheshire, Ct.; Cleveland, O. Principal of Niles Branch of 
University of Mich., 1837-41; Prof, of Anc. Languages in University, 1841-45; 
President of Faculty, 1844^5. 

Bela Wilcox, 19, Westminster, Vt. *1850 

Son of Waitstill Wilcox and Clarissa Tuthill. — At Mrs. Ann Whittier's. Left 
1819. — Commenced a course of study at Waterville, Me. Pastor, Mason Village 
(now Greenville), N.H.; Marblehead; Deerfield, N.H.; East Otto, N.Y. Re- 
moved to Wisconsin, 1846. Died at West Bend, Wis. 

William Wildes, 10, Boston. *1865 

Son of Col. Ephraim Wildes (of the Eastern Stage House, Ann St.) and Rachel 
Towne; brother of Ephraim, 1824. Born in Topsfield. — At Mr. James Locke's. 
Left 1819. — In leather business (Wildes and Ward), Boston ; from 1837, in hotel 
business (at one time, proprietor of N.E. Coffee House), Boston. Res. from 1850, 

Hubbard Asher Winslow, 18, Williston, Vt. Y. 1825. *1864 

Son of Nathaniel Winslow and Anna Kellogg; brother of Nathaniel G., 1823. — 
At Mr. Abiel Abbot's. Graduated 1820. — Name changed, during college course, 
to Hubbard Winslow. And. Theol. Sem.; Yale Div. Sch. 1828. Pastor, Dover, 




N.H. ; Bowdoin St. church, 1822-44; principal of Mt. Vernon School for Young 
Ladies, Boston, 1844-53; pastor, Geneva, N.Y. ; 50th St. Presb. church, New 
York. Res. from 1861, Brooklyn, N.Y. Author of Young Man's Aid to 
Knowledge (100,000 copies sold in England), Intellectual Philosophy, Moral Phi- 
losophy, The Hidden Life, and other works. Editor, with Jacob Abbott and E 
A. Andrews, of Religious Magazine, Boston, 1837-40; and voluminous contrib-' 
utor to other magazines, and to the daily and weekly press. Fourth of July 
orator, Boston, 1833; preacher of Artillery election sermon, 1853. D D. Died 
at Williston, Vt. 

Samuel MelancthonWorcester, 16, Salem. H. 1822. *1866 

Son of Rev. Samuel Worcester, D.D.. and Zerviah Fox. — At Mark Newman's, 
Esq. — And. Theol. Sem. (1825.) Tutor, Instructor, and Professor of Rhet., 
Oratory, and Eng. Lit., Amh. Coll., 1822-34. Pastor, Tabernacle church, Salem, 
1834-60. Rep. from Amherst, 1829, and from Salem, 1866; Senator from Essex, 
1865. Author of biography of his father. D.D. 


Silas Aiken, 19, Bedford, N.H. D. 1825. *1869 

Son of Dea. Phineas Aiken and Elizabeth Patterson; brother of David, 1826.— 
At John L. Abbot's, Esq. Graduated 1821. — Valedictorian at Dartmouth. 
Tutor, Dart. Coll. Studied theology with President Bennet Tyler and Rev. 
George Howe, D.D., Phillips Professor of Theology, Dart. Coll. Pastor, Am- 
herst, N.H., 1829-37; Park St. church, Boston, 1837-49: Rutland, Vt., 1849-63. 
Trustee, Dart. Coll. D.D. 

Samuel Ames, 12, Providence, RL Br. 1823. *1865 

Son of Samuel Ames and Anne Checkley. — Left 1820.— Studied law with Gen. 
Samuel W. Bridgham, Providence, and at Litchfield Law Sch. Lawyer, Provi- 
dence Quarter Master General of R.I., 1842. Rep. and Speaker of House; 
Chief Justice Sup. Court of R.l. Delegate to the Peace Convention at Washing- 
ton, 1861. Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc; Mem. R.I. Hist. Soc. LL.D. 

Matthew Bridge Baker, 12, Charlestown. H. (1827.) *1839 

Son of Ebenezer Baker and Alice Bridge. — Left 1821. — Studied law with Dr. 
William J. Walker, 1803; Harv. Med. 1830. Physician, Springfield. Commis- 
sioner, 1832, to New York in the matter of cholera. 

James Maxwell Barker, 13, Boston. Y. 1826. *1882 

Son of Christopher Barker and Sarah Maxwell. — Graduated 1822. — Studied law 
with Judge Samuel Hubbard, Trustee of P.A. Teacher, Philadelphia; New- 
castle, Del. In law office of Hon Charles Allen, Worcester; from 1850, in 
Boston; from 1868, in Cambridge. 

Gerrish Barrett, 21, Springfield, N.Y. U. 1824. *1857 

Son of Maj. Benjamin Fiske Barrett and Betsey Gerrish. Born in Royalston. — 
Graduated 1821. — Princ. Theol. Sem (1827.) — Chaplain of State prisons at 
Sing Sing, N.Y., and Wethersfield, Ct.; agent of Prison Discipline Soc. Res. 
from 1844, Springfield, N.Y 

Obauncey Bascom, 21, Lebanon, Ct. *1833 
Son of Abiel Bascom and Sybil Roberts. — Left 1821. —Teacher of penmanship. 
Prepared and published a system of penmanship, which had a large sale. Died 
at Lebanon. 




Seth Bliss, 25, Springfield. *1379 

Son of Paul Bliss and Abigail Munn. Worked at the carpenter's trade before 
commencing his studies. — And. Theol. Sem.; Yale Div. Seh. (1825 ) Pastor, 
Jewett City, Ct. Secretary American Tract Soc, Boston, twenty-five years. 
Res. from 1868, New York; from 1870, Berlin, Ct. A.M. hon , Yale Coll. 1830. 

Jehiel Bridges, 23, Tewksbury. *1854 

Son of Jehiel Bridges and Ruth Eames. Born in Wilmington. — Farmer. Tewks- 

Alson Brigham, 16, Sudbury. H. 1826. *1833 

Son of Joseph Brigham and Rebecca Haynes. — At Mrs. Mary Foster's; Samuel 
Farrar's, Esq.; Mr. Samuel G. Woodbridge's ; Miss Hannah Newman's. Gradu- 
ated 1822. — Afterwards known as Alanson Brigham. Teacher in Friends' 
School, New Bedford. Harv. Div. Sch. 1831. Pastor, Meadville, Pa. 

William Brooks Bristol, 13, New Haven, Ct. Y. 1825. *1876 

Son of Judge William Bristol and Sarah Edwards. — Left 1821. — Studied law 
with his father; Yale Law Sch. 1828. Lawyer, New Haven. Recorder of City 

Thaddeus Brown, 15, Tewksbury. Y. 1826. *1839 

Son of Joseph Brown and Sarah Foster. — Graduated 1822. — Studied with Dr. 
Amos Twitchell, Keene, N.H.; Harv. Med. 1830. Physician. Billerica. 

James Arnold Burrill, 10, Providence, R.I. Br. (1826.) *1831 

Son of U.S. Senator James Burrill, Jr., and Sally Arnold. — Graduated 1822. — 

Henry Campbell, 17, Bedford, N.H. *1852 

Son of James Campbell and Elizabeth Burns. — Merrimack, Manchester, N.H. 

Ward Childs, 18, Lewiston, N.Y. *1855 

Son of Dea. Aaron Child and Lucy Ward. Born in Henniker, N.H. — Left 1820. 
— Aub. Theol. Sem. (1828.) Pastor, Rome, O.; Warsaw, Sheldon, N.Y. ; Meso- 
potamia, O., from 1854; also, for some years, farmer in Strykersville, N.Y. 
Died at Chagrin Falls, O. 

Levi Fisk Claflin, 15, Westhampton. W. 1826. *1890 

Son of Levi Claflin and Mercy Bridgman. — Graduated 1823. — Teacher in Pitts- 
field ("Berkshire Gymnasium"), Bridgeton, N.J. ; Steubenville, Dayton, O. 
From 1844, paper manufacturer, Dayton, Perrysburg, and, from 1866, Maumee, O. 

Venus Cooley. 23, Longmeadow. *1829 

Son of Joseph Whiting Cooley and Flavia Cooley. — Longmeadow. 

Sherman Day, 13, New Haven, Ct. Y. 1826. *1884 

Son of President Jeremiah Day and Martha Sherman, daughter of Roger Sher- 
man.— Left 1822 — Merchant in New York, Philadelphia, Marseilles. Civil 
engineer in Ohio and Indiana. Res. from 1849 in California; surveyor, civil 
and mining engineer; Trustee, and Professor of Mine Construction and Sur- 
veying, Univ. of Cal.; Senator; U.S. Surveyor Gen. Compiler of Historical 
Collections of Pennsylvania. Surveyed, 1855, wagon-route across Sierra Ne- 
vada Mts. Died at Berkeley, Cal. 

Edward Dewey, 13, Williamstown. H. (1825.) *1828 

Son of Judge Daniel Dewey and Maria Noble. — At Mr. Amos Abbot's Gradu- 
ated 1821. — Studied law with Judge Samuel R. Betts, Newburgh, N.Y. Ad- 
mitted to the bar there. 




Allen Monroe D'Wolf, 11, Bristol, R.I. Y. 1827. *1838 

Son of Charles D'Wolf and Mary Goodwin; brother of Charles, 1818. — Graduated 
1823. — Resided with his brother on the estate Area de Noe, in Cuba, and died 

John Haven Dexter, 14, Boston. H. (1824.) *1846 

Son of Dr. Aaron Dexter and Rebecca Armory. — Graduated 1823. — Name 
changed, 1824, to John Coffin Dexter. Studied also at Boston Latin Sch. and 
Norwich Mil. Acad. Merchant. Boston; Bangor, Me. 

Henry Durant, 17, Acton. Y. 1827. *1875 

Son of Lieut. Henry Durant and Lucy Hunt. — Graduated 1823. — Teacher in 
Maryland. Tutor, Yale Coll. Yale Div. Sch. 1832. Pastor in Byfield, 1833-47. 
Principal of Dummer Academy, 1847-49. Commenced in Oakland, Cal., 1853, 
(with three pupils) the collegiate school which became the College of California, 
Prof, of Greek in that college, 1859-69; first President of University of Cali- 
fornia, in which the college was merged. Mayor of Oakland, 1873-75. LL.D. 

Kelita Strickland Ellis, 25, Newburyport. *1860 
Son of Matthew S. Ellis and Rachel Remick. Apprentice at bookbinder's trade 
in Newburyport; journeyman in Portsmouth, N.H.; came to Andover with 
plan to study for ministry. — In employ of Jonathan Leavitt, bookbinder, An- 
dover, and succeeding him in the '* Seminary Bindery," 1828-36, removing then 
to New York City, and carrying on the same business till his death. Res. for a 
time (previous to 1827) at Providence, R.I., engaged in publication of Independent 

Vespasian Ellis, 17, Bluehill [Maine]. Bo. (1823.) 

Son of Nathan Ellis and Mary Bass. — At Mrs. Martha Carnes'. — Merchant in 
Ellsworth, Me.; from 1846 in Bluehill. Teacher and town officer, having been 
Postmaster eighteen years, Town^Clerk thirty years, etc. Bluehill, Me. 

Leicester Emerson, 22, Reading, Vt. *1886 
Son of John and Prudence Emerson. — Farmer. Reading. 

Thomas Porter Emerson, 16, Topsfield. *1878 
Son of Billy Emerson and Ruth Bradstreet. — Lived and died in Topsfield. 

Kirtland Peter Farnam, 14, Salisbury, Ct. Y. (1825.) *1828 

Son of Peter Farnam and Sylvia Fletcher. — Merchant. Binghamton, N.Y. 

Thomas Wilson Flagg, 1 13, Beverly. H. (1827.) *1884 

Son of "Master" Isaac Flagg and Elizabeth F. Wilson. — At Mr. William 
Foster's. Graduated 1821. — Studied medicine at Harv. Med., 1824-25, and with 
Dr. Abner Howe, Beverly, but never practiced. Naturalist and author. Res. 
Beverly, Boston, Andover from 1866, Cambridge. Clerk of Correspondence 
and Records, Boston Custom House, 1844, while his schoolmate, Robert Ran- 
toul, below, was Collector. Frequent contributor to political and horticultural 
papers, and to the Atlantic Monthly. Author of Studies in the Field and Forest, 
Woods and By- Ways of New England, Birds and Seasons of New England. 
" Originator of the scheme for the preservation of Middlesex Fells.'' 

William Gage, 22, South Reading [now Wakefield]. A. 1828. *1863 

Son of William Gage and Joanna Herrick. Born in Salem. — At Phillips Hall. 2 
Graduated 1824 — And. Theol. Sem. 1831. Pastor, Concord and Pisgah, O., 
thirty-two years. 

1 Known in later years as Wilson Flagg. 

2 Of the Theological Seminary. 




Theodore Egbert Gold, 14, Pittsfield. * 

Son of Thomas Gold, Esq., and Martha Marsh. — Left 1820. — Went to the 
Southern States, and died early. 1 

Son of Stephen Goodhue and Clara Page. — Left 1820. — Studied law, and was for 
a time associated with Judge W. 12. Beebe, New York Lawyer, Galesburg, 111.; 
Plattesville, Wis. Editor Wisonsin Herald, Lancaster, Wis. Col. of militia in 
Wisconsin. Removed, 1849, to St. Paul, Minn. Founder of Minnesota Pioneer. 
" A man of mark and power in the new commonwealth." 

Henry Bradford Goodwin, 17, Norton. Br. 1825. *1859 

Son of Daniel Goodwin and Polly Briggs; brother of Daniel LeBaron, 1816. — 
Left 1820. — Va. Theol. Sem. 1829. Rector of St. Paul's, Prince George's Co., 
Md ; Houston, Tex. Res. for many years, Newport, Md. 

Timothy Goodwin, 22, Boston. * 
At Wid. Sarah Stevens'. — Left 1821. — Died early. 

John Christopher Gore, 13, Boston. *1867 
Son of John Gore, Jr., and Mary Green Babcock. — Graduated 1821. — Studied art 
in Florence, and was hon. mem. of Nat. Acad, of Design, but did not follow his 
profession. " Early became identified with the Mass. Anti-slavery Soc." Res. 
Boston, West Roxbury. 

John Henry Gray, 16, Boston. H. 1824. *1850 

Son of John Gray and Mary Parsons. Born in Cambridge. — Graduated 1820. — 
Resided in Boston. Died at Nahant. 

Alfred Greenwood, 18, Boston. H. 1824. *1868 

Son of Dr. William Pitt Greenwood and Mary Langdon. — At Mr. Amos Abbot's. 
Graduated 1820. — And. Theol. Sem. 1827. Went as home missionary in 1828 
to So. Carolina; afterwards in Martinsburg, Ind., and Plainfield, 111. Pastor, 
West Barnstable, 1836-40. Res. Natick; from 1866, Grantville (in Needham), 
now Wellesley Hills. 

John William Greenwood, 16, New York. *1838 
Son of Dr. John Greenwood and Elizabeth Weaver. — At Mr. Amos Abbot's. 
Graduated 1822. — Studied medicine, but did not practice. Mem. 14th Reg' t. 
N.Y. State Artillery. Died at Jamaica, L.I. 

Daniel Hopkins Gregg, 17, Charlestown. D. 1824. *1885 

Son of Daniel Gregg and 31ary McCauley. Born in Salem. — Jeff". Med. Coll. 
1828. Physician, Boston (corner Green and Leverett Sts.), 1830-32. Physician 
and planter, Aylett's, King William Co., Va. Died in Richmond, Va. 

Henry Grew, 10, Boston. 

Son of John Grew and Ann Green ; brother of John, 1818, and Charles, 1820. — At 
Prof. Woods'; Mr. William Foster's; Mark Newman's, Esq.; Miss Polly Up- 
ton's. — Wholesale dry goods merchant (Chace and Grew), Boston. Res. from 
1847 at his estate, "Woodlands," Hyde Park (then Dorchester). Chairman of 
first Board of Selectmen of Hyde Park. At Centennial Celebration, 1878, and 
made a tour of 12,000 miles to California and Alaska, 1890. Hyde Park. 

Moses Baldwin Hamilton, 19, Palmer. A. (1825.) * 

Son of Asa Hamilton and Abigail Baldwin.— " Lived, preached, and died in 

1 A sister of the student became the mother of the wife of the poet Longfellow, and 
the student's home " the old-fashioned country-seat "in which stood " the Old Clock on 
the Stairs." 

James Madison Goodhue, 9, Hebron, N.H. 

A. 1833. 





Thomas Hancock, 13, Boston. *1873 
Son of John Hancock (a nephew of Gov. Hancock) and Betsey Scott. — Also studied 
in Boston Latin School. Res. Boston. 

William Elnathan Haskell, 13, Charleston, S.C. S.C. (1824.) *1872 
Son of Maj. Elnathan Haskell and Charlotte Thomson; brother of Charles Thom- 
son, 1818. — Factor and commission merchant. Charleston, S.C. Bank officer. 

Samuel Hassard, 16, Westerly, R.I. Y. 1826. *1847 

Son of Robert Hassard. Born in Jamaica, W.I., and brought to Westerly when 
six years old to be educated. — At Mr. William Foster's. President of Social Fra- 
ternity. Graduated 1822. — Engaged in literary work at New Haven ; studied 
medicine, and afterwards theology. Rector, Taunton ; from 1839, Great Barring- 
ton. A volume of his sermons was published. 

Edward Holyoke Hedge, 11, Cambridge. H. 1828. *1837 

Son of Prof. Levi Hedge and Mary Kneeland; brother of William Kneeland, 
1814. Graduated 1821. — Studied also at Norwich Mil. Acad. Lawyer. New 
Orleans. Judge of Municipal Court. 

John Pierpont Herrick, 14, New Haven, Ct. Y. 1824. *1848 

Son of Rev. Claudius Herrick and Hannah Pierpont; brother of Henry, 1818. 
Born in Woodbridge, Ct. — Graduated 1820. — Yale Med. 1828. Physician. 
Warehouse Point, Ct. ; Southold, L.L; from 1833, Southampton, L.I. 

Samuel Hopkins, 12, Boston. D. 1827. *1878 

Son of Capt. John Hopkins and Lydia Thompson; brother of Erastus, 1823. Born 
in Hadley. — Graduated 1823. — And. Theol. Sem. 1831. Pastor, Moutpelier, 
Vt.; Standish, Topsham, Me. Pes. Milton, N.Y. ; Florence, Fla. ; Northamp- 
ton. Author of The Puritans and Queen Elizabeth, and other works. 

William Warner Hoppin, 11, Providence, R.I. Y. 1828. *1890 

Son of Benjamin Hoppin and Esther Phillips Warner; brother of Benjamin and 
Levi, 1818. — At Mr. Nathaniel Carter's. — Yale Law Sch. 1830. Lawyer. Prov- 
idence, R.I. Mem. Common Council ; Alderman; Senator; Governor of Rhode 
Island three years; Delegate to National Peace Convention, Washington, 1861 ; 
U.S. Registrar in Bankruptcy, 1867-72; Rep. 1875. One of the organizers, and 
treasurer, of Providence and Fishkill R.R. Mem. R.I. Soc. of Cincinnati; Mem. 
K.I. Hist. Soc. 

Mark Antony De Wolfe Howe, 11, Bristol, R.I. Br. 1828. 

Son of John Howe and Louisa Smith.. — Left 1820. — First two years of college 
course at Middlebury. Tutor, Bro. Univ. Rector, Christ church, Cambridge; 
St. James' church, Roxbury; St. Luke's church, Philadelphia, 1836-71; from 1872, 
Bishop of Central Pennsylvania. Cor. Mem. R.I. Hist. Soc. D.D.; LL.D. 

Reading, Pa. 

John Kelly, 21, Hampstead, N.H. W. 1825. *1872 

Son of Rev. John Kelly and Abigail Dearborn. — Left 1821.— Auburn Theol. 
Sem. (1830.) Fairfield Med. Coll. 1832-33. Physician. Feltonville, Carlisle; 
from 1851, Esperance, N.Y. 

Caleb Kimball, 21, Topsfield. D. 1826. *1879 

Son of Caleb Kimball and Elizabeth Hammond. Born in Ipswich. Learned the 
blacksmith's trade before entering the Academy. — Graduated 1822. — And. 
Theol. Sem. (1829.) Pastor, Harwich; Biddeford, Me. Res. from 1842, Medway. 
Was entirely blind for forty-seven years. Wrote several small religious books, 
and travelled extensively in New England distributing them, their circulation 
amounting to 122,000 copies. 





Jonathan Leavitt, 19, Cornish, N.H. A. 1825. *18 77 

Son of Dr. Roswell Leavitt and Dorothy Ashley. — Left 1821. — Valedictorian 
at Amherst. And. Theol. Sem. (1828 ) Home missionary, Pendleton and Wil- 
lington, S.C.; Macon and Lincolnton, Ga. Pastor, Bedford; Providence, R.I., 
1840-63 Trustee, Amh. Coll. D.D. 

Brooks Holyoke Lerned, 15, Hopkinton, N.H. *1820 
Son of Dr. Ebenezer Lerned and Mary Hall. — Left 1820, dying at his home, Sept. 
26, 1820. " A very brilliant scholar, and of lovely Christian character." 

Theodore Leonard Lincoln, 17, Taunton. Br. 1825. *1887 

Son of Gen. Thomas Lincoln and Esther Newland. — Left 1820. — Lawyer and 
farmer. Taunton. 

Nathaniel James Lord, 14, Ipswich. H. 1825. *1869 

Son of Nathaniel Lord, Esq. (Register of Probate thirty-six years), and Eunice 
Kimball. — Left 1820. — Studied law at Northampton Law School and with 
Hon. Leverett Saltonstall, Salem. Lawyer. Salem. " For many years the ac- 
knowledged leader of the Essex Bar." Member of Commission to revise the 
proceedings in the courts of the Commonwealth, with Judges B. R. Curtis and 
R. A. Chapman. 

Cutting Marsh, 19, Danville, Vt. D. 1826. *1873 

Son of Samuel White Marsh and Sally Brown ; brother of Samuel, 1815. — At 
Miss Sally Holt's; Mr. Nathaniel Carter's; Miss Mary Upton's; Mrs. Elizabeth 
Hidden 's; Mr. Nehemiah Abbot's. Graduated 1822.— And. Theol. Sem. 1829. 
Missionary to Stockbridge Indians, Wisconsin, 1829-48. Pastor, Waupaca, 
Wis., where he also practiced medicine. 

Job Henry Martin, 1 21, Granville, N.Y. M. 1825. *1868 

Son of Jeremiah Martin and Sabrina Miller. Born in Northfield. Apprenticed 
to trade of carriage-maker. — Graduated 1821. — Princ. Theol. Sem. (1828.) 
Pastor, Edgartown; Little Falls, Buffalo, Chatham St. chapel (succeeding Dr. 
Finney), New York, N.Y.; Winter St. church, Haverhill; Chrystie St. church, 
New York ; Waukesha, Wis. Studied medicine, graduating at Castleton Med. 
Coll. 1856, and afterwards resided mostly in New York City, often lecturing on 
hygienic subjects. Established, 1846, and published for live years, the Ladies' 
Wreath, of which his wife, Mrs. Sarah T. Martyn (sister of his schoolmate, Ste- 
phen S. Smith, below), was editor. A noted revivalist preacher, and ahead of 
his time in his radical advocacy of various reforms. 

Jonas Merriam, 16, Topsfield. Bo. 1826. *1871 

Son of Jonas Meriam and Mehitable Peabody. — Left 1820. — Teacher in Amherst, 
N.H., and elsewhere. Advocate of " Millerism " in Maine; in 1854, published 
the World's Crisis in Lowell. Res. for several years at Concord, N.H. 

Isaiah Preble Moody, 14, York [Maine]. Bo. 1827. *1885 

Son of Dea. Samuel Moody and Lydia Preble. — Studied law with Stephen Chase, 
Fryeburg, Me. Lawyer in Lowell, and in Hampstead, N.H. Farmer and 
teacher in York. Res. from 1866, Boston; afterwards, Newton. 

George Leonard Morey, 15, Taunton. *1837 
Son of George Washington Morey and Mary Leonard. — Farmer. Taunton. 

Abraham Murdock, 9, Andover. *1887 
Son of Prof. James Murdock, D.D., and Rebekah Lydia Atwater. Born in 
Princeton. — Graduated 1825. — Merchant, manufacturer, lawyer. Settled in 
Columbus, Miss., in 1835. Held many town and county offices. President of 

1 Name afterwards written Martyn. 




Mobile and Ohio R.R. Rep. in time of Civil War, and Chairman of Ways and 
Means Committee; also Confederate Quartermaster, accepting the office on the 
conditions that he should not be subject to military supervision, and should serve 
without rank or pay. 1 " The pioneer of manufacturers in our state. Few men 
have made such an impress upon Mississippi in the avenues of her progress and 
prosperity." Died at Eagle Pass, Texas, while Consular Agent at Santa Rosa, 
Mexico, and engaged in developing silver mines there. 

George Nichols, 22, Reading. Y. 1824. *1841 

Son of James Nichols and Lydia Hosea. — Graduated 1820. — Yale Div. Sch. 1828. 
Teacher in New Haven, Ct., and in Hadley. Pastor, Chicopee Falls, 1830-34. 
Afterwards principal of a select school for young ladies, in Springfield, until his 

James Creighton Odiorne, 1 7, Boston. Y. 1826. *1879 

Son of George Odiorne and Maria Creighton. Born in London, Eng. — Graduated 
1825. — Partner with his father in iron business, Boston. Res. from 1857, Framing- 
ham. Author of Speculative Masonry. One of the first members of the N.E. 
Anti-slavery Soc, and treasurer of same. Fellow Amer. Statis. Assoc. A.M. 
hon., King's Coll., Nova Scotia. 

Charles Tarbell Parker, 10, Boston. Y. 1827. *1833 

Son of Ebenezer Parker and Sally Tarbell. — Studied law with Daniel Webster; 
Litchfield Law Sch. Lawyer. Boston; Cincinnati; St. Louis. 

Ebenezer Parker, 12, Boston. Y. 1825. *1833 

Brother of above. — Harv. Med. 1829. Studied also under Dupuytren in Paris. 
Physician in Boston until his early death by consumption. 

Jacob Lowe Peabody, 12, Boston. *1821 
Son of Jacob Peabody and Lucy Manning. Born in Salem. — Died in Boston. 
" Of lovely character and unusual intelligence." 

Amos Pettingell, 14, Newburyport. Y. 1825. *1831 

Son of Dea. Amos Pettingell and Joanna Haskell. — Salutatorian at Yale. Tutor, 
Yale Coll., 1827-33. Died at New Haven, while a student in Yale Div. Sch. 

William Phillips, 10, Boston. H. 1828. *1829 

Son of Dea. Edward Phillips and Mary Salisbury. — At the Principal's. Gradu- 
ated 1821. Salutatorian. — Died of consumption at Matanzas, Cuba. 

Asa Potter, 16, South Kingstown, R.I. Br. 1824. *1872 

Son of Asa Potter and Hannah Hagadorn. — Left 1820. — Studied law with John 
Whipple, Providence, R.I.; Litchfield Law Sch. Lawyer, So. Kingstown 
R.I. Merchant (Brown, Potter, and Co.), New York. Returned to So. Kings- 
town Secretary of State, Rhode Island, 1851, '52, '53. 

Robert Rantoul, 12, Beverly. H. 1826. *1852 

Son of Hon. Robert Rantoul and Joanna Lovett. — At Mr. William Foster's. 
Graduated 1852. — Studied law with Hon. John Pickering and Hon. Leverett 
Salstonstall, Salem. Lawyer and reformer. Practiced in Salem ; from 1831, 
South Reading; from 1833, Gloucester; from 1839, Boston, with his home at 
Beverly. Rep. from Gloucester, 1835-38; U.S. Collector, Boston, 1843; U.S. 
Dist Att'y for Mass., 1845^9; U.S. Senator, unexpired term of Daniel Webster, 
1851: M.C. from Essex District, 1851 until his death. With his schoolmate, 
Wilson Flagg, above, established at Beverly (1828) one of the first country 

1 During the occupancy at one time of Columbus by the Union troops, Mr. Murdock, 
learning that the son of an Andover playmate (William S. Marland, P. A. 1827) was an 
officer in one of the regiments, called upon him and cordially welcomed him to his home. 




lyceums, and started the publication of The Workingmen's Library. Mem. of 
Mass. Board of Education from its organization, and edited under its auspices 
The Common Sclwol Library. Mem. of First Board of Directors, Western R.R. 
(Worcester to Albany); organizer and corporator of Illinois Central R.R. 
Counsel for defence of Simms, the fugitive slave, Boston, 1851. Died at Wash- 
ington, D.C. 

George Augustus Rhodes, 13, Pawtuxet, R.I. Br. 1828. *1850 

Son of Gen. Christopher Rhodes and Betsey Allen. — Left 1821. — Manufacturer. 
Natick, R.I. 

Robert Rhodes, 15, Pawtuxet, R.I. Br. 1825. *1860 

Son of Hon. William Rhodes and Sarah Arnold. Born in Cranston, R.l. — Studied 
medicine. Manufacturer. Providence, Pawtuxet, R.I. Resided also for several 
years at the Azores Islands. Died at Pawtuxet. 

Hiram Shed, 16, Boston. 

Stephen Sanford Smith, 22, Hebron, N.Y. *1871 
Son of Rev. Ethan Smith and Bathsheba Sanford. Born in Haverhill, N.H. — 
Left 1822. — Editor Northern Spectator, Poultney, Vt.; Litchfield Co. Post, 
Litchfield, Ct. ; Record of the Times, New Bedford. Pastor, Fayetteville, N.Y., 
1833-35; Westminster, 1841-50; Warren, 1854-68; Salem church, Chicago, 111., 
1863-66. Also, agent, at different times, of Amer. S.S. Union; Amer. Bible Soc; 
Amer. and For. Chr. Union, and of the Board of National Popular Education 
(Gov. Slade's enterprise for sending teachers to the West). Died at Worcester. 

Henry Starkweather, 1 7, Williainstown. W. 1825. *1875 

Son of William Starkweather aiid Mary Sloan. — At Mr. Amos Abbot's. Left 

1820. — Studied law with Homer Bartlett, Esq., Ware. Lawyer, Ware, 1829-34. 
Merchant, New York City. City Collector. 

Lucius Storrs, 19, Ashford, Ct. 

Son of Rev. William Storrs and Abigail F. Hovey. — Left 1821. — Teacher in Mo- 
bile, Ala., and trader in Montgomery, Ala. In 1822, entered employment of 
Northwest Fur Co., " five hundred miles north of Green Bay," and heard from 
only once afterward. 

James Clark Stuart, 8, Andover. Y. 1831. *1870 

Son of Prof. Moses Stuart and Abigail Clark; brother of Isaac W., 1817, and 
Moses B., 1822. — Graduated 1826. —First two years of college course at Am- 
herst. Woodstock (Vt.) Med. Coll. ; Berkshire Med. Inst. 1837. Physician, one 
year in Canestota, afterwards in Syracuse, N.Y.; U.S. Surgeon, 1861-65. " Emi- 
nent in his profession, patriotic during the war, and died a martyr to the 

William Kendall Talbot, 19, Athol. *1880 
Son of George Talbot and Betty Ward. — Left 1821. — Princ. Theol. Sem. (1826.) 
Pastor, Nottingham West (now Hudson), N.H ; Parishville, N.Y.; subsequently 
in western and southern states. " Devoted his life to building up churches in 
destitute parts of the country, and to starting and fostering educational institu- 
tions." While at Columbus, Ky., 1861-62, ministered to Confederate soldiers 
in hospital; afterwards Hospital Chaplain, U.S.A., Beaufort, S.C. Died at 
Woodhull, 111. 

John Holbrook Thayer, 19, Braintree. H. 1826. *1870 

Son of Caleb Thayer and Mary Holbrook; brother of Caleb, 1818, and Norton, 

1821. — Graduated 1822. —First year of college course at Yale. Physician. 
Louisville, Ky. 




Abner Towne, 21, Belchertown. U. 1823. *1826 

Son of Amasa Towne and Margaret Smith. — And. Theol. Sena. (1825.) Pastor, 
Litchfield, N.Y. 

Josiah Tucker, 28, Milton. *1856 
Son of Capt. Samuel Tucker and Abigail Yose. — Graduated 1822. — And. Theol. 

Sem. 1825. Pastor, Madison, Bingham, Mercer, Me.; South Orange, Erving. 
Colporteur, Amer. Tract Soc. Res. from 1852, Taunton. 

William Twining, 13, New Haven, Ct. Y. 1825. *1884 

Son of Dea. Stephen Twining (steward of Yale Coll.) and Almira Catlin. — Gradu- 
ated 1821. — And. Theol. Sem.; Yale Div. Sch. 1828. Pastor, Great Falls, N.H.; 
Appleton St. (now Eliot) church, Lowell. Prof. Math., Nat. Phil., and Astron., 
Wabash Coll. Pastor, Beardstown, 111. Res. from 1863, St. Louis, Mo. 

Edward Royall Tyler, 18, Brattleborough, Vt Y. 1825. *1848 

Son of Chief Justice Royall Tyler and Mary Palmer. Born in Guilford, Yt.— 
Teacher in Cambridgeport. Resident student, And. Theol. Sem. 1826; Yale 
Div. Sch. 1828. Pastor. Middletown, Colebrook, Ct. Agent Amer. Anti-slavery 
Soc, 1836-37. Editor Conn. Observer, Hartford, 1838-42. Founder, editor, and 
proprietor of Xeio Englander, 1842-48. 

Alfred Upham, 15, Rochester. N.H. Bo. (1825.) *1878 

Son of Hon. Nathaniel Upham and Judith Cogswell. — At Capt. George Abbot's. 
Graduated 1821. — Studied medicine with Dr. Jabez Dow, Dover, N.H.; Dart. 
Med. 1S34. Physician in New York City from 1837. A.M. hon., Bowd. Coll. 

Samuel Hurd Walley, 13, Boston. H. 1826. *1877 

Son of Hon. Samuel Hall Walley and Miriam Phillips. — At the Principal's. 
Graduated 1822. — First two years of college course at Yale. Lawyer and finan- 
cier, Boston. Treasurer of Seamen's, afterwards Suffolk, Savings Bank, from 
1833; President of Revere Bank; Treasurer Yermont Central Railroad. Rep. 
from Boston, 1836; from Roxbury, 1840-46, 1851; Speaker two terms. M.C. 
1853-55. Bank Commissioner, 1858. Trustee, Phillips Academy: Yisitor, And. 
Theol. Sem.; President Mass. Bible Soc; Auditor, Amer. Board of Missions. 
Overseer, Harv. Coll. Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. Died at Nautasket. 

Samuel Warren, 12, Weston. Y. (1826.) *1867 

Son of Nathan Warren (a revolutionary soldier) aud Elizabeth Smith. — At Mrs. 
Phebe Abbot's. Graduated 1822. — Harv. Med. 1829. Physician. West Newton. 
Relinquished practice, and devoted himself to farming and to study of botany 
and of language," learning Hebrew after he was fifty years of age." 

James Whittle, 18, Weare, X.H. D. 1823. *1837 

Son of William Whittle and Rachel Parker. — Yaledictorian at Dartmouth. 
Studied law with Samuel Fletcher, Esq., Trustee P. A., Concord, N.H. Lawyer 
for a short time at Weare, Concord, Strafford, N.H. Taught, and edited a 
paper, in Missouri. Died at Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

Chauncey Wilcox, 23, Middletown, Ct. Y. 1824. *1852 

Son of Joseph Russell Wilcox and Lina Foster. Born in Middletown Upper Houses 
(now Cromwell), Ct. —Graduated 1820. — Yale Div. Sch. 1827. Pastor, North 
Greenwich, Ct., 1828-46. Afterwards kept boarding-school for boys in Ridge- 
field, Ct. 

Leonard Worcester Willey, 19, Campton, X.H. W. (1827.) *1824 
Son of Darius Willey and Mary Pulsifer. — Left 1821. — Died at Williamstown, 
while a member of the Sophomore class in Williams College, and a stone erected 
by his classmates in the village graveyard. 




Ebenezer White Withington, 1 7, Dorchester. * 

Son of Joseph Weeks Withington and Elizabeth White; brother of Leonard. 
1809, and William, 1816. — At Capt. George Abbot : s. Left 1820. — Teacher in 
Belfast, Me. Lawyer in Pittsburgh, Pa., where he died in 1836 or 1837. 

Joshua Wood, 28, Bluehill [Maine]. *1825 

Son of Col. Robert Wood and Mary Coggins. — Left 1819. —Bang. Theol. Sem. 
1823. Preceptor of Bluehill Academy, 1823-24. Died near Savannah, Ga. 

Daniel Bates Woods, 9, Andover. U. 1833. 

Son of Prof. Leonard Woods, D.D., and Abigail Wheeler; brother of Samuel, 
1808; Joseph W., 1810; and Leonard, 1815. — Left 1824. — First three years of 
college course at Amherst. And. Theol. Sem. 1837. Pastor, Springwater, N.Y., 
1839-41. Teacher and preacher, Cumberland, Prince Edward's, and Appomat- 
tox Counties, Va., 1841-44; teacher, Philadelphia, 1844-49; Cincinnati, 1852-55. 
Author of Sixteen Months at the Gold Diggings, published on return from trip 
to California, 1849-51. Res. from 1855, St. Louis, Mo. 


John Emery Abbot, 16, Portsmouth, N.H. H. 1826. *1849 

Son of John Abbot and Rebecca Wilson. — At Maj. Daniel Cummings'. Gradu- 
ated 1822. —Studied medicine with Dr. J. H. Pierrepont, Portsmouth; Harv. 
Med. 1830. Physician. New Orleans, La. Died at Belleville, ILL 

James Church Alvord, 12, Greenfield. D. 1827. *1839 

Son of Elijah Alvord, Esq., and Sabra Wells. Born at Greenwich. — Graduated 
1823. — Studied law with Hon. Daniel Wells; Yale Law Sch. 1828-29. Lawyer. 
Greenfield. Rep. from Greenfield, 1836. Senator from Franklin, 1837. Elected 
to 26th Congress, but died before taking his seat. " In his early and premature 
grave were buried the high hopes which had been excited by his brief and bril- 
liant career." 1 

William Appleton, 11, Amherst, N.H. Bo. 1826. *1830 

Son of Rev. Jesse Appleton, D.D. (President of Bowdoin Coll.) and Elizabeth 
Means. — Graduated 1822. —Teacher, Pinkerton Acad., Derry, N.H. Studied 
law with Robert Means, Jr., Esq., Amherst, and with Hon. Jeremiah Mason, 
Portsmouth, N.H. In 1830, went to Cincinnati, O., to begin practice of his 
profession, and there died in a few weeks. 

Dyer Ball, 24, Shutesbury. U. 1828. *1866 

Son of Jonah Ball and Betsey Cheney. Born in Holden (now WestBoylston). — 
Left 1822. — First two years of college course at Yale. Yale Div. Sch. (1829.) 
Teacher and home missionary in St. Augustine, Fla. ; teacher in Charleston, S.C. 
Studied medicine in Med. Coll. of South Carolina. Medical missionary in China 
from 1838 (Canton, from 1845). Published for many years a Chinese almanac. 

Frederic W. Barker, 13, Boston. 

Left 1821. — [Frederick W. Barker in Boston Directory, 1833-37, as in Boston 
Custom House.] 

Alphonzo Barnes, 14, Bristol, Ct. *1877 
Son of Thomas Barnes and Rosannah Lewis. — Left 1823. — Merchant. Bristol. 
Town officer. 

1 Wilson's Rise and Fall of the Slave Power in America. 




Samuel Perkins Bishop, 13, New York. Ham. 1826. 

Son of Daniel L. Bishop and Lucy Perkins. Born in Liverpool, N.S. — At Mrs. 
Tamsen G. Buntin's; Col. Benjamin Abbot's. Left 1822. — Studied medicine 
with Dr. Nathan S. Jarvis, Ithaca, N.Y. Physician, Ithaca, 1828-36. Clerk 
and banker, Cincinnati, O., from 1836. Sec. Safe Deposit Company, from 1866. 

Cincinnati, O. 

Nathan Blanchard, 19, Burlington. *1882 
Son of Dea. David Blanchard and Eliot Bridge. — Left 1821.— Farmer and teacher. 
Burlington. Justice of Peace and town officer ; much engaged in the settlement 
of estates. 

John Howe Boardman, 15, Portsmouth, N.H. H. 1826. *1874 

At Maj. Daniel Cummings'. Graduated 1822. — Studied medicine with Dr. J. H. 
Pierrepont, Portsmouth; Harv. Med. 1829. Physician. Portsmouth. Died at 

Charles William Bond, 10, Andover. *1829 
Son of William Bond and Sally Thompson. — Died in New York City, where the 
family had removed. 

George Gaines Brewster, 22, Portsmouth, N.H. *1872 
Son of Samuel Brewster and Mary Ham. — Dentist. Portsmouth. County Jus- 
tice; Notary Public. Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. 

Parker Carleton, 20, Bluehill, Me. *1823 

Son of Moses Carleton and Mary Webster. — At Madam French's; Miss Sally 
Holt's; Mr. Nathaniel Carter's; Mr. Moses Parker's; Miss Mary Upton's; Mr. 
Jonathan Leavitt's. — Died while a member of the Academy, and buried in the 
Chapel cemetery. 

Josiah Edson Challis, 20, Boscawen, N.H. H. S. (1826.) *1889 

Son of Enoch Challis and Susannah Oak. Born in Chelsea, Vt. — Left 1821. — 
Studied law in Boston, and was admitted to the Suffolk Bar. Afterwards in 
business in New York City, and as a practical geologist engaged in mining en- 
terprises in Maine, Ohio, and Michigan. Res. from 1867, West Friendship, Md. 
Member of the Handel and Hayden Society when in Boston. 

James Dyer Chapman, 21, Columbia, Ct. Y. 1826. *1854 

Son of James Dyer Chapman and Tryphosa Huntington. — At Mrs. T. G. Buntin's; 
Mark Newman's, Esq.; Mr. Amos Blanchard's; Mr. Moses Parker's. — Gradu- 
ated 1822. — Yale Div. Sch. 1833. Pastor, Prospect, Walcott, Ct. ; Cummiugton. 

Ansel Russell Clark, 19, Lunenburg, Vt. D. 1826. *1887 

Son of Ebenezer Clark and Mindwell Pomeroy. —Graduated 1822. — And. Theol. 
Sem. 1829. Sec. Western Reserve Branch of Amer. Educ. Soc. Editor of Ob- 
server at Hudson and Cleveland, O. Pastor, Wellington, Huntington, O. Res. 
from 1873, Collamer, O. 

Ephraim Weston Clark, 20, Peacham, Vt. D. 1824. *1878 

Son of Edward Clark and Elizabeth Weston. Born in Haverhill, N.H. — And. 
Theol Sem. 1827. Missionary in Sandwich Islands ; pastor of Kawaiahao 
church, Honolulu, 1848-63. From 1864, in United States. Superintended in 
New York publication of revised version of the Hawaiian Bible. Author of 
Hawaiian text-books. Died in Chicago. 

William Boylston Coggeshall, 9, Nantucket. *1857 
Son of Robert Coggeshall and Betsey Coffin. — Sail-maker. Buffalo, N.Y. Died 
in Milwaukee, Wis. 




Richard Smith Corning, 19, Chatham, N.Y. *1852 
Son of Bliss Corning and Lucinda Smith. Born in Norwich. Ct. — At Mrs. T. 
F. Buntin's; Mrs. Ann Whittier's. — Pastor, Lisle, Otisco, N.Y. Res. from 
1835, Otisco Valley, and Syracuse, N.Y. Practiced law. 

Benjamin Randall Dean, 14, Taunton. Br. 1826. *1863 

Son of Robert Dean and Sarah Susan Leavitt Padelford. — Left 1822. — Lawyer. 

Ebenezer Denison, 18, Stonington, Ct. Y. 1827. *1869 

Son of Dea. Ebenezer Denison and Jane Williams. — Graduated 1823. — Teacher 
and farmer. Mystic Village, Stonington. Town officer. " Prominent in every 
moral, religious, and reformatory movement in the community." 

Elijah Eldridge, 25, Willington, Ct. *1821 

Son of Elijah and Bethiah Eldridge. Born in Ashford, Ct. — Died in Willington. 

George Washington Elliott, 23, [South] Danvers. *1885 
Son of Ezekiel Elliott and Sarah Brown. Born in Thornton, N.H. — Left 1821. 
— Aub. Theol.?Sem. 1824. Pastor, Lenox, Bergen, Mt. Morris, Churchville, 
Newark, N.Y. Sec. of Home Missions and Gen. Agent of Bible Soc in Wis- 
consin. Res. from 1852, Milwaukee, Wis. 

George Emerson, 15, Lunenburg, Vt. *1839 
Son of Jacob Emerson and Polly Hartwell. — Left 1821. — Teacher. In river 
trade between Ohio and New Orleans. Res. New Richmond, O. 

John S Emerson, 19, Chester, N.H. D. 1826. *1867 

Son of Capt. John Emerson and Elizabeth French. —At Mr. Nathaniel Carter's. 
Graduated 1822. — Preceptor Moor's Charity School, Dart. College. And. 
Theol. Sem. 1830. Missionary teacher and pastor in Sandwich Islands. Pub- 
lished an English and Hawaiian dictionary, and other books in the Hawaiian 
language. " He personally instructed many of his flock in breaking cattle to 
the yoke, and assisted them in the construction of roads, bridges, and improved 
dwellings." M.D. 

Nelson S. Fuller, 16, Columbia, Ct. Y. (1828.) *1827 

Son of Dr. Silas Fuller and Alinda Clarke. — Died in Columbia, of consumption. 

James Furbish, 24, Wells, Me. H. 1825. *1878 

Son of Samuel Furbish and Abigail Davis. — At Mias Hannah Newman's. Gradu- 
ated 1821. Valedictorian. — Teacher in Grammar School, Concord; Thornton 
Academy, Saco, Me. Well-known teacher in school for young ladies, Portland, 
Me., for many years. Died at Old Orchard, Me. 

Charles Goddard, 22, Portsmouth, N.H. Y. 1826. *1883 

Son of Dr. John Goddard and Mary Langdon. — Graduated 1823. — First prin- 
cipal of Abbot Academy, Andover, 1829-31. Teacher in Mt. Vernon School for 
Young Ladies, Boston. In office of Boston and Lowell Railroad, Boston, 1842-66, 
being for eighteen years Cashier. Res. Winchester, Brookline. Rep. from 
Winchester, 1865. 

Gilbert Goffe, 17, Bedford, N.H. *1823 

Son of Theodore A. Goffe and Anne Griggs —Teacher in Alabama, where he 

Oliver Crosby Gray, 18, Dover, N.H. *1827 
Son of Rev. Robert Gray (a native of Andover) and Lydia Tufts. — Scholar of the 
House. Left 1822. — Lived with Col. Moses Wingate, Dover, until his death. 




Charles Grew, 10, Boston. *1831 

Son of John Grew and Ann Greene; brother of John, 1818, and Henry, 1819. — 
At Prof. Woods'. Left 1S22. — Died at sea, while on a voyage from St. Jago de 
Cuba to Trieste. 

Mason Grosvenor, 19, Mansfield, Ct. Y. 1827. *1886 

Son of Rev. Nathan Grosvenor and Lydia Adams; brother of David A., 181S. 
Born in Pomfret, Ct. — Graduated 1S23. — Yale Div. Sch. 1S31. Leader in or- 
ganization of the "Yale P>and" for promotion of religious and educational 
institutions in Illinois. Pastor, Ashtield; Sharon, Ct.; Hudson, O. Principal 
of Hudson Female Sem. ; Agent Western Coll. Soc, res. Springfield; New 
Haven, Ct. ; Instructor in Math, in Illinois Coll. and Beloit Coll.; Prof, of 
Mor. Phil., Illinois Coll., lS79-£0. Afterwards res. Englewood, N.J. Trustee, 
Illinois Coll. 

Winthrop S. 1 Harding, 14, Natchez, Miss. Y. (1824.) 

Samuel Foster Haven, 13, Dedham. A. 1826. *1881 

Son of Hon. Samuel Haven and Elizabeth Foster. — Graduated 1821. — First two 
years of college course at Harvard. Archaeologist and historical writer. 
Studied law with Hon. Theron Metcalf, Dedham. Lawyer. Lowell. Librarian 
of American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, from 1838, forty-three years. 
Cor. Mem. of many learned societies. LL.D. 

David Hoadley, 14, New Haven, Ct. *1873 

Son of David Hoadley and Rachel Beecher. Born in Waterbury, Ct. — Merchant 
and financier. New York; res, from 1868, Englewood, N.J. Yice-pres. of 
Amer. Exchange Bank; Pres. of Panama R.R. Co. Director, Union Theol. 
Sem.; Trustee, Lookout Mt. Educational Institutions. "Active, energetic pro- 
moter of every project for the improvement and advancement of his fellow- 

Charles Hubbard, 21, Millbury. *1865 
Son of Rev. Ebenezer Hubbard and Abigail Glover. Born in Marblehead. — Left 

1822. — Dart. Med.; Berks. Med. 1826. Physician. Lowell; Clinton, Hickman, 
Ky. ; Memphis, Tenn. Postmaster at Hickman. 

Joseph Jenkins, 11, Boston. Y. 1828. *1843 

Son of Joseph Jenkins and Mary Peabody. — At Maj. Cummings'. Graduated 

1823. — Studied law with Judge Samuel Hubbard, Boston. Lawyer. Boston. 

Elisha Jenney, 16, Fairhaven. D. 1827. *1882 

Son of Levi Jenney and Susanna Proctor. — Graduated 1823. — Yale Div. Sch. 
1831. One of the " Illinois Band," with Mason Grosvenor, above. Home mis- 
sionary and agent of missionary societies in Illinois, thirty-six years. Res. from 
1849, Galesburg, 111. Trustee, Illinois Coll. 

Osgood Johnson, 1 6, Andover [West Parish]. D. 1828. *1837 

Son of Osgood Johnson and Fanny Abbot. — At Mr. Amos Abbot's; Mr. Amos 
Blanchard's. Graduated 1823. — Teacher in Phillips Academy, 1829-&3; Prin- 
cipal, from 1833 to his early death by consumption in 1S37. A monument, 
erected to his memory in the Chapel cemetery by his pupils, bears this in- 
scription, written by Professor James .L Kingsley, LL.D., of Yale College : 
H.S.E. Osgood Johnson A.M. Darr. Apvd Andov. Scholae Phillipsiensis 
Archididascalvs vir egregiis animi dotibvs instrvctvs optimis disciplinis ervditvs 
qvem ad mirvm pvlchri rectiqve sensvm cvm primvm natvra tvm ratio ac doc- 
trina finxit; in ivventvte ervdienda nemini secvndvs sev ad literas mentem 

1 Full name doubtless Winthrop Sargent Harding, for Winthrop Sargent, Governor 
of Mississippi Territory, who resided at Natchez. 




iwenilem informare vellet sev ad honestatem ; fidv8 constans integer ab omni 
8imvlatione alienvs spe Christiana gavdens morbo lento confectvs e vivis excessit 
die ix Maii anno sacro MDCCCXXXV1I, aetatis xxxiv, vxori liberis discipvlis 
bonis omnibvs triste svi desiderivm relinqvens. Hoc monvmentvm praeceptori 
optimo discipvli svi in testimonivm grati animi P.CC. 

Daniel Cleaves King, 13, [South] Danvers. H. (1829.) *1854 

Son of Amos King and Abigail Cleaves; brother of Samuel P. C, 1823. — At Mr. 
William Foster's. Graduated 1825. — Coal dealer. Cincinnati, O. Died at 
Chester, Mass.. while travelling from Cincinnati to Danvers. 

George Gordon King, 13, Newport, R.I. Br. 1825. *1871 

Son of Dr. David King and Anne Gordon. — Left 1821. — Salutatorian at Brown. 
Studied law with John Whipple, Providence, R.I. ; Litchfield Law Sch. Law- 
yer. Newport, R.I. Member for many years either of State Assembly or 
Senate. M.C. 1849-53. President of Redwood Library Association. Mem. R.I. 
Hist. Soc. 

William Johnson Curtis Kenney, 11, Middleton. 

Son of Johnson Kenney and Mehitable Curtis. — At Mr. Samuel G. Woodbridge's. 
— Carpenter. General Freight Agent, Boston, of Eastern R.R., 1852-72; of 
Boston and Maine R.R., 1872-89. Afterwards in General Manager's office, 
Boston. Danvers. 

Thomas Lee, 14, Cambridge. 
Left 1821. — 

Isaac McLellan, 14, Boston. Bo. 1826. 

Son of Isaac McLellan and Eliza Hull. Born in Portland, Me. — At Mr. Daniel 
Cummings'; Wid. Sarah Stevens'; Mr. Amos Abbot's. Graduated 1822. — 
Studied law with Lemuel Shaw and Sidney Bartlett, Boston; Northampton 
Law Sch. Lawyer, editorial writer, and " poet-sportsman." Res. Boston 
until 1838, afterwards travelling in Europe, and spending two seasons in one 
of Daniel Webster's farm-houses at Marshfield. Removed to New York, 1843, 
with home on Long Island (from 1868, at Greenport). Started a monthly maga- 
zine in Boston, which he merged in the Weekly Pearl; was also connected with 
the Boston Daily Patriot; early contributor to the Boston Monthly Mag. of S. L. 
Knapp (P.A. 1799), Am. Monthly Mag. of N. P. Willis (P.A. 1821), J.T. Bucking- 
ham's New Eng. Mag., W. C. Bryant's Lit. Gazette, the Knickerbocker, etc., and 
inlater years to sportsmen's journals. Author of three vols, of poems published 
while in Boston, and (1886) Poems of the Rod and Gun. 1 Mem. of Boston Sch. 
Com. and Common Council ; Rep. from Boston, 1837. Springs, L.I. 

George Moody, 19, Byfield. *1866 

Son of Sewall Moody and Judith Longfellow. — Studied medicine with Dr. Tim- 
othy Kinniston, Haverhill; Harv. Med. 1830. Physician. Boxford, Georgetown. 

Samuel Nichols, 21, South Reading [now Wakefield]. *1844 

Son of Samuel Nichols and Elizabeth Hay. — Graduated 1823. — Bang. Theol. 
Sem. 1826. Pastor, Wakefield, Franklin, Barrington, N.H. Res. from 1842, 
So. Reading. 

William Henry Fettyplace Pedrick, 11, Salem. *1847 
Son of John Pedrick and Elizabeth Fettyplace; brother of Richard Edward, 1818. 
— Ship-master. Engaged in the South American and Mediterranean trade. 
Died in New York. 

1 One of Mr. McLellan's earliest poems, The Death of Napoleon, became very popular t 
AVild was the night; yet a wilder night 
Hung o'er the soldier's pillow." 




Oliver Ellsworth Perkins, 14, New London, Ct. *1847 
Son of Hon. Elias Perkins and Mary Mumford. — Left 1821. — Resided, except 
when away on foreign voyages, at Kew London. Died in Ohio, a few months 
after his removal there. 

Abraham Garland Randall, 16, Stow. H. (1827.) *1863 

Son of Rev. Abraham Randall and Hannah (Garland) Leavitt. Born in Man- 
chester. — First year of college course at Yale. Principal of Middleborough 
Academy. Studied law with Gov. John Davis and Hon. Chas. Allen, Worces- 
ter. Lawyer. Millbury, Worcester. Postmaster at Millbury. 

Isaac Ray, 13, Beverly. (Bo. 1826.) *1881 

Son of Capt. Isaac Ray and Lydia Symonds. — At Master Foster's. Graduated 
1822. — Studied medicine with Drs. Samuel Hart, Beverly, and George C. Shat- 
tuck, Boston ; Harv. Med. ; Bowd. Med. 1827- Eminent physician and specialist 
in treatment of insane. Practiced in Portland, Eastport, Me. Sup't of State 
Hospital for Insane, Augusta, Me., 1841-45; of Butler Hospital for Insane, 
Providence, R.I., 1845-67. Afterwards res. Philadelphia, Pa. One of the 
founders of Association of Med. Sup'ts of Amer. Institutions for Insane, and of 
Philadelphia Social Science Assoc. Pres. R.I. Med. Soc; Fellow of Coll. of 
Phys. of Philadelphia; Cor. Mem. R.I. Hist. Soc. Author of Medical Jurispru- 
dence of Insanity, and of many published reports and essays on subjects con- 
nected with insanity. LL.D. 

Winslow Varnum Richardson, 13, Reading. *1825 
Son of Dr. Nathan Richardson and Asenath Rice. — Left 1821. — Died in South 
Reading (now Wakefield). 

George Rogers, 27, Gloucester. *1863 

Son of John Rogers and Sarah Smith. Before entering Academy was in business, 
having served an apprenticeship with Abraham Wheelwright and Co., New- 
buryport. — Pres. Social Fraternity, 1820. — Studied the languages privately, 
with a view to the ministry, which his health forbade him to enter. Merchant. 
Boston. Treasurer, and afterwards President, of Douglas Axe Manufacturing 
Co. For many years deacon in Union church, Boston. Died in Newburyport. 

Thomas Holmes Ropes, 16, Salem. *1845 
Son of Capt. Timothy Ropes and Sarah Holmes. — Graduated 1822. — Taught a 
private school in Salem. From about 1830, in Louisville, Ky. 

John White Roundey, 10, Marblehead. D. (1827.) *1886 

Son of Elijah White Roundey and Elizabeth Brown. —Left 1823. —Studied law 
in Utica, N.Y., and practiced one year in Manlius, N.Y.; studied theology in 
Utica, but not ordained. In business, Charleston, S.C.; La Fayette, Ind. ; thirty 
years in National Bank of Commerce, New York City; res. in Brooklyn, N.Y.; 
Plainfield, N.J.; and, from 1867, Bound Brook, N.J. 

George Benjamin Ruggles, 16, Newport, R.I. Br. (1826.) *1833 

Son of Benjamin and Azubah Ruggles. — Left 1821. — Engaged in manufacturing. 
Providence, R.I. 

Peter Edmund Russell, 11, Marblehead. A. 1829. * 

Son of John Russell and Mary Lewis. — Left 1822. — Name changed, 1826, to 
Edmund Peter Russell. Taught at Orleans, and in New Jersey, going to the 
Southern States about 1860. 

Anthony Colby Smith, 21, Holderness, N.H. *1822 
Son of Andrew Smith, Jr., and Elizabeth Colby. — Was pursuing his studies in 
the Academy,. with reference to the ministry, when attacked with consumption, 
of which he died in Middleborough, at the home of his uncle, Rev. Philip Colby. 




Henry Charming Smith, 31, New London, Ct. *1879 
Son of Maj. Simeon Smith, 2d, and Charlotte Smith. — Left 1821. — " Intended to 
prepare for ministry, but his health failed." Harness-maker. New London, Ct. 

John James Soley, 11, Charlestown. *1884 
Son of Hon. John Soley and Rebecca Tyng Henley. — Left 1823. — Broker and 
financial editor. Boston; res. Roxbury; from 1866, Cambridge. 

John Bethune Staples, 13, New Haven, Ct. Y. 1827. *1884 

Son of Seth P. Staples, Esq., and Catherine Wales; brother of George W., 1823. 
— At Miss Newman's. Graduated 1822. — Lawyer. New York ; res. West New 
Brighton, Staten Island, N.Y. 

William Augustus Stearns, 15, Bedford. H. 1827. *1876 

Son of Rev. Samuel Stearns and Abigail French ; brother of Samuel H., 1816, and 
Jonathan F., 1823. — At Madam French's; John L. Abbot's, Esq. Graduated 
1823. — And. Theol. Sem. 1831. Principal of Duxbury Higli School. Pastor, 
Prospect St. church, Cambridgeport, 1831-54. President of Amherst College, 
1854-1876. Overseer, Harv. Coll.; Trustee, Phil. Acad.; Mem. Mass. Board of 
Educ. ; Pres. of Mass. Home Miss. Soc. seventeen years. Preacher of Artillery 
Election Sermon, 1852; of Convention Sermon, 1857; of Election Sermon, 1864. 
Fellow Amer. Acad.; Mem. Mass. Hist. Soc. D.D.; LL.D. 

Augustus Stevens, 16, Boston. 
Left 1821. — 

Timothy Dwight Porter Stone, 9, Andover. A. 1834. *1887 

Son of Rev. Timothy Stone (of Cornwall, Ct.) and Mary Merwin; brother of John 
P., 1823. Born in Cornwall.— At Prof. Porter's. Graduated 1828. — First 
two years of college course at Dartmouth. . And. Theol. Sem. 1842. Teacher of 
High School, Concord, N.H.; principal of Female Seminary, Plymouth, N.H.; 
principal of Abbot Academy, Andover, 1839-42; pastor, Holliston ; chaplain, 
Mass. Reform School, Westboro; principal, Conn. Normal School; teacher, 
Family School, Norwich, Ct.; pastor, Bozrah, Fitchville, Ct. ; Amesbury Mills; 
principal of Seminary, Lafayette, Ind.; pastor, Marblehead, Stow, Hanover; 
teacher of Elocution, Albany; pastor, Windsor. N.Y. Labored among Freed- 
men in East Tenn., 1865, and for several years with temperance organizations. 
Author of various readers and other juvenile publications. Died in Albany. 

Amasa Symonds, 21, Hillsborough, N.H. D. (1825.) *1822 

Son of Eliphalet Symonds and Tamme Tilton. — Graduated 1821. — Died at his 
father's house, while a member of the Sophomore class at Dartmouth College. 
"A superior teacher and a young man of great promise." 

Francis Thomas, 16, Scituate. H. 1829. *1878 

Son of Rev. Nehemiah Thomas and Hannah Otis. —At Mr. Foster's. Graduated 
1825. Salutatorian. — Harv. Med. 1833. Physician. Scituate. 

Charles Thompson, 23, New London, Ct. *1855 
Son of Joseph Thompson and Helen Curtis. Born in Stratford, Ct. Clerk in 
drug store, New London, before entering Academy. — Princ. Theol. Sem. (1825.) 
Pastor, Dundaff, Pa. ; Humphreysville (in Derby, now Seymour), Salem, Ct. 

Stephen Toplif, 23, Willington, Ct. Y. 1825. *1875 

Son of Cyrus Topliff and Mary Streeter. — Graduated 1821. — Yale Div. Sch. 1828. 
Pastor, Middletown (Westfield church), Ct. ; Columbus, O.; Oxford, Ct. Res. 
from 1860, Cromwell, Ct. 

George Trask, 24, Marblehead. Bo. 1826. *1875 

Son of Jeremiah Trask and Hannah Wallis. Born in Beverly. — Left 1821. — 
And. Theol. Sem. 1829. Pastor, Framingham, Warren, Fitchburg. From 




1849, engaged in temperance work and in lecturing and writing against the use 
of tobacco. 

David Upton, 17, St. Stephens, N.B. *1858 

Son of Aaron Upton (a loyalist, from Mt. Vernon, N.H.) and Hasadiah Cutler 
Christie. — Left 1822. — First cashier St. Stephens Bank, 1836-58. Town officer 
St. Stephens. 

Herman Landon Vaill, 25, Litchfield, Ct. *1870 
Son of Benjamin Yaill and Sylvia Landon. Served in War of 1812. Teacher 
in Morris Academy, 1 Litchfield South Farms (now Morris), Ct. — Studied the- 
ology with Rev. Joseph Harvey, Goshen, Ct. Teacher in Goshen Academy, also 
in Foreign Mission School, Cornwall, Ct , 1824. Pastor, Millington (East 
Haddam), East Lyme, Torringford, Ct. ; Seneca Falls, N.Y.; Milton, Ct. Res. 
from 1852, Litchfield, Ct. A.M. hon., Yale Coll. 1824. 

JohnViall, 19, Seekonk. *1879 

Son of Hezekiah Viall and Fanny Low. Born in Rehoboth (now Seekonk). — 
Left 1821. — Farmer and lay preacher. Delevan, 111. ; Kearney Junction, Neb. 

Samuel Walcutt, 22, Danvers. *1823 

Son of Jonathan Walcutt and Lydia Gale. — At Mrs. Geo. Abbot's. — Died at 
Andover, while a student, Jan. 5, 1823. 

Ebenezer Henry Watson, 16, Stockbridge. *1850 
Son of Ebenezer Watson and Frances Pamela Sedgwick. — Business man in New 
York. Died at Panama, So. Amer., while bookkeeper of Howland and Aspin- 

Theodore Dwight Weld, 16, Hampton, Ct. 

Son of Rev. Ludovicus Weld, 1784, and Elizabeth Clark. — At John L. Abbot's, 
Esq. Left 1822, the failure of his eyes preventing him from pursuing a colle- 
giate course, although several years later he entered Oneida (N.Y.) Manual Labor 
Institute, and also studied under Prof. William Kirkland of Hamilton Coll. 
Agent of Society for promoting Manual Labor in Literary Institutions. Stu- 
dent in Lane Theol. Sem. 1833-34 ; leader in the " eighteen evenings' discussion," 
arising from the suppression of the anti-slavery society in the seminary. After- 
wards well known reformer and lecturer on slavery. Cor. Sec. of Amer. 
Anti-slavery Soc, New York, and editor of its books and pamphlets. Estab- 
lished and conducted for several years a school at Englewood, N.J. Author of 
American Slavery as it is, and other anti-slavery publications. Res. from 1864, 

Hyde Park. 

David Everett Wheeler, 16, Orford, N.H. D. 1827. *1870 

Son of John Brooks Wheeler and Hannah Hills. Born in Grafton, Yt. — Left 
1821. — Studied at Harv. Law Sch. (1827-28), and with Hon. Jonas Piatt. New 
York. Lawyer. New York. Rep. from New York City, 1844, '45. Mem. City 
Board of Education. Editor of Herald of Peace four years. 

John Wild, 17, Dorchester. M. 1827. *1868 

Son of Joseph Wild and Hannah Minot.— Graduated 1823. — And. Theol. Sem. 
1831. Taught for several years in the Shenandoah Yalley. Pastor, Grafton ; 
Conway, N.H. ; Falmouth, Topsham, Me. Teacher, Deposit, Stamford, N.Y. 
Res. from 1864, Alexandria, Va. 

Samuel Tyler Wilder, 19, Attleborough. Br. 1825. *1837 

Son of Rev. John Wilder and Esther Tyler. — Lawyer. Rochester, N Y. 

* John Brown was a pupil of Mr. Yaill at this Academy, and wrote to his old teacher 
from his Virginia prison a few days before his execution. 




William Wolcott, 21, Stow. Y. 1828. *1877 

Son of William Wolcott and Mary Farns worth. — At Phillips Hall. Graduated 
1824. Valedictorian. — Yale Div. Sch. 1831. Pastor, Petersham; Lower Provi- 
dence, Pa. ; Adrian, Mich. From 1837, home missionary in Michigan for thirty 
years. Res. Hudson, Mich. Died at Kalamazoo, Mich. 


Alldis Samuel Allen, 15, Medway. Y. 1827. *1833 

Son of Samuel Allen and Sarah Wood Alldis. — At Maj. Daniel Cummings'. 
Graduated 1823. — Yale Med. 1830. Physician. Bridgeport, Ct. 

Seth Ames, 15, Dedham. H. 1825. *1881 

Son of Hon. Fisher Ames and Frances Worthington. — Harv. Law Sch., also 
studying with Hon. George Bliss, Springfield, and Hon. Lemuel Shaw, Boston. 
Lawyer. Lowell. Rep. from Lowell, 1832; Senator from Middlesex, 1841 ; 
Alderman; City Solicitor. Clerk of Courts, Middlesex Co; Chief Justice of 
Superior Court; Assoc. Justice of Supreme Court. Res. from 1849, Cambridge. 
Published life and writings of his father. Mem. Mass. Hist. Soc. 

Samuel Arnold, 21, Ipswich. * 

Son of William Arnold. Born in Lancaster. — Studied theology with Rev. 
Jonathan Ward, Plymouth, N.H. Pastor, Bristol, Cssipee, N.H. Retired from 
ministry after 1831, and " went West." 

Edwin Daniel Avery, 14, Gilford [now Laconia], N.H. D. (1828.) *1855 
Son of Daniel Avery and Olive Light Piper. — At Mr. Jonathan Leavitt's. 
Graduated 1824. — Teacher in state of New York. 

Ebenezer Green Bradford, 20, Francestown, N.H. A. 1827. *1861 
Son of Rev. Moses Bradford and Sarah Eaton. — At Maj. Daniel Cummings'; 
Capt. Augustus Lovett's; Miss Hannah Newman's. — Graduated 1823. — And. 
Theol. Sem. (1831.) Studied also with Rev. John M. Whiton, Antrim, N.H. 
Pastor, Colebrook, N.H. ; Wardsborough, Vt. ; Platteville, Prairie du Sac, Wau- 
pun, Princeton, Wis. Res. from 1858, Leverett. 

Ansel Bridgman, 19, Northampton. W. 1827. *1838 

Son of Joseph Bridgman and Mary Judd. — At Mrs. T. G. Bunten's; Miss Mary 
Upton's; Capt. Geo. Abbot's; Capt. Augustus Lovett's; Mrs. Ruth Abbot's. 
Graduated 1823. — Aub. Theol. Sem. 1830. Pastor, Farmington, Mich. Territory; 
Huntsburgh, O. 

Levi Chamberlain, 28, Boston. *1849 
Son of Joseph Chamberlain and Lucy Whitney. Born in Wardsborough, South 
District (now Dover), Vt. Before entering the Academy, dry-goods dealer in 
Boston (Chamberlain and Holbrook). — From 1822, secular superintendent of 
Sandwich Island Mission, serving also as teacher of penmanship and examiner 
of the native schools. 

James Morris Chase, 21, Cornish, N.H. D. 1827. *1865 

Son of Moody Chase and Lucy Farnum. Graduated 1823. — Teacher ten years in 
Shelbyville, Ky., where he studied theology with Rev. Archibald Cameron. 
Pastor, Macomb, 111., 1837-46. Afterwards preached in different churches in 




vicinity of Macomb, where he was also for a time Prof, of Latin and Greek in 
McDonough College. Delegate of Christian Commission, Chattanooga, Tenn., 
contracting disease which resulted in his death. 

Stephen Higginson Cleveland, 10, Boston. Y. (1830.) *1856 

Son of Aaron P. Cleveland and Abby Salisbury.— At A. Blanchard's, Esq. 
Graduated 1826. —Merchant. Boston. Res. from 1840, Jamaica Plain, Dedham, 

Orson Cowles, 20, Hartford, Ct. Y. 1828. *1860 

Son of Aaron Cowles and Jemima Chapman. Born in East Hartland, Ct. — 
Teacher in Woodstock, Ct. Yale Div. Sch. 1832. Pastor, North Woodstock, 
Ct. Teacher of select school, North Haven, Ct. 

James Merrill Cummings, 10, Boston. Bo. 1830. *1883 

Son of Jacob Abbot Cummings, 1794, and Elizabeth Merrill. — At Wid. Sarah 
Stevens' ; Wid. Elizabeth Cummings'. Graduated 1826. — Studied medicine 
with Dr. John Barrett, Portland, Me. ; Bowd. Med. 1834. Physician. Calais, 
Me.; Nashua, N.H.; Cairo, 111.; Groton, Salem; from 1850, Portland, Me. 

William Tenney Cutter, 16, Hollis, N.H. *1876 
Son of Dr. Benoni Cutter and Phebe Tenney. — Left 1822. — Merchant. Charles- 
town; New York City, Brooklyn, N.Y. ; Last Lyme, Ct. One of the founders 
of Plymouth church, Brooklyn. 

James Darrach, 15, Philadelphia, Pa. Y. 1827. *1889 

Son of James Darrach and Elizabeth Bradford. — Graduated 1823. — Manufac- 
turer, Manayunk, Pa.; Fishkill, N.Y. Farmer and teacher, Walden, N.Y., 
1840-54. Superintendent of the New York Hospital, New York City, 1854-64. 
Res. from 18G4, Newark, Newburgh, Walden, Fishkill-on-Hudson, N.Y. Often 
occupied with subjects of literary and scientific interest; contributed to Dr. 
John C. Warren's monograph of the Mastodon giganteus an account of its 
discovery, having previously lectured on the same, in connection with its ex- 
hibition, in various towns of New England. 

Roger Sherman Dix, 11, Littleton. W.P. 1832. *1849 

Son of Col. Timothy Dix (of the War of 1812) and Mary Hartwell. Born in 
Boscawen, N.H. — At Mr. Clement's. Graduated 1825. — Took the Freshman 
year at Dartmouth. Attached to the 7th Regiment, and on frontier duty in 
Indian Territory, quartermaster's duty at Carlisle, Pa. and Charleston, S.C., 
paymaster's duty in Texas and during Mexican War. Served as volunteer 
aid at the battle of Buena Vista, and brevetted Lt. Col. for gallant and merito- 
rious conduct. Died of cholera at Hillsborough, Pa., while on a journey from 
Tennessee to Washington. 

Edward Osborne Dunning, 11, New Haven, Ct. Y. 1832. *1874 
Son of Capt. Luman Dunning and Elizabeth Osborne. — Left 1822. —Yale Div. 
Sch. 1835. Pastor, Rome. Canajoharie, N.Y. 1854-60, general agent of Bible Soc. 
for Western Virginia. Chaplain, U.S.A., Cumberland, Md., 1862-65. " Became 
interested in exploring ancient mounds in various parts of the South, and con- 
tinued his explorations till a few months before his death, rendering valuable 
aid to science by his discoveries." 

Joshua Trowbridge Eaton, 18, Framingham. Y. 1830. *1888 

Son of Nathan Eaton and Asenath Fiske. — Scholar of the House. Graduated 
1823. — And. Theol. Sem. (1834.) Rector in Ohio. 1834-45; in New York, 1846-56. 
Preacher of New Jerusalem church, Ohio, Delaware, and Mass. (Yarmouthport), 
1860-1870. Res. from 1870, Shrewsbury. 




Richard Evans, 10, Hopkinton, N.H. Bo. 1829. 

Son of Judge Richard Evans and Ann Wendell Penhallow; brother of John, 1825. 
Born in Portsmouth, N.H. —After 1821, registered as from Andover; at Mrs. 
Ann Evans'. Graduated 1825.— Name afterwards changed by act of Legislature 
to Richard Stuart Evans. Studied law with Richard Wallach, Esq., Washing- 
ton, D.C. Lawyer, editorial writer, and lecturer. Portsmouth, N.H., 1833-34; 
Maryland and Pennsylvania, 1834-43; New York City, 1845-65; from 1865, 
Washington, D.C. In U.S. Treasury Dep't for ten years, afterwards devoting 
special attention to the translation of foreign literature. Hyattsville, Aid. 

Augustus Henry Fiske, 15, Weston. H. 1825. *1865 

Son of Isaac Fiske (Register of Middlesex Probate) and Sukey Hobbs. Studied 
law with Hon. Benjamin Rand (P. A. 1804), Boston; Harv. Law Sch. Lawyer 
of extensive practice in Boston, in partnership with Mr. Rand. Res. from 1848. 

Jonathan French, 15, North Hampton, N.H. U. 1829. 

Son of Rev. Jonathan French, D.D., 1786, and Rebecca Farrar; grandson of Rev. 
Jonathan French of the first Board of Trustees. At Madam French's; Mrs. 
Phebe Abbot's ; Mrs. T. G. Buntin's; John L. Abbot's, Esq.; Mr. Amos Blan- 
chard's; Miss Mary Upton's. Graduated (in Advanced Class) 1825. — First two 
years of college course at Dartmouth. Teacher. Colborne, Canada; Quincy, 
Weymouth, Milton, Manchester, Braintree, At one time, while in poor health, 
in the employ of Ex-President John Quincy Adams at Quincy. Res. from 1877, 


Henry Gellineau, 14, Trinidad, W. L 

Joel Goodell, 22, Templeton. Ham. (1827.) *1877 

Son of William Goodell and Phebe Newton; brother of William, 1811. — At Miss 
Hannah Newman's; Mr. Amos Blanchard's. Left 1823. — Aub. Theol. Sem. 
1830. Home missionary in Missouri and Ohio, 1830-34; farmer and preacher, 
Harrisville, O., 1834-54. Res. Graham, Percival. from 1844, Tabor, Iowa. 

William M. Guilford, 13, Whitehall, N.Y. M. (1829.) * 

Son of Silas Guilford and Sylvia Miller. Born in Fairhaven, Vt.— Left 1822. — 
Baptist preacher in Georgia, and at one time a teacher in Louisiana. 

Sherman Hall, 21, Weathersfield, Vt. D. 1828. *1879 

Son of Aaron Hall and Sarah Brigham. — At Miss Hannah Newman's ; Dr Por- 
ter's. Graduated 1824. — And. Theol Sem. 1831. Missionary to Ojibway Indians 
in Lake Superior region, twenty- three years; translated the New Testament 
into their language. Pastor, Sauk Rapids, Minn., from 1858. Judge of Probate 
and County Superintendent of Schools. 

Ransom Harvey, 22, Granville, N.Y. M. (1829.) 

Left 1823. — Was preparing for the ministry when in the Academy, and said to 
have been a " missionary to the Indians." 

Duncan Nicholson Hennen, 10, New Orleans, La. U. 1830. *1867 
Son of Alfred Hennen (lawyer) and Anna Maria Nicholson. — At S. Farrar's, Esq. 
Graduated 1825. — First two years of college course at Yale. Lawyer. New 
Orleans. For many years Clerk of U.S. Court. One of his daughters married 
Gen. John B. Hood of the Confederate army. 

Theodore John Keep, 12, Blandford. Y. 1832. *1889 

Son of Rev. John Keep and Lydia Hale. —Left 1822. — Aub. Theol. Sem.; Ober. 
Theol. Sem. 1836. Tutor and Princ. of Prep. Dep't, Ober. Coll. Pastor of 
various churches in Ohio, 1841-61. Res. from 1861, Oberlin, O. 




Samuel Mafficks Ellen Kiltie, 14, Dorchester. H. 1827. *185l 

Son of William Kittle (officer in the Royal Navy, winning a medal for bravery in 
the battle of the Nile) and .Mary Elenor Rogers. Born on the Island of Alder- 
ney in the English Channel. Sent when ten years old to America to be educated 
by his uncle, Capt. William M. Rogers of Dorchester, for whom his name was 
changed, 1832, to William Matticks Rogers. — At Madam French's; Wid. Eliza- 
beth Cummings'. Graduated 1823. — And. Theol. Sem. 1830. Pastor, Townsend, 
1831-35; Franklin St. (afterwards Central) church, Boston, 1835-51. Overseer, 
Harv. Coll. Died at Dorchester. 

Cyrus Lancaster, 18, Acworth, N.H. D. (1827.) *1863 

Son of Ebenezer Lancaster and Elizabeth Davidson. — Graduated 1823. — Teacher, 
St. Johnsbury, Bradford, Lyndon. Vt. Manufacturer of globes, from 1834 in 
Albany, from 1852 in Brooklyn, N.Y. Inventor of a self-adjusting railroad 
switch and of a car ventilator. 

Joseph Lane, 24, Sanbornton, N.H. *1850 

Son of Joseph Lane and Elizabeth Lang. Born in Kensington, N.H. Before 
entering the Academy apprenticed to tanner and currier's trade. — At Mr. 
Henry Abbot's; Miss Sarah Holt's; Capt. Augustus Lovett's. Pres. Social 
Fraternity, 1823. Graduated 1823. — Bang. Theol. Sem. 1826. Missionary to 
Tuscarora Indians in Western New York, 1827. Pastor, Franklin, Meredith 
(and Centre Harbor), N.H.; Westbrook, Me.; Farmington, N.H. For several 
years agent of Amer. Bible Soc. forN.H., and Sec. N.H. Bible Soc, res.Gilman 
ton, Pembroke, N.H. Died at Brattleboro', Vt. 

Octavus Augustus Langdon, 9, Boston. *1856 
Son of John Walley Langdon and Rebecca Cordis; brother of John W., 1812, and 
Charles F.. 1813. Born in Charlestown, Aug. 8, 1812, as attested bv his names. 
— At Miss Newman's. Left 1826. — Merchant in Smyrna, 1 Asia Minor. Died 
at Alexandretta, Syria. 

Abel Fallen, 16, Billerica. D. 1827. *1864 

Son of John Patten and Lucy Bowman. — At Miss Hannah Newman's. Gradu- 
ated 1823. — And. Theol. Sem. 1830. Pastor, Carlisle, Sandwich, Hanson; Ja- 
maica, Wilmington. Marlborough, Pittsfield, Vt; Burlington; Alstead, N.H. 
Res. from 1859, Billerica. Died at Lowell. 

Hamilton Potts, 15, New Orleans, La. H. (1827.) 

Graduated 1823.— At one time a lawyer in Natchez, Miss., subsequently in New 

Harvey Newton Preston, 15, Bedford. *1837 
Son of Dr. Amariah Preston and Ruhamah Lane. — Left 1822. — Harv. Med. 1827. 
Physician. Plymouth. 
Seth Sackett, 21, Warren, Ct. Y. (1828.) *1853 

Son of Homer Sackett and Sarah Carter. — At Miss Newman's. Scholar of the 
House. Pres. Social Fraternity, 1824. Graduated 1824. — Yale Div. Sch. 1831. 
Pastor, South Britain. Naugatuck, Ct. Afterwards in business, Akron, O. Died 
at Marysville, Cal. 

Hamlet Sanger, 12, Sherburne [now Sherborn]. *1873 

Son of Col. Calvin Sanger and Anna Phipps. — Left 1822. Trader and shoe 
manufacturer in Sherborn. Spent several years in Australia. 

i N. P. Willis, P. A. 1821, visited Mr. Langdon in 1833, referring to him in one of his 
stories as " an old school-fellow of my own, one of the most distinguished and hospitable 
of the Smyrniote merchants.'' In another story, he describes a tour made with Mr. L. 
in Asia Minor, Rev. Josiah Brewer, P. A. 1814, being also of the party. 




Amos Leverett Spencer, 21, Canton, Ct. *1845 
Son of Amos Spencer and Candace Case. — Left 1822. — Engaged in printing bank 
notes (by hand) at Hartford, Ct., and in teaching. Emigrated to Ohio in 1833, 
and became a preacher of Methodist Protestant Church. Kes. Rootstown, O. 

Jeremiah Allen Strong, 14, Northampton. *1870 
Son of Theodore Strong, 1791, and Martha Allen. — Left 1824. — Engaged in coal- 
mining business at Coal Grove, O. 

John Gallison Tappan, 13, Boston. H. (1828.) *1883 

Son of John Tappan, Esq., and Sarah Salisbury. — At the Principal's. Graduated 
1824. — Merchant. Boston. Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. Res. from 1879, Brookline. 

Samuel Salisbury Tappan, 11, Boston. A. 1833. *1890 

Brother of preceding. — At the Principal's. Left 1822. — And. Theol. Sem. (1826.) 
Pastor, Frankfort (now Winterport, Me.); Bridgewater, Holmes' Hole (now 
Vineyard Haven); Conway, N.H. Res. from 1853, Providence, R.I. ; from 1887, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Norton Thayer, 18, Braintree. H. 1828. *1870 

Son of Caleb Thayer and Mary Holbrook; brother of Caleb, 1818, and John H., 
1819. — First year of college course at Yale, "distinguishing himself so as to 
be chosen class speaker, in conjunction with William Hoppin " (P.A. 1819). 
Studied law with Judge Emerson, New York, but did not enter the profession. 
Teacher in Dorchester; Usher Boston Lat. Sch. 1832-33; Principal of classical 
school for boys, in New York City, 1834-57. Res. from 1857, Boston. 

Alexander Hamilton Thomas, 16, Cheraw, S.C. Y. (1826.) *1826 
Son of William L. Thomas and Clarissa Benton. — Graduated 1822. — Died at Che- 
raw. From his tombstone : " Sincere in his professions, warm in his friendships, 
kind and affectionate, frank and open in all his transactions." 

Joshua Briggs Tobey, 14, Wareham. *1870 
Son of Curtis Tobey, Esq., and Tirzah Fearing. — Lived and died in Wareham. 
" One of the earliest manufacturers of cut nails ; for a long series of years one of 
the leading manufacturers of the town; in the front rank of the wealthiest and 
best business men of Southern Massachusetts." President of National Bank of 
AVareham, of Savings Bank, of Boston Screw Co., of Middlebnro' and Taunton 
R.R. Co.; Treasurer of Tremont Nail Co.; Director in many institutions and 
corporations. Staff officer in state militia, and commonly called "Major 

Nathaniel Parker Willis, 15, Boston. Y. 1827. *1867 

Son of Dea. Nathaniel Willis (founder of the Boston Recorder and the Youth's 
Comjmnion) and Hannah Parker. Born in Portland, Me. — At Major Daniel 
Cummings'. Graduated 1823. — Journalist and poet. Res. Boston to 1831; in 
Europe, 1831-34; Owego, N. Y. (" Glenmary "), from 1837; Cornwall, N Y. ("Idle- 
wild "), from 1853. Editor of Amer. Monthly Mag., Boston (1829-31); assoc. 
editor New York Mirror, the Corsair, the Evening Mirror, and (from 1846) 
the Home Journal, Author of Pencitlings by the Way, Sacred Poems, and many 
other volumes of prose and poetry. 

Barnet Norton Wisner, 11, Geneva, N.Y. A. (1830.) *1843 

Son of Polydore B. Wisner and Maria Blydenburg; brother of Rev. Dr. B. B. 
Wisner, of the Old South church, Boston. — Left 1822. — Harv. Med. 1831. Ph^ 
sician. Penn Yan, N.Y. 






Ezra Abbot, 13, Andover. H. (1834.) *1872 

Son of Ezra Abbot and Hannah Poor. — Left 1826. — Studied medicine with Dr. 
Elisha Huntington, Lowell; Harv. Med. 1837. Physician. Canton. 

Charles Amburger Andrew, 18, Salem. *1843 
Son of John Andrew and Catherine Forrester. — At the Principal's. — Left 1824. 

— Harv. Law Sch. 1832. Lawyer. Salem. Mem. of School Board and of City 
Council. I?ep. from Salem, 1S35-39, 43, Col. of Salem regiment of militia. 
Started the Salem Courier, continuing it one year. 

Oliver Baker, 21, Templeton. Y. 1829. *1834 

Son of Samuel Baker and Hannah Bush.— At Mr. Foster's; Mr. Clement's. 
Graduated 1825. —And. Theol. Sem. ; Yale Div. Sch. (1834 ) Died at Rahway, 
N.J., while a divinity student. 

John Bartlett, 18, New Ipswich, N.H. Bo. (1829.) *1827 

Son of Maj. Noah Bartlett and Mary Hills. — At Phillips Hall Graduated 1825 
(in Advanced Class). — Was preparing for the ministry Died of consumption, 
at Trenton, N.J., wh'IIe taking a journey to the South. "The family was now 
extinct, and he bequeathed the remainder of his patrimony to the American 
Board of Missions." 

Edward Blanchard, 7, Andover. Y. (1835.) *1834 

Son of Dea. Amos Blanchard (1787) and Elizabeth Jenkins; brother of Amos, 1814. 

— Graduated 1830 — Obliged to leave college on account of ill health, and died 
of consumption at his father's house in Andover. From his epitaph in South 
Church cemetery : Parental and fraternal affection weep over the grave of one 
who was a model in all that was lovely in a Son and Brother; and Religion 
mourns the loss of youthful talent consecrated to Christ and the Church." 

Michael Burdett, 1 9, South Reading [now Wakefield]. *1888 

Son of Michael Burdett and Polly Dix. — Left 1824. —Bang. Theol. Sem. (182(1.) 
Pastor, Berlin. Northbridge Village (now Whitingsville), Blackstone; Wood 
stock, Ct. District Sec of Amer. and For. Chr. Union in Philadelphia. Pastor 
West Philadelphia, Pa. ; Odessa, Del. Army Chaplain, St. Louis Hospital, New 
Orleans, La., 1864-65. Pastor, Eddington, Pa. Died at North Dighton. 

John Armistead Carter, 14, Frederieksburg, Va. Ya. (1830.) 

Son of Col. Landon Carter and Mary Burwell Armistead. Born in Alexandria, 
Va. — At Mr. Amos Blanchard's; Mr. William Foster's. Graduated 1825.— 
Studied law with Judge Henry St. George Tucker, Winchester, Va. Lawyer 
and farmer. Loudoun Co., Va.; Senator; Mem. Const. Conv 1850; Mem. Seces- 
sion Conv. 1861. "In this body, i am proud to say, I exerted all my powers 
against secession." Melbourne P. O., Va. 

Samuel Augustus Chandler, 16, Peacham, Vt. D. 1826. *1855 
Son of Hon. John Winthrop Chandler and Susan Chandler. — Studied law with 
Hon. Isaac Fletcher, Lyndon, Vt. Lawyer. Barnet, Montpelier, Peacham, Vt. 
Rep. from Peacham; Mem. Const. Conv. 1843. Cashier for a time of Bank of 
Caledonia, Danville, Vt. Town treasurer of Peacham, and treasurer of Peacham 




Frederic William Crocker, 13, Barnstable. H. 1829. *1 863 

Son of David Crocker and Rachel Bacon.— At Mr. Clement's. Graduated 1825. 
— Merchant, Boston, 1837-43. Afterwards res. Barnstable. From 1855, Clerk 
of Courts, Barnstable Co. 

Aldington Kennedy Davenport, 14, Pawtucket. Br. (1828.) *1864 
Son of Dr. Addington Davenport and Eliza North Kennedy. — At Capt. Lovett's. 
Left 1824. — Hahnemann Med. Coll., Philadelphia, Pa., 1855. Physician in 

Sanders Pitman Dorrance, 14, Providence, R. I. Br. (1828.) *1830 
Son of Samuel Dorrance and Mary Pitman.— Died in Providence. 

Aaron Hardy Dutch, 14, Woodstock, Ct. Y. (1829.) *1830 

Son of Rev. Ebenezer Dutch of East Bradford (now Groveland) and Phebe Ea- 
ton. — At Col. Benjamin Abbott's; Mr. Jonathan Leavitt's; Phillips Hall; 
" boarded himself." Graduated 1824.— Taught at West Springfield, and died 

Joseph Eldridge, 17, Yarmouth. Y. 1829. *1875 

Son of Capt. Joseph Eldridge and Deborah Hamblin.— At Phillips Hall ; Miss 
Newman's. — Graduated 1825 (in Advanced Class). Valedictorian. — Salutato- 
rian at Yale. Yale Div. Sch. 1832. Pastor in Norfolk, Ct., forty-two years. 
Fellow Yale Coll. D. D. 

Darius Newton Goodrich, 23, Berlin, Ct. M. (1827.) *1866 

Son of John Goodrich and Ruth Beekley.— Left 1824— Yale Med. Physician in 
New York City, 1829-62; afterwards resided in New Haven and Meriden, Ct. 

Hiram Goodwin, 14, New Hartford, Ct. *1885 

Son of Jeduthan Goodwin and Proserpina King; half brother of Roswell, 1816. — 
At Phillips Hall. Left 1824.— Lawyer. Riverton (town of Barkhamsted), Ct. 
Judge of County Court; Rep. ; Senator. " The leading citizen of the place; an 
upright judge, honored legislator, and Christian gentleman." 

Isaac Goward, 16, Croydon, N. H. *1858 

Son of Isaac Goward and Abigail Lothrop.— At Mr. Foster's. Left 1824. — Took 
one year of college course at Waterville, and another at Amherst. Began to 
study medicine at Dartmouth, and was licensed to preach by Baptist church at 
Cornish Flat, N. H. Afterwards took the name of Isaac Rossini Goward, and 
became teacher of penmanship and music in New York City. 

Thomas Douglas Gregg, 11, Charlestown. A. 1828. *1876 

Son of Daniel Gregg and Mary McCauley; brother of Daniel H., 1819. Born in 
Salem.— At Phillips Hall. Graduated 1824.— First year of college course at 
Dartmouth. — And. Theol. Sem. (1832.) Teacher and business man, Indianapolis, 
Ind., 1829-49; farmer in Iowa, 1851-60; afterwards resided partly at Aylett's, 
King Wiiliam Co., Va., where he died. A. B. hon., Harv. Coll. 1828. 

Henry Augustus Griswold, 11, Bristol, R. I. *1872 
Sou of Bishop Alexander Vietts Griswold and Elizabeth Mitchelson; brother of 
George, 1816.— Graduated 1824.— Studied at Round Hill School, Northampton, 
and performed literary work for George Bancroft, and for the Encyclopedia 
Americana. Tutor, Transylvania Univ. Res. Louisville, Ky., from 1834 ; teacher 
of school for girls ; bookseller and publisher (Morton and Griswold); president 
of Bank of Kentucky. A man of versatile talent and remarkable acquirements 
in literature, law, and natural history. 




Benjamin Gardner Hitchings, 9, Charlestown. A. 1832. 

Son of Capt. Benjamin Hitchings and Elizabeth Wild ; brother of George F., 1828. 
Born in Salem. — Afterwards registered as from Andover; at Mrs. Hitchings'. 
Graduated 1828. — Harv. Law Sch. Lawyer. New York City; res., 

Gravesend, L. I. 

Simon D. Hosley, 16, Boston. Y. (1829.) 

At Mr. Amos Blanchard's; Maj. Cummings'. Graduated 1825.— 

Joshua Huntington, 10, Boston. Y. 1832. 

Son of Rev. Joshua Huntington (pastor of Old South church, Boston) and Susan 
Mansfield ; baptismal name, Joseph Eckley Huntington, changed, 1822, to 
Joshua Huntington. — At Mr. Clements. Left 1823. — First two years of college 
course at Amherst.— Yale Med. 1838. Assist. Surgeon, U.S. Navy, 1838-45, his 
last cruise being on the frigate Macedonian in Commodore Perry's African 
squadron. And. Theol. Sem. 1819. Teacher of boys' school in Brooklyn, N.Y., 
1868-63. Clerk, U. S. Treasury Dep't, Washington, D.C., 1865-76. Published, 
1868, Gropings after Truth; a Life Journey from New England Congregation- 
alism to the One Catholic and Apostolic Church. Washington, B.C. 

Charles Currier Ingalls, 14, Durham, N.H. D. 1829. *1877 

Son of Dr. Jedidiah Ingalls, 1785, and Eliza Currier. — Studied medicine with his 
father; Harv. :\Ied. 1833. Physician, Newmarket, N.H.; Lowell. From 1837, 
farmer, North Andover. 

Edward Robbins Johnston, 12, Hillsborough, N.H. D. (1834.) *1872 
Son of Nathaniel Johnston and Catharine Clarke. — At Capt. Lovett's. Left 
1824. — Commenced the practice of law, but did not continue it. Instructor of 
music in Hartford, Ct. Practiced medicine in Philadelphia, 1853-58. Died in 
New York. 

George Farquhar Jones, 11, Providence, R.I. 

Son of Alexander Jones and Mary Farquhar. — At Maj. Cummings'. Merchant. 
Philadelphia, Pa. West Philadelphia, Pa. 

John Kendrick, 18, Lebanon, N.H. D. 1826. *1889 

Son of Stephen Kendrick and Thankful Howe. — Valedictorian at Dartmouth. 
Teacher in Charleston, S.C., three years; Prof, of Intel, and Moral Philos., of 
Logic, Khet., and Hist., of Greek Lang, and Lit., Kenyon Coll., eleven years; 
Prof, of Rhet. andPolit. Econ., of Lat. and Greek, of Greek Lang, and Lit., and 
Librarian, Marietta Coll., thirty-three years; Prof. Emeritus sixteen years. 
LL.D. Died at Rainbow, O. 

John Kennett, 13, St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Son of John Kennett and Mary Elizabeth Clewlow. — At Maj. Cummings'; Capt. 
Lovett's. Left 1825. — Afterwards studied at Round Hill School, Northampton. 
Merchant. Cincinnati, O. Freight Agent, Indianapolis and Cincinnati R.R. 
Pres. Hamilton and Franklin Ins. Companies. Col. 4th Ohio Cavalry, War of 
the Rebellion; commanded 1st Cavalry Division of Army of Cumberland; re- 
ceived the surrender of Nashville. Cincinnati, O. 

George Adams Kettell, 13, Charlestown. *1869 
Son of Thomas Kettell and Mary Soley. — Left 1823. — Merchant, Boston; res. 
Charlestown. Treasurer of Northern Railroad Co. A.M. hon., Dart Coll. 

Charles Augustus Lewis, 14, New London, Ct. Y. 1829. *1883 
Son of James Lewis and Harriet Richards.— Left 1824. — Manufacturer. New 




George Richards Lewis, 13, New London, Ct. Y. 1829. *1853 
Brother of preceding. — Left 1824. — Manufacturer. New London. 

Nathaniel Lord, 14, Kennebunkport, Me. *1852 

Son of Capt. Nathaniel Lord and Phebe "Walker ; brother of Charles A., 1819.— 
Left 1823. — Merchant. Bangor, Me. City Treasurer. One of the early pioneers 
to California, where he died. 

Augustus Lovett, 9, Andover. *1890 

Son of Capt. Augustus Lovett and Hannah Batchelder; brother of Frederic W., 
1825. Born in Beverly. — Left 1825. — Insurance broker. Boston. Secretary, 
afterwards president, of Hope Insurance Co., 1836-61. 

Alexander McCollom, 26, Mt. Vernon, N.H. *1884 
Son of Alexander McCollom and Mary Patterson. Born in New Boston, N.H. — 
Left 1823. — Studied medicine with Dr. Hosea Rich, Baugor, Me., and Dr. Peter 
Manning, Merrimack, N.H.; Dart. Med.; Bowd. Med. Physician. Palermo, 
"Windsor, Bremen, and, from 1837, North Pittston, Me. 

James Woods McLane, 21, Cape Giradeau, Mo. Y. 1829. *1864 
Son of John McLane and Lydia Lawrence. Born in Charlotte, N.C. — Came to 
Andover from North Carolina on horseback. At Mis3 Newman's. President 
of Social Fraternity. Graduated 1825. — Teacher, New London, Ct. Teacher, 
Phillips Acad., 1833-36. And. Theol. Sem. 1835. Pastor, Madison St. Church, 
New York, 1836-44; Williamsburgh, N.Y., 1844-63. Prepared for the Amer. 
Bible Soc. a revised edition of the English Bible. D.D. 

Stephen Brown Mclntire, 16, West Danvers. *1868 
Left 1824. — Farmer. Danvers (now West Peabody). School Committee. "Went 
to California in 1849, sailing from Salem, and remained there till his death, at 
Camp Seco, Calaveras Co. 

Isaac H. Matthewes, 14, Charleston, S.C. 
At Mr. Amos Abbot's. Left 1823. — 

Timothy Taylor Merwin, 14, New Haven, Ct. Y. 1827. *1885 

Son of Rev. Samuel Merwin and Clarina B. Taylor. — At Mr. Amos Blanchard's. 
Left 1823. — Yale Law Sch. Lawyer. Norwalk, Ct. Editor Norwalk Gazette : 
Rep. from Norwalk, 1838; Clerk of Superior Court. From 1843, merchant and 
broker, New York. One of the founders, and Secretary, of North American 
Life Ins. Co. 

Edward V. Munro, 12, Dawfuskie Island, S.C. A. (1829.) 

At Dr. "Woods'. Graduated 1825. — 

Hiram Newhall, 22, Athol. *1862 

Son of Joshua Newhall and Polly Cutting, — Overseer Jackson Manufacturing 
Co., Nashua, N.H., 1831-57, having previously resided in "Waltham and Newton. 
From 1858, res. Lawrence. Dea. of 1st Congregational church, Nashua. 

William John Newman, 10, Andover. Bo. (1832.) *1850 

Son of Principal Mark Newman and Sarah Phillips; brother of Samuel P., 1805, 
and Mark H., 1814. — Graduated 1828. — Bang. Theol. Sem. 1835. Pastor, Strat- 
ham, N.H., 1836-49; York, Me., 1849-50. 

John Odin, 14, Boston. H. 1830. *1864 

Son of John Odin and Harriet Tyng Walter. — At Mr. Leavitt's. Graduated 1825. 
Harv. Med. 1833. Physician. Boston. Died at Somerville. 




John Otis Payson, 15, Pomfret, Ct. Y. 1828. *J830 

Son of Dea. John Howe Payson and Amaryllis Payne; brother of Joshua P., 1815. 
— At Miss Newman's. Graduated 1825. — And. Theol. Sem. (1832.) Died at 
Andover. while a student in the Seminary, and buried in the Chapel cemetery. 

Francis Vergnies Pike, 9, Newburyport. Y. 1831. *1848 

Son of Joseph S.Pike and Sally (Pettingell) Rand. — At the Principal's. Left 
1825. — And Theol. Sem. : Yale Div. Sch. 1835. Died in Newburyport 

Albert Gallatin Poindexter, 17, Natchez, Miss. A. (1827.) * 
Son of Gov. and U. S. Senator Poindexter. — Left 1823. — 

Edward Rice, 9, Andover. *1852 

Son of David Rice and Elizabeth Giddings. — Left 1825. — Grocer. Lowell. 

James Ingraham Shipman, 12, Andover. *1884 
Son of DeGrass Shipman and LydiaK. Chapman: brother of Asa L,, 1826. Born 
in Saybrook, Ct. — Left 1825. — Apprentice at University Press. Cambridge, five 
years. Civil Engineer. Held important positions in service of eastern and 
western railroads. Res. Farmingdale. L.I. 

Alvah Steele, 20, Wilton, N.H Y. (1828.) *1836 

Son of Benjamin Steele and Judith Blanchard.— At the Principal's. Graduated 
1824. — Teacher in St. Mary's, Ga. Established manual labor school near Mill- 
edgeville, Ga. 

James Aaron Stetson, 15, Braintree. Trin. 1829. *1880 

Son of Maj. Amos Stetson and Hannah Hunt. — Left 1824. — Harv. Med. 1832. 
Physician in Quincy fifty years. 

Benjamin Perkins Stone, 21, Enosburgh, Vt. M. 1828. *1870 

Son of David Stone and Lydia Perkins. Born in Reading, Vt. — And. Theol Sem. 
1831. Pastor, Franklin, Campton, N.H. Elected professor in proposed theo- 
logical department of Holmes Acad., Plymouth, N.H., and instructed several 
students at his house. From 1837, res. Concord, N.H. Secretary and Gen. Ag't 
N. H. Home Miss. Soc. Editor of Congregational Journal and of Christian 

Moses Brown Stuart, 9, Andover, Y 1833. *1835 

Son of Prof. Moses Stuart and Abigail Clark; brother of Isaac W-i 1817, and 
James C, 1819. — Graduated 1828.— Studied and taught in Beaufort, S.C t after- 
wards a law student in the office of Hon. William "W. Ellsworth, Hartford, Ct., 
until his sudden death. 

Abijah Richardson Thayer, 11, Medway. A. (1830.) *1830 

Son of Capt. Asa Thayer and Abigail Richardson. — Left 1823. — 
Asa Clark Thayer, 10, Medway. *1830 
Brother of preceding. —Left 1823. — These two brothers died in Medway on suc- 
cessive days in October, 1830; on the following Sabbath a funeral sermon was 
preached by Rev. Luther Bailey from the text: " Lovely and pleasant in their 
lives, and in their death they were not divided." 

Elijah Nickerson Train, 14, Boston. Y. 1827. *1838 

Son of Samuel Train and Mary Lewis Nickerson. — Graduated 1823. — Merchant 
in Boston (Samuel Train and Co.), but travelled much for business and for 
health. Died of consumption at Havana. 
Joseph Haven Valentine, 15, Hopkinton. Br. (1827.) *1831 

Son of Col. Joseph Valentine and Fanny Haven. — Graduated 1823. — Died in 

128 STUDENTS. [1823. 


Henry Clinton Allen, 16, East Bridgewater. Bo. (1829.) *1831 

Son of Bezaliel Allen and Pamelia Hall. — At Capt. A. Lovett's-, Mr. Foster's- 
Graduated 1825. — Studied theology at Harv. Div. Sch. and with Rev. Eliphalet 
P. Crafts, East Bridgwater. Began to preach, but was not ordained. Died of 
consumption at E. Bridgewater. 

Phineas Barnes, 1 2, Bucksport, Me. Bo. 1829. *1871 

Son of Phineas Barnes and Sarah Frye. Born in Orland, Me. — At Miss Upton's. 
Graduated 1825. — Editor Bangor, Me. Prof. Lat. and Greek, Waterville Coll., 
1834-39 Studied law with Hon. Charles S. Davies, P.A. 1802, Portland, Me. 
Lawyer in Portland. Editor Portland Advertiser six years. Rep.; Senator. 
Director and trustee of various financial and philanthropic institutions. Over- 
seer of Bowd. Coll. Treas. of Maine State Coll. of Agriculture, 1865-67; elected 
president, but did not serve. One of the leaders of the Whig party. " His brain 
conceived the railway system of the State." 

James Boutelle, 22, Townsend, Vt. M. (1830.) * 

Son of William Boutelle and Tabitha White. — At Miss Griffin's. President of 
Social Fraternity. Graduated 1826. —And. Theol. Sem. (1834.) Teacher. Tus- 
caloosa, Ala. 

Samuel Bulley, 11, Boston. 

Son of Samuel Bulley ("late of Teignmouth, kingdom of Great Britain") and 
Anna Parker (of Boston). — 

Frederic Bumstead, 16, Boston. *1828 
Son of'Dea. Josiah Bumstead and Mary Greenough Andrews. — Had commenced 
the study of medicine at Harv. Med. Coll. 

Charles Thomas Carter, 12, Newburyport. *1874 
Son of Capt. Thomas Carter and Mehitable Hackett. — Druggist Cohoes, N. Y. 

John Codman, 9, Dorchester. A. (1835.) 

Son of Rev. John Codman, D.D., 1793, and Mary Wheelwright. — At Maj. Cum- 
mings'. Left 1824. — "From 1834 to 1867 in the merchant service, from hawse- 
hole to the quarter-deck, in sailing vessels and in steamships." Afterwards 
owned ranche in Idaho, and travelled abroad. Author of Sailors' Life and, Sail- 
ors' Yarns, Ten Months in Brazil, The Bound Trip, Winter Sketches from the 
Saddle, and many tracts and articles on Free Trade and Free Ships. 

St. Denis Hotel, New York. 

Thomas Cowles, 14, Farmington, Ct. Y. 1829. *1884 

Son of Zenas Cowles and Mary Lewis. — At Phillips Hall. Graduated 1825. — 
Farmer and lawyer. Farmington. Rep. several years; Senator; Judge of 
Probate; Bank Commissioner. 

Jessee Appleton Dearborn, 16, North Hampton, N.H. D. (1830.) *1848 
Son of Dea. Nathaniel Dearborn and Dolly Garland. — At Phillips Hall; Miss 
Mary Upton's; Miss Hannah Newman's. Graduated 1826. — Studied medicine 
with Dr. Thacher of Amsterdam, N.Y., and Dr. Wm. Perry of Exeter, N.H. ; 
also at Bowd Med. and Harv. Med. Physician. Palmyra, Mich. 




Nathaniel Shatswell Dodge, 13, Haverhill. D. (1829.) *1874 

Son of Rev. Joshua Dodge and Mary Shatswell. — At Dr. Murdock's. Graduated 

1825. — And. Theol. Sem. (1834.) Teacher of young ladies' schools, and in busi- 
ness, Pittsfield, 1834-51. U.S. Commissioner to World's Fair, 1851. In business 
in London as licensee for England of Goodyear's vulcanized patent, to 1861. 
Quartermaster in War of Rebellion. Afterwards in Treasury Department, 
Washington. Res. from 1871 in Cambridge. President of Papyrus Club. 
Author of Stories of a Grandfather about American History, and many contri- 
butions to periodicals and newspapers. Died in Boston. 

Asahel Pomeroy Edwards, 9, Northampton. *1859 
Son of Robert Ogden Edwards and Hannah Pomeroy. — At Miss Edwards'. Left 

1826. — Seaman, U. S. N. Died on shipboard at Realejo, on the west coast of 

Alfred Emerson, 12, Saugus. Y. 1834. 

Son of Rev. Joseph Emerson and Rebecca Hasseltine. Born in Beverly. — At 
Miss Hannah Newman's. Left 1825. — And. Theol. Sem. (1838.) Tutor, Yale 
Coll. Prof. Math., Nat. Phil., and Astron., Western Reserve Coll. Pastor, 
South Reading (now Wakefield); South Berwick, Me.; Fitchburg. Res. from 
1870, Lancaster; from 1877, Dorchester. 

Luther Emerson, 1 2, Saugus. A. 1831. *1867 

Brother of preceding. Born in Beverly. — At Miss Newman's. Left 1825. — And. 
Theol. Sem. 1835. Teacher, W r ethersfield, Ct.; from 1837, teacher, preacher, 
and (from 1842) pastor in Virginia; from 1852, Middlebrook, Va. 

Thomas Jefferson Farnham, 19, Southbridge. A. (1832.) *1848 

Son of Luther Farnham and Kezia Bacon. Born in Stamford, Vt. — At Miss 
Griffin's; Miss Upton's; A. Blanchard's, Esq.; Capt. A. Lovett's. Graduated 
1826. — Entered Middlebury Coll., 1826. — Lawyer and traveller. Made over- 
land expedition to Oregon in 1839, reached California in 1840, via Honolulu, 
and returned through Mexico to New York. Visited California again in 1847, 
and died in San Francisco. Author of several volumes of travels in Oregon, 
California, and Mexico. A.M. hon., Union Coll. 1845. 

Samuel Austin Fay, 13, Charlestown. A. 1828. *1842 

Son of Rev. Warren Fay, D.D., and Betsey Maynard. Born in Brimfield. — Left 
1824. — And. Theol. Sem. 1842. Pastor, Northborough, Barre; Principal of 
Monson Academy, 1840-42. 

Isaac Foster, 16, North Andover. D. 1828. *1877 

Son of Dea. John Foster and Sarah Ingalls. — At Phillips Hall. Graduated 1824. 
And. Theol. Sem. (1831.) Teacher, Portland, Me.; Exeter, N.H.; Kingston, 
R.I. ; Stonington, Ct. From 1839, farmer, North Andover. 

Francis Cook Foxcroft, 14, Boston. H. 1829. *1886 

Son of Francis Augustus Foxcroft and Elizabeth Cook. — Name changed, 1826, to 
Francis Augustus Foxcroft. — Studied theology with Rev. (afterwards Bishop) 
Alonzo Potter, Boston. Officiated at St. Paul's church. Hopkinton, 1835. Rec- 
tor, Newport, Md., 1840; Lenox and Van Deusenville, 1847. Res. from 1849, 
Boston; from 1863, Cambridge. School Committee, Cambridge. "He bore 
without reproach ' the grand old name of gentleman.' " 

Henry Gibbs, 13, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Warren Griffiths, 22, 

Whitehall, N.Y. 




Horatio Balch Ilackett, 14, Salisbury. A. 1830. *1875 

Son of Richard Hackett and Martha Balch.— At Capt. Augustus Lovett's; the 
Principal's. One of the founders of "Philo." Graduated 1826; valedictorian.— 
"Valedictorian at Amherst. Tutor Amh. Coll. And. Theol. Sem. 1834. Prof, of 
Languages, Mt. Hope Coll., Baltimore, Md. ; of Latin and Greek Languages, 
and of Hebrew Language and of Classical Literature, Brown Univ. ; of Biblical 
Literature and Interpretation, Newton Theol. Inst, (thirty years); of Biblical 
Literature and New Test. Exegesis, Rochester Theol. Sem. from 1870. Author 
of Commentary on the Acts, Illustrations of Scripture, Memorials of the War; 
translator of important works from the German; editor, with Dr. Ezra Abbot, 
of Smith's Dictionary of the Bible, Amer. ed.; contributor of many learned 
articles to Bibliotheca Sacra and other periodicals. One of American Revisers 
of the Bible (New Testament Company). Fellow Amer. Acad. D.D. LL.D. 

Aaron Atwood Hardy, 11, Haverhill. Y. (1831.) *1889 

Son of Aaron Hardy (Boston merchant) and Mary Atwood. Born in Charlestown. 

— At Mr. Leavitt's; Dr. Murdock's. Graduated 1827. — Yale Div. Sch. 1836. 
Iron merchant in Pittsburgh, Pa. Res. at Amherst, 1867-75. Afterwards en- 
gaged in grape culture, Orange, CaL 

William Brown Hogan, 15, West Newbury. D. (1830.) *1832 

Son of Edward Hogan and Anna Brown. — At Capt. A. Lovett's; Mr. William 
Foster's. Graduated 1826. — Teacher. While with U. S. troops at Fort Dear- 
born (now Chicago), died of cholera. 

Henry Augustus Homes, 10, Boston. A. 1830. *1887 

Son of Dea. Henry Homes and Dorcas Freeman. — At the Principal's. Graduated 
1826. — And. Theol. Sem.; Yale Div. Sch. 1834. Studied oriental languages in 
Paris. Missionary in Constantinople, 1836-51, translating and publishing many 
books in Armeno-Turkish. U. S. Charge d'affaires, Assist. Sec. and Inter- 
preter of the Legation, also Acting Consul, Constantinople, 1851-53. In the 
absence of the Minister Resident (George P. Marsh, P. A. 1816), made the dip- 
lomatic negotiations for the transfer of Kossuth to the U.S. war-ship, in 1851. 
From 1854, Assistant Librarian, and from 1863, Librarian of New York State 
Library, Albany. Contributed much to leading periodicals, and published 
several pamphlets on historical subjects. Mem. Amer. Oriental Soc. ; Cor. 
Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. LL.D. 

Robert William Hooper, 12, Marblehead. H. 1830. *1885 

Son of John Hooper and Eunice Hooper. — At the Principal's. Graduated 1826. 

— Harv. Med. 1836, having also studied in the hospitals of Paris. Physician in 
Boston, nearly fifty years. For many years one of the Board of Managers and 
one of the Surgeons of Mass. Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary. Mem. of Bos- 
ton School Com. Trustee Worcester Lunatic Hospital, and of Boston Athe- 
naeum. Fellow Amer. Acad. Died at Cambridge. 

Erastus Hopkins, 13, Boston. D. 1830. *1872 

Son of Capt. John Hopkins and Lydia Thompson; brother of Samuel, 1819. Born 
in Hadley. — At Mr. Foster's; A. Blanchard's, Esq. Graduated 1826.— And. 
Thel. Sem.; Princ. Theol. Sem. (1834.) Pastor, Beech Island, S.C.; Troy, N.Y. 
Res. from 1841, Northampton. Pres. Conn. River R.R. Rep. from Northamp- 
ton ten years. An eloquent orator, and prominent in the anti-slavery agitation 
and in the organization of the Free Soil and Republican parties. 

Andrew Backus Huntington, 17, Norwich, Ct. *1851 
Son of Joseph Huntington and Eunice Carew. — At Dr. Murdock's. Left 1825. — 
Merchant. Baltimore, Md. 




Samuel Putnam Cleaves King, 14, [South] Danvers. A. 1831. *1882 
Son of Amos King and Abigail Cleaves; brother of Daniel C, 1820. — At Miss 
Upton's. Graduated 1827. — In business in Lowell; from 1833, farmer In South 
Danvers (now Peabody). 

Caleb Brooks LeBosquet, 11, Haverhill. *1880 
Son of Dea. Caleb Brooks LeBosquet and Olive Lamson. — At Miss Newman's; 
Maj. Cummings'. Left 1825. — Hardware and stove dealer. Haverhill. 

William Lord, 11, Salem. 
At Mr. Rice's. Left 1824.— 

Alexander Wilson McClure, 15, Boston. A. 1827. *1885 

Son of Thomas McClure and Mary Wilson. — First two years of college course at 
Yale. And. Theol. Sem. 1830. Pastor, Maiden, 1830^3, and 1848-51; St. Au. 
gustine, Fla. (laboring among soldiers there), 1840-46; Jersey City, N.J., 1851-54. 
Editor Christian Observatory, and assist, ed. Puritan Recorder, Boston, 1847-50. 
Sec. Amer. and For. Chr. Union, New York, 1855-57; serving as American 
Chaplain at Rome, and securing the erection of the American Chapel at Paris. 
Author of Lectures on Ultra Universalism, Lives of the Chief Fathers of New 
England, Translators Revived. D.D. Died at Cannonsburgh, Pa. 

John McLaurin, 23, Glengary, U.C. 

At Mr. Foster's. Left 1824. — 

Thatcher Magoun, 14, Medford. *1883 
Son of Thatcher Magoun and Mary Bradshaw. — At A. Blanchard's, Esq. — In 
partnership with, and successor to, his father, as ship-builder, ship-owner, and 
merchant. Boston; res. Medford. Gave his father's mansion-house in Medford 
for a town library. 

Royal Mann, 17, Orford, N.H. D. 1829. *1875 

Son of Maj. John Mann and Lucy Dutton. — At A. Blanchard's, Esq. Left 1827. — 
Union Theol. Sem., Va.; Aub. Theol. Sem. 1832. Teacher, New York City. 
Pastor, Marion, Chili, Webster, Hector, Penfield, N.Y. Res. from 1866, Marion. 

Chester Newell, 20, Boston. Y. 1831. 

Son of Nathan Newell and Betsy Dearing; half brother of May, 1811. Born in 
Belchertown. — At Capt. Lovett's. Left 1825.— Va. Theol. Sem. 1834. Chaplain 
U. S.N. from 1841; "at breaking out of the war, tendered his services to the 
Secretary of the Navy, but on account of health exempt from actual service "; 
retired 1889. Savannah, Ga. 

Samuel Newman, 13, Ipswich. 

Son of William Newman and Hannah Haskell. — At Miss Newman's. Left 1828.— 
Merchant. Ipswich; from 1842, South Danvers (now Peabody). Town Clerk 
of Ipswich. Peabody. 

John Noyes, 10, Salem. 
Left 1824.— 

John Jenks Osborn, 10, New York. 

Son of William Osborn and Priscilla Abbot Jenks. — At A. Blanchard's, Esq. 
Left 1826.— At the head of importing house (John J. Osborn and Co.), having 
head quarters in New York, thirty-five years Resided in London, Paris, and 
Aix-la-Chapelle, 1832-55; in New York, 1855-88 (being seven years Deputy U.S. 
Collector); res. since, Dawlish, So. Devon, Eng. 




Ezra Palmer, 15, Boston. Y. 1828. *1878 

Son of Ezra Palmer and Elizabeth Caldwell. — At Capt. Lovett's. Graduated 

1824. - Harv. Med. 1831. Physician. Boston. 

Ray Palmer, 14, Little Compton, R.I. Y. 1830. *1887 

Son of Hon. Thomas Palmer and Susanna Palmer. — At Miss Newman's. Gradu- 
ated 1826. — Before entering Academy had been clerk in a large paper-hanging 
establishment in Boston. — Teacher, New York; principal of Young Ladies' In- 
stitute, New Haven, Ct., where he studied theology under Dr. N. W. Taylor. 
Pastor, Bath, Me., 1835-50; Troy, N.Y., 1850-66. Sec. Amer. Cong. Union, New 
York, 1866-78. Res. from 1870, Newark, N.J ; assoc. pastor Bellevue Avenue 
church, 1881-84. Overseer Bowd. Coll. ; Visitor, And. Theol. Sem. 1865-78. and 
Lecturer on Hymnology, 1878. D.D. Frequent contributor to quarterlies and 
other periodicals; author of several devotional works, and collections of hymns 
and poems, one of which is sung throughout the Christian world : " My faith 
looks up to thee." Presided at the Semi-centennial Celebration of the Philo- 
mathean Society, of which he was one of the founders, 1875, and participated in 
the Centennial Celebration, 1878. 1 

Seth Peck, 20, Swansea. Br. (1829.) * 

Son of Capt. Thomas Peck and Elizabeth Mason. — Teacher in Warren, R.I., and 
other places. Went West, and said to have been killed by the explosion of a 
steamboat, sailing out of New Orleans. 

William Walker Pratt, 20, Shrewsbury. *1890 
Son of Shepard Pratt and Catherine Walker. — Merchant, Shrewsbury; from 
1846, Worcester. Res. from 1865, Marblehead; from 1889, Grafton. Postmaster 
and town treasurer, Shrewsbury; at the age of seventy-seven, Census Enume- 
rator for Marblehead. "A skilled gardener, and originator of the variety of 
corn called ' Pratt's Early.' " 

Joseph Washburn Sessions, 22, Alna, Me. Bo. 1829. *1 890 

Son of Dea. John Sessions and Lucinda Washburn. Born in Lunenburg, Vt. — 
At Mr. J. L. Abbot's. Graduated 1825. — And. Theol. Sem. 1832. Pastor, West 
Needham (now Wellesley); West Suffield, Centre Brook, West Woodstock, 
Durham Centre, Westminster, Ct. Res. from 1881, Chaplin, Ct. 

Paul Simpson, 13, Newburyport. Y. (1829.) *1861 

Son of Capt. Paul Simpson and Abigail Johnson. — At Mr. Foster's. Graduated 

1825. — Harv. Med. 1829. Physician. Boston. 

Joseph Smith, 22, Gloucester (Sandy Bay, now Rockport). *1827 

Son of Joseph and Abigail Smith. — At Mr. Foster's; Miss Griffin's. Graduated 
1825. — Teacher at Sandy Bay. 

George Washington Staples, 14, New Haven, Ct. 

Son of Seth P. Staples, Esq., and Catherine Wales; brother of John B., 1820. — 
At Miss Newman's. Left 1823. — Merchant. New York. Res. from 1861, 

New Haven, Ct. 

Jonathan French Stearns, 15, Bedford. H. 1830. *1889 

Son of Rev. Samuel Stearns and Abigail French; brother of Samuel H.. 1818, and 
William A., 1820. — At Mr. J. L. Abbot's. Graduated 1826. — And. Theol. Sem. 
(1835), studying also with his father at Bedford, and his brother Rev. William 

1 " Is he not here whose breath of holy song 

Has raised the downcast eyes of faith so long? " 

Centennial Poem of Oliver Wendell Homes, P.A. 1824. 




A. Stearns, at Cambridgeport. Pastor, Newburyport, 1835-89; Newark, N.J., 
1849-82, afterwards pastor emeritus. Director Union Theol. Sem. ; president of 
directors of German Theol. Sem., Bloomfield, N.J. Moderator of Presb. Gen 
Assembly, 1868. D.D. Participated in exercises of 6emi-centennial anniversary 
of" Philo.'' (of which he was one of the founders), 1875, and of the Centennial 
Celebration, 1878. Died. at New Brunswick, N.J. 

Tristram Gilman Stockbridge, 16, Bath, Me. *1871 
Son of Dr. John Stockbridge and Theodosia Gilman. — Left 18L4.— Harv. Med.; 
Bowd. Med. Physician. Bath. 

John Pierce Stone, 18, Cornwall, Ct. *1870 
Son of Rev. Timothy Stone and Mary Merwin; brother of Timothy D. P., 1820. — 
Farmer. Cornwall. 

Richard Sutton, 14, Portsmouth, N.H. *1862 

Son of Capt. Richard Sutton and Lucy Lord. Born in Portland Me. — Left 1824. 
— Accompanied his father to Buenos Ayres, S.A., when nineteen years old, and 
always resided there afterward, being engaged in the lumber and wool business. 
He married a daughter of General Mancilla. 

John Howe Trowbridge, 16, Cambridgeport. H. (1829.) *1890 

Son of John Trowbridge and Sally Howe. — At Mr. Clement's. Graduated 1824. — 
Harv. Med. 1825. Physician in Boston a few years; afterwards res. Cambridge. 
Died in Danvers. 

John Warren, 15, Boston. H. (1829.) *1875 

Son of Dr. John C. Warren and Susan Powell Mason. — At the Principal's. Left 
1825. — Harv. Med. Died in Somerville. 

John Wayland, 18, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. U. 1827. *1863 

Son of Rev. Francis Wayland and Sarah Moore. Born in New York City. — 
At S. Farrar's, Esq. President of Social Fraternity, 1824. Left 1824.— Tutor. 
Brown Univ., 1828-31; Prof. Rhetoric, Hamilton Coll., 1831-34. Pastor 1st Bap- 
tist church, Salem, 1834-41. Rector, St. James church, Roxbury, 1848-58. Died 
at Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 

Bradford Dennis Willis, 21, Easton. A. 1830. *1832 

Son of Thomas Willis and Hannah Dean. — At Miss Griffin's. Left 1824. — Taught 
for a short time in Illinois. Died of consumption at Wareham, where he studied 
theology with Rev. Samuel Nott (teacher in P.A. 1810). 

Nathaniel Gordon Winslow, 19, Williston, Vt. Y. (1830.) *1864 

Son of Nathaniel Winslow and Anna Kellogg; brother of Hubbard A., 1818. — At 
A. Blanchard's, Esq. President of Social Fraternity, 1825. Graduated 1826. — 
Afterwards known as Gordon Winslow. — Studied theology with Rev. Hubbard 
Winslow, Dover, N.H. Preacher to sailors, New Orleans; pastor, Medford; 
reotor, Troy, Elmira. N.Y.; Annapolis, Md.; Staten Island, N.Y. (and Chaplain 
of the Quarantine), 1845-61. Chaplain 5th N.Y. Reg't (Duryea Zouaves). Early 
promoter of U.S. Sanitary Commission, and identified with its service, being at 
onetime inspector for Army of Potomac, and also voluntary aid of Gen. Warren. 1 
Fell overboard from transport steamer, and was drowned in the Potomac, while 
taking his wounded son to Washington. D.D. 

i Selected the site of the General Hospital at Fredericksburg, was assigned the care of 
the Confederate hospitals at Gettysburg, and said to have been " engaged in some form 
of service in nearly every battle of the war in Virginia." 





Walter Abbot, 21, Milford, N.H. *1877 

Son of Capt. Isaac Abbot and Ruth Eames. — At Phillips Hall. — Taught in Mil- 
ford and in Lowell. In dry goods trade, Lowell ; from 1833, Portland, Me. ; 
from 1847, Boston. 

Charles Alden, 14, Randolph. *1887 

Son of Silas Alden, Jr., and Harriet French. — Left 1825. — Resided in Randolph; 
Newburgh, N.Y., and New York City. Inventor of "condensed milk" and 
similar preparations, and or the " Alden process " of preserving fruits. Alder- 
man, New York City. Died in his native town. 

George Bridgman, 23, Guilford, Vt. U. (1829.) *1883 

Son of Jesse Bridgman. — At Miss Griffin's. Graduated 1826. —Missionary and 
rector in various places in state of New York; from 1853, resided on a farm near 
Medina, N.Y. 

Thomas March Clark, 11, Newburyport. Y. 1831. 

Son of Thomas March Clark and Rebecca Wheelwright; half brother of Edwin 
A., 1813. —At Capt. Lovett's. — Princ. Theol. Sem. (1836.) Rector, Grace church, 
Boston; St. Andrew's church, Philadelphia, Pa. ; assist. minister,Trinity church, 
Boston; rector, Christ church. Hartford, Ct.; Grace church, Providence, R.l. 
Bishop of Rhode Island from 1854. Chaplain Mass. Senate, 1841. Trustee, Trin. 
Coll. Mem. R.I. Hist. Soc. D.D., LL.D. Participated in the Centennial 
Celebration, 1878. Providence, R.I. 

Daniel Cleaves, 14, Saco, Me. Bo. (1830.) *1865 

Son of Daniel Cleaves and Sarah Fairfield. Born in Biddeford, Me — At the 
Principal's. Left 1825. — Shipping merchant and banker. Saco. Director of 
Saco Bank at twenty-one years of age, and from 1849 its president. 

Charles Frederic Dunn, 13, Boston. H. (1832.) *1883 

Son of Dr. William Dunn and Sarah Cowell. —At Capt. Lovett's; Mr. Locke's. 
Graduated 1828. — From 1842, farmer in Litchfield, Me. 

Theodore Dunn, 11, Boston. Y. (1833.) 

Brother of preceding. — At Capt. Lovett's; Mr. Locke's. Graduated 1829.— 
Druggist. Boston; from 1841, Roxbury (Jamaica Plain); from 1858, Dover. 
Rep. from Roxbury, 1851; from Dover, 1865, Dover. 

John Calvin Eastman, 11, Methuen. A. (1833.) *1855 

Son of Rev. Jacob W. Eastman and Mary Webster. Born in Bradford. — At Mr. 
Clement's. — Studied theology with his father. Pastor, Washington, O.; Craw- 
fordsville, Hanover, Ind. Agent, treasurer, and trustee of Hanover Coll. A.M. 
hon., Han. Coll. 

Joshua Emery, 16, Andover. A. 1831. *1882 

Son of Joshua Emery (steward of" Theological Seminary twenty-five years) and 
Elizabeth Welch. Born in Newburyport. — Graduated 1827. — And. Theol. Sem. 
1834. Pastor, Calvinistic church, Fitchburg, three years: first church, Wey- 
mouth, thirty-five years. Res. from 1873, North Weymouth ; from 1879, Kansas 
City, Mo. Present at Centennial Celebration, 1878. 




Samuel Hopkins Emery, 8, Andover. A. 1834. 

Brother of preceding. Born in Boxford. — Graduated 1830. — Salutatorian at 
Amherst. And. Theol Sem. 1837. Pastor, Winslow church. Taunton (two 
pastorates), Bedford; Quincy, 111.; Richmond st. church, Providence, E.I.; 
Olivet church Bridgeport, Ct. ; North Middleboro'. Hospital Chaplain, U.S.A., 
1863-65. Res from 1876, Taunton. Secretary and Superintendent of Associatod 
Charities, Taunton. Rep. from Taunton, 1890. Author of Ministry of Taunton 
Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc, Maine Hist. Soc, Chicago Hist. Soc; Pres. Old Colony 
Hist. Soc. Present at Centennial Celebration, 1878. Taunton. 

Isaac Fowler, 22, Prospect, Me. *1839 

Son of Levi Fowler and Sally Staples. — Master of West India merchantman; 
captured by pirates, but after a month's experience with them, rescued by 
English vessel. Afterwards in trade, Bangor and Prospect, Me. 

Oliver Wendell Holmes, 15, Cambridge. H. 1829. 

Son of Rev. Abiel Holmes, D.D., LL.D- (Trustee of P. A.) and Sarah Wendell. — 
At Dr. Murdock's. Graduated 1825.— In Harv. Law Sch. 1829-30; Harv. Med. 
1836, having also studied in Paris. Prof. Anat. and Phys., Dart. Med. Coll., 
1838-40; Parkman Prof. Anat. and Phys., Harv. Med. Coll., 1847-82; Dean, 
1848-53; Prof. Emeritus from 1882; Overseer Harv. Univ., 1876-82. Fellow 
Amer. Acad.; Mem. Mass. Hist. Soc. and Amer. Phil. Soc. LL.D., Harv. 
and Edinb. ; Litt D., Camb.; D.C.L., Oxford. Essayist, lecturer, and poet. 
Voluminous contributor to the At/antic, North American Revieio, and other 
magazines, also to medical journals. Many editions both of his poems and his 
prose works have been published. Poet of Centennial Celebration, 1878. 


Benjamin Franklin Hooper, 10, Marblehead. *1842 
Son of Robert Hooper and Mary Glover; brother of Nathaniel, 1817. — Left 1825. 
— Kes. Marblehead. Died in Boston. 

Charles Wallace Howard, 13, Savannah, Ga. Ga. 1830. *1876 

Son of Charles Howard and Jane Wallace (daughter of British Consul). — Left 
1825. — Studied theology with Rev. Dr. Nathan Hoyt, Athens, Ga., and at Princ. 
Theol. Sem. (1834.) Pastor, Milledgeville, Ga. Prof. Rhet. and Mor. Phil., 
Oglethorpe Univ. Pastor, French Prot. church, Charleston, S.C. Farmer and 
business man in Bartow Co., Ga. : editor of Southern Cultivator. Captain in 
Confederate army; severely wounded at Atlanta. Afterwards actively inter- 
ested in development of coal and iron region in Northern Ga. In 1838, agent of 
State to collect material in Europe relating to the colonial history of Georgia. 
Author of Manual of Grasses for the South. " Died at his residence on Lookout 
Mountain, Ga." Geu. Joseph E. Johnston said of him in 1877: " His capacity, 
patriotism, and virtue made him more truly useful since the war than any other 

Thomas Phillips Jackson, 14, Boston. *1854 
Son of Thomas Jackson and Sarah Knowles. — At A. Blanchard's, Esq. Left 
1825. —Harv. Med. 1837. Physician. Yarmouth; from 1843, Barnstable; from 
1850, Boston. Died in Florence, Italy. 

Daniel Newell, 24, Orford, N.H, *1848 

Son of John Newell and Eunice Corliss. — At Miss Griffin's. — Resident Student, 
And. Theol. Sem. 1825. Pastor, Brownfield, Bridgton, Me.; Utica, Winfield, 
N.Y. Res. from 1834, New York City. Editor and proprietor of Christian 
Family Magazine. 




William Newell, 16, Dedham. Y. 1830. *1891 

Son of Ebenezer Newell and Anna "Whiting. Born in South Natick. — At A. 
Blanchard's, Esq ; Capt. Lovett's; Mr. Nathaniel Carter's; Miss Newman's; 
Miss Edwards'. Graduated 1826.— One of the founders of " Philo." Name 
changed, 1826, to William Whiting Newell. — And. Theol. Sem. (1833), studying 
also with Rev. Henry White, D.D., New York. Pastor, Brighton, East Boston; 
Montgomery, Syracuse, Allen St. church (fourteen years), and 84th St. church, 
New York City. Afterwards res. New York; Cambridge, Andover. One of his 
small religious publications, The Rescue, had an immense circulation, being 
reprinted in Paris, Beirut, and in Australia. D.D. 

Elbridge Norwood, 15, Gloucester (Sandy Bay, no w iluckport). *1833 
Son of Maj. Francis Norwood and Lucy Poole. — At Phillips Hall. Left 1825 — 
Dart. Med. Coll., studying also with Dr. Andrew Nichols, South Danvers. Died 
at Sandy Bay. 

Alfred Elijah Perkins, 15, Norwich, Ct. Y. 1830. *1834 

Son of Maj. Joseph Perkins and Mary Watkinson. — Graduated 1825. — Med. 
Dep't, Univ. of Pa. 1833. His health failing, he visited the Carolinas and Ma- 
deira in 1833, dying of consumption at Norwich the following year. He left a 
bequest of $10,000 to Yale College Library for the purchase of books, the alcoves 
containing which bear his name, — " the largest sum [then] given to the college 
by any individual since its foundation." 

Pandias Theodore Ralli, 13, Scio, Greece. Y. 1830. *1882 

Son of Theodore and Mary Ralli. Compelled with his family to leave his native 
island on account of the Turkish massacres in 1822, he was sent through the 
agency of the American missionaries to this country. — At Dr. Woods's. — Spent 
freshman year of college course in Amherst. Returned to Greece, and became 
the head of the extensive mercantile house of Ralli Brothers, doing business in 
London, Constantinople, and Calcutta, but meeting reverses after the bank- 
ruptcy of the Egyptian government in 1873. Died in Alexandria, Egypt. 

Joseph Shaw, 19, Beverly. Y. 1830. *1881 

Son of Peter Shaw and Abigail Gould; brother of Emerson G., 1826. — At Phil- 
lips Hall. Scholar of the House. Graduated 1826 — "Went from Beverly to 
New York, and followed the seas, until his removal to California, where he 
was in business. 1 ' 

William Ruggles Stearns, 15, Epping, N.H. *1845 
Son of Dea. William Stearns and Nabby Richards Howe. — At My. J. L. Abbot's. 
Left 1826. — Epping. " Pursued study, and taught some, but soon disqualified 
for usefulness by derangement of his nervous system." 

George Temple, 20, Reading. *1831 

Son of Dea. Daniel Temple and Sarah Beard; brother of Daniel, 1811. — "Lett 
the Academy and went to sea at one day's notice," Was mate of Boston brig 
Ursula, which was lost on homeward voyage from Smyrna 

Joseph Addison Underwood, 14, Pawtucket, Mass. [now R.I.] *1840 
Son of Dr. Joseph Underwood and Sylvia Chapin ; born in Holliston — At Capt 
Lovett's. — Appointed midshipman, U.S.N*, 1839. Lieutenant, U.S.N., attached 
to Wilkes's U.S. Exploring Expedition. Treacherously murdered by the natives 
of Malolo, Fegee Islands. Buried on an uninhabited island, one of the " Un- * 
derwood group." The town where he was murdered was afterwards attacked 
and burned, and nearly one hundred of the men slaughtered in punishment for 
the massacre. A cenotaph was erected to his memory in Mount Auburn 




John Jay Varnum, 9, Haverhill. Col. U. (1834.) *1889 

Son of Hon. John Varnum and Mary Cook Saltonstall.— At Mr. Clement's. Left 
1828. — Freshman year in Columbian University, Washington, D.C., where his 
father was then member of Congress. Res. Jonesville, Mich.; for many years 
totally blind. 

Charles King Whipple, 15, Newburyport. A. 1831. 

Son of Charles Whipple and Mary King. — At Miss Newman's; Mrs. Loring's. 
Graduated 1827. — Studied medicine with Dr. Abel L. Pierson, Salem, and at 
Harv. Med. Apothecary, Mass. General Hospital, 1835-45; Boston Dispensary, 
1845-56. Agent of Mass. Anti-slavery Soc, 1856-63 : contributed to the Liberator, 
and published various tracts on anti-slavery and non-resistance. Res. from 
1855, Brookline; from 1875, Framingham; from 1888, Newburyport. 

Ephraim Wildes, 14, Boston. *1873 

Son of Col. Ephraim Wildes and Rachel Towne; brother of William, 1818. Born 
in Topsfield. — Connected with the hotel business in Boston for several yeare. 
Died in Topsfield. 


Asahel Abbot, 20, Piermont, N.H. *1889 

Son of Elisha Abbot and Sarah Crocker.— At J. L. Abbot's. Left 1827. — Taught 
at various places in New Jersey Pennsylvania, and other states Musical 
teacher and composer, from 1844 in New York City, from 1862 in Brooklyn, N Y. 
Author of several articles in Biblical Repository , and of various unpublished 
epics and oratorios. Much engaged in study upon Hebrew Chronology, the 
Lost Tribes, the Unity of Pyramid Numbers and those in the Tabernacle of 
Moses, and similar subjects. Domestic Corresponding Secretary of the Amer. 
Soc. for Meliorating the Condition of the Jews. 

Aaron Chester Adams, 10, Bangor, Me. Bo. 1836. 

Son of Dea. Eliashib Adams and Anna Leland; brother of George E., 1816. — At 
Miss Edwards'. Left 1S26. — Lane Theol. Sem.; Bangor Theol. Sem. 1839. 
Pastor, Gardiner, Gorham, Augusta, Me.; Wethersfield, Thompson, Ct. In the 
active ministry over fifty years, still (1891) doing pastoral service in Rocky Hill, 
Ct. Overseer Bowd. Coll. Res from 1886, Wethersfield, Ct. 

Nathaniel Tucker Bent, 15, Milton. H. 1831. *1856 

Son of Josiah Bent and Susannah Tucker; brother of Josiah, 1817. — At Miss 
Newman's. Left 1826. — Studied theology in Gen. Theol. Sem. and under 
Bishop Griswold, Salem. Rector, New Bedford, Charlestown, Taunton ; Ban- 
gor, Me.; Worcester. Teacher of "Salisbury Mansion School," Worcester, 
from 1853. 

Rufus K. Bunker, 22, Boscawen, N.H. 

John Spaulding Elliot, 17, Boston. Br. (1831.) *1844 

Son of John Elliot and Lucy Spaulding. — Scholar of the House. Left 1827 — 
" A man of versatile accomplishments as a scholar, mechanic, and musician." 
Teacher for several years in Montgomery, Ala., where he died. 




John Evans, 13, Andover. *1861 

Son of Judge Richard Evans and Ann Wendell Penhallow; brother of Richard 
S., 1821. Born in Portsmouth, N.H. — Left 1826. — For eight years clerk in Post 
Office Department, Washington. Studied medicine at St Louis, Mo. From 
1847 in the geological service of the Government, gaining distinction by his 
explorations and researches in the far west. He discovered the fossil deposits 
of the mauvaises terres .n Nebraska, the Pass of the Rocky Mountains, and valu- 
able mineral deposits in the Pacific territories. In 1860 he was geologist of the 
U. S. Chiriqui Exploring expedition. Died at Washington. 

Noah Fearing, 13, Wareham. 
At Miss Newman's. Left 1826. — 

Thomas Kendall Fessenden, 11, Brattleborough, Vt. W. 1833. 

Son of Joseph Fessenden and Sybil Holbrook. — At Miss Edwards'. Left 1826.— 
And. Theol. Sem.; Princ. Theol. Sem.; Yale Div. Sch. 1837. Pastor, Hatfield; 
Norwich Falls, Ct.; Homer, N.Y.; Ellington, Ct. Res. from 1864, Farmington, 
Ct. Rep. from Farmington three years. State Commissioner in founding the 
Conn. Industrial School for Girls, and Secretary of same. Financial Secretary 
Hampton (Va.) Inst. Farmington, Ct. 

Nathan Foster, 16, [So.] Danvers [now West Peabody]. *1834 

Son of Aaron Foster and Hannah Brown. — Lived on his father's farm until his 
early death. 

Horace Hobart, 21, Columbia, N.H. *1861 

Son of Abel and Betsey Hobart. — Left 1827. — Carpenter. "Undoubtedly fore- 
most among the Christian fathers" of the colony, settling Beloit, Wis., 1837; 
was prominent in founding its church, and furthering its prosperity. " We 
might call Deacon Hobart the John Winthrop of our early history." 

Barnard Eastman Hoit, 19, Newtown [Newton], N.H. *1839 
Son of Benjamin Hoyt and Hannah Ferrin. — Studied medicine at Dartmouth 
Med. Coll., and with Dr. Israel Gale of Newton. Physician in Merrimack, 

John Holmes, 18, Cambridge. H. 1882. 

Son of Rev. Abiel Holmes, D.D., LL.D., and Sarah Wendell, brother of Oliver 
Wendell, 1824. — At Dr. Murdock's. Left 1826. — Harv. Law Sch. 1839. Has 
never practiced his profession, but resided in Cambridge ; interested in literary 
pursuits; contributed to the Harvard Register, 1881, and has written other 
papers relative to Cambridge. Cambridge. 

James William Kimball, 13, Boston. Y. (1838.) *1885 

Son of Dea. Eliphalet Kimball and Sally Kimball. Born in Salem. — Left 1827. — 
Salesman with Arthur Tappan and Co., New York City. After leaving college, 
1835, travelled in Europe and entered business in Boston : 1836-44, in wholesale 
dry goods (Edwards, Stoddard, and Co. and Phelps and Kimball); 1846-71, in 
Commercial Agency. One of the founders of Mount Vernon church, and for 
thirty-six years deacon in same. Author of several religious books, and of 
many tracts and newspaper articles. " One of the most widely known Christian 
laymen in Boston." Died in Newton. 

Frederic William Lovett, 9, Andover. *1854 
Son of Capt. Augustus Lovett and Hannah Batchelder; brother of Augustus, 1822. 
Born in Beverly. — "Followed the sea, and died of cholera, coming into Boston 
as master of the ship White Swallow." 




John George McKean, 13, Cambridge. H. 1831. *1851 

Son of Rev. Prof. Joseph McKean, D.D., LL.D. (P.A. 1787) and Amy Swasey.— 
Left 1828. — Taught one year at Brattleboro, Vt. Studied at Harv. Law Sch. 
Lawer. Boston, to 1837; New York, to 1845; res. from 1845, Cambridge. While 
in New York much interested in mining enterprises and plans for railroads and 
other public works. 

Joseph Warren Mansur, 16, Tewksbury. H. 1831. 

Son of Aaron Mansur and Rebecca Warren. Born in Pembroke, N.H.— Left 
1826. — Studied law in Harv. Law Sch., and with Glidden and Lawrence, Lowell. 
Lawyer and manufacturer. Lowell, Fitchburg. Mem. Com. Council, Lowell, 
1842; Rep. from Lowell, 1837, from Fitchburg, 1852; Senator from Middlesex, 
1840, from Worcester, 1854. Postmaster at Fitchburg, 1857-61. After 1863, res. 
Kalamazoo, Mich.; Sandwich, Lennoxville, Canada; Duxbury, and 


William Henry Mongin, 10, Dawfuskie Island, S.C. *1851 
Son of David John Mongin. — Left 1826. — Planter. Savannah, Ga., and Dawfus- 
kie Island, S.C. Died in Savannah. 

Edmund Sewall Munroe, 9, Boston. 

Son of Edward Monroe and Sophia Sewall.— At Miss Edwards'. Left 1826.— 
Banker and broker. New fork, res. Englewood, N. J. Washington, D.C. 

Thomas Bancroft Newhall, 14, Lynnfield. Br. 1832. 

Son of Hon. Asa T. Newhall (1797) and Judith Little. — At Mr. W. Foster's. 
Graduated 1828. — Studied Law at Harv. Law Sch., and with John W. Proctor, 
Danvers. Lawyer. Lynn. Postmaster, 1842. First Justice of Lynn Police 
Court, 1849-66. Present at Centennial Celebration, 1878. Lynn. 

Joseph Packard, 12, Wiscasset, Me. Bo. 1831. 

Son of Rev. Hezekiah Packard, D.D., and Mary Spring. — At Dea. Mark New- 
man's. Left 1826. — Principal ofWalpole (N.H.) and Brattleboro (Vt.) Acade- 
mies. And. Theol. Sem. (1836.) Prof, of Latin, Hebrew, and German, Bristol 
(Pa.) Coll. From 1836, Prof, of Sac. Lit., Prot. Episc. Theol. Sem. of Virginia, 
and from 1876, Dean. Author of Commentary on Malachi (in Lange). One of 
American Revisers of the Bible (Old Testament Company). Mem. Amer. Orient. 
Soc. D.D. 

Joseph Tilton Page, 13, Salem. 

Son of Capt. Nathaniel Page and Charlotte Tilton. — Type-founder in New York 
City, 1855. 

John Parker, 19, Weathersfield, Vt. D. (1831.) 

Left 1827.— 

John Parrott, 15, Gloucester. *1853 

Son of Hon. William W. Parrott and Elizabeth Pearce.— Shipmaster. In South 
American trade. Went to California in 1849. Accidentally killed at Columbia, 

John Patch, 18, Ipswich. Bo. 1831. *1887 

Son of John Patch and Judith Corning. — At Mr. E. Abbot's. Graduated 1827.— 
Studied law at Harv. Law Sch. and with Theophilus Parsons and Luther S. 
Cushing, Boston. Lawyer. Boston, Beverly, Nantucket; San Francisco, Cal., 
1849-56; resided afterwards at Ipswich. Published The Poet's Offering, The 
Zaw of Landlord and Tenant, and the Business Man's Assistant ; edited one 
volume, 1847k of The Literary Museum, Boston. 




William Pearce, 15, Gloucester. *1887 

Son of William Pearce, Jr., and Clarissa Sargent- — Sea captain. Afterwards 

proprietor of ranche in California. Went to California in 1849; lived on a 
ranche in Calaveras County. 

Nathaniel Gorham Phillips, 9, [North] Andover. *1881 
Son of Col. John Phillips, 1782, and Lydia Gorham; grandson of the Founder; 
brother of Samuel, 1809, and John, 1816. — At Mr. Clement's; Mr. Shaw's. 
Graduated 1830. — Cotton merchant in Mobile, New Orleans, Galveston, Macon, 
and, from 1868, Griffin, Ga. 

Stillman Pratt, 20, Reading. A. 1831. *1862 

Son of Dea. Benjamin Pratt and Mary Smith. — At Mr. Carter's. President of 
"Philo," 1826. Graduated 1827 —And. Theol. Sem. 1834. Pastor, Orleans, 
Eastham, South Adams, Melrose, Carver. Res. from 1854, Middleboro'. Pub- 
lisher of Mother's Assistant, Boston. Editor of Middleboro Gazette. Author of 
Life of Gen. Fremont, and of several iSunday-school books. Mem. Hist. Gen. 

Simeon Salisbury, 24, Brattleborough, Vt. *1837 

Son of James Salisbury and Mary Stoddard. — Scholar of the House, 1826. Left 
1828. — And. Theol. Sem. 1831. Home missionary in Kentucky and Indiana. 

Richard Henry Salter, 17, Mansfield, Ct. 

Son of Gen. John Salter and Mary Williams. — At Miss Hannah Newman's. 
Left 1826. — Yale Med. Coll. 1831, studying also with Dr. Samuel B. Woodward, 
Wethersfield, Ct. Physician. Bozrah, Norwich, Ct.; from 1835, Boston. Sur- 
geon 1st Mass. Regiment, War of the Rebellion. A.M. hon., Kenyon Coll. 
1854. Boston. 

Caleb Beal Shute, 19, Boston. Br. (1831.) *1840 

Son of Ebenezer Shute and Susanna Beal. — At the Principal's. President of 
Social Fraternity and of "Philo," 1826. Graduated 1827; valedictorian.— 
Pastor Baptist church, Dunstable (now Nashua), N.H. In employ of Mass. S.S. 
Union, Boston. Died in Boston. 

James Smiley [Smillie], 20, Andover. *1889 
Son of John Smillie. Born in Port Glasgow, Scotland. — Worked with his father 
at weaving broadcloth in Andover; afterwards in Amesbury; from 1829, Bar- 
net, Vt. ; sold books for many years in Northern Vermont; from 1869, res. 
Newbury, Vt. 

Edmund Smith, 16, Beaufort, S.C. Y. 1830. *1863 

Son of James Smith, "a rice planter," and Marianna Gough; brother of Albert, 
1826. Born "at the Orton plantation on the Cape Fear River, N.C." — Gradu- 
ated 1826; salutatorian. — Name changed, 1837, to Edmund Iihett. Studied law 
with his brother, Hon. Robert Barnwell Rhett, and became his partner at 
Charleston, S.C; from 1838. lawyer at Beaufort. Rep. and Senator. An 
earnest advocate of the Calhoun doctrine of state rights, and the leading man 
in his part of the state at the time of his death. On the capture of Beaufort, 
his house was occupied by officers of the Union army, and he retired to Barn- 
well district. Died in Spartanburg, S.C. 

John Stocker, 24, Danville, Vt. M. 1830. *1848 

Son of John Stocker and Sarah Pillsbury. Born in Barnet, Vt. — Graduated 
1826. — Princ. Theol. Sem. (1834.) Pastor, Miller's Place, West Hampton, L.I.; 
Monticello, Ind.; from 1839, Bloomington, Iowa Territory (now Muscatine, 

1825 ] 



James William Tillman, 15, Geneva, N.Y. A. (1831.) *1867 

Son of William Tillman and Mary Carr; born in Utica, N.Y.— Left 1826.— From 
1853, in furniture business at Detroit, Mich. For a long time Chairman of State 
Central Republican Committee. During the War of the Rebellion zealous and 
active in raising troops ; and afterwards in erecting a monument for the soldiers 
of the state, being treasurer of the Monument Association. One of the founders 
of the Jefferson Avenue Presb. church. 

John Crocker Treadwell, 16, Salem. W. (1831.) *1876 

Son of William Treadwell and Hannah Bancroft. — Left 1826. — First two years 
of college course at Dartmouth. — Stove-dealer in Lowell. From 1858, res. 
Bernardston. Died at Northampton. 

Seth Hardy Waldo, 22, Canterbury, Ct. A. 1821. *1890 

Son of John E.Waldo and Beulah Foster; born in Hampton, Ct. — At Mrs. 
Abbot's. Graduated 1827.— And. Theol. Sem. (1824.) Instructor P.A. (Teach- 
er's Seminary), 1832-33; first professor of Languages, Oberlin Collegiate Insti- 
tute, 1834-35. Pastor and teacher at different places in the Western Reserve, 
Ohio, until 1854; from 1855, res. Geneseo, 111., first as pastor, then as teacher of 
select school, continuing his work until the year of his death. Published in 
his seventy-ninth *year the New Grammatical Method for the Use of Schools. 
" He desired to be known as the Preceptor and Friend of Youth." 

Charles Cotesworth Webster, 15, Salem. D. 1830. *1884 

Son of Caleb Webster and Hannah Cook Cremer. — Gaduated 1826. — Studied 
law at Harv. Law Sch., and with Hon. James Wilson of Keene, N.H., and 
Larkin G. Mead, Esq., of Chesterfield, N.H. Lawyer. Fitzwilliam, Chester- 
field, and from 1846, Keene, N.H. 

Josiah Worcester, 18, Hollis, N.H. H. 1831. *1888 

Son of Jesse Worcester and Sarah Parker. — Left 1826. — Name changed, 1828, to 
Frederick Augustus Worcester. Studied law at Harv. Law Sch., with Benj. M. 
Farley of Hollis, and Geo. F. Farley of Groton. Lawyer; for a short time at 
Bangor, Me., from 1835, at Townsend, having an office from 1878 at Ayer. Rep. 
from Townsend, 1853. 

Samuel Thomas Worcester, 20, Hollis, N.H. H. 1830. *1882 

Brother of preceding, of Jesse and Joseph E., 1805, Taylor G., 1817, and David, 
1826. — At Master Foster's. Left 1826. — Principal of Weymouth and Braintree 
Academy, and teacher in Cambridge. Studied law at Harv. Law Sch. and with 
Benj. M. Farley of Hollis. Lawyer. Norwalk, O., 1835-67. State Senator; 
District Judge; Member of Cong, from Ohio, 1861. Res. from 1867, Nashua, N.H. 
Published Sequel to the Spelling Book, American Primary Spelling Book, Revised 
Editions of Worcester's Comprehensive and Primary Dictionaries, History of 

142 STUDENTS. [1826. 


David Aiken, 21, Bedford, N. H. D. 1830. 

Son of Dea. Phineas Aiken and Elizabeth Patterson; brother of Silas, 1819. — 
At Mrs. Ruth Abbot's. Graduated 1826.— Studied law with Wells and Alvord 
(James C. Alvord, P.A. 1820), Greenfield. Lawyer in Greenfield from 1833. 
Judge of Court of Common Pleas. Senator from Franklin, 1874. Greenfield. 

William Allen, 17 ', Princeton. A. 1832. *1885 

Son of Moses Allen and Mehitable Oliver. — At Mrs. Loring's; Dr. Porter's. 
Graduated 1828.— Teacher in Georgia. Lane Theol. Sem. (1837.) Pastor, Sud- 
bury, Attleborough, Quincy; West Woodstock, Ct.; Hillside church and Paw- 
tucket church, Dracut. Res. from 1864, Dracut, West Roxbury, Quincy, Lowell. 

William Emerson Baker, 14, Boston. *1827 
Son of Abel Baker and Sarah Reed. — Died of consumption at home. 

Joshua Bates, 18, Middlebury, Vt. M. 1832. *1888 

Son of Rev. Joshua Bates, D.D., and Anna Poor. Born in Dedham. — At Miss 
Mary H. Griffin's; Mrs. Loring's. Left 1828. — Taught district schools during 
his college course, and select school at Springfield, Vt , 1833. Master of Win- 
throp (now Frothingham) School, Charlestown, 1833-44; Master of Brimmer 
School, Boston. 1844-76. A frequent debater and lecturer in county, state, and 
national associations, and often called upon by Horace Mann and Dr. Sears to 
aid in conducting the state Institutes. " Thousands of boys will ever revere the 
precious memory of 1 Master Bates.'" Trustee Midd. Coll. LL.D. Died at his 
summer home in Beverly. 

John Jay Bradley, 18, Fryeburg, Me. U. (1834.) *1851 

Son of John Bradley and Grace Stevens; brother of Thomas S., 1828.— At Mrs. 
Loring's; Mrs. Taylor's. Graduated 1828.— First two years of college course at 
Dartmouth. — "Lawyer and editor." Quincy, 111.; New Orleans, La. Died in 

George Champion, 15, Colchester, Ct. Y. 1831. *1841 

Son of Maj. Henry Champion and Ruth Kimberly Robbins. — At the Principal's. 
Left 1827. — And. Theol. Sem. 1834, having also attended course of lectures at 
Dart. Med. Coll., 1833. One of the first band of American missionaries to the 
Zulus, 1834, contributing a large property to the support of the mission. Visited 
the United States in 1839, ministered for a year in Dover, and, before he was 
able to return, died at Santa Cruz, W. I. 

Lovell Childs, 23, Needham. Br. (1833.) 

Son of Joseph Childs and Beulah Britton. Born in Westminster.— 

William Cook, 19, Salem. Trin. 1834. *1876 

Son of Capt. William Cook and Elizabeth Lamb. — At Mr. Berry's; Mrs. Loring's; 
Miss Griffin's. Graduated 1830.— In Yale College, 1830-33. Ordained deacon by 
Bishop Griswold, officiating occasionally in his own house in Salem, where he 
taught school for several years. Some of his poetical compositions, as The 
Piaughboy, were published, accompanied by unique illustrations prepared by 




Preserved Fish Davison, 18, Waterford, Vt. * 1 8 2 9 

Son of Rev. Silas Davison and Persis Rice. — At Mrs. Loring's; Dea. A. Abbot's. 
Graduated 1828; valedictorian. — "Was preparing for the ministry, but died at 
his home before reaching college. 

Luther Farnham, 17, Southbridge. *1880 
Son of Luther Farnham and Keziah Bacon; brother of Thomas J., 1823. — At Mr. 
Clement's. Left 1827. — Went to California, 1853. Farmer aud miner in Santa 

Charles Nye Fearing, 14, Wareharn. Br. 1832. *1876 

Son of William Fearing and Elizabeth Nye. — Left 1827. — Leading dry goods 
merchant in New York. 

Henry Codman Gillis, 12, Wilmington. *1853 
Son of Josiah Gillis and Mary Stark. Born in Merrimack, N.H.— At Mrs. Ab- 
bot's. Left 1827. — In Jacob Robbins's drugstore, Lowell. In Castleton (Vt.) 
Med. Coll., 1843. Physician and apothecary, Memphis, Tenn.; Brooklyn, N.Y. ; 
Cincinnati, O. Went to California in 1851, and died in San Francisco. 

James Bryant Hadley, 21, Wenham. A. 1833. *1890 

Son of Thomas Hadley and Phebe Bryant. Born in GofTstown. N.H. — At Miss 
Upton's; Mr. Asa Abbot's. Graduated 1829. —And. Theol. Sem. 1836. Pastor, 
Amesbury and Salisbury; Stan dish, Me.; Campton, N.H. 

William Hobart Hadley, 21, Waterford, Vt. U. 1832. *1868 

Son of Stephen Hadley aud Sarah Cushman. — President of " Philo," 1827. Left 
1827. — Entered Dart. Coll. 1828, and was also in Columb. Univ., Washington. 
Principal of Lancaster (N.H.) Academy. In Harv. Div. Sch. 1844-45. Pastor, 
Montague. City missionary, Portland, Me.; Milwaukee Wis.; New York City. 
Agent of U. S. Sanitary Commission. Died at South Bergen, N.J. 

John Howarth, 15, Andover, *1880 

Son of James Howarth and Dorothy Stott. Born in Rochdale, Eng.— Left 1827.— 
Studied afterwards under " Master Oliver," P.A., 1811. Carried on flannel mill 
(John Howarth and Co.) at Andover. Afterwards resided in Salem, and engaged 
in manufacturing business at Richmond, Va., and Carbon Black, Pa. 

William Howe, 14, Holmesburgh, Pa. D. 1831. 

Son of William Howe and Mary Gould. Born in Dedham. — At Mr. Carter's. 
Graduated 1827. — Machinist. South Braintree, Present at Centennial Cele- 
bration. From 1871, res. Boxbury 

William Reed Jewett, 15, Gloucester (now Rockport). A. 1831. *1882 
Son of Rev. David Jewett and Rebecca Reed. — At Miss Upton's. Graduated 
1827. —And. Theol. Sem. 1834. Pastor, Braintree; Griswold, Lisbon, Ct.; 
Plymouth, N. H., seventeen years, Fisherville, N.H., twelve years. Res. from 
1875, Concord, N.H.; from 1880, Andover, with his adopted son, Prof. Wm. J. 

lames Madison Macdonald, 14, Limerick, Me. U. 1832. *1876- 

Son of Maj.-Gen. John Macdonald and Lydia Wiley; brother of Moses, 1827. 
— At Mrs. Loring's; Mrs. Taylor's. Graduated 1828. — First two years of col- 
lege course at Bowd. Coll. — Bang. Theol. Sem.; Yale Div. Sch. 1835. Pastor, 
Berlin, New London, Ct. ; Jamaica, L.l. ; 15th st. Presb. church, New York City ; 
from 1853, 1st Presb. church, Princeton, N.J. Author of Life and Writings of 
St. John, and other valuable works. " Constant writer for the religious press, 
and contributed an able defence of the historian Gibbon to the Bibliotheca 
Sacra." Trustee, Princ. Theol. Sem. D D. 




John Milton Mackie, 12, "Wareham. Br. 1832. 

Son of Dr. Peter Mackie and Fanny Nye. —At Dea. Blanchard's; Mrs. Ship- 
man's. Graduated 1828. — And. Theol. Sem. (1835.) Tutor, Brown Univ., 1834- 
35. Studied in Germany. Author of Life of Leibnitz, Life of Samuel Gorton 
(in Sparks's American Biographies), Cosas de Espana, and other books. Con- 
tributed important articles to North American Review, and other magazines. 
Has been for many years a successful agriculturist in 

Great Barrington. 

Thomas Nicholson Morgan, 16, New Orleans, La. Y. 1831. *1844 
At Dr. Murdock's. Graduated 1827. — Lawyer. New Orleans. Judge of Munici- 
pal Court. 

Benjamin Ober, 21, Beverly. A. (1832.) *1888 

Son of Nathaniel Ober and Molly Ray. — Left 1827. — And. Theol. Sem. (1833.) 
Pastor, West Newbury, Attleboro; West Woodstock, Ct.; Holland; Alstead, 
N.H.; Saxton River, Fayetteville, Wardsboro, Vt. ; East Longmeadow. Res. 
from 1870, Petersham; from 1878, Brattleboro, Vt. 

William Oliver Parker, 14, Boston, W. (1831.) *1846 

Son of Ebenezer Parker and Fanny Tarbell; brother of Charles T. and Ebenezer, 
1819. — At Principal's. Graduated 1827. — Merchant. Boston. 

Tarrant Augustus Perkins, 17, Concord, N.H. *1882 
Son of Roger Eliot Perkins and Esther Blanchard. Born in Hopkinton, N.H. 
— Left 1827. — Studied medicine with Dr. Thomas Chadbourne, Concord, and 
at Berks. Med. Inst Physician,, Began practice in Richmond, Canada; from 
1835, in Tremont and Chicago, 111. Brigade Surgeon, Gen. J. D. Cox's staff, 
War of Rebellion. Died in Tremont. 

Jonathan Merrill Pettengill, 10, Andover. 

Son of Merrill Pettengill and Alice Howe. — Graduated 1832. — Bookkeeper with 
Whitwell, Bond, and Co., Boston; with Samuel A. Walker, the auctioneer; teller 
and cashier of Exchange Bank, thirty-three years; cashier of Pacific Bank; 
bookkeeper with Shepard, Norwell, and Co. Present at Centennial Celebration. 


Emerson Gould Shaw, 15, [North] Beverly. *1885 
Son of Peter Shaw and Abigail Gould; brother of Joseph, 1824. — Farmer ; col- 
lector of antique furniture. North Beverly. 

Asa Lyon Shipman, 12, Andover. *1888 
Son of De Grass Shipman and Lydia Kelsey Chapman; brother of James I., 1822. 
Born in Saybrook, Ct. — Left 1828.— From 1834, stationer, New York City. Died 
at his summer home in Ocean Grove, N.J. 

Albert Smith, 15, Beaufort, S.C. Y. 1831. *1843 

Son of James Smith and Marianna Gough ; brother of Edmund, 1825. Born in 
Smithville, N. C. — Studied law with his brother, Hon. Robert Barnwell Rhett 
(then Smith), Charleston, S.C. Name changed, 1837, to Albert Rhett. Lawyer. 
Grahamville, S .C. Rep. from Beaufort District, 1838-42. Removed to Charles- 
ton, 1843, and died of yellow fever. " Considered the most brilliant man for his 
age in South Carolina." 

Moses Ayer Stevens, 21, Norway, Me. 

Son of Joel Stevens and Olive Hobbs.— Leftll827. — Farmer, Norway; spindle 
manufacturer, North Andover. Went to California about 1850. 




Ebenezer E. Stinson, 19, Deer Island, Me. Y. (1833.) *1832 

Son of John Stinson and Isabella Dyer. — At Mr. Berry's; Mr. Clement's ; Dr. 
Porter's. Graduated 1829. — Was preparing for the ministry. Died at New 
Haven during his junior year in college. 

Thomas Lawrence Swift, 16, Falmouth. Br. (1833.) *1860 

Son of Hon. Elijah Swift and Hannah Lawrence. — At Dea. Blanchard's. Left 
1828. — In Freshman class, Harv. Coll. 1828.;— In dry goods business in Boston, 
a few 4 years; afterwards res. Falmouth. 

Charles Coffin Taylor, 21, Rowley. Bo. 1833. *l855 

Son of Jonathan Taylor and Eunice Jewett. — At Mr Berry's. Left 1827. — Bang. 
Theol. Sem. 1837; studying also with Rev. Wm. H. Lewis, rector of St. Michael's, 
Marblehead. Rector, Amesbury; Lonsdale, R.I. ; Ann Arbor; President St. 
Mark's Coll., Grand Rapids; rector, Kalamazoo, Mich. Regent Mich. Univ. 

Nathaniel Howard Thayer, 18, Dorchester. A. (1832.) *1883 

Son of Capt. Nathaniel Thayer and Charlotte M. Baker. Born in Boston. — At 
Dea. Blanchard's; Mr. Shipman's. Graduated 1828. — For over fifty years edu* 
cator in Maryland. Teacher of school for boys in Westminster; principal of 
academies in Manchester, Reistertown, Abington ; principal of Eastern Female 
High School, Baltimore, twenty-seven years; adjunct professor of physics, Bal- 
timore City College; librarian of Baltimore Public School Library. Mem. 
Maryland Acad, of Sciences ; Cor. Sec. Maryland Institute of Arts. A.M. hon., 
Amh. Coll. 1851. 

Alanson Tucker, 15, Londonderry, N.H. H. 1832. *1881 

Son of Alanson Tucker and Eliza Thorn. Born in Boston. — Harv. Law Sch. 
Practiced* law for a short time, and afterwards a prosperous merchant in 

Joshua Thomas Tucker, 14, Lowell. Y. 1833. 

Son of Dea.Uoshua Tucker and Wealthy Thomas. Born in Milton. — At Miss Up- 
ton's; Mr. Berry's; Rev. Mr. Jones's. ^Graduated 1829.— Teacher, St. Louis, Mo.; 
Natchez, Miss. Lane Theol. Sem. (1838.) Pastor, Chester, Rushville, 111.; Han- 
nibal, St. Louis, Mo.; Holliston, Chicopee Falls. Author of The Sinless One (a 
life of Christ), and Christ's Infant Kingdom. Assoc. editor, when in St. Louis, 
of Herald of Religious Liberty ; of Boston Recorder, 1863-64 ; one of the editors 
and proprietors of Boston Revieio (name changed to Congregational Review), 
1861-67. Contributed much to other periodicals. D.D. Present at Centennial 
Celebration, 1878. Res. from 1877, Boston; from 1890, 


David Worcester, 18, Hollis, N.H. H. 1832. 

Son of Jesse Worcester and Sarah Parker; brother of Jesse and Joseph E., 1805, 
Taylor G., 1817, Josiah and Samuel T., 1825. — At Master Foster's. — Principal 
of academies in Farmington and China, Me.; of High School, Bangor, Me., 
twenty years, and afterwards Sup't of schools there. From 1866, res. Hollis, 
N.H.; from 1869, Minerva, Io.; from 1876, Albion, Io. 




Amos Abbot [Abbott], 15, Wilton, N.H. *1889 
Son of Jeremiah Abbot and Eunice Blanchard.'— At Dea. Blanchard's. Left 1829; 
afterwards in the Teachers' Seminary, 1832-34. Sup't of mission schools in 
India, 1834-47; city missionary, Manchester and Portsmouth, N.H.; in And. 
Theol. Sem. 1856-57; missionary in India, 1857-69; studied medicine in Phila- 
delphia, 1869-71; physician in Nashua, N.H.; home missionary and physician 
in Nebraska. From 1887, res. Ryde, Isle of Wight, Eng. Published several 
books in India. 

Asa Hart Abbot, 11, Andover. 

Son of Gardner Abbot and Rachel Hart. — Left 1828. — Farmer and expressman. 
North Andover. North Andover. 

Jonathan Abbot, 18, Andover. *1837 

Son of Capt. Stephen Abbot, 1799, and Hannah Russell. Died of consumption at 
his father's house. 

Sereno Timothy Abbot [Abbott], 21, Andover. A. 1833. *1855 

Son of Asa Abbot and Judith Jaquith. —President of " Philo," 1827. Graduated 
1829. — Instructor in Vocal Music, Teachers' Seminary, Phillips Academy, 1833- 
36. And. Theol. Sem. 1836. Pastor, Seabrook and Hamptcn Falls, N.H., 


John Osgood Adams, 15, [North] Andover. *1832 
Son of Maj. John Adams and Dorcas Faulkner. — At Maj. Leavitt's. Graduated 

1827. — Died in New York City, while pursuing medical studies. 

Kinsman Atkinson, 19, Eaton, N.H. H. 1834. *1889 

Son of John Atkinson and Olive Haley. Born in Buxton, Me. — At Mr. Carter's; 
Rev. Mr. Cornelius' ; Dea. Blanchard's ; Dea. Newman s. Graduated 1830; va- 
ledictorian. — First two years of college course at Bowdoin. And. Theol. Sem. 
(1837.) Pastor, Millville (in Mendon), Washington. Minister of New Eng. Con- 
ference at various places in Mass., 1843-57; afterwards res. Cambridge. Present 
at Centennial Celebration, 1878. 

John Humphrey Avery, 20, Boston. U. 1834. 

Son of Elisha Avery and Sybil Noyes. — At Dea. Blanchard's; Mrs. Loring's. 
President of Social Fraternity and of the Society for Promoting Good Morals, 

1828. Graduated 1829 ; valedictorian. — Freshman year at Yale, and two years 
at Amherst. And. Theol. Sem. 1837. Baptist preacher, Providence, R.I.; 
Harwich, Plymouth, Danvers; Austinburgh, O. "1854 to 1875, student of 
Anatomy and Physiology, and lecturer on the same in schools and colleges." 
Res. Conneaut, O. ; from 1890, Cleveland, O. 

Josiah Moody Bartlett, 23, Newburyport. *1891 
Son of Capt. Josiah Bartlett, 1789, and Sally Moody. — At Mrs. Loring's; Miss 
Griffin's. President of " Philo, ; ' 1828. Graduated 1828. — Gen. Theol. Sem. 
1832. Rector, Cambridge, Marshfield; Pierrepont Manor, N.Y. ; Gloucester, 
N.J.; Ashland, Pa.; Essex, Ct. ; Fisher's Island, N.Y. In continuous minis- 
terial service for nearly sixty years. 




Henry Callahan, 16, Andover. U. 1836. *1888 

Son of Robert Callahan and Dorcas Pettengill. — Scholar of the House. Gradu- 
ated 1832.— And. Theol. Sem. 1840. Pastor, Niagara Falls, Oxford, N.Y. Chap- 
lain 114th N.Y. Reg't, War of the Rebellion. Res. from 18G3, Franklin, N.Y.; 
pastor for two years; principal of "Callahan Institute," a home school for 
boys, fourteen years. 

William Symmes Coggin, 14, Tewksbury. D. 1834. 

Son of Rev. Jacob Coggin and Mary Symmes; brother of David, 1830.— At Mr. E. 
Abbot's; Mr. W. Foster's. Graduated 1830. — And. Theol. Sem. 1837. Pastor 
in Boxford thirty years, residing there afterwards. Acting pastor, Byfiold, 1869 
-75. Rep. from Boxford, 1879. At Centennial, 1878. Boxford. 

Lucius Bolles Dodge, 16, Beverly. *1830 
Son of Richard Dodge and Abigail Edwards. — Died of consumption at Hampton 
Falls, N.H. 

William Preston Dodge, 16, Wenham. *1842 
Son of Jacob Dodge and Mary Corning.— Farmer. Topsfield. Member of School 

Sewall Norton Emery, 1 7, Andover. *1843 
Son of Joshua Emery and Elizabeth Welch; brother of Joshua and Samuel H., 
1824. Born in Newburyport.— Left 1829.— House-builder. Boston. Tau<rht T a 
Bible-class in Charlestown State Prison many years. Death caused by falling 
from a ladder. 

Franklin Goulding, 19, Hubbardston. *1832 
Son of "William Goulding and Lucretia Bigelow.— At Mrs. Abbot's. Left 1828.— 
Died in Hubbardston. 

Abiathar Holt, 14, Andover. *1846 

Son of Dea. Solomon Holt and Mary Cummings. — Left 1830; in Teachers' Semi- 
nary, 1831-32. — Trader in Andover (Abbot Village); overseer in Merrimack 
Mills, Lowell. 

Sylvester Farrington Howard, 15, [North] Reading. *1861 
Son of Nathaniel Howard and Hannah Clark. Born in Andover. — At Miss 
Upton's. Graduated 1828. — Name afterwards written Hay ward. Farmer. 
North Reading. 

Moses Clapp Hurlburt, 19, Sudbury. *1865 
Son of Stephen D. Hurlburt and Eunice Clapp. Born in Southampton.— At Mr. 
Carter's. — Teacher and business man. Sudbury. Town officer. Mem. Const. 
Conv. 1853. 

Jeremiah Peabody Jewett, 19, Barnstead, N. H. *1870 
Son of Dr. Jeremiah Jewett and Temperance Dodge.— At Miss Griffin's. Left 
1828.— Studied medicine with his father and Dr. Jeremiah Spofford of East 
Bradford (now Groveland). Dart. Med. 1835. Physician. Lowell. Special 
Coroner for many years. President of Middlesex Dist. Med. Soc. Mem. Com. 
Council, 1842; Alderman, 1858; Rep. from Lowell, 1855. Author of History of 
Barnstead. Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. 

Nathaniel Abbot Keyes, 19, Pelham, N. H. D. 1835. *1857 

Son of Abijah Keyes and Sarah Abbot. Born in Wilton, N.H, — At 26 P.H. ; 
Miss Blanchard's; Rev. Mr. Jones's; 5A.H.1 President of Social Fraternity 
1 A.H., Academic Hall; the brick house, now occupied by the Principal. 




and of Society for Promoting Good Morals, 1829. Graduated 1831. — And. 
Theol. Sem. ; Lane Theol. Sem. 1838. Missionary in Syria (Beirut and Jerusa- 
lem), 1839-44. Pastor, Charlemont, South Eoyalston; Lancaster, Pa.; Prince- 
ton, in. 

Thomas N. Kimball, 19, [North] Andover. 
At Mr. T. Kimball's. Left 1829.— 

Merrick Larned, 20, West Boylston. *1864 

Son of Benjamin Larned and Mary Marsh. Born in Dudley. — Studied medicine 
in New Jersey. Teacher and physician in Canada. " Lecturer on temperance." 
Died in Norham, Canada. 

West Luce, 13, Rochester (now Marion). 

Son of Capt. Elisha Luce and Jane Clark. —At Widow Anne Holt's. Left 1828. 

— Merchant. Marion. Marion. 

Moses Macdonald, 13, Limerick, Me. *1869 
Son of Maj. Gen. John Macdonald and Lydia Wiley; brother of James M., 1826. 

— Left 1828. — Studied law with Hon. Joseph Howard, Limerick. Lawyer. 
Limerick, Portland, Me. Rep. and Speaker of House ; State Senator, 1849 ; State 
Treasurer, 1847-49; Member of Congress, 1851-55; Collector of Portland, 1857-61. 
Died in Saco, Me. 

Edward Augustus Manning, 20, Andover. *1871 
Son of Thomas Manning and Sarah Hart.— Left 1828. — Section master on railroad, 
Andover; farmer, Manchester, Io. 

Daniel Mansfield, 19, Lynnfield. A. 1833. *1847 

Son of Andrew Mansfield and Eunice Perkins. — At Mr. Carter's; Mr. E. Abbot's. 
Graduated 1829. — And. Theol. Sem. 1836. Pastor, Wenham, until his death. 

William Sykes Marland, 18, Andover. *1847 
Son of Abraham Marland and Mary Sykes; brother of Thomas, 1814.— Woolen 
manufacturer in Andover (Marland Village and Ballard Vale). 

Charles Noble, 21, Philadelphia, Pa. *1881 

At Mr. Daland's; Mrs. Abbot's. Left 1829. — Methodist minister in the New 
England Conference. From 1857, res. Wilbraham. In the service of the U. S. 
Christian Commission, War of the Rebellion. Present at Centennial Celebra- 
tion, 1878. 

Jonathan Cogswell Perkins, 17, Essex. A. 1832. *1877 

Son of Ezra Perkins and Mary Peabody. — At Miss Upton's. President of Social 
Fraternity, 1828. Graduated 1828; salutatorian. Studied law with Hon. Rufus 
Choate and Hon. Leverett Saltonstall, Salem, and at Harv. Law Sch. Lawyer. 
Salem. Mem. Com. Council; City Solicitor; Rep. 1845, '46; Senator from Essex, 
1847, '48; Judge of C. C. P.; Mem. Const. Conv. 1853. Trustee, Amh. Coll. Ed- 
ited several volumes of law reports and treatises. LL.D. 

Francis Phelps, 14, [South] Dan vers. *1857 

Son of Francis Phelps and Hannah Dunkley. — At Mr. Phelps'. Left 1828.— 
Farmer. South Danvers (now West Peabody). Mem. of School Committee. 

Benjamin Hurd Rhoades, 16, Boston. Br. 1833. *1880 

Son of Ebenezer. Rhoades and Sarah Hurd.— At Mrs. Loring's. Left 1828.— New- 
ton Theol. Inst. 1836. Preceptor of Univ'y Grammar School, Providence, R.I. 
three years; classical teacher in New York, Boston, and Brookline, nine years, 
and in Newport, R.I. (from 1849) ten years. Librarian of Redwood Library, 
Newport, twenty-one years. 




James Robinson, 12, Boston. 

George Valpey Sibley, 13, Salem. *1891 
Son of Capt. Joseph Sibley and Dorcas Abbot.— At. Mr. Abbot'9; Capt. Valpey's. 
Left 1823. — Clothing dealer in Salem. Died at the home of his daughter in 

Timothy Stearns, 16, Billerica. A. 1833. *1861 

Son of Timothy Stearns and Sarah Lane. — At Mr. Carter's ; Mr. Berry's ; Rev. 
Mr. Jones'. Graduated 1829. —Teacher, Chillicothe (O.) Female Seminary. 
And. Theol. Sem. 1837. Pastor, Athens, Worthington, Kingston, O. ; Mt. Pleas- 
ant, Io.; from 1858, res. Madison, Io. 

Samuel Stillman Sullivan, 15, Boston. Br. (1834.) *1853 

Son of Dea. John Sullivan and Catherine Blair. — At Mrs. Loring's; Dea. Blan- 
chard's; Miss Griffin's. Graduated 1830. — Lane Theol. Sem. (1838.) Teacher 
for several years in Cincinnati; res. from 1850, Boston. 

William Bourne Swett, 12, Boxford. *1864 
Son of Capt. Benjamin Swett and Sarah Webb.— At Mr. S. Phillips'. Left 1828.— 
In early life in Rogers Brothers' counting-room, Salem, and clerk in Custom 
House, Newburyport. Afterwards res. Andover. Died in North Andover. 

Benjamin Hastings Taylor, 9. Andover. D. 1838. *1870 

Son of Reuben Taylor and Betsey Oak; brother of William R., 1829. Born in 
Salisbury (now Franklin), N.H. — At Mrs. Taylor's; Mr. Jennings'.— Teacher at 
Windsor, Yt., and in Virginia and Kentucky. Iu real estate and other business 
in Cincinnati and Xew York. 

William Walker Taylor, 16, Wilmington, Del. Y. 1834. 

Son of Andrew Taylor and Elizabeth Deacon. — At Mrs. Holt's; Dea. Blanchard's; 
Mrs. .Holt's; Mrs. Loring's: 7 A. H. Graduated 1830. — Yale Div. Sch. 1837. 
Pastor, Wolmesdorf, Greensburg, Pa.; Canton, O.; Green Hill Presb. church, 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; Penn Yan, N.Y. ; Olivet Presb. church, Philadelphia, Ship- 
penburg, Pa.; Delaware City, Del. Res. from 1881, 

Wilmington, Del. 

Enoch Thomas, 21, Wilmington, Del. A. 1833. *1879 

Son of David Thomas and Mellicent Saven. Born in St. George's, Del. — At Mrs. 
Holt's; Mrs. Loring's. Graduated 1S29.— Teacher, Newark, Del. Princ. Theol. 
Sem. (1836.) Home missionary, teacher, and pastor in Virginia: Middlebrook, 
Huttonsville, Beverly; from 1861, Craigsville. 

Benjamin Franklin Wardwell, 11, Andover. 

Son of Daniel Wardwell and Lydia Morse. — Graduated 1832. — Carpenter. An- 
dover. Present at Centennial Celebration, 1878. Andover. 

Moses Wood, 15, Andover. *1880 

Son of Capt. Moses Wood, 1804, and Betsey Abbot. — Carpenter. Boston. 





Alfred Amos Abbott, 8, Andover. U. 1841. *1884 

Son of Hon. Amos Abbott and Esther West. — Left 1830, but afterwards in classi- 
cal department, graduating 1837. First three years of college course at Yale.— 
Harv. Law Sch. 1843, studying also with Judge Joshua H. Ward, Salem. Law- 
yer. South Danvers (Peabody). Rep. from Danvers, 1850, '52; Senator from 
Essex, 1853 ; District Attorney for Eastern District fifteen years ; Clerk of Courts 
for Essex County (succeeding Asahel Huntington, P. A. 1813) from 1870 to his 
death. President of Trustees, Peabody Institute, and held many positions of 
financial trust. 

Edward West Abbott, 10, Andover. * 

Brother of preceding. — Left 1832. — Raised a company for the Mass. Regiment in 
Mexican War, of which he became, by promotion, Lieut. Col. Afterwards went 
to New Orleans ; served in the Signal Corps, War of the Rebellion. 

James Lawrence Bell, 13, Portsmouth, N. H. *1839 
Son of Andrew W. Bell and Elizabeth B. Manning. — Portsmouth. 

Henry Blanchard, 17, Billerica. H. 1834. 

Son of Joseph Blanchard and Sarah Brown. — At Mrs. Holt's; Dea. Blanchard's. 
Graduated 1830. — Teacher in Maryland, and principal of Hallowell (Me.) Acad- 
emy. Harv. Med. 1840, studying also with Drs. Zadok Howe of Billerica and 
George B. Doane of Boston. Physician. Marshfield; from 1861, Boston (Ne- 
ponset District). Rep. from Marshfield, 1858. Neponset. 

John Boynton, 17, Pepperell. M. 1835. *1839 

Son of Isaac Boynton and Sybil Lawrence. — At Mr. E. Abbot's; 1 A. H. ; 4 C. H. 1 
Graduated 1831. — Teacher at Jackson, Miss. Died in Pepperell. 

Thomas Stevens Bradley, 17, Fryeburg, Me. *1841 
Son of John Bradley and Grace Stevens; brother of John J., 1826. — Died in 
Augusta, Me. 

Calvin Butler, 11 , Pelham, N.H. D. 1834. *1890 

Son of Samuel Butler and Hannah Lund.— At Mrs. Loring's; 7 A. H. Graduated 
1830.— Instructor in Sacred Music, Teachers' Seminary, 1836. And. Theol. Sem. 
1837. Pastor, Heath; Salisbury, Bristol, Vt. Principal of academies in Salem 
and New Paltz, N.Y. ; Young Ladies' Institute, Somerville, N.J. ; and academy 
in Salisbury, Ct. Res. Mendon and Worcester; from 1882, Schenectady, N.Y/. 

Leonard Chase, 18, Millbury. Y. (1835.) *1868 

Son of Jonas Chase and Lavinia Boyden. — At Mrs. Holt's; Dea. Blanchard's. 
Graduated 1831.— In mercantile and manufacturing business. Milford, N.H. 
Rep.; Senator; Mem. Const. Conv. 1848; Councillor. Earnestly engaged in tem- 
perance and anti-slavery reforms. 

George Thomas Clark, 9, Andover. 

Son of Hon. Hobart Clark and Elizabeth Farwell. — Left 1829 ; afterwards in 
Teachers' Seminary. — Civil Engineer. Assisted as a boy in the survey of the 
1 C.H. Corporation House; now occupied by Prof. Smyth. 




Andover and Wilmington Railroad (of which his father was first president), and 
rode on the first train into Andover, in August, 1836; afterwards rodman on the 
extension of the line (Boston and Maine) to South Berwick. Engaged in the 
construction of the earlier New England railroads, and afterwards as assistant 
or chief engineer of various lines in Middle and Western States. From 1857 
resided in Flint, Ann Arbor, and Muskegon, Mich. City Surveyor of Muskegon. 
Retired in 1888, res., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hovey Kilburn Clark, 15, Andover. *1889 
Son of Hovey Clark and Sarah Kilburn. Born in Sterling. — Name afterwards 
written Clarke. — Studied law in Utica and Canandaigua, N.Y. Lawyer. Alle- 
gan, Marshall, and, from 1852, Detroit, Mich. Prosecuting Attorney; Rep.; 
Mem. Board of Control of R.R. Grants; Register in Bankruptcy. One of the 
founders of the Republican Rarty in Mich.; prominent in religious and chari- 
table activities. Director of Theol. Sem. of Northwest. Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. 

John Hobart Clark, 12, Andover. *1891 
Brother of George T., above. — Melrose. Col. in militia; town officer; inspector, 
afterwards storekeeper, in Custom House, Boston ; Deputy Sheriff of Middle 
sex Co. 

Joseph Farwell Clark, 8, Andover. Bo. 1841. *1879 

Brother of preceding and George T. — Studied law with his father, and in llarv. 
Law Sch. Lawyer. Andover, Lawrence, Boston. Died in Cambridge. 

Nathaniel Wheeler Coffin, 12, Lowell. *1869 
Son of Nathaniel Coffin and Mary Patten. Born in Newburyport. — At Mr. 
Berry's; Mrs. Coffin's. Left 1830. — Merchant. Boston. Mem. Com. Council, 
1846 ; Rep. from Boston, 1847, '48, '49 ; Naval Storekeeper under President Tay- 
lor. Published a volume of poems, and Forest Acadia. Mem. Hist. Gen. Soc. 
Res. from 1855, Dorchester. 

Benjamin Coolidge, 15, Woburn. Y. (1836.) *1871 

Son of Thomas Brewster Coolidge and Clarissa Baldwin. Born in Hallowell, Me. 
—At Mr. Ellis's; Rev. Mr. Jones'; Miss Blanchard's; Dea. Blanchard's. Grad- 
uated 1832. — Studied law with Hon. Peleg Sprague, Hallowell, Me. Practiced 
law a short time in Hallowell and Wayne, Me. Teacher for several years in 
public schools and Warren Academy, Woburn. Civil Engineer in Lawrence; 
resident engineer of Essex Company. Deacon of Lawrence Street church. 

Thomas Brewster Coolidge, 13, Woburn. 

Brother of preceding. Born in Hallowell, Me. — At Mr. Ellis's; Rev. Mr. Jones'. 
Left 183C. — Civil Engineer. Lawrence. Engaged in, construction of Essex Dam, 
Pacific Mills, and South Canal. Deacon of Lawrerrce Street church. Res. from 
1887, North Woburn. 

Elias Cornelius, 9, Andover. *1857 

Son of Rev. Elias Cornelius, D.D., and Mary Hooker; brother of Thomas H., 
1829. Born in Salem.— In 1830, from Boston; at Dea. Blanchard's. Left 1830; 
afterwards in Teachers' Seminary. — In mercantile business, Boston ; Paymaster 
on Erie Railroad, res. Owego, N.Y. 

John Dorr, 16, Salisbury. *1875 

Son of Samuel Dorr and Nancy Pearson. — At Mr. Loc. 's. — Studied law at 
Cooperstown and Utica, N.Y. Lawyer, Scottsville, N.Y. 

Isaac P. Drose, 17, Colleton District, S.C. U. (1831.) * 




George Eaton, 25, Woburn. *1871 

Son of Jonathan Eaton and Mary Bruce. — In various business. Res. mostly in 

Oliver Emerson, 14, Lynnfield. Wa. 1835. *1883 

Son of Oliver Emerson and Elizabeth Brown.— At Miss Upton's; Mrs. Loring's; 
7 C. H. ; 1 C.H. Graduated 1831. — Lane Theol. Sem. 1840. One of the pioneer 
home missionaries in Iowa. "Led in the formation of not less than twenty-five 
churches." Trustee, Iowa Coll. 

Frederic Flint, 20, Woburn. *1878 

Son of Amos Flint and Abigail Harnden. Born in (North) Reading. — Shoe man- 
ufacturer, Woburn. 

Henry Sewall Gerrish French, 21, Boscawen, N.H. Y. 1834. *1842 
Son of Joel French and Susannah Gerrish. — And. Theol. Sem. 1837. Missionary 
of American Board in Siam, where he died. 

Moses Gleason, 11, Andover. *1843 

Son of Maj. Benjamin Gleason and Rhoda Gleason. — Left 1829; afterwards in 
Teachers' Seminary. — Mason. Andover. 

George Francis Hitchings, 8, Andover. *1879 
Son of Capt. Benjamin Hitchings and Elizabeth Wild; brother of Benjamin G., 
1822. Born in Charlestown. — Left 1830; afterwards in Teachers' Seminary.-^ 
Railroad contractor. New York City; Portland, Me. 

Henry Bishop Holmes, 20, New Hartford, N.Y. *1885 
Son of Rev. Benjamin Holmes and Susan Bishop. Born in Stratford-on-Avon, 
Eng.— At Mr. E. Abbot's. Left 1829.— Studied theology with his father. Pas- 
tor, Goshen, Sunderland; Springfield, Vt. Agent Amer. Tract Soc, res. An- 
dover, 1840-55. Pastor, Belvidere, 111.; Dubuque, Io.; from 1861, St. Louis, Mo. 

Cornelius Adams Hoy i, 21, Willstown, Ala. Y. (1833.) 

Son of Rev. Ard Hoyt (missionary in Cherokee Nation) and Esther Booth. Born 
in Kingston, Pa. — At Mr. Griflin's. Graduated 1829. — Teacher in the mission 
school at Willstown. Yale Div. Sch. (1837.) Labored for many years in Ohio 
as teacher and evangelist; also as public lecturer on temperance and anti-slavery; 
at one time connected with Iberia Reform College (Ohio); afterwards resided in 
Oberlin; Florida; New York City; Santa Barbara and 

Alameda, Cal. 

John Emerson Jones, 10, Andover. * 

Son of Rev. Isaac Jones and Nancy Emerson. Born in Candia, N.H. — Graduated 
1832.— Clerk, Boston ; supercargo, voyage to South America. Last heard from 
in New Orleans in 1836. 

William Kidder, 10, Andover. 

Son of Francis Kidder and Nancy Hartwell. Born in Billerica.— Left 1829 ; after- 
wards in Teachers' Seminary. — Machinist. Newburyport. Present at Centen- 
nial Celebration, 1878. Newburyport. 

Thaddeus Gwinn Loring, 9, Andover. *1837 
Son of Capt. Samuel Loring and Hannah Gwinn. Born in Salem.— Left 1830.— 
Seaman. While on his second voyage in the barque Neptune, fell from the 
maintop, and instantly killed. 

Jonathan Fry e Merrill, 10, Andover. *186 8 

Son of Jonathan Merrill and Mary Frye. — Left 1829; afterwards in Teachers 
Seminary. — In business in Louisville, Ky. 




Samuel James Needham, 9, Andover. *1862 
Son of Samuel Needham and Fanny Peabody. — Afterwards in Teachers' Semi- 
nary.— Learned printer's trade with Flagg, Gould, and Newman. Followed the 
seas until 1861. Sergeant in 4th Maine Reg't, War of Rebellion. Killed on 
board the gunboat " Mound,City," during the bombardment of Fort Charles, on 
the White River, Arkansas, being, with many others, scalded and afterwards, 
while drowning, shot by the enemy on the shore. 

William Page, 17, New York City. *1885 

Son of Levi Page and Tamar Gale. Born in Albany, N. Y.— At Mr. E. Abbot's.— 
Before entering the Academy had been a pupil of Samuel F. B. Morse (P. A. 
1802) in New York.— Eminent artist. Resided in Boston and New York; in 
Florence and Rome eleven years, returning to New York in 1860. Painted 
portraits of many distinguished men at home and abroad; executed remarkable 
copies of Titian; his " Farragut at the Battle of Mobile" was presented to the 
Emperor of Russia. Published (by advice of Robert Browning) his Neio Geo- 
metrical Method of Measuring the Human Figure. Delivered several courses 
of lectures on art. President of National Academy of Design. Res. from 1865, 
Tottenville, Staten Island, N.Y. 

William Oliver Potter, 8, Salem. *1862 
Son of Jesse Potter and Susan Punchard. — Shipmaster. Salem. Washed over- 
board from the ship Cutwater, during a storm, near Cape Horn, on passage from 
San Francisco to Boston. Mem. Essex Inst. 

Timothy Pierce Rogers, 13, Bernardston. *1886 
Son of Rev. Timothy F. Rogers, 1791, and Mary Pierce. — In early life taught in 
Maryland and Virginia. In the South during the War of the Rebellion, resid- 
ing afterwards in Bernardston. 

Richard Thurston Searle, 14, [New] Rowley [Georgetown]. U. 1835. *1880 
Son of Stephen Searle and Mary Jewett; brother of Jeremiah, 1815. — At Mr. 
Berry's; Mrs. Coffin's; 3A.H.; Mr. Curtis'. Graduated 1831. — And. Theol. 
Sem. 1841. Pastor, Middleton; Henniker, N.H.; Marblehead, New Marlboro; 
Harwinton, Thomaston, Ct.; Liverpool, N.Y/.; Thetford, Windsor, Vt. Res. 

Albert William Shaw, 12, Portsmouth, N.H. 

Son of William Shaw and Nancy Drisco. — At Mr. Jones'. — Followed the seas 
from 1830. Commanded ships and steamers for many years ; in transport service 
during the War of the Rebellion. 

Sailors' Snug Harbor, New Brighton, N. Y. 

Hiram Washington Stetson, 20, Weymouth. Y. (1836.) *1840 

Son of Jeremiah Stetson and Hannah White.— At Dea. A. Abbot's; 2 A.H.; Mrs. 
Coffin's. Graduated 1831. — First year of college course at Amherst. — Prof, of 
Math., Jefferson Coll., Louisiana. 

Charles Swift, 11, Andover. *1892 

Son of Dr. Nathaniel Swift and Sarah Abbot; brother of George B., 1818. — Left 
1830; afterwards in Teachers' Seminary, and also in preparatory department of 
Oberlin Coll.— Dentist; photographer. Boston. 

Jonathan Swift, 11, Andover. *1883 

Brother of preceding.— Left 1830; afterwards in Teachers* Seminary.— In business 
at Andover. 




Samuel Swift, 13, 



Brother of preceding. — Left 1830. — Merchant. New York City and Brooklyn. 

William Reuben Taylor, 8, Andover. 

Son of Reuben Taylor and Betsey Oak; brother of Benjamin H., 1827. Born in 
Salisbury (now Franklin), N.H. — Left 1833. — In business at Springfield. Went 
to Australia about 1857, arrived there, but never afterwards heard from. 

Benjamin Whitman Thompson, 14, Boston. *1839 
Son of Benjamin L. Thompson, 1805, and Abigail K. Whitman. Born in Wil- 
mington.— Seaman, U.S.N. Died in Central America. 

James Gardner Thompson, 11, Boston. *1853 
Brother of preceding. — At Dr. Murdock's; Mr. Clement's; Mr. Shipman's. Left 
1830. — Insurance agent. Boston; res. North Middleborough. 

William Henry Ward well, 9, Andover. 

Son of Dr. Daniel Wardwell and Sarah Osgood. Born in Lyndeborough, N.H. — 
Left 1828; afterwards in Teachers' Seminary. — Apprentice to Flagg, Gould, and 
Newman, Andover, and clerk in their bookstore; with Gould and Newman, New 
York; 1841-51, of the firm of Allen, Morrill, and Wardwell, publishers, Andover; 
1851-57, with John P. Jewett and Co., Boston; from 1857, with S. D. Warren 
and Co., Boston. Res. from 1889, Brookline. 

Edward Whittier, 10, Andover. *1866 
Son of Capt. Nathaniel Whittier and Hannah Hawley . — Left 1829 ; afterwards in 
Teachers' Seminary. — Learned printer's trade with Flagg, Gould, and New- 
man, Andover. Printer. New York City; Northampton; Great Barrington; 
Rockville, Ct. 

Brought up by Judge Samuel Putnam of Danvers (P.A. 1780). — At Mr. Berry's ; 
Mrs. Abbot's. Graduated 1831. — Pastor, Bennington, Vt.; Catskill, Lebanon 
Springs, N.Y. ; Providence, R.I.; Haddonfield, N.J.; Chaseville, Kingsbury, 
N.Y. Chaplain 127th N.Y. Regiment, and Chaplain of the Post, Charleston, 
S.C., War of Rebellion. Res. from 1865, New York City, being some years 
assistant pastor, Amity St. Baptist church. New York City. 

Henry Gilman Woodbridge, 12, Andover. *1843 
Afterwards in Teachers' Seminary. — In various business, Andover. Died while 
on a horse-trading expedition to Canada. 

Samuel B Willis, 20, 


U. 1835. 

1829.] STUDENTS. 155 


Charles Baker Adams, 15, Dorchester. A. 1834. *1853 

Son of Charles J. Adams and Hannah Baker. — At Dea. Blanchard's; 4 A.H. 
Graduated 1830. — First year of college course at Yale.— Valedictorian at Am- 
herst. And. Theol. Sem. (1837.) Tutor, Amh. Coll.; Prof, of Chem. and Nat. 
Hist., Midd. Coll., and State Geologist of Vermont; Prof. Astron. and Geol. 
and Curator of Cabinet, Amh. Coll. 1847-53. Made scientific explorations in the 
West Indies, and published scientific reports, catalogues and monographs, and 
(with Prof. Alonzo Gray) Elementary Geology. "The Zoological Cabinet of 
Amherst College is his sufficient monument." Died of yellow fever at St. 
Thomas, W. I. 

Seth Warriner Banister, 18, Newbury port. A. 1835. *1861 

Son of Seth Banister and Dolly Cutter. Born in Brookfield. — At Dea. Blanch- 
ard's; 1 C. H. President of Society for Promoting Good Morals. Left 1830.— 
Teacher in Virginia. And. Theol. Sem. 1839. Pastor, Hinsdale, Carlisle; Smyr- 
na, N.Y.; Lyndon, Vt.; Ware. Mail agent, Boston and Albany R.R. Died 
of heart disease at railroad station in Newton. 

Charles Burnham, 17, Pelham, N. H. D. 1836. *1883 

Son of James Burnham and Nancy Smith. — At 22B.H.; Mr. Griffin's. Gradu- 
ated 1832. Teacher in Quincy, 111., and in Iowa. Home missionary in Iowa 
fifteen years; pastor, Bath, Me.; Meredith, N.H.; Jamaica, Newfane, Vt. Res. 
from 1879, Townshend, Vt. 

Ebenezer Buzzell, 21, Otisfield, Me. *1867 
Son of Ebenezer Buzzell and Alice Johnson. — At Mrs. Loring's; 3 C.H. Left 
1830. — Farmer and carpenter. Otisfield, Casco, Auburn, New Gloucester, Me. 
Town officer; deacon. 

Henry Theodore Cheever, 15, Hallowell, Me. Bo. 1834. 

Son of Nathaniel Cheever and Charlotte Barrell. — At C. H. — And. Theol. Sem. 
(1837.) Teacher, Plaquemine and New Orleans, La. Bang. Theol. Sem. 1839. 
For several years correspondent of New York Evangelist from the South Seas 
and Sandwich Islands. Pastor, Lodi, N.J.; Free Cong, church, New York City; 
Greenport, L.I.; Westbrook, Jewett City, Ct.; So. Royalston, Fitchburg. Res. 
from 1861, Worcester (pastor of Mission Chapel church nine years). Published 
The Whale and its Captors, The Island World of the Pacific, Memoir of Nathan- 
iel Cheever, M.D., Life and Writings of Walter Colton, U.S.N., Autobiography 
and Memorials of Ichabod Washburn, and other works, besides numerous tracts 
and newspaper contributions on anti-slavery and temperance. 


John Choate, 24, Essex. *1853 

Son of Col. John P. Choate and Lucretia Cogswell.— At Mrs. Coffin's. Left 1829.— 
Farmer. Ipswich; South Newmarket, N.H.; Salem, Ipswich. Postmaster and 
town officer at South Newmarket. Went to California in 1849; died at Ipswich, 
a few days after his return, of Panama fever. 

Frederic Augustus Coe, 12, New Hartford, N.Y. Y. 1837. *1870 
Son of Rev. Noah Coe and Elizabeth Goodrich.— At Mr. E. Abbot's. Left 1830.— 
Freshman year of college course at Hamilton.— Studied law with Minott Mitch- 
ell, White Plains, N.Y., and at Yale Law Sch. Lawyer. New York City; res. 
from 1851, Yonkers, N.Y. 




David Coggin, 12, Tewksbury. D. 183b. *1852 

Son of Rev. David Coggin and Mary Symmes; brother of William S., 1827. — At 
Mr. E. Abbot's; 9 A.H.; 1st A.H. No. 3. Graduated 1832. — Teacher, House of 
Refuge, South Boston. And. Theol. Sem. 1841. Pastor, Westhampton, until 
his death. 

Thomas Hooker Cornelius, 6, Andover. *1853 
Son of Rev. Elias Cornelius, D.D., and Mary Hooker; brother of Elias, 1828. 
Born in Salem. —At Rev. Mr. Cornelius'; in 1833, at Mr. S. Farrar's ; after- 
wards in Teachers' Seminary. — In U.S. Navy. Died at U. S. Marine Hospital, 
San Francisco, Cal. 

Henry Brown Ccwles, 18, New Hartford, Ct. *1861 
Son of Capt. Harry Cowles and Abigail Brown. Born in Sandisfield.— Left 1830.— 
Studied law with Judge David Daggett, New Haven, Ct., and at Yale Law Sch. 
Engineer and 'inventor. Went on trading voyage to west coast of Africa; the 
captain and mates dying of African fever, he brought the vessel from Rio 
Janeiro to New York. Manufactured mordants for dyes in New York. Con- 
nected with salvage company for raising treasure-ship at the mouth of the 
Seine. Railroad freight agent at New Haven and in Indiana. Superintendent 
of construction, Red River railroad, Louisiana. 

Frederic Dean, 16, Boston. U. 1836. *1854 

Son of Thomas Dean and Mary Harris Grubb.— At Mrs. Loring's; 2 C.H.; 1 A.H. ; 
4th A.H. No. 6. Graduated 1832. — Teacher in Galveston and New Orleans, and 
for several years of a large school in Huntsville, Ala. Episcopal missionary in 
Louisiana, dying at Point Coupee, of consumption. 

Justin Asa Edwards, 10, Andover. 

Son of Rev. Justin Edwards, D.D., and Lydia Bigelow. — Left 1833; afterwards in 
Teachers' Seminary.— In wholesale dry goods business, New York, 1834-41; New 
Orleans (Myatt and Edwards), 1841-47; in New York (Cameron and Edwards), 
1850-62. Secretary and treasurer of mining companies, New York. 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Joseph Warren Faulkner, 17, Andover. Y. (1837.) *1871 

Son of Joseph Faulkner and Lydia Russell.— Graduated 1833.— And. Theol. Sem. 
(1838.) Spent nearly all his life afterwards in Worcester Lunatic Hospital. 

John Phelps Foster, 22, Holden. A. 1834. *1851 

Son of Samuel Foster and Alice Phelps.— At Mr. Griffin's. Left 1830.— And. Theol. 
Sem. 1838. Home missionary in Western New York and Wisconsin; pastor, 
Sweden, Me. Res. from 1850, Oxford. 

Nathaniel Augustus Hewit, 8, Andover. A. 1839. 

Son of Rev. Nathaniel Hewit, D.D., and Rebecca W. Hillhouse. Born in Fair- 
field, Ct.— At Rev. Mr. Hewit's; Rev. Mr. Green's. Left 1832.— Name changed 
to Augustine Francis Hewit. — Theol. Inst, of Ct. (1843) ; studied theology also 
in Charleston, S.C. Vice-principal of Collegiate Institute, Charleston. Mis- 
sionary in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, 1851-65. Prof. Theol. and Phil., 
Paulist Theol. Sem., New York, 1865; Superior of the Institute of St. Paul the 
Apostle, from 1889; also Rector of St. Thomas Aquinas College, Catholic Uni- 
versity of America, Washington, D.C., and Prof, of Phil, and Ecc'l Hist, in 
same, from 1889. Published Reason for submitting to the Holy See, Problems of 
the Age, Light in Darkness, The King's Highway, and other works. Editor of 
Catholic World, 1869-74. D.D. Washington, D.C. 




Benjamin Kingsbury, 16, Boston. *1886 
Son of Benjamin Kingsbury and Martha Starr.— At Mrs. Loring's; 8 A.H. Left 
1831.— Lawyer. Boston. Portland, Me., from 1843, where he wa9 Surveyor of 
Tort; Rep. 1862, '63; Judge of Municipal Court; Mayor; President of Maine 
Savings Bank. 

Henry Augustus Kittredge, 13, Boston. *1862 
Son of Dr. Henry Kittrpdge, 1802, and Naomi P. Brown.— At Mr. Foster's; Mrs. 
Holt's. Left 1831.— Merchant. Tewksbury. Town officer; postmaster. Private 
in 30th Mass. Regiment, War of the Rebellion ; acted as assistant surgeon in St. 
James' Hospital, New Orleans, where he died. 

Benjamin Manning, 21, Littleton. *1837 
Son of Jonathan Manning and Lydia Howard.— At Miss Blanchard's. Left 1830. 
— Pastor, Middletown, Ct.; Beaufort, S.C. Died of consumption. 

David Morgan, 18, Wilton, N. H. D. 1835. *1871 

Son of Ashby Morgan and Lucy Burton.— At 3 A.H.; Miss Upton's. Graduated 
1831. — Studied law with Augustus Peabody, Boston. Lawyer. Boston, East 
Boston. Rep. 1845, '46, '53. Removed, 1855, to Minneapolis, Minn. Mem. Const. 
Conv., 1858; County Treasurer; Postmaster of Minneapolis under President 
Lincoln. Drew the city charter, 1867, and was City Justice until his death. 
"The City Athanaeum is a ^memorial to his literary and scholastic attain- 

James Nichols, 18, Troy, Fall River. U. 1835. *1864 

Son of Abiel Nichols and Fidelia Briggs. Born in Berkley.— At Mrs. Loring's; 6 
C.H. Graduated 1831. — And. Theol. Sem. (1838.) Tutor, afterwards Assis- 
tant Prof, of Languages, Union Coll.; principal of academies in Kingston, 
Utica, Geneseo, N.Y.; Master of Boys' School, and Chaplain of House of 
Refuge, Rochester, N.Y. Chaplain of 108th N.Y. Reg't. War of the Rebellion. 

George Alexander Oviatt, 18, Bridgeport, Conn. Y. 1835. *1887 
Son of Daniel B. Oviatt and Mary Roberts. — At Dea. Blanchard's. Graduated 
1831. — Yale Div. Sch. 1838. Pastor, Belchertown, Suffolk Street Union (now 
Shawmut) church, Boston; Chicopee ; Somers, Talcottville, Ct. ; Sudbury. 
Chaplain of 25th Ct. Reg't, War of the Rebellion. 

Isaac Pollard, 17, Boston. U. 1835. *1889 

Son of Isaac Pollard and Mary Webster Bennet. — At Mrs. Loring's; 6 C.H. 
Graduated 1831. — And. Theol. Sem. (1838); Gen. Theol. Sem. 1839. Name 
changed to Frederic William Isaac Pollard. Rector, Nantucket ; assistant 
minister, church of Advent, Boston; associated with Dr. E. M. P. Wells (P.A. 
1815), St. Stephen's chapel, Boston. From 1852, classical teacher, and engaged 
in the charitable work of the society of St. Vincent de Paul, of which he was a 
corresponding secretary, New Y"ork City. Afterwards res. Somerville, Cam- 
bridgeport, Dorchester. 

William Reynolds, 16, Stoughton. *1888 
Son of Philip Reynolds and Cynthia Wadsworth.— At Mrs. Loring's ; in Teachers' 
Seminary, 1831. Teacher, farmer, manufacturer. Stoughton'; Grafton, Wis. 

Gustavus Spencer, 21, Waterbury, Ct. Y. 1835. *1886 

Son of Dea. Calvin Spencer and Esther Lewis. Born in Salem (now Naugatuck), 
Ct.— Teacher for four years in Charlotte and Fayetteville, N.C. Manufacturer 
in Naugatuck, Ct. Connected with Commissary Dep't, at Nashville, Tenn., 
during the War of the Rebellion. Afterwards in business in New York City, 
res. until 1871, Stratford, Ct. 




Henry Wellington* Sweetser, 20, Portsmouth, N.H. D. 1835. *1849 
Son of Benjamin Cooledge Sweetser and Abigail Mellish.— At Mrs. Loring's; 8 
A.H.; 5 C.H. Graduatt d 1831.— Gen. Theol. Sem. 1838. Hector, AValden, N.Y.; 
assistant minister, Astoria, N.Y.; teacher, New York City. A.M. hon., Hobart 
Coll. 1841. 

Jeremiah Jewett Tenney, 23, Hampstead, N.H. *1886 
Son of Dea. Thomas Tenney and Elizabeth Jewett. Born in Topsfield.— Carpen- 
ter, Lawrence; farmer, De Soto, Wis. Deacon of Central church, Lawrence. 

Samuel Worcester Wilson, 20, Boston. U. 1836. *1880 

Son of Andrew Wilson and Elizabeth Beckford. Born in Salem. — At 2 C.H. 
Left 1830.— Physician. Racine, Wis. Surgeon, 4th Wisconsin Cavalry, War of 
the Rebellion. Assist. Surgeon, National Home for Soldiers, Togus, Me., 1873. 
Died in National Home for Disabled Soldiers, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Ezra Foristall Wood, 17, Millbury. *1877 
Son of Capt. Amasa Wood and Sarah Foristall.— Merchant. Savannah, Ga.; San 
Francisco, Cal.; Boston, res. Roxbury. 

George Phillips Worcester, 17, Tewksbury. U. 1840. 

Son of Eldad Worcester and Esther Brown. — At Mr. W. Foster's. Left 1830. — 
Civil Engineer, mostly in Western and Southern States. 

Dunning, El. 


Albert Abbott, 20, Greenfield, N.H. *1882 

Son of William Abbot and Hannah Bailey. — At Dea. Amos Abbot's. — Clerk for 
Dea. Amos Abbot. For nearly fifty years kept the store on Andover Hill. For 
many years deacon and chorister of South Church, Andover. 

Henry Howard Bates, 22, Pittsford, Yt. U. 1836. *1868 

Son of David Bates and Susan Howard. Born in Benson, Vt. — At 4 C.H.; Rev. 
Mr. Jones' ; 3d A.H. No. 5. Graduated 1832.— Gen. Theol. Sem. (1839.) Rector, 
Blaudford; Warehouse Point, Ct.; Glens Falls, Oak Hill, N.Y. Chaplain 22d 
N. Y. Reg't, War of the Rebellion. " Many of the survivors from Ihe battles of 
Bull Run, Antietam, South Mountain, Chancellorsville, and Fredericksburg 
have reason to remember with gratitude the indefatigable labors of this 

James Boutwell, 16, Lyndeborough, N.H . D. 1836. *1865 

Son of Nehemiah Boutwell and Elizabeth Jones. — At 22 B.H.; Mr. Griffin's. 
Graduated 1839. — And. Theol. Sem. 1840. Taught at Dunkirk, N.Y. Pastor, 
Brentwood, Sanbornton, N.H. 

Daniel Emerson, 11, Andover. W. R. 1839. 

Son of Prof. Ralph Emerson, D.D., and Eliza Rockwell. Born in Norfolk, Ct.— 
Left 1834. — And. Theol. Sem. 1832. Pastor, Copley, O.; Flat Rock, Mich.; 
Springfield, Mo. Also teacher in Missouri. Res. from 1857, Peninsula, O.; from 
1886, North Kingsville, O. 

1 His middle name, apparently adopted after graduation from college, is given by his 
relatives as Wellington, on the Episcopal Book of Ordinations as William, and in col- 
lege triennials as Washington; the latter is evidently an error, as he had a brother 
Washington, who survived him. 




John Foster, lb, Beverly. *1841 

Son of Dea. Josiah Foster and Anna Thissell.— At Dea. Blanchard's.— G ilmanton 
Theo. Sem. Pastor, Worcester, Vt. Died in Beverly. 

Tbomas Sparhawk Gardner, 20, Brighton. * 

Son of Thomas Gardner and Hannah Gardner.— At 6 A. II. ; Capt. Moses Wood's; 
also in Teachers' Seminary, belonging to " Holbrook Association of Teachers," 
1831.—" Went to the West as teacher, and died within a year." 

William George Howard, 16, Newburyport. A. 1835. *1865 

Son of Capt. William Howard and Lydia Elenor Evans.— Studied theology with 
Rev. Daniel Dana, Newburyport. Pastor, MiddMown, Essex, Ct. ; Albany, 
Rochester, N. Y. ; Second Baptist church, Chicago, 111.; New Orleans, La. " In- 
voluntarily made Chaplain of Confederate Regiment, and captured at Fort 
Donelson." Afterwards res. Alexandria, La. D. D. 

Wilson Ingalls, 20, Andover. U. 1836. *1889 

Son of Ezra Ingalls and Dolly Wilson.— At Miss Blanchard's; 3 C.H.; P. A. No. 2. 
Scholar of the House. Graduated 1812.— Studied theology under direction of 
President Eliphalet Nott, Union College. Pastor, Gleuville, Owasco, Blooming 
Grove, N. Y. Res. from 1877, Kinderhook, N. Y. 

John Kendall, 16, Lowell. * 

Son of Jonathan Kendall and Lydia Carter. Born in Tewksbury.— At 8 C.H. Left 
1831.— Clerk in Boston ; seaman on whaling vessel ; afterwards in merchant ser- 
vice; 1st mate of ship; died in hospital at Havre, France. 

Daniel Makepeace, 22, Norton. *1834 
Son ot Lysander Makepeace and Sarah Wild.— At 5 A.H. Left 1831.— Died at 
Granville, O., of consumption. 

William Bartlett Morse, 12, Lowell. Y. 1837. *1886 

Son of Jonathan Morse and Hannah Merrill. Born in Methuen. — At Mrs. Holt's; 
Miss Upton's; Mr. A. H. Brown's. Graduated 1833. Teacher in Baltimore; 
Prof., Kemper College, St. Louis, Mo. Druggist in Boston and Charlestown 
nearly forty years. 

Dennis Powers, 21, Millbury. A. 1835. *1886 

Son of David Powers and Naomi Goldthwaite. Born in Croydon, N. H.— At Mr. 
Shaw's.— And. Theol. Sem. 1838. Pastor, East Randolph (now Holbrook), South 
Abington (now Whitman), South Braintree; Rindge, N. H.; Worthington. Also 
for a time clerk in Dep't of Interior, Washington, and agent of Amer. Coloniza- 
tion Soc. for Me. and N. H. Res. from 1876, Abington. 

Hiram Page Randall, 22, Dorchester. 

Son of Samuel Randall and Sarah Page.— At 3 C. H. Afterwards in Teachers' 
Seminary.— Teacher in the public schools of Cincinnati, O., sixteen years; civil 
engineer, Newport, Ky.; farmer, Greenwood, Ind. Res. from 1861, Indianapolis. 
City Assessor, Indianapolis. Indianapolis, Ind. 

William Arnold Stevens, 19, Pepperell. 

Son of Capt. Joseph Stevens and Lucy Hutchinson.— Died at home of con- 

William Bacon Stevens, 15, Boston, *188 7 

Son of William Stevens and Rebecca Bacon. Born in Bath, Me.— At 2 A. H ; 
2D. No. 5; 2 A.H. No. 5. Left 1832.— Taught at Savannah, Ga., and studied 




medicine there with Dr. Edward Coppee, afterwards with Dr. Karl Gutzlaff, 
Canton, China; Dart. Med. Coll. 1838. Practiced at Savannah, and studied 
theology with Bishop Stephen Elliott. Rector, Athens, Ga., and Prof, of 
Belles Lettres, Univ. of Ga. ; rector, St. Andrew's church, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Asst. Bishop of Pa. from 18G2, Bishop from 1865. Author of Historg of Georgia, 
Bow in the Cloud, Parables Unfolded. D. D., LL.D. 

David G. W. Stuart, 14, Mackinaw, M.T. A. (1837.) *1868 

Son of Robert Stuart (John Jacob Astor's agent in the American Fur Company, 
Oregon and Michigan Territory) and Eliza Emma Sullivan. Born in Brooklyn, 
N. Y.— At 10 B. H. ; 7 B. H. Left 1832.— Lawyer, Detroit, Mich. ; Chicago, 111. ; 
Mem. of Cong, from Mich. Attorney of Illinois Central Railroad. Col. of 55th 
111. Reg't ; Brig. Gen. in Sherman's army, War of the Rebellion; wounded at 
Shiloh. Afterwards res. Detroit. 

Joseph True, 15, Boston. H. (1835.) *1840 

Son of William True and Rebecca Mariner. Born in Portland, Me. — At Miss 
Blanchard's ; Mrs. Holt's. Graduated 1831.— Studied law. Removed to Ottawa, 
111., where he died. 

Caleb Warner, 16, Harvard. *1888 

Son of Caleb Warner and Bethiah Turner.— At 6 A.H. ; 2 C. H. ; Mr. Angier's ; 5th 
A. H. Left 1833.— Marble Worker. Worked for several years on the Capitol at 

Jonas Warren, 23, Pepperell. *1885 

Son of Edward Warren and Sarah Keep.— At 1 A.H. Left 1831.— Holden ; manu- 
facturer in Enfield thirty years; from 1868, engaged in culture of fruits and 
flowers at Belchertown. Deacon. 

Naaman Loud White, 1 7, Braintree. H. 1835. *1890 

Son of Elihu White and Sarah Loud.— At Dea. Blanchard's. Graduated 1830.— 
Lawyer. Braintree. Rep. from Braintree, 1845, '47. 

John Henry Wilson, 20, Lowell. W. 1836. 

Born in Boston.— At 6 C.H.; Miss Upton's; Mr. E. Abbot's. Graduated 1832. — 
Principal of Auburn (N. Y.) Fem. Seminary, and of Munro Collegiate Inst., El- 
bridge, N. Y.; Prof, in Farmers' (now Belmont) College, College Hill, O., ten 
years; Chaplain Military Acad., Fairmont, O.; Prof, in Central College, O., and 
in Park College, Parkville, Mo. ; at one time home missionary in Kansas, and 
often preaching for destitute churches. Res. from 1873, 

Springfield, Mo. 



1817 Alanson 

1780 Abiel 

1785 Abiel 
1830 Albert 

1827 Amos 

1828 Alfred Amos 

1827 Asa Hart 
1825 Asahel 
1782 Benjamin 
1810 Benjamin 

1795 Caleb 

1786 Daniel 
1788 David 

1828 Edward West 
1822 Ezra 

1798 George 
1786 Henry 

1796 Henry 
1791 Herman 
1802 Herman 

1784 Isaac 

1790 Isaac 

1795 Isaac 

1785 Jacob 

1786 Jacob 

1791 Jacob 

1799 Jeduthan 
1778 John 

1820 John Emery 

1796 John Lovejoy 
1791 John Stevens 

1796 Jonathan 
1827 Jonathan 

1787 Moses 
1778 Samuel 

1797 Samuel 
1802 Samuel 
1817 Samuel 

1797 Sam'l Phillips 

1827 Sereno T. 


















William L. 







Aaron Chester 




Charles Baker 


Charles Shaw 



1 804- 



vjcorge -L . 

1 780 

JL I Ow 

I saac 


Tohn Oscood 

1 Willi V ./ ' J \J\J K L 


TnVin Rinlpv 








Ripley Perkins 









John R. 















1790 Timothy 


1821 Alldis Samuel 

1817 Benoni 

1823 Henry Clinton 

1790 Homes 

1791 James 
1791 Joseph Vial 
1797 Sylvester 

1797 Wilkes 
1826 William 

1817 William S. 


1820 James Church 

1796 Benjamin 
1808 Ebenezer 

1798 Nathan 

1819 Samuel 

1821 Seth 

1790 Nathaniel C. 

1778 James 


1822 Charles A. 

1806 Edward 

1807 Isaiah Thomas 

1806 John Dudley 

1807 William S. 

1807 William Turell 

1808 Charles John 
1778 Henry 

1808 John James 

1820 William 


1818 Hiram Phelps 



1815 Artemas 
1821 Samuel 

1788 Antoine 

1793 Richard 

1799 William 

1778 Oliver 

1788 John 
1827 Kinsman 

1800 Charles 
1797 David 

1794 James T. 

1804 Loring 

1821 Edwin Daniel 
1827 John H. 

1796 Richard Hazen 

1803 John 

1780 Joshua 


1778 Zachariah 

1808 Horace 

1805 Joseph 

1806 Timothy 

1811 George 

1779 John 

1818 Luke 

1819 Matthew B. 

1822 Oliver 

1794 Svmonds Epes 
1826 Wm. Emerson 

1784 Cyrus 

1807 David 
1817 Dexter 
1778 Jesse 

1802 Benjamin 

1820 Dyer 

1797 Lewis 

1829 Seth Warriner 

1820 Frederic W. 

1819 Jas. Maxwell 
1782 John 

1816 Joseph 

1813 Nathaniel 
1808 Richard 

1782 Stephen 

1789 James 

1814 John 

1820 Alphonzo 

1817 Orville 
1823 Phineas 

1804 John 

1799 George 
1799 Henry F. 
1801 John Clarke 
1799 Sam'l Brown 

1780 Benjamin G. 
1819 Gerrish 


1783 Oliver 

1784 Abraham 

1803 Benj. Dixon 

1785 Caleb 
1810 George 

1807 Gorham 
1780 Henry 
1780 John 
1822 John 

1804 John Call 

1789 Josiah 

1827 Josiah Moody 

1808 Nath'l Gorham 

1779 Samuel 

1819 Chauncey 

1790 Josiah 
1788 William 





Henry Howard 




Lemuel P. 


Zephaniah A. 



















Ebenezer H. 



George Cone 








James L, 




Luther V 


















Nath'l Tucker 






Simeon S. 




1814 Thaddeus B. 









1816 Lemuel 

1800 John 
1820 Sam'l Perkins 

1811 Alfred 
1816 Lewis 

1802 Abner 

1787 Amos 

1814 Amos 
1780 Caleb 
1822 Edward 
1828 Henry 
1778 John 
1780 John 

1799 John 

1815 John Gowen 
1820 Nathan 
1806 Samuel . 

1790 William 


1802 George Lewis 

1818 Nathaniel 

1819 Seth 

1791 Royal 

1778 Isaac 
1782 Stephen C. 


1812 John 

1820 John Howe 

1803 Thomas 

1800 Abraham 
1784 John L. 

1820 Chas. William 
1791 Nathaniel 


1788 Francis 

1815 Jas. Aiken 


1813 Jeremiah 

1793 James 

1787 Jared 

1790 Thomas 

1823 James 

1830 James 

1807 James 

1784 James Temple 

1809 John T.J. 

1782 John Myer 


1785 Jonathan 

1786 Thomas 

1785 William 
1794 William 

1816 Cleopas 

1806 William 

1786 William 

1828 John 

1816 John Kent 

1821 Ebenezer G. 
1799 Ephraim P. 
1802 John 


1807 Daniel Poor 
1826 John Jay 
1806 Joshua 

1828 Thos. Stevens 

1818 Carolus C. 

1814 Milton P. 

1779 Francis 

1810 George Maltby 
1814 Josiah 

1820 George Gaines 


1819 Jehiel 

1821 Ansel 
1824 George 

1817 Richard Sears 

1819 Alson 
1791 John B. 

1817 Horatio N. 

1819 Wm. Brooks 

1818 Frederic 


Alex. Scammell 

Peter Chardon 
Sam'l Reeves 


1781 Samuel Piatt 
1778 Edward 


Frederic A. 
George W. 

John Ball 






1812 Nathaniel 
1785 Stephen 

1806 Reuben 




1791 Joseph 

180G Royal 

1823 Samuel 

1823 Frederick 

1825 Rufus K. 

1816 Caleb 
1812 Samuel 

1822 Michael 

1778 Malcolm M. 

1798 Benjamin 

1780 Josiah 

1800 Abiel 


1814 Edward 
1800 William 

1816 Uzziah Cicero 

1810 Abraham 
1829 Charles 

1816 Jonas 

1812 William Pitts 

1819 Jas. Arnold 

1781 Levi 


1815 Jas. Aiken 


1792 Benjamin 

1817 Thomas 

1828 Calvin 

1788 Erasmus 
1788 Martin 

1797 Horatio Gates 
1799 Silas 

1829 Ebenezer 
1789 Andrew 

1789 Charles George 
1791 Edward 

1791 Henry 

1792 John 
1779 Joseph 
1794 Robert 

1806 Stephen 
1785 William 

1827 Henry 

1782 John 


1819 Henry 

1784 Pierre A. 

1781 Ephraim 

1820 Parker 

1818 Oliver 

1801 George E. A. 

1790 Wm. Cabot 

1789 Joseph 

1823 Chas. Thomas 

1817 Elijah 

1818 Hamden C. 
1822 John A. 


1820 Josiah Edson 

1808 Jonah 

1821 Levi 
1817 Pierce 

1826 George 

1788 Caleb D. 

1809 George 
1778 John 
1799 Joshua 
1778 Philemon 
1822 Sam'l Augustus 


1811 John McCurdy 

1817 Wm. Lawrence 

1820 James Dyer 

1804 Caleb 

1821 James Morris 
1791 Joseph 

1828 Leonard 

1812 William H. 

1788 Albert 
1788 Louis 


1829 Henry T. 

1817 John White 
1791 Joseph 

1784 John 
1826 Lovell 
1819 Ward 

1829 John 

1818 Washington 


1818 Benj. King 

1819 Levi Fisk 



Ansel R. 
Edwin A. 
Ephraim W. 
George T. 
Hovey K. 

John Hobart 



1828 Jos. Farwell 
1814 Moses 
18L8 Orange 

1810 Samuel 
1824 Thos. March 

1778 Edward 
1818 John Jones 
1785 Wm. Montague 


1811 Thos. Savage 

1824 Daniel 

1810 Chas. Dexter 
1810 John T. 
1821 Stephen H. 

1797 Conrade G. 

1797 Edward B. 

1798 Theodore 

1803 Henry Peter 

1800 John 

1810 Jonas 
1778 Peter 
1813 Stephen 

1817 Sylvester 

1780 Charles 

1808 Francis 
1793 John 
1823 John 

1816 Elijah L. 

1829 Frederic A. 

1811 Francis 
1808 Isaac 

1828 Nath'l Wheeler 

1820 Wm. Boylston 

1829 David 

1827 Wm. Symmes 

1782 William 

1779 John 

1778 William 

1795 John 

1817 Amasa 
1785 James 
1826 William 

1819 Venus 

1828 Benjamin 

1793 Charles 

1828 Thos. Brewster 

1791 William 


1801 John Rogers 

1806 John Tudor 

1803 William 


1779 John Blake 


1828 Elias 

1829 Thos. Hooker 

1820 Richard S. 

1785 Louis C. F. 

1817 Augustus 

1814 George 
1829 Henry B. 

1821 Orson 

1 823 Thomas 

1813 Richard 
1813 Wm. Greenleaf 

1781 William 

1822 Frederic W. 

1783 Calvin 

1790 Oliver 
1787 William 




William G. 


















Jaeob Abbot 


Jas. Merrill 
















George H. 



Francis M. 


Jos. Edwin 






1803 Sam'l Torrey 
1806 Simon 

1821 Wm. Tenney 

1781 John Brown 

1784 Charles 
1792 Dominicus 

1782 Richard 
1782 Thomas 

1786 Nath'l Gardner 

1785 Henry 

1804 Henry 
1813 James O. 

1806 David 

1790 Edmund T. 
1788 Francis 




















Chas. Stewart 



Addington K. 







Benj. Somes 


Edmund O. 


Increase S. 






William H. 



Preserved F. 





Thomas D. 



Benj. Randall 





Timothy B. 



Jesse A. 

















Allen M. 


Chas. Henry 


Wm. Henry 



John H. 

1812 Edwards 


1805 Nathaniel 
1807 Thomas 

1796 John 


1815 Othniel 


1801 John 


1821 Roger S. 
1811 Samuel 

1787 Thomas 


1806 John 

1802 Joshua 
1827 Lucius B. 
1823 Nathaniel S. 

1827 Wm. Preston 

1817 Joseph 


1807 Jos. Foster 

1828 John 

1822 Sanders P. 

1783 William 

1805 George 
1802 John Tileston 

1817 Jacob 

1818 Lilbourne B. 

1828 Isaac P. 

1816 Wm. Gorham 

1793 Joseph 

1815 John N. 

1790 Geo. Bethune 

1824 Chas. Frederic 
1824 Theodore 

1821 Edward O. 

1819 Henry 

1818 Thos. Russell 

1822 Aaron Hardy 
1796 John 

1799 John 

1788 Martin 

1804 Henry 
1790 Thomas 
1798 Aaron 

1824 John Calvin 

1786 Joseph F. 

1828 George 
1804 Joseph 

1821 Joshua T. 
1781 Peter 


1787 Henry 

1800 Robert Ball 

1816 Theodore 

1823 Asahel P. 

1829 Justin A. 

1808 George W. 

1818 Erasmus D. 


1820 Elijah 

1822 Joseph 

1804 George 

1784 Abraham R. 



1787 John Stevens 

1825 John S. 
1799 Moses 

1820 George W. 

1804 Jos. Lewis 
1819 Kelita S. 

1819 Vespasian 

1823 Alfred 

1812 Daniel 
1830 Daniel 

1816 Edward Bliss 

1820 George 

1818 John Franklin 

1820 John S 

1819 Lester 
1806 Luther 

1823 Luther 
1828 Oliver 

1792 Rufus 

1819 Thos. Porter 

1824 Joshua 

1824 Sam'l Hopkins 
1827 Sewall N. 

.1807 Thomas S. 

1825 John 
1816 Nathaniel 

1821 Richard S. 

1804 Sterling B. 

1781 John 


1818 Josiah W. 

1819 Kirtland P. 

1823 Thos. Jefferson 

1826 Luther 

1793 Benjamin 

1794 Jacob 


1813 Jonathan 











Jos. Warren 







Sam'l Austin 






Chas. Nye 








Thos. Kendall 






Benj. Brown 












Augustus H. 



Charles H. 



Thos. Wilson 









Samuel H. 



Benj. Hezekiah 










Jas. Putnam 


Tarrant P. 




1 OAO 


Jeremiah P. 


1 Q1 r 

Charles J. 



1 770 

j oei 


Joh n 



Joseph Ives 






George W. 


Sam'l Bass 



Augustine L. 











Benjamin W. 



















John Hancock 


John Phelps 






Wain wright 




William O. 















Francis Cook 



1798 Russell 


1784 Frederic 
1828 Henry S. G. 

1786 Jonathan 
1821 Jonathan 

1796 Levi 


1785 Joshua 
1808 Nathan H. 


1810 Enoch 
1783 Joseph 

1787 Peter 

1779 Andrew 
1778 Benjamin 
1785 Daniel 

1816 Isaac 
1795 Israel 

1795 Nehemiah 
1820 Nelson S. 

1817 Sumner 

1820 James 

1819 William 
1793 Samuel 
1816 Wakefield 
1806 William 

1818 Joseph 

1811 Ezra Stiles 

1796 John Mico 
1805 Thos. Brattle 

1793 Rob't Hallowell 

1792 Henry 
1783 James 

1780 John 
1790 John 

1816 Jonathan J. 

1795 Joseph 

1816 Jos. Henry 

1816 Samuel 


i noiiicib o. 













Samuel W. 






Gabriel J. 


Pierre G. D. 



Francis Cabot 





Jas. Thompson 


Thos. Russell 



George H. 


John W. 


John W. 









Henry Codman 



Chandler R. 





Hervey R. 




















Theodore E. 



Sam'l Abbot 















Jas. Madison 






Darius N. 



Daniel LeB. 




Henry B. 









John C. 








Gustavus A. 












Isaac R. 














John Henry 


Oliver C. 







1804 Sam'l Calley 
1811 Sylvanus 

1779 Benjamin 

1815 David 

1786 Gardner 
1807 Joseph 

1787 Samuel 
1810 Samuel 
1794 Thomas 

1785 Jonathan 

1814 Horatio 
1814 John 

1805 William 

1819 Alfred 
1819 John W. 
1778 Thomas J. 

1819 Daniel H. 

1822 Thomas D. 
1783 William 


1820 Charles 

1819 Henry 
1818 John 

1810 Ralph W. 
1805 Richard 

1793 Jonathan 
1796 Joseph 
1818 Joseph 

1823 Warren 

1816 George 
1822 Henry A. 

1818 David A. 

1820 Mason 

1814 Curtis 
1818 Wm. Hoskins 

1821 William M. 

1817 Jackson 



Horatio B. 



James B. 


William H. 

U AT r 
n r\. 



1 ""fin 













Wm. Brasher 


Wm. White 






Moses B. 



Leonidas L. 






Winthrop S. 



Aaron A. 















David T. 




George W. 



















Charles T. 

1791 Elnathan 
1784 Samuel 
1819 William E. 

1813 John 


1819 Samuel 


1803 Edward 
1790 Thomas 

1801 Ebenezer 

1820 Sam'l Foster 

1815 Lyman 

1797 Peter 

1808 James A. 

1804 Benjamin 
1803 Caleb 


1787 Joseph 

1807 George W. 

1816 Isaac Patten 

1819 Edward H. 
1815 Wm. Kneeland 

1821 Duncan N. 

1818 Henrv 

1805 Jacob 

1819 John P. 
1795 William 

1829 Nathaniel A. 

1793 Benj. Andrews 


1788 George 
1790 Henry 
1780 Nathaniel 
1780 Stephen 



1798 Benj. Warren 
1802 Samuel 
1798 Sam'l Prescott 


1807 James 
1805 John 

1805 Thomas 


1817 Francis 
1785 Joseph 
1816 William 

1813 Orramel S. 


1822 Benj. Gardner 
1828 George F. 

1820 David 

1801 Abijah Pierce 

1825 Horace 


1806 Ebenezer 
1804 George 

1806 Isaac 

1808 Samuel 

1782 Benjamin 

1783 William 
1804 William 


1823 William B. 

1825 Barnard E. 

1795 Abiah 
1791 Abiel 

1784 Samuel 

1807 Silas 

1828 Henry Bishop 
1825 John 

1824 Oliver W. 

1818 Stephen R. 






1 7Q0 




















Edward A. 







n \j ivi n, o 

± O — o 



1 £04. 

Benjamin F. 







Robert C. 


Robert W. 


Thomas W. 












Wm. Warner 



Simon D. 








Rufus Porter 



Isaac R. 





Charles W. 




Sylvester F. 


Wm. George 

1826 John 

1810 Appleton 
1785 Josiah 

1819 Mark A. DeW. 

1826 William 


1792 Arnold 

1828 Cornelius A. 

1820 Charles 

1818 Jonathan T. 

1802 Andrew B. 
1784 Samuel 
1784 William 

1823 Andrew B. 

1813 Asahel 
1822 Joshua 

1804 Charles 

1793 Daniel S. 
1797 Isaac 
1791 Joseph 
1797 Thomas 


1827 Moses C. 

1807 Rufus 

1780 Jonathan 
1817 Hiram W. 

1809 Francis Amory 

1808 William 

1778 Levi 


1814 William 

1815 Albert 

1783 Henderson 
1822 Chas. Currier 



1785 Jedediah 

1788 Jeremiah 

1815 Moses 
1830 Wilson 

1795 Ebenezer 

1792 Geo. Hodges 

1798 Henry 

1802 Isaac P. 
1791 Nathaniel 

1799 Sam'l Bridge 

1801 Francis 

1801 Henry B. 

1805 Stephen B. 
1824 Thos. Phillips 

1779 Leonard 


1803 Oliver 

1817 Charles 

1791 Chas. Church 


1798 Benjamin 

1782 John 

1814 John Flavel 

1820 Joseph 

1804 Samuel 
1808 William 

1806 Wm. Williams 


1793 John 

1820 Elisha 


1792 Jas. Charles 
1827 Jeremiah P. 
1804 Leonard 
1817 Merrick A. 

1816 Samuel G. 
1826 Wm. Reed 


1802 Abner 

1803 James 
1787 Joseph 
1820 Osgood 

1822 Edward R. 







George F. 

1 xo< 

T A | ln y 

j onn xL. 


John S. 













Theodore J. 








Samuel W. 





Wm. Poole 








William J. C. 



George A. 


Thos. Prentice 



Nath'l Abbot 














David S. 




Jas. William 




John Hazen 


Thomas N. 









Daniel C. 


Daniel P. 


Geo. Gordon 








Samuel P. C. 




Wm. Rufus 






Henry W. 


178 1 

John Thornton 





Samuel M. E. 









Henry A. 










John Ball 













Jacob Newman 




Sam'l Lorenzo 



Sam'l Abbot 





Henry C. 



John S. C. 






Levi M. F. 



John Haskins 


Jos. Brown 


Wm. Gardner 



1783 Nathan 

1786 John 


1809 Alvan 
1793 Benjamin 
1806 John 

1821 Cyrus 

1810 Josiah 

1799 George 

1793 Isaac 
1821 Joseph 
1799 William 

1783 William 

1813 Charles F. 
1812 John Walley 
1821 Octavus A. 

1827 Merrick 

1811 Bela 

1779 John 
1815 William 

1817 Daniel 

1798 Ezekiel 
1792 William 
1803 Benj. Lincoln 

1778 Joseph 

1802 John 
1819 Jonathan 

1823 Caleb B. 

1790 Peter 

1795 Cassius 
1785 David 

1794 Francis 


Francis L. 













Nathaniel C. 










William R. 



Edward H. 



John Basnett 





Jos. Warren 



Brooks H. 



Samuel S. 





Charles A. 


George R. 











Levi R. 


Theodore L. 







1814 Edward St. L. 

1778 Joseph 

1802 Isaac 

1816 Hiram M. 
1786 John 






Chas. Austin 




Isaac W. 




Nathaniel J. 





Thaddeus G. 






John Phillips 







r reueric w . 












William H. 



John Somes 







Edward J. 


Francis Cabot 


Francis Cabot 




















Alexander W. 







1826 James M. 

1827 Moses 


1800 Thomas 


1784 John 

1806 Samuel M. 

1825 John George 
1787 Joseph 


1807 James 
1796 Joseph 
1802 Joseph 


1826 John Milton 

1822 Stephen B. 

1822 James Woods 


1796 Maurice 


1823 John 

1820 Isaac 

1812 Nathaniel 
1823 Thatcher 

1830 Daniel 

1782 Amherst 
1823 Royal 

1829 Benjamin 

1827 Edward A. 

1827 Daniel 

1801 Jacob 

1825 Jos. Warren 

1785 Charles 

1786 John 

1814 Thomas 

1827 William Sykes 


1819 Cutting 

1816 George P. 

1818 John 

1813 Lyndon A. 

1815 Samuel 



John Byles 








Edward B. 


Job Henry 









Isaac H. 














John Wendell 










Jonathan F. 




Thos. Abbot 



Timothy T. 



William J. 







Lewis L. 








1 OA A 





Wm. Henry 



David J. 




Isaiah P. 












Jotham B. 



George L. 



Charles F. 



1812 John Adams 
1826 Thomas 

1784 John 

1797 Ezekiel W. 
1818 Perley 

1803 Richard C. 
1802 Samuel F. B. 
1802 Sidney E. 
1830 Wm. Bartlett 

1814 David 
1812 Samuel 

1804 Alexander 

1816 Joseph 

1 22 Edward V. 

1825 Edmund S. 

1812 Abraham 

1812 Benjamin'F. 

1813 Elias 
1828 Samuel J. 



1807 James M. 


1823 Chester 

1824 Daniel 

1818 George 

1811 May 

1824 Wm. Whiting 

1797 Asa T. 

1822 Hiram 

1825 Thomas B. 

1803 Edward 
1817 John 
1814 Mark Haskell 
1795 Samuel 

1823 Samuel 

1805 Sam'I Phillips 
1799 Thos. Cushing 

1822 Wm. John 


1819 George 
1829 James 
1797 John 

1817 John Cutler 

1820 Samuel 

1817 Ebenezer 

1817 Ambrose 
1817 Ebenezer P. 

1827 Charles 

1795 George 

1817 Bennett F. 

1824 Elbridge 

1812 Francis 

1806 Amos 

1806 Samuel 

1807 Silas 
1807 Stephen 


1823 John 

1787 Joseph 

1826 Benjamin 

1805 Richard 

1791 Richard 


1822 John 

1819 James C. 
1807 Samuel T. 

1817 Charles H. 

1811 Henry Kemble 
1794 Jacob 
1811 Thos. Henry 

1817 Samuel 
1784 Azor 
1798 Azor 
1802 Henry 
1789 John 
1798 John Gerry 


1813 Augustus K. 

1814 Eben Francis 

1823 John Jenks 

1797 George 

1806 Isaac P. 
1797 Joseph Otis 
1779 Peter 

1791 Charles 

1829 George A. 

1817 Howard 
1825 Joseph 
1816 Levi 
1816 Zibeon 
1825 Jos. Tilton 

1807 Samuel 
1828 William 

1823 Ezra 
1823 Ray 


1818 Moses Parsons 

1792 Wm. Cooper 


1819 Chas. Tarbell 
1779 Daniel 

1819 Ebenezer 

1808 Edward 

1806 George 

1784 Henry 

1825 John 
1792 John 

1826 Wm. Oliver 




1 807 









Stephen W. 









John Larkin 


John Otis 


John Phillips 


John Welch 


Joshua P. 









Jacob Lowe 







Chas. Russell 







David S. 




Henry B. 


Sam'I Moody 


William B. 















Richard E. 


William H. F. 



Harvey P. 






T'imntVi'v "P 





Alfred E. 

1 O AO 



1 ftflQ 


Jonathan C 

1 7^Q 



Oliver F 


Tarrant A. 





















Jonathan M. 





















Nath'l Gorham 





1811 Samuel 

1806 Thos. Walley 

1778 William 
1819 William 


1804 George 
1803 Octavius 

1813 Francis W. 

1801 Abiiah Hoar 
1796 Benjamin 
1817 Charles 
1788 John 

1822 Francis V. 

1811 Enoch 


1805 William 

1795 William 

1817 John B. 

1798 Charles 
1805 Wm. Lendall 

1818 Dennis 

1787 David 

1795 John 


1811 Sylvanus 

1822 Albert G. 

1829 Isaac (F.W.I.) 

1816 Augustus 

1813 Ward 

1779 Benjamin 
1805 Daniel 
1793 Daniel A. 
1786 Ebenezer 

1812 Ebenezer 






Robert B. 











Nathaniel S. 


1 Q1 O 



Wm. Oliver 
















1823 Wm. Walker 


1814 John 

1703 Henry 
1783 James 
1787 Sam'l Jackson 

1821 Harvey N. 

1792 Daniel McC. 

1817 John S. 

1813 Archelaus F. 
1817 Benj. A. 
1808 Charles S. 

1779 David 
1796 Henry 
1808 John C. 

1815 Rufus Austin 

1780 Samuel 

1817 Edmund 
1778 Josiah 
1811 Josiah 

1S24 Pandias T. 



1804 Benjamin 

1820 Abraham G. 
1830 Hiram Page 

1816 Andrew 

1819 Robert 


1820 Isaac 


1816 James B. 
1785 William 


1787 Langford 

1813 Benj. Tyler 
1807 David 
1806 William 


1788 James 

1810 Jonathan 

1817 Joseph 
1829 William 


1826 Albert 

1827 Benjamin H. 

1819 George A. 

1819 Robert 

1791 Benjamin 
1822 Edward 

1778 Edmund Q. 

1820 Winslow V. 

1794 Andrew 

1804 Edward H. 

1794 James 
1827 James 
1783 John 











1 QOO 



George H. 









Timothy F. 


Timothv P 


Wm. Matticks 


J. < O^r 






Thos. Holmes 



George L. 






John White 



George B. 



1 TOO 










Joshua T. 


Peter E. 


Sam'l Phillips 



















Richard H. 

1806 Richard 

1815 Reuben 


1814 Enoch 

1821 Hamlet 

1779 Asa 

1787 Charles Lenox 

1800 Arthur 
1793 Habijah 
1800 Thomas 
1808 Thomas 

1789 Joseph 
1800 Thomas 

1784 William 

1780 Daniel 

1818 Daniel S. 

1815 Jeremiah 
1828 Richard T. 

1779 Isaac 
1779 Jasper 

1813 Andrew 

1814 Tyler 

1786 Nathaniel 

1823 Joseph W. 

1789 Richard 
1828 Albert W. 
1826 Emerson G. 
1804 Francis 

1824 Joseph 

1815 Oliver Abbot 

1817 Charles 

1819 Hiram 



1803 Joseph 
1811 Marshall 


1778 Alexander 
1802 John 


1781 Ebenezer 

1826 Asa Lyon 

1822 James'l. 

1825 Caleb B. 

1827 Geo. Valpey 

1794 Henry 

1813 Walter H. 

1779 John 

1823 Paul 

1825 James 

1826 Albert 

1795 Andrew 

1815 Andrew G. 
1820 Anthony C. 
1791 Benjamin 
1813 Cephas 
1783 David 

1816 Dudley 
1825 Edmund 
1813 Eleazer 
1778 Elias 

1796 Geo. Campbell 

1804 George 
1820 Henry C. 

1817 Hiram 
1778 James 
1783 John 

1782 Jonathan 
1823 Joseph 

1817 Luther 
1778 Moses 

1818 Otis 
1791 Ralph 

1783 Robert 
1816 Roswell C. 
1783 Samuel 

1819 Stephen S. 

1778 Peter 


John J. 

1802 Stephen 

1778 Nathaniel 
1792 Nathaniel 
1778 William P. 


1818 John 

1806 Joseph 


1806 Groeme Keith 

1821 Amos L. 
1829 Gustavus 

1807 Richard S. 

1783 Samuel 

1792 Sam'ljohn 

1812 Pinckney 


1784 John 

1807 Ward 

1823 George W. 
1820 John B. 

1819 Henry 

1812 David 


1802 Asa 

1823 Jonathan F. 
1816 Sam'l Horatio 
1827 Timothy 

1820 William A. 

1824 Wm. Ruggles 

1814 George 










Hiram W. 


James A. 





Benj. Wood 


John H. 


T . 1 







Joseph Lowe 


Moses Aver 


Thos. Jenners 


Wm. Arnold 


Wm. Bacon 









Ebenezer E. 



Tristram G. 








Benjamin P. 




John Pierce 






Timothy D. P. 















Martin L. 









1821 Jeremiah A. 
1798 Lewis 
1791 Theodore 

1830 David G. W. 

1817 Isaac Wm. 
1819 James Clark 

1822 Moses Brown 

1783 George 
1780 James 
1783 James 
1783 John 
1827 Samuel S. 

1787 Chas. Pinckney 
1816 William 

1823 Richard 

1803 Thomas 

1804 Joseph 

1818 Richard F. 
1818 Thomas 

1829 Henry W. 

1809 Charles G. 
1809 Edward S. 
1827 Wm. Bourne 
George Baker 
Thomas L. 




1820 Amasa 
1780 Samuel 

1814 Edwin B. 
1814 John Adams 

1819 Wm. Kendall 

1803 James Clarke 


1817 Daniel Dana 
1795 Enoch Sawyer 
1821 John G. 

1821 Samuel S. 

1803 James 


1827 Benj. Hastings 

1826 Chas. Coffin 
1782 George Minot 
1781 John 


1781 Thomas 

1828 William R. 

1827 Wm. Walker 

1816 John 


1811 Daniel 

1824 George 

1784 Jas. Bowdoin 

1829 Jeremiah J. 

1818 Sears 

1822 Abijah R. 
1791 Amasa 
1822 Asa Clark 


1818 Caleb 

1819 John H. 

1826 Nathaniel H. 
1821 Norton 

1821 Alexander H. 

1827 Enoch 

1820 Francis 

1782 Thomas Ap 

1805 Benj. Lowell 

1828 Benjamin W. 

1806 Charles 
1820 Charles 

1806 Henry 
1781 James 

1807 James 

1828 James G. 
1803 John 
1807 Sewall 
1796 Sylvester 

1818 Thos. Hunt 
1806 William 

1803 Andrew 

1825 Jas. William 

1791 James 
1791 William 

1821 Joshua B. 

1820 Stephen 

1814 Henry 

1803 Charles 

1819 Abner 
1791 Amos 
1805 John 
1798 Solomon 

1817 Solomon J 
1617 Winslow 


1822 Elijah N. 

1820 George 

1815 Wm. Carter 

1825 John C. 

1823 John Howe 

1830 Joseph 

1794 Richard 

1826 Alanson 

1804 Asa Holt 
1817 Benjamin 
1817 George W. 
1781 John 
1826 Joshua T. 
1819 Josiah 





Francis Edw. 








Edward A. H, 






rnilo Jv. 






Benj. Marsh 


Edward R. 









Stephen H. 



Jos. Addison 








Daniel P. 









Herman L. 



Jos. Haven 






John Jay 





George Elliot 






Alexander H. 



Peter C. 

1815 Robert 
1780 Solomon 

1792 Aaron 

1S12 Jesse 

1820 Samuel 

1794 Charles F. 
1794 Jonathan 
1825 Seth Hardin 


1818 Bradford L. 

1785 Ebenezer 
1791 William 

1806 Abbot 
1787 Benjamin 
1814 Benjamin 
1778 Charles 
1784 Samuel 
1814 Samuel 
1803 Timothy 
1803 Wm. Johnson 

1803 Elisha F. 

1802 James 

1803 John 

1819 Sam'l Hurd 

1806 Augustus 
1796 Jotham 

1784 George 
1778 Nathaniel 

1806 Amos 

1827 Benjamin F. 

1786 Joseph 

1828 Wm. Henry 


1807 Henry 

1808 John' 

1830 Caleb 

1799 Isaac 
1823 John 
1830 Jonas 
1791 loseph 

1819 Samuel 

1795 Augustine 
1795 Bushrod 
1803 Bushrod C. 
1803 George C. 
1S03 John A. 

1803 Richard H. L. 

1S06 Andrew O. 
1809 Benjamin 
1808 Daniel O. 
1805 John F. 


1820 Ebenezer H. 

1823 John 

1825 Charles C. 

1778 Francis 

1784 Ludovicus 
1820 Theodore D. 

1791 Timothy 

1814 Edward L. 

1815 Eleazer M. P. 

1788 Oliver 

1804 Edward 
1799 Henry 
1798 Nathaniel 

1818 Ira 
1818 James 


1785 John 

1795 George C. 

1789 William 

1797 Abner 



1820 David E. 
1817 Henry 

1784 Jotham 
1814 Abraham 

1813 Isaac Watts 
1805 John 

1805 Joseph 

1814 William 

1824 Charles King 

1813 Daniel K. 

1797 Thomas 

1801 Benjamin A. 

1791 Henry 

1797 John 

1784 Jonathan 

1795 Joseph 

1786 Joseph H. 

1804 Josiah 

1778 Leonard 

1830 Naaman L. 

1804 Thomas 

1817 Walter F. 

1817 Dexter 
1804 Ebenezer 

1818 Joseph 
1783 Leonard 
1810 Martin 

1807 Josiah 

1817 Dewey 

1828 Edward 

1783 William 

1819 James 

1790 Daniel 

1786 Benjamin 

1784 John Parker 
1784 Nathaniel 
1812 Samuel 
1788 William 

1778 Job 


1818 Bela 

1819 Chauncey 

1820 John 

1817 Milton 

1820 Sam'l Tyler 

1824 Ephraim 

1818 William 

1789 Augustus 
1797 Jacob Sheafe 
.1808 Joseph 

1794 Sam'l Sheafe 

1797 James 

1819 Leonard W. 

1793 Edward 
1805 Edward 
1817 Elijah 

1782 John 

1789 John Shirley 
1786 Josiah 
1789 Richard 
1823 Bradford D. , 

1821 Nath'l Parker 

1828 Samuel B 

1814 Samuel 

1783 James 

1795 John 

1830 John Henry 

1829 Samuel W. 

1817 Horace 

1789 Joshua 
1807 Peter B. 

1782 Abiel 

1803 Amos 
1782 Caleb 


1818 Hubbard A. 
1823 Nath'l Gordon 


1804 Charles 
1811 Francis W. 
1817 Geo. Edward 


Jas. Bowdoin 


John Temple 



Barnet N. 



Ebenezer W. 














Ezra F. 















Henry Gilman 


Henry H. 




Thos. March 


Thos. March 



Jas. Trask 







Daniel Bates 


Joseph W. 









Frederick A. 


George P. 




Jos. Emerson 






Samuel M. 


Samuel T. 


Taylor G. 













Abbot, Abiel n 

Abbot, Abiel 12 

Abbot, Ephraim 15 

Abbot, Jacob 6 

Abbot, John 1 1 

Abbot, John L. 14 

Abbot, Joshua 14 

Abbot, Nehemiah 5 

Abbot, Samuel 6 

Adams, George E. 22 

Adams, Jasper 18 

Adams, John 9 

Adams, John R. 21 

Atkinson, Kinsman 24 

Bailey, Winthrop 15 

Banister, William B. 8 

Bard well, Horatio 17 

Bates, Joshua 13 

Beckwith, George C. 22 

Belknap, Horace 20 

Bigelow, Jonathan 19 

Bingham, Caleb 10 
Blanchard, Amos 14, 16 

Blodgett, Heman M. 21 

Brown, John 16 

Burnham, Amos W. 19 

Butler, Calvin 23 

Child, Eber 23 

Church, John H. 8 

Clark, Amos 14 

Clement, Jonathan 20 

Coffin, Charles 1 1 

Cogswell, Jonathan 15 

Cone, William 19 

Congar, Lewis L. C. 15 

Cushman, Ralph 20 

Dana, Daniel 7 

Day, Mills 15 

Eaton, Peter S. 20 

Edwards, Justin 7 

Evarts, Jeremiah 8 

Farrar, Samuel 13 

Foot, David 10 

French, Jonathan 5 

French, Jonathan 13 

Frost, John 16 

Gilbert, Lyman 23 

Greele, Samuel 14 

Green, Beriah 21 

Haskell, Benjamin 10 

Hawes, Joel 18 

Herrick, Henry 23 

Holbrook, Abiah 12 

Holmes, Abiel 7 

Holmes, Henry B. 24 

Holt, Fifield 17 

Holt, Peter 11 

Holyoke, Samuel 15 

Hooker, Edward W. 18 

Howe, Appleton 18 

Howe, James 21 

Hubbard, Samuel 7 

Hurlbut, Rufus 17 

Jewett, Spofford D. 23 

Johnson, Ichabod 13 

Johnson, Osgood 24 

Jones, John T. 23 

Jones, William 22 

Kendall, James 13 

Kimball, David T. 14 

Kingsbury, Cyrus 17 

Kirkland, John T. 1 1 

Knapp, Jacob N. 13 

Lowell, John 4 

McKeen, Joseph 10 

Mayhew, Jeremiah 15 

Mills, Samuel T. 16 

Morse, Abner 19 

Morse, Jedidiah 6 

Mottey, Joseph 10 

Muenschen, Joseph 22 

Nash, Ansel 16 

Newhall, Ebenezer 19 

Xewman, Mark 9 

Nichols, John 18 

Niles, William W. 21 

Nott, Samuel t6 

Oliver, Nath'l K. G. 16 

Owen, John J. 24 

Payson, Joshua P. 22 

Pearson, Eliphalet 9 

Pearson, Henry B. 18 

Pemberton, Ebenezer 9 

Phillips, John 4 

Phillips, John 12 

Phillips, John 6 

Phillips, Jonathan 7 

Phillips, Samuel 4 

Phillips, Samuel 5 

Phillips, Samuel 20 

Phillips, William 4 

Phillips, William 5 

Pomeroy, Swan L. 22 

Quincy, Josiah 6 

Richards, James 17 

Richardson, John B. 24 

Riddel, Samuel H. 23 

Rock wood, Otis 18 

Sawyer, Joseph 19 

Shaw, John A. 17 

Shepherd, Thomas 18 

Silliman, Jonathan 19 

Simpkins, John 1 1 

Smith, Elias 5 

Smith, Jeremiah 10 

Smith, Noah 21 

Soule, Gideon L. 21 

Southmayd, Jon. C. 20 

Spring, Pinckney 20 

Stearns, Josiah 4 

Stearns, Samuel 12 

Stearns, Samuel H. 22 

Stone, Micah 12 

Stow, William B. 15 

Stuart, Isaac W. 24 

Symmes, William 5 

Tappan, David 5 

Thompson, James 14 

Upham, Thomas C. 21 

Walley, Samuel H. 7 

Ward, James W. 23 

Washburn, Royal 22 

Wendell, Oliver 4 

Wheelwright, I. W. 22 

Winslow, Miron 19 
Wisner, Benjamin B. 8 

Woods, Alva 20 

Worcester, Sam'l M. 22 

Wright, Alfred 17 



The six following are the only ones known to be living of the students 
who entered the Academy from 1778 to 1830: 

1823 John J. Osborn, Dawlish, So. Devon, England; 90 years old. 

1824 Bishop Thomas M. Clark, Providence, R. I. ; 91 years old. 

1825 Rev. Aaron C. Adams, Wethersfield, Conn.; 88 years old. 

1827 Benjamin F. Wardwell, Andover ; 87 years old. 

1828 William Kidder, Newburyport ; 86 years old. 

1829 Justin A. Edwards, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 84 years old. 


18 10 Enoch Frye — Lawrence, April 22, 1886. 

18 1 1 Alva Woods— Providence, R. I., Sept. 6, 1887. 

181 3 Francis W. Pickman — St. John, N. B., March 20, 1886. 
Isaac W. Wheelwright — Byfield, July 14, 1895. 

1814 Edward Burley — Beverly, Dec. 6, 1891. 
Enoch Sanford — Raynham, Nov. 30, 1890. 
George Stebbins — Richview, 111., March 31, 1891. 

1816 Horace Kimball — Plainfield, N. J., June 8, 1895. 

William Withington — Jackson, Mich., Aug. 31, 1892. 

1818 Henry Herrick — No. Woodstock, Conn., March n, 1895. 

1819 Vespasian Ellis — Bluehill, Me., Jan. 31, 1892. 
Henry Grew — Boston, Jan. 16, 1892. 

Mark A. DeW. Howe — Bristol, R. I., July 21, 1895. 
Daniel B. Woods — St. Louis, Mo., May 30, 1892. 

1820 Samuel P. Bishop — Cincinnati, O., Feb. 1, 1902. 
William J. C. Kenney — Danvers, Feb. 5, 1899. 
Isaac McLellan — Greenpoint, L. I., Aug. 20, 1899. 
Theodore D. Weld— Hyde Park, Feb. 3, 1895. 

1821 Richard S. Evans — Washington, D. C, Feb. 6, 1892. 
Jonathan French — Andover, May 31, 1895. 



1822 John A. Carter — " Crednal," Loudon Co., Va., 1895. 
Benjamin G. Hitchings — Gravesend, L. I., Dec. 10, 1893. 
Joshua Huntington — Washington, D. C, March 23, 1900. 
George F. Jones — Providence, R. I., Oct. 15, 1896. 

John Kennett — Cincinnati, O., Dec. 12, 1898. 

1823 John Codman — Boston, April 6, 1900. 
Alfred Emerson — Dorchester, Feb. 7, 1896. 
Chester Newell — Savannah, Ga., June 24, 1892. 
Samuel Newman — Peabody, Feb. 14, 1902. 

George W. Staples — New Haven, Conn., Dec. 31, 1891. 

1824 Theodore Dunn — Allston, Sept. 18, 1896. 
Samuel H. Emery — Taunton, Oct. 3, 1901. 
Oliver Wendell Holmes — Boston Oct. 7, 1894. 
Charles K. Whipple — Newburyport, May 10, 1900. 

1825 Thomas K. Fessenden — Farmington, Conn., Jan. 18, 1894. 
John Holmes — Cambridge, Jan. 27, 1899. 

Joseph W. Mansur — Milton, Feb. 5, 1892. 

Edmund S. Munroe — Englewood, N. J., June 20, 1899. 

Thomas B. Nevvhall — Lynn, Sept. 25, 1893. 

Joseph Packard — Fairfax Co., Va., May 3, 1902. 

Richard H. Salter — Boston, Aug. 4, 1893. 

James Smiley— Newbury, Vt., July 21, 1889. 

1826 David Aiken — Greenfield, April 13, 1895. 
William Howe — Roxbury, July 26, 1893. 

John M. Mackie — Great Barrington, July 27, 1S94. 
Jonathan M. Pettengill — W. Somerville, March 14, 1903. 
Joshua T. Tucker — Dorchester, June 11, 1897. 
David Worcester — Albion, Io., May 9, 1893. 

1827 Asa H. Abbott — North Andover, June 14, 1893. 
John H. Avery — Cleveland, O., May 25, 1895. 
William S. Coggin — Boxford, Sept. 10, 1895. 
West Luce — Marion, April 18, 1895. 

William W. Taylor — Wilmington, Del., Dec. 26, 1897. 

1828 Henry Blanchard — Neponset, Feb. 10, 1897. 
George T. Clark — Kalamazoo, Mich., March 28, 1896. 
Thomas B. Coolidge — No. Woburn, Feb. 18, 1895. 
Cornelius A. Hoyt — Alameda, Cal., May 2, 1893. 
Albert W. Shaw — New Brighton, N. Y., July 3, 1892. 
William H. Wardwell — Brookline, Sept. 10, 1896. 
Samuel B Willis — New York City, June 27, 1898. 

1829 Henry T. Cheever — Worcester, Feb. 13, 1897. 
Augustus F. Hewit — New York City, July 3, 1897. 
George P. Worcester — Dunning, 111., Jan. 26, 1894. 

1830 Daniel Emerson — No. Kingsville, O.. Dec. 18, 1893. 
Hiram P. Randall — Indianapolis, Ind., July 15, 1896. 
John H. Wilson — Oden, Mich., Aug. 15, 1902. 



Dr. John Phillips of Exeter left in 1795 to Phillips Academy a legacy 
for aiding young men in preparation for the gospel ministry. The following 
" students in Divinity " were admitted under this *' Dr. Phillips Foundation '» 
from 1795 to tne opening of the Theological Seminary in J 808, Rev. Jonathan 
French, minister of the South Church, being employed by the Trustees as 
their teacher. 

1795 Samuel Stearns. Minister in Bedford. See Instructors, page 12. 

1797 James Kendall. Minister in Plymouth. See Instructors, page 13. 

1798 Moses Dow. Son of John Dow and Anna Atwood; born, Atkinson' 

N. H., Feb. 4, 1771; Dartmouth College, 1796; minister in Bev-. 
erly, York, Me., and Hampton Falls, N. H. ; died, Plaistow, N 
H., May 9, 1837. 

1800 Jonathan French, Jr. Minister in North Hampton, N. H. See 

Instructors, page ij. 

1801 Joshua Bates. Minister in Dedham, Northborough and Dudley ; 

president of Middlebury College. See Instructors, page 13. 

1801 James Thompson. Minister in Barre. See Instrtictors, page 14. 

1803 Samuel Greele. Teacher; business man ; deacon of Dr. Chan- 
ning's church, Boston. See Instructors, page 14. 

1803 John Farrar. Son of Dea. Samuel Farrar and Mercy Hoar ; 

brother of "Squire Farrar"; born, Lincoln, July I, 1779; Phillips 
Academy, 1798; Harvard College, 1803; tutor, and professor of 
Mathematics and Natural philosophy, 1807-36 ; author of text- 
books in mathematics, philosophy and astronomy ; died, Cam- 
bridge, May 8, 1853. LL.D., Brown, 1833; Fellow of American 

1803 Asa Eaton. Born, Plaistow, N. H., July 25, 1778; Harvard College, 

1803 ; rector of Christ Church, and city missionary, Boston ; died 
March 24, 1858. D. D., Columbia, 1828. 

1804 Samuel Walker. Son of Nathaniel Walker and Hannah Peaselee; 

born, Haverhill, Jan. 27, 1779 ; minister in Danvers (now Peabody) ; 
died July 7, 1826. 

1804 David Tenney Kimball. Minister in Ipswich. See Instructors, 
page 14. 



1804 Samuel Gile. Son of Maj. Ezekiel Gile and Gertrude Davis; born 

Plaistow, N. H., July 23, 1780; Atkinson Academy: Dartmouth 
College, 1804; minister in Milton; died Oct. 16, 1836. D. D., 
Vermont, 1836. 

1805 Abraham Bodwell. Son of William Bodwell and Sarah Annis; 

born, Methuen, May 5, 1777; Phillips Academy, 1800; Harvard 
College, 1805 ; minister in Sanbornton, N. H. ; died Jan. 16, 1863. 

1805 Amos Clark. Teacher and minister. See Instructors, page 14. 

1806 John Lovejoy Abbott. Minister in Boston. See Instructors, page 14. 

1808 Ephraim Abbot. Entered the Theological Seminary. See Instruc- 
tors, page 15. 

1808 Nathaniel Swift. Entered the Theological Seminary. 

1808 Winthrop Bailey. Entered the Theological Seminary. See In- 
structors, page 13. 


1778 Leonard White — senator. 

1785 Howell Lewis — favorite nephew of General Washington. 
1787 Charles P. Sumner — father of Charles Sumner. 
1790 Andrew Peabody — father of Rev. Dr. Andrew P. Peabody. 
1792 Stephen Longfellow — father of Henry W. Longfellow. 
Charles Lowell — father of James Russell Lowell. 

1794 James Robinson — merchant service ; died, Gibraltar, 1815. 

1795 Abiah Holbrook — u teacher " and " 1805 " incorrect ; see Instructors. 

1797 Samuel P. Abbot — Bowdoin (1810). 

Samuel Bass Ford — name changed ; merchant, Boston ; died 1821. 

1798 John Ball Brown — Brown University, 1806; Harvard Medical, 1813; 

eminent physician and surgeon, Boston; died 1862. 
Azor Orne — Major, U. S. A. ; in war of 181 2; died 1853. 
John Gerry Orne — merchant ; died 1838. 

1799 Ebenezer H. Beckford — hon. A. B., Bowdoin, 1806. 
Ebenezer Wood — Bowdoin (1806) ; died at sea. 

1803 Caleb Hayward — Bowdoin (1812). 
Andrew Thorndike — Bowdoin (181 1). 

1804 Henry Dyson — Bowdoin (181 1). 

John Homans — Harvard Medical, 1815. 
Samuel W. Kendall — age, 14. 
George Pickering — Octavius, 1803. 

1805 George Downes — Trustee, Bangor Theological Seminary. 



1805 Jacob Herrick — Bowdoin (1810). 

1806 John T. Cooper — Salutatorian, Harvard. 

1808 Edward William Parker — son of Chief Justice Isaac Parker; mer- 
chant, Boston ; died 1873. 

181 1 Charles Adams — brother of Principal John Adams; teacher in So. 

Carolina; died 1821. 
Thomas S. Clay — rice planter, instead of lawyer. 
Zebulon Harmon — trustee of Augusta (Ky.) and St. Charles (Mo.) 

colleges ; died 1851. 
Sylvanus Plympton. 

1812 Joseph B. Ladd — died, Cincinnati, O., 1873. 

181 3 Warren Abbot — Yale (1820). 

Charles F. Langdon — in Academy again, 1822 ; Yale (1826) ; Harvard 
Medical, 1824-26 ; " died in State of Tobasco, Mexico, where he 
had settled." 

1814 Josiah Brewer — father of Justice David J. Brewer of the U. S. 

Supreme Court. 

181 5 Jeremiah Searle — Bowdoin (1821). 
E. M. P. Wells — D. D., Brown, 1831. 

1816 Uzziah C. Burnap. 

Isaac Fuller — Huldah Clap. 
Isaac P. Hearsey — Harvard Medical, 1827. 
.1819 Venus Cooley — probably Sylvanus, said to have begun preparation 
for college. 
James M. Goodhue — Judge Beebe. 
1820 Samuel F. Haven — Harvard Law School, 1827-28. 

Osgood Johnson — preceptor of Moor's Charity School, Hanover 
N. H., 1828-29. 

1824 Samuel H. Emery — D. D., Amherst, 1891. 

1825 Josiah Worcester — Representative, 1856. 

1826 Charles' N. Fearing — died 1886. 
John M. Mackie — Mr. Shipman's. 

Joshua T. Tucker — Andover, 1890-92 ; afterward, Dorchester. 

1827 Moses Macdonald — Bowdoin (1834). 


18 Joel Hawes — son of Joel Hawes and Clarinda Thayer; the statement 

in the text was taken from the History of Medway, the author of 
which afterward corrected the error. See Lyman Hawes, page y6. 

19 William Cone — son of Israel Cone and Lucy Ackley. 

20 Samuel Phillips — postmaster of Andover, 1843-49. 


3 1867 00063 6253